Charleston Commercial Kitchen

Charleston Commercial Kitchen


Thought yall might be interested:

DHEC working during Covid 19 with flexibility. This is a copied and pasted part from today's article the Post & Courier in the Dining & Food section written by Hannah Raskin.

"For his April 2 permitting inspection, Mike Troxel of Tricksy Pig Barbecue didn’t have to use a digital platform. But DHEC asked him to pull his new Tricksy Pig Barbecue trailer to Columbia so inspectors could evaluate it there. Troxel appreciated the speed at which his inspection was scheduled.

“DHEC has been great,” he says. Still, he’s found it difficult to launch a food truck amid a pandemic. “We’re really trying to do neighborhood things whenever they come up,” he says. “The problem is by the time you see them posted, getting signed up is kind of hard.” Should he land a spot, though, he’ll show up with an “A” DHEC inspection sticker in his window."
(We actually drove to the Charleston office)

Thanks Charleston Commercial Kitchen for sharing!

DHEC and Dept of Agriculture approved kitchen for food trucks/carts, bakers, cooks, and juicers, or anyone interested in the adventure of creating food.

Operating as usual


This lucky baby got served- the best!Harvest to Highchair👏👏👏

Love seeing these smiles from our regulars. 💚💚

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Charleston Commercial Kitchen updated their address. 10/21/2021

Charleston Commercial Kitchen updated their address.

Charleston Commercial Kitchen updated their address.


This baby has good taste! Harvest to Highchair👍👍👍

This cutie pie just crushed a whole jar of our sweet potatoes! 💚💚

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They fit just perfectly on a shelf in the fridge or pantry! Sweetfully Pickled 👏👏👏

Now you can sign up for a monthly delivery of your favs! 3- or 6- jar deliveries and save when you subscribe

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Photos from Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC's post 09/15/2021

Looking good Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC👍👍👍


There will be a lot of happy little ones! Harvest to Highchair 😊😊😊

As far as the eye can see! Busy Monday for Tuesday deliveries.

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Photos from Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC's post 09/06/2021

What a colorful breakfast! Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC🙌🙌🙌


Does it have name yet? Check in with Brunch Holiday to find out. 😊😊😊

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK ALERT - Need your help naming this one!
We had a BLAST at Saturday's epic 80s themed pool party 🥳 and while this group of super fun partiers swam their way through the 30 minute downpour 🌧⛈🌧, we got to experiment with our signature buttermilk fried chicken to create our newest NKotB: a hefty stack of our fried chicken 🐔, topped with melted cheddar, our house made Polynesian sauce (for that sweet 'n spicy kick), and topped off with a generous heap of crunchy dill pickle chips, served on a butter toasted brioche bun! We're told it's a keeper! 💪
Wanna help us name this one? And.... GO!

***OH! And next time you visit our truck, mention this post for a FREE caramel stuffed churro! Our way to thank y'all for your continued support and love! ❤***


Mama Bea's Chicken Salad at two places today ( Summerville & Tanger Outlet)! Twice the chance to check it out! 👏👏👏

Come out to the Summerville Farmer’s Market and get your sample. 😊


Talking about choices! BowTy Catering 👏👏👏

Timeline photos 09/04/2021

Take a look at this beauty created by Nosh Boards Charleston! 😊😊😊

Prosciutto ribbons for the win on this medium charcuterie board ❤⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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It's that t time of year! Harvest to Highchair is already one step ahead! 😊😊😊

We are falling…into fall with these beauties! It’s finally #pearseason and we’re here for it. 🍐🍐🍐

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Check this out! Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC 😊😊😊

Photos from Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC's post 08/31/2021

Wow this looks monumental! Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC😊😊😊

Photos from Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC's post 08/20/2021

Who doesn't like Blueberry muffins! Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC got it right! 😊😊😊

Photos from Harvest to Highchair's post 07/16/2021

The next generation for food creators sure start young! They are watching mom closely! Harvest to Highchair 😊😊😊

Photos from Soul Train's Eatery's post 07/06/2021

Soul Train's Eatery made sure everyone was taken care of with their signature dishes!🤗🤗🤗

Photos from Wattle & Daub Cheesecakes's post 07/04/2021

Wattle & Daub Cheesecakes 😊😊😊


Harvest to Highchair 😃precious!

Happy 4th of July! May your day be filled with sunshine, celebration, and lots of fun!

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I hope everyone has a great holiday!


2021 Weekly Calendar

Keeping track of Fruit Creations & Catering! 😊😊😊


Wow, this needs some extra hands! Brunch Holiday 👏👏👏

Thank you so much for the love, Yelp Charleston and The Beer Can Professor !!! 🥰🥰🥰


This looks absolutely yummy! Knockout Cookies 😊😊😊


This looks delicious and so attractive! Nosh Boards Charleston 😊😊😊

A no-cheese custom for one that just hasnt found the right one yet (Im going to start working on her!).
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Yup, Elderberries From Heaven LLC is creating her magic at CCK ! 👏👏👏

If you don’t get a chance to get the paper this week, I will have plenty to share with everyone at the goose creek market this Saturday. ♥️
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Wow, this looks awesome! Thank you Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC for educating us about Lion's Mane Mushrooms! 😊😊😊


These babies are getting a real treat once that package arrives!! Harvest to Highchair 👏👏👏

These little babies are dropping in the freezer to ship on Monday morning!
We ship on dry ice so they arrive ready to be dropped right back in your freezer.

No preservatives…just fruits, veggies and purified water. 💚

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Go ahead, check off lunch for tomorrow with Miracle's Tasty Express Hotdogs 👍👍👍


Curry Seamoss Shrooms

This looks scrumptious! Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC 👍👍👍


Just the best for the little ones! Harvest to Highchair 👏👏👏

Summer loving...did you zucchini is actually a fruit??? They’re actually in the same class at 🍉 and 🥒

We love them because they promote great digestion and regulate blood sugar. Plus...they’re just yummy!!

#harvesttohighchair #didyouknow #startingsolids #introducingsolids #foodasmedicine #healthyeating #summervibes #itsreallythatgood

Photos from Soul Train's Eatery's post 06/07/2021

Soul Train's Eatery delivers the goods!! Don't miss out! 👏👏👏


Looks yummy Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC 🤗🤗🤗

Had family visiting this past weekend from Charlotte, so I decided to make them something simple, nutritious and delicious!! Can you say eat your colors; it’s ELECTRIC Babyyyy💥

RED (Lycopene)
 Keeps our heart healthy and decreases risk of stroke
 Prevents and even fights cancer, especially prostate and breast
 Good for urinary tract health and for memory!
ORANGE/YELLOW (Carotenoids)
 Decreases inflammation in the body and helps prevent cancer
 Keeps our immune system strong and our skin healthy
 Good for our vision - helps us see at night!
GREEN (Lutein)
 Protects our eyes by preventing cataracts and slowing age-related macular
degeneration (natural worsening of eyesight as we get older)
 Also contains Folic Acid, an important nutrient for having healthy babies
(prevents neural tube defects)
 Keeps our bones, teeth and nails strong and also prevents blood clots!
BLUE/PURPLE (Anthocyanins)
 Helps us age gracefully by improving our memory and keeping our skin
looking young
 Reduces blood pressure and lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease
 Helps fight cancers, especially those in the GI tract (mouth, esophagus,
WHITE/TAN (Allicin)
 Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
 Keeps our bones strong and healthy
 Helps fight cancers, especially stomach cancer!

Photos from Wattle & Daub Cheesecakes's post 05/31/2021

Thank you Wattle & Daub Cheesecakes! 😊


Thank you for reminding us Harvest to Highchair😊

In honor of those who have lost their lives while serving. ❤️🤍💙


Congrats!! Hard work and dedication have their rewards! My Big Fat Greek Trailer👏👏👏

Another great food vendor coming at ya with My Big Fat Greek Trailer back for a second year! Check out their famous O.G. Gyro, recently voted Best Gyro in the Best of Charleston Awards! #chsfoodtruckfestival #charlestonfoodtruckfestival #chs #chsevents #boc2021 #chsfoodie



5600 Rivers Ave
Charleston, SC

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