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Y’all made this girl’s day! Thank you!
Hey there Facebook friends!!! Come see us tonight from 5pm til 9( or until we sell out like last time) at the House of Brews West Ashley . Bring your friends, bring your dogs, bring you friends dogs and come get some delicious philly cheesesteaks, meatball subs and more! Oh and Piece of Work, LLC we will be serving the piece of work so come get one if you are around!!!
Any clues to this years Christmas ornament?
This very special surprise piece was finally gifted this weekend. Commissioned by one of my favorite human’s sweet mom as a housewarming gift upon closing on her first home. I am so excited to get to see this house in person and for all the memories to be made here. And the gorgeous frame by Piece of Work, LLC is the icing on the cake as usual.
The fireplace and hearth are coming together. These thick reclaimed planks came from an old barn in SC, and are a featured piece the homeowner requested. Doesn’t add a lot of cost but will really makes the fireplace stand out. Thanks to Piece of Work, LLC for the beautiful wood and install!

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Piece of Work, LLC offers custom built wood furniture and refurbishments. Piece of Work, LLC was founded in early 2015 by Les Baker and Jacob Stafford.

The duo specializes in custom built wood furniture and refurbishments.

Operating as usual

Photos from Piece of Work's post 04/23/2022

Last week the mail man said we needed a mailbox, so we built a mailbox. This week 911 said we needed numbers on the building, so we put numbers in the building. We made sure they were fitting for Piece of Work and at over 5 feet tall they’re sure to attract attention.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 04/20/2022

Today we installed this sliding door in a beautiful Mt. Pleasant home. The door creates a barrier between some bedrooms and the main living space.


One of our favorite new shows is “The Craftsman” featuring master craftsman and woodworker Eric Hollenbeck. While he’s restoring pieces of history with somewhat primitive tools, he provides a philosophical view on life, hard work, and the value of relationships (AND THEY HAVE SHOP CATS). He recently said the reason things that don’t kill is make us stronger is because they make us empathetic. With so many changes in life recently, one thing has really surfaced. It’s the connections and empathy with people that keeps us living one day at a time. If you look at our feed, we’ve subconsciously started showcasing them as much as the Pieces of Work we create. Happy Easter with all our love.

📸 - The Baker Meadows.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 04/16/2022

Nothing says South Carolina like the state flag, which dates back to the Revolutionary War. Even back then our forefathers were handling their business. Here’s our take on the iconic symbol constructed with license tags and reclaimed material from the Powers Pack House. Contact for interest.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 04/15/2022

After receiving our first piece of mail via hand delivery, we realized we needed a mailbox. The neighbors boxes were about to fall apart so we fixed both problems at the same time. In true Piece of Work fashion, we pulled another relic out the woods we’ve been holding onto for a couple of years! Now we have somewhere to drop off our postcards and take a peek at Palmetto Furniture Company!


Today, we placed the second most important thing in the shop on the best piece of wall real estate. As fate would have it, several minutes later a local news paper member stopped by and we couldn’t think of any more fitting place for a picture. There’s probably only 2-3 people in the world that will understand the amount of symbolism in this one image, but as time passes we hope all of you come to appreciate it.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 04/10/2022

We have Murray at home and needed someone to talk to at POW World HQ. We built “Cricket,” named after his cricket bucket head. We utilized a decorative lure left from Hills BP, a rod that belonged to Les’s grandfather, and solid round stock metal. We perched him on a wooden, sofa bottle crate from 1970 built right in Charleston of all places. If Cricket is anything like Jason Gandy, Luke Byrd, or Eddie Reynolds, there will be a fish hooked when we walk through the door in the morning.


… Another day, another little victory on what has turned out to be way more effort than we ever expected getting this place ready! We just added CNC Plasma to the tool list. She’s a beauty sitting in her final resting place after four years of dreaming!

Photos from Piece of Work's post 04/05/2022

Photos from Piece of Work's post

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/30/2022

The Sompayrac General Store in Sidy Hill opened in 1815 and served the community for 169 years before closing in 1984. Years ago the store reopened for a day and sold many of the items that were locked away for almost thirty years. The family of Mr. Bob Nolan acquired the Fountain 700 Cotton Scale that was likely used for other types of goods as well and dates back to the 1920s. They contacted us to see if there was interest in displaying it at POW and we jumped at the opportunity. Before completely disassembling and cleaning the scale, we had to try it out. For 100 year old technology, it was very accurate. We created two shelves accessible from either side and tried to represent a general store feel with the materials and construction. It definitely represents a huge part of Sidy Hill and stands tall in the room, just like Mr. Bob.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/24/2022

We spent today adding some key features to the retail/hangout space. After salvaging this old wine storage (which some will say it’s a shame it isn’t full), we converted it into a retail display with all our merchandise currently available. It has all the elements that we are known for with the metal frame, reclaimed dimensional shelves, and a headboard top. Beside it, we installed 3 retail shelves. They vary in look and thickness so they can also serve as a good visual when trying to decide on a certain look for your home.

For the Sidy Hill peeps, that’s Mr. Jack Ham’s fire helmet. The outpouring from the community hasn’t stopped!


We’ve always had one. We’ve never understood the other. Life has a way of letting you know what’s missing. This is going to be our shop motto on the wall. You can have all the skill and determination in the world, but without creativity and emotion, we’re just another company.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/22/2022

New 3/4 t-shirts are here! Currently they are only available in medium, large, and extra large. Contact us for orders. $30 plus shipping if applicable.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/21/2022

We just added another legendary piece of Sidy Hill history to Piece of Work World HQ. The “Byrd’s Lounge” or “Byrd’s Nest” was owned and operated by Mr. Jerry Byrd. He was family to Les, but he was also family to every person he met. Byrd’s Lounge was basically a hangout and watering hole for all the locals. It wasn’t fancy, but it was absolutely perfect to the patrons because the beer was ice cold and the fellowship was unrivaled. When Uncle Jerry passed, Les asked the immediate family if we could have a piece from there in memory of him and was unique to the building. We obtained the “drunk chair” that sat in the main room and was the resting place for many tired souls. It was constructed by Mac Anderson and is an engineering marvel in itself if you’re familiar with rebar and ironwork. Later that evening, J Wayne Byrd and Lane surprisingly gifted us with something much more meaningful and emotional. We can now display the last remaining Byrd’s Lounge sign right above the chair. It’s wonderful to think of the memories we are sharing.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/20/2022

Another great year at Southeastern Extrication School… another great mixture of scenarios and learning points… another great year of students… another great year of teaching beside some of my absolute best friends and family! Our hearts need some shop time.
Southeastern Extrication School

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/18/2022

Yesterday, we delivered this coffee table, which is a small variation of our Fat Cat bench. We utilized a single piece of the James Island Salvage for a thicker top and paired that with wider metal bands. This seemed like a small build, but it obviously makes a large impact. We’ve had numerous direct messages after we shared an Instagram story. It’s sized just right for the setting and looks great!

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/17/2022

We firmly believe the most mechanically minded person ever is Ole Lamar. He can tell you what anything is, how it was made, and the best way to fix it or take it apart. HOWEVER, when it comes to metal fabrication and welding, there’s no way we can choose between James Richardson and Jason Bell! One of our greatest assets is our personal relationship with all three! If you remember, Bell helped us with the Hills BP Sign/roof support. This time we called on Mr. James to help us with a new weld table. Yes, we could have built it, but we wanted something that he had a part in. This table will be at the center of all the metal aspects so it’s very fitting. The table is 4x8 ft with a thick top surface, lower storage shelf and receiver hitches on each corner. Against his will, we made him stitch his initials on a small plate so we will be reminded of all the lessons he has taught us!

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/15/2022

Here’s another piece of Sidy Hill history that also has some ties to Piece of Work. Whether you lived in town or just passed through going to places like Virginia, this sign has surely caught your attention because of its uniqueness and proximity to the roadway. Ms. Mable Lavee once operated a service station and lived upstairs before Les Hill bought it and turned it into what we all know now as Hill’s BP. Then, she moved across town (only about a half a mile) to start another business where the sign has been hanging for over 50 years. This building was originally known as “Ms. Mable’s,” “Soda Shop," or “The Drug Store.” Les can remember Mr. Henry carrying him there all the time for the best milkshakes ever. When she closed, the building took on another identity when Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Beverly Auman opened “Auman’s Flowers and Crafts.” If you needed flowers for any occasion or small home decor items, that’s where you went so you can only imagine how important it was to the community. Many times you could find Fat Cat or Ms. Shirley there as well. We approached Mr. Ronnie about the sign and struck a deal. We would restore it and hang it up in POW 2.0 for visitors to enjoy while on loan from him and his family. We took it apart down to every single component, cleaned it, reworked the lighting and reassembled it. We repainted the name Soda Shop on the bottom and included the initials AFC as a nice personal touch. We haven’t found anyone yet that even remembers it being illuminated so this is especially exciting. We’re creating a destination and an atmosphere one PIECE OF WORK at a time. We’re doing it with the support and trust of friends and family such as The Auman’s.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/11/2022

With the exception of downtown, a large percentage of older houses and structures around Charleston have been destroyed by the elements or replaced with newer construction. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon some material that shared a similar fate and has been in storage for a long time. These large beams were once part of a plantation home that was torn down to make way for the present day Point Verona subdivision on James Island. This beautiful trailer load of material will now get a second chance at life. We’ve already selected one piece that will become a Past, Present, & Future Cross.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/10/2022

They’re here! While this logo won’t ever replace our original, it’s definitely going to have its place! Shoot us a message or call to get yours. While you’re at it, check out the proof for the shirts.

What do you think?


Every day is an opportunity to create a new work of art. What have you created with your Kubota?

📷: @pieceofworksc

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/10/2022

We could have easily built a square tubing or pipe frame to display mantles. We could have attached a pre manufactured unit to a wall. BUT that’s just not us. We wanted something unique, grand in stature, and fitting for PIECE OF WORK. We stopped by the scrapyard and found this old chain tucked away in the pile. A couple hours later with the addition of some round stock and reclaimed wood, we had the perfect mantle display that towers almost ten feet tall.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/07/2022

Especially Hills BP patrons… Do you recognize these people? What are your fondest memories of the bench? Who alls missing? We can sure name a few.

Last year, to the exact day, we removed the bench from Hill’s BP and made the promise it would sit front and center at POW WHQ. At that point we had no idea that would only be 100 yards away. This bench is important because it is Sidy Hill, and it’s a representation of all the good in the world. This bench has never shown any bias to race, religion or creed. It has held people at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It’s taken care of sleeping babies and passed out adults. It’s felt the complete range of emotion from tears of joy to tears of sorrow and pain. The bench was a place you could get all the advise in the world if you needed it, and sometimes all the advise in the world even if you didn’t want it. It’s witnessed plenty of card games, pea shelling, birthdays, “Young and the Restless” tv shows, embellished fishing and hunting stories, and the list goes on. The bench is an important fixture in the atmosphere we’re trying to create. It brings along history and character. We hope it generates a whole new era of the memories and brings some clarety to your world.

PS. Other than Henry Hudson, no one deserved the inaugural picture more than momma.

Photos from Piece of Work's post 03/05/2022

To many this is just another post about some simple shelves, but to us this is so much more. This is the reason we enjoy what we do. These are the times we live for. We were there when they first met, they were huge supporters from day one, and you won’t find anyone more genuine than these two. Big Kyle carries Stan’s military patch on his bag while he travels the world playing golf. Of course Erin had breakfast ready when we arrived to install these shelves from the Evan J. Life House Salvage. During the salvage, we knew this was amazing material. Now that we’ve seen the first pieces cleaned up, it’s even better than we anticipated. We’re so happy to have a small part in helping them make their new house a home!

Photos from Fast Doll's post 03/01/2022

Photos from Fast Doll's post

Photos from Piece of Work's post 02/28/2022

Recently we dropped off this shelving unit at The Station Park Circle constructed of sidelights on either side. We utilized reclaimed bead board for the shelves. All the parts have a similar green color showing through which makes the entire piece cohesive. This would look great in any room of the home!


We’ve been searching for just the right look for our next batch of apparel and it’s been a struggle. Sometimes the best option is to put it in the hands of another artisan and tell them to work their magic. We reached out to Fast Doll with the thought of creating something with a retro, old school feel. At first glance it may appear to be a standard graphic, but the thought and intent goes much deeper.

➡️ We’re a handshake company if you didn’t know. We never take a deposit up front or have formal paperwork. It’s been that way from the beginning and we don’t intend on changing that. In this case, it’s our hard working, rough hand on one side and the friends we serve on the other.
➡️ The small tattoo is reflective of the full time occupations of Les and Stan, the fire service and military.
➡️ “One Piece at A Time” is not our typical slogan, but in this case it was very fitting. It’s derived from the Johnny Cash song where he describes building a car from a bunch of random parts. The end result is a one off, work of art that will “drive everybody wild!”

We couldn’t be more excited about the final result. There will be several options, but we’ve really got our heart set on 3/4 shirts with green sleeves 😉!

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