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Body Revelations Wellness offers Therapeutic Massage, Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Massage,

Body Revelations Wellness provides natural, holistic therapies to help our clients achieve their desired level of health and comfort. We offer Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping, Thai Massage, stretch therapy, Infrared Sauna and natural wellness products to bring you results in your wellness journey. Customizing each service we combine ancient methods with modern researc

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Breaking the flight or flight cycle is key to healing the mind and body ❣️🙏🏼


The silver-lining to messing up your appointment schedule is finally getting to open up this life-changing book written by a renowned cardiovascular surgeon.
Pick up this easy read to learn about this “secret river of health” and what you can do to prolong your lifespan!


Throughout ours lives we have all experienced some type of trauma in one way or another. Finding a way to process this trauma and move through it using safe, effective methods of mind and bodywork prove to be a key component in our own healing journeys.

Find out how I can help you access these memories and reconfigure the body’s processing patterns by emailing [email protected]


Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day, hoping that you are able to LOVE yourself today! 🌿❣️🌱

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I am so grateful to be surrounded by like-minded practitioners sharing their healing gifts. This new year will been a year of change, January was a month of reflection, and February a month of putting these lessons to work.
We are all students, living and learning every day 🙏🏼❣️


Keep up on preventative care during sick season, while you are healing from surgery or just need the extra healthy boost!

🌱Elderberry is know to be high in Vitamin C, antioxidants & fiber

🌱 Elderberry has been shown to help reduce the length & severity of the flu

🌱 Elderberry studies have proven to decrease cholesterol & fat in the blood, lowering blood pressure & reducing the risk of heart disease

🌱 Polyphenols in elderberry were found to support immune defense by increasing the number of white blood cells


I had no idea my lymphatic system was clogged. My functional doctor gave me some amazing tips how to drain it.



📢🚨🗣New product alert! 📢🚨🗣
Charlotte’s Web CBD is world renowned for being one of the best developed and beneficial CBD products on the market today. They paved the way for the h**p movement and continue to grow their brand as they expand their research and education. For many of their products, they use a CO2 extraction process to ensure the majority of the plant and its components are included in the oils. This means the purest oil is produced to give you the most inclusive benefits!

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Lymphatic Massage provides a wide array of health benefits all stemming from an increase of inflammation in the body. Using gentle, rhythmic strokes this relaxing massage technique helps to move lymphatic fluid through the body, relieving tension and congestion in the surrounding tissues. Clients report feeling lighter and healthier, with a noticeable glow to their skin.


Happy World Teacher Day to all of the amazing teachers who continue to show up and help grow the children of the world 🌸

Every Monday & Tuesday we offer 20% off skincare and massage to thank you!


Need some rehab after the ??

We offer three of the best ways to combat delayed muscle onset…

1️⃣ Sports Massage
2️⃣ Stretch Therapy
3️⃣ Infrared Sauna

Visit our website at
to view our services and book online


Hot Stone Massage uses lava and river rock warmed to a comfortable temperature to place along the body or use to massage tight muscles. The heat brings added circulation, relieving tension and pain. In addition to this, Hot Stone Massage can decrease anxiety and insomnia, helping you get a restful sleep at night.
Pair your Hot Stone Massage with a Lavender Aromatherapy upgrade to enhance your experience!


It’s always a fun day in the office at

Cupping is a painless treatment that involves the use of suction to bring circulation to the muscles, lifting connective tissue and softening tight areas of the body. It also helps to facilitate lymphatic flow and smooth uneven skin. Check out our website to see all the ways we can provide cupping services to you!


Did you know that we sample everything that goes on Body Revelations shelves? We also LOVE to partner with local companies to bring you the best in wellness care and have found some of the BEST products for you!
Meet Mission Essentials, formulated by local Charleston nurses looking to create healthy, safe products. Their customized natural skin care line of products are free of parabens, sulfates, harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Additionally, they offer many vegan and reef-friendly options.
The packaging has easy to read labels and uses plastics that can be recycled, making us eco-friendly & earth-friendly.
Best of all, they WORK! Testimonial from yours truly ~Shelly

Body Revelations Wellness Spa would love your feedback 08/03/2021

Have you visited us lately? Share your positive experience by clicking the link below!

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Body Revelations Wellness is a holistic wellness spa located in downtown Charleston between MUSC and the College of Charleston. We offer holistic wellness services including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, skincare 7 waxing and infrared sauna. Together, as a supportive group of practitioners, we focus on clients' well-being by providing top-notch services and education.

We are looking to add 1-2 more licensed massage therapist or dual license (esti & massage) to our team and have clients waiting! The candidate must be experienced in deep tissue and trigger point massage, and have an outstanding knowledge of anatomy. Other advanced certifications that are valuable to the position but not required are lymphatic drainage, cupping, prenatal massage, craniosacral massage, sports therapy, shiatsu, hydrotherapy, hot stone and reflexology.

**This is a W-2 employment opportunity, weekend availability is a must**

Free infrared sauna use, discounted services & products and FREE parking provided.

If you are a driven, team-oriented massage therapist with a remarkable attitude and passion for health and wellness then this team is for you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Types: Part-time, Commission

Pay: $40.00 - $50.00 per hour

Employee discount

COVID-19 considerations:
We have put in place UVC air filtration, EPA approved cleaning and PPE as well as a regular fogging schedule to keep our practitioners and clients safe and healthy. We have also received a COVID-19 badge of approval for our precautions and standards.


📣📣📣New product alert 📣📣📣
Delta-8 CBD Gummies are perfect for a relaxing weekend in the Lowcountry


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Sometimes it’s takes a different perspective, some time to step away, to see our path and hear our calling. Take that time, whether a moment, hours or days, to take a breath.

We truly enjoyed our time training in Hot Springs, NC. Our work is imperative to the health and well-being of our clients, and we look forward to sharing with you.

Father's Day Gift 06/09/2021

Father's Day Gift - Father's Day is just around the corner, tell the Father figure in your life

How to Drain Your Lymphatic System (And 7 Ways to Make It Strong) 05/25/2021


There are hundreds of diets out there, but have you heard of the anti-inflammatory diet? It’s cutting out foods that put any stress on your system. Rather, you need to eat a diet that is rich in the following:

•Salmon and other Omega-3 foods
•Pumpkin, chia and other varieties of seeds
•Olive, coconut, and other unrefined oils
•Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli
•Add garlic, ginger, and turmeric to your foods
•All leafy green vegetables


You need to get that lymph fluid flowing, and it’s hugely beneficial when you exercise for this system. Even if you only have time to do a brisk walk in the evening, it can help you.


After a workout, try self-myofascial release. Use a foam roller to go over areas of your body to stimulate lymph movement. It helps to repair any tissues hurt during exercise by promoting blood flow to the area needing repair.


This type of massage therapy helps the body to ease lymph congestion. It helps your body to flush excess fluid as well as ease inflamed nodes, muscles, and joints.


Your body needs at least seven hours of sleep each night to heal and restore. If you’re not getting enough sleep, then your systems won’t work as efficiently.


When you sweat, you expel impurities from within the body. An infrared sauna helps to stimulate sweating to detox the body naturally.

How to Drain Your Lymphatic System (And 7 Ways to Make It Strong) If you have excess fluid, especially in your legs, you might need to drain your lymphatic system. Here's how to do it and tips to keep it clear.


Happy ! Today we are focusing on hip flexors and the psoas muscle. Follow along with this video and let us know how much it has helped relieve your lower back pain!


😊💬 L.O.L. Hip Flexors Edition 💬😊

This month we are focusing on hip flexors. Not sure what a hip flexor is? Don’t sweat, we’re covering everything you need to know about hip flexors today.

What do people mean when they say “tight hip flexors?” What are psoas, iliacus, and re**us femoris muscles? What do they do? We intend to answer all of that and more in today’s edition!

The “hip flexors” are a group of muscles that bend (flex) the body forward or bring the legs into the body. The key muscles that make up this group are called the psoas, iliacus and re**us femoris (part of the quads). These muscles are what helps curve your spine and stand/walk upright. When we sit for long periods of time our hip flexors tighten, causing pain in your lower back and pelvic region. Without spending a relatively equal amount of time in back and side bending positions, these muscles stay tightened and wreak havoc on our bodies. Tight hip flexors are one of the chief complaints we see at Body Revelations Wellness, that’s why we offer many ways to combat this to help you live a comfortable, pain-free life!

1. Massage- Find a massage therapist (like our very own Eleesha & Ezwil) who know all about tight hip flexors. Accessing some of these muscles can be tricky-some are even massaged through your belly! It is important to have a seasoned massage therapist to navigate these deep muscles.

2. Stretching- This doesn’t always mean you have to do it yourself! At Body Revelations Wellness we offer Stretch Therapy and Thai Massage, designed to release these pain points and increase your range of motion.

3. Foam rolling- using tools designed to break up adhesions and tight muscles brings increased circulation- this is one of our favorite ways we stay so limber. Ask any one of our therapists to show you their go-to foam roll technique at your next appointment!

STAY TUNED! Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some great tips and stretches for your at-home self-care to help you get your hip rotation back in balance!

Now that you know a little bit about hip flexors and how to relieve them, are you ready to book an appointment?

11 Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning | Natural Wellness 05/10/2021

Here's a great tip for improved digestion and detoxification, a ritual I partake in every morning to help my body in little ways!

11 Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning | Natural Wellness From improved digestion to easing joint pain – lemon water offers a myriad of health benefits. Learn the healthy impact of starting a morning lemon water habit.



We often have clients ask what they can do at home to help relieve discomfort between sessions.
One of our most common answers? .....
One of the best ways to give yourself long-lasting pain relief is to stretch at home. Besides increasing range of motion and oxygenating the many systems within, stretching helps trigger the Parasympathetic Nervous System (think “rest & digest”), causing your body to slow down and regenerate. This can aid in increased healing, recovery, and even digestion!

Take the time today to do some simple stretching like the poses shown here (child’s pose and triangle pose).

Stay tuned for new tips and stretches each Sunday as we start to explore the tools you can use in your own SELF-CARE!


Have you tried Green Roads Soft Gels yet? 25 MG CBD in each easy to swallow capsule! They're great for pain management, sleep management, anxiety, and stress. Stop by us and pick yours up today!


Myofascial Release is an effective hands-on technique that helps loosen muscle tension and reduces discomfort and pain. “Myo” means relating to muscle, and “fascia” is the connective tissue surrounding the muscle. When fascia becomes meshed or crinkled (referred to as an adhesion) it creates trigger points in your muscles causing pain and stiffness. Myofascial Release techniques target trigger points and help to breaks them up. This process involves holding the trigger point for roughly 10 seconds at a time until it loosens and releases. Myofascial Release is great for specific areas of your body that might be holding a lot of tension, like the neck for example.

Now that you know a bit about Myofascial Release, let us know if it sounds right for you!

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Our Story

Body Revelations Wellness provides natural, holistic therapies to help our clients achieve their desired level of health and comfort. We offer therapeutic massage and bodywork, natural skincare, nutrition, acupuncture, Ayurvedic counseling, private yoga instruction and other natural therapies to bring you results in your wellness journey. Customizing each service we combine ancient methods with modern research and training to bring you the most natural, non-invasive ways of healing. Our practitioners have extensive training and experience in a variety of techniques to not only bring you relief from pain and stress, but to also introduce healthy routines and lifestyle changes to further your wellness journey.

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