Renew My Body Massage Therapy - Charleston

Renew My Body Massage Therapy - Charleston

Our therapists on staff are licensed and certified Clinical Massage Bodyworkers, trained to maximize your relaxation, release stubborn muscles and offer relief from muscle pains.

Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that therapeutic massage can play an important role in treating illness or chronic ailments, and contribute to a higher sense of general well-being! And with ever-expanding research on the beneficial effects of massage, more professionals are advising patients to include therapeutic massage in their health care treatment plans. Physicia

Operating as usual 01/13/2012

6 Ways to Sit Less Every Day

Stuck in the office all day? Our bodies were not meant for a sedentary life- so use these tips to sit less even when you are stuck in the office. Start standing: Need help being less sedentary? Here are the best ways to sit less and move more, from easiest to hardest. 01/06/2012

How we stay for ever young

Some women have amazing genes, for regular women- you can still look 10 years younger than your age! Read what some are doing to keep a younger healthy appearance. Fashion & Beauty :: How we stay for ever young - Diet, fitness, fashion, clothes and beauty news 12/27/2011

How Getting a Massage Is Like Building Trust With a Client I get regular massages. It’s something I’m proud of, since most people don’t take enough care of their bodies. But I digress. I met a new therapist on my last appointment. At first I was a bit nervous. After all, I was trusting her with my body. What if she yanked something in my 12/16/2011

Get Fit: 10 Ways to Get Your Fitness Game Plan Going for the New Year (Or Anytime)!

The year’s end is fast approaching. Get a jumpstart on your fitness plan! Are you thinking about it yet? You probably will be soon... once all the eggnog wears off and your holiday hangover starts to give you pangs of guilt. But fear not. Here are 20 ways to get you started up or back on track to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. 12/09/2011

7 Foods Even Food Safety Experts Won’t Eat

What goes in your body is just as important as how you take care of the outside. Keep this list of foods to avoid in mind next time you go grocery shopping. Guess what some food safety experts won’t even eat according to Liz Vaccariello from prevention magazine. 1. Canned Tomatoes The expert: Fredrick vom Saal, PhD, an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A The problem: The resin linings 12/02/2011

Spa treatments that are popular - Hindustan Times

Want to know what treatments are popular in the spa industry this year? The Spa Association (SPAA) has released its trends report for 2012, predicting an increase in historic wellness, quick fix treatments and branded spa experiences. 11/21/2011

Winter Skin Tips - Best Moisturizers for Dry Winter Skin

As the weather gets colder skin tends to dry out. These tips may help you choose a skincare regimen to keep your skin moisturized! Going numb from all the misinformation and bogus advice about winter-proofing your face and body? Here, top skin experts help us crack the cold-weather skin-care code. 11/16/2011

Playlist: Just Relax!

Need a moment to relax in the middle of your week? We found this playlist- hope it helps you escape, if only for a minute! 25 songs to help you unwind and relax featuring Norah Jones, Enya, Al Green, Maxwell and more! 11/04/2011

The 'Wich That Wows: 5 Healthy Sandwiches You'll Love

Getting tired of the same old turkey sandwich or pb&j? These sandwiches are an interesting twist on the classics. When's the last time a healthy sandwich made your heart race? 10/28/2011

Top 7 Foods for Sustaining Energy on the Trail (or Anywhere) : Discovery Channel When you’re out hiking or skiing or climbing, it’s important to make sure you’ve got enough fuel in your tank to get you there and back. 10/21/2011

6 Ways Candy Can Fight Disease and Weight Gain

Who says you have to feel bad about eating candy? Here are 6 excuses to indulge once in a while! 10/12/2011

TODAY Health -

This video is incredible- it’s the first time a deaf woman hears her own voice. Can you imagine what she’s feeling? TODAY Health - 10/05/2011

Best Friends Can Help You Beat Stress, Study Finds

Having a stressful day? Study shows best friends can help- like you needed another reason for a girl’s night? Stressed out? Go hang with your BFF. 09/30/2011

Exercise Tips For Every Age

Staying healthy is important. It's also important to recognize what works best for your body as it changes. Exercising under the best of circumstances is hard enough. Compound these daily obstacles with the pitfalls of aging, and getting or staying in shape can become an uphill climb.



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