Storytree Children's Theatre

Storytree Children's Theatre


The campers' view this week 🎭

Cultivating the art of PLAY! Welcome to Storytree Children's Theatre! We are a group of professional performers and teaching artists who use theatre to excite, empower, entertain and teach children in our community.

Let's begin a creative adventure!

We have an abundance of theater offerings for the Charleston Community! Experience one of traveling shows with professional actors workshops to follow. Or, create your own after school program, camp, day long program or curriculum influenced theater experience. We can work with your time line and needs to create the perfect experience for you. Our staff are experienced teachers, actors, and directors in theater, musical theater, creative writing and dance. We love working with children of all ages and in all settings. Our flexible style will help your children reach their potential in the arts!

Operating as usual


The reviews are coming in! And people are loving it! Purchase your pre-recorded, interactive Zoom play for your school! Available in all 50 states!

The reviews are coming in!
"our students ADORED this play"
"this is so perfect for right now!"
"The teacher guide was perfect! Our students loved creating costumes and sets!
$50 Per school/$25 per house.

Youth Theater Camp | Charleston Gaillard Center 03/24/2021

Youth Theater Camp | Charleston Gaillard Center

We are excited to help the Gaillard Center implement their theatre youth camps this summer! Following Storytree's one-of-a-kind programming, students will write, design, and perform their original play on the Gaillard Stage! Registration is now open. Only 15 spots available per week!

Youth Theater Camp | Charleston Gaillard Center Our summer theater program will use the unique Storytree Children’s Theatre playwriting method, which places the child’s voice and imagination at the center of its approach while fostering teamwork, creativity, and entertainment. Students are guided by theater and dance educators as they write a...


Working with our partners Theatre Teacher, we are excited to announce an original, interactive play that you can watch from home or in school. Pre-recorded! Interactive! And comes with follow up lessons to have kids creating their own performance raps. Stay tuned!

Working with our partners Theatre Teacher, we are excited to announce an original, interactive play that you can watch from home or in school. Pre-recorded! Interactive! And comes with follow up lessons to have kids creating their own performance raps. Stay tuned!


In collaboration with, we are excited to announce this new playwriting tool for kids and adults! Let your imagination be inspired and share your story!

Announcing Playwright's Pal! An online playwriting tool for kids (and adults!). This tool allows your imagination to be inspired and come to life as you create your characters. We will be adding more features as we learn from this initial release. You can always reach out with questions or concerns. Try it out, write, be inspired! All images designed by local Charleston, SC artist, Amber Vasquez.


Storytree and TheatreTeacher have something awesome coming your way. STAY TUNED.

Hello all! It's been awhile, but just because we've been away, doesn't mean we haven't been creating something spectacular.
The curtain is about to rise on a new tool to help teachers and families cultivate the art of PLAY anywhere. STAY TUNED. Intermission is almost over. #artsintegration #theatreeducation #tellingstories


Story Stew at Home

Theatre Teacher is creating great lesson content for cultivating the art of PLAY at home! Check it out.

Created specifically for Bowen Corner's Elementary school, but applicable in any home anywhere.


Theatre Teacher

Shakespeare time!

Shakespeare time! This lesson was created in partnership with Gaillard Center and Storytree Children's Theatre. It includes worksheets that can be found at Includes performances from local actors Robbie Thomas, Nakeisha N Dan, as well as clips from Royal Shakespeare Company.


Theatre Teacher

A great study break game that gets the group a-moving.

A better version of the last video. "Form Bananas" is a great re-energizing game that gets the group thinking creatively. (this video is updated, and doesn't have the slow motion in the beginning)


Dead Fish Theatre Game

Another great game for quarantine! Play is a great stress reliever, so take a break and play, create abd LAUGH!

This video is about Dead Fish



Another fun indoor game that gets you creating your own stories!

Story Stew Lesson



Looking for an indoor game? Checkout Slow Motion Samurai. Minutes to learn, hours of fun!

This video is an instructional video on the game Slow Motion Samurai.


Another great week of original plays based on Geological Time! Seriously, these kids rock our socks!


Original plays about Geological Time created by 8th graders at Alston Middle School are rocking! (Hee-hee pun intended)


Teaching the 4th graders about artists of the Harlem Renaissance this week at Alston-Bailey Elementary School through Performance Art. It's been incredible!


Teaching Shakespeare's Richard III at Allegro Charter School of Music this week. It's incredible to see musically gifted students add there own music to Shakespeare's words.


Watching children interact with actors and musicians while learning about the world around them never gets old. Three fabulous performances today, and two more tomorrow! ❤️ #theatreinschools #theatreeducation #storytreesc


This week we turned a classroom into a performance space. Our original production of Sweetgrass Salt Marsh to @ecmcs the next two days. 185 students will enjoy a live experiential theatre experience in their school. #theatrematters #livetheatre #theatreeducation


Thankful everyday for all of our opportunities to teach the students of our community through the power of theatre.

[10/21/19]   Just a fun moment from one of our families:

"Last night he was bored at the hockey game and he started doing the fake yank the jaw open by pulling a hand below the chin and one above the head. It was cracking me up and I had no idea where he got that! I asked and he said "acting class!"

Theatre for life, and for when you're bored. 10/14/2019

Live, Local Theatre IN YOUR SCHOOL!🌟🌟

Live, Local Theatre IN YOUR SCHOOL!🌟🌟 - Cost: $650 = 1 performance, 1 workshop; $800 = 2 performances, 2 workshops; $1000 = 3 performances, 3 workshops. Additional workshops = $100  


"I loved watching the women find their "roar".

"My experience was phenomenal"

Just a few of the reviews of our touring production, Ladies Among Lions from middle schools.

Bring it to your school this year! (It even comes with in-class workshops that allow students to dive deeper into the material!)

Or DONATE, and we'll choose a school on your behalf.


Even Teaching Artists have to train and re-up their skillz. Excited to have new artists and this new year of teaching art!


Storytree Children's Theatre's cover photo


Today we celebrate and thank Charleston Costume Design & Rental for making Sweetgrass Salt Marsh a visual feast. From one of our audience members: "that is the prettiest turtle I've ever seen" (and you know 4 year olds only ever say it as it is)


Our favorite magical moment of Sweetgrass....the audience's gasp kills me each time.


Good morning from Sweetgrass Salt Marsh!! World Premiere today at 10am at the Gaillard Center. 09/17/2019

Storytree Children's Theatre brings Shakespearean heroines back to life in new production Let's hope Juliet gets a better ending this time around


World Premiere of Ladies Among Lions at Morningside Middle! Storytree loves making theatre happen in schools! Book your school's theatre experience today.


The companion books for our production Sweetgrass Salt Marsh have arrived! Available for purchase after each if our 8 performances at the Gaillard Center premiering on September 17!


Exclusively made for Storytree and our production of Sweetgrass Salt Marsh! You can buy one at the performances next week or message Teralyn at [email protected]. only $10! For 3-10 months. 09/08/2019

Welcome to Sweetgrass Salt Marsh|Hardcover

Our companion piece to our upcoming performance, Sweetgrass Salt Marsh, is now available for purchase! Buy yours today, and get the characters to sign your book at the show! Journey into the Sweetgrass Salt Marsh of the Lowcountry in Charleston, SC with Sandy and Sarah. Along the way you will meet Tommy the Turtle looking for the perfect pose, Johnny the One Hit Heron looking for a new song, fiddler crabs and fireflies. Written as a companion piece to the touring... 09/03/2019

🎉 Classes, Tours, and Residencies OH MY!

🎉 Classes, Tours, and Residencies OH MY! - 08/29/2019

Storytree Children's Theatre presents interactive kids' play Sweetgrass Salt Marsh

Less than a month away! Lil' theater-goers


"Welcome to Sweetgrass Salt Marsh" the book is on sale September 15. Experience the live performance at the Gaillard Center on September 17 and 18!


We are very excited about our very first professional production at the Gaillard Center this September 17 and 18!

Who is Storytree?

We are a PROCESS-focused theatre group of professional Teaching Artists who believe in honoring the child’s imagination and cultivating the art of PLAY. We offer high-quality in-school residencies, camps, after school classes and touring shows.

What is PROCESS-focused? It simply means that our classes are focused on the theatre process, not just the performance. Through our interactive games, engaging teachers, and one-of-a-kind camps, every child learns about writing plays, designing plays, and performing plays. We help bring the child’s imagination to life on the stage while teaching theatre fundamentals and the critical life skills of communication, team work and problem solving.

What’s a RESIDENCY? A residency is a tailor-made original lesson plan that teaches standards-based curriculum using theatre. Our Teaching Artists meet with teachers and create an interactive lesson that instantly gets students engaged and learning. Residencies can be two days to two weeks. We believe in supporting teachers and creating with them. Give us your old, tired standard that you’re simply tired of teaching and we will offer a new spin.

YEAH, but what do TEACHERS actually think of a residency?

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Thankful everyday for all of our opportunities to teach the students of our community through the power of theatre.
Our favorite magical moment of Sweetgrass....the audience's gasp kills me each time.
The world premiere of Elemental Madness is today at Gaillard Center at 2:30! 8 weeks of camp come to a close today. It's...
We had so much fun teaching arts integration to the wonderful teachers at North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary. We ...
A wonderful preview and we're already being booked! So proud of the Storytree gang!
Seeing kids create original raps and choreography about geometric formulas is one if the coolest things! They're using t...
Today: original rap performances on the Cold War with 5th graders Carolina Park Elementary, original plays on the feudal...
Lots of great theatre in this town. Lots of great talent in this town. Only ONE kid-driven, process-focused theatre educ...
Really proud of the students at Cainhoy Elementary/Middle for their original plays and drawings of the causes of the Rev...
The newly inspired rap at the end of The Poe Project. I love watching the kids slowly get into it.
Premiere of the show!



2045 Maybelles Ln
Charleston, SC
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