Pluff Mud Mercantile

Pluff Mud Mercantile


Thank you for an amazing and fun soap making class for my friends and family! We had so much fun and are anxious to have our soaps cured to start using them!

-Alessandra Maldonado
the soap making classes sound like fun! who wants to do one with me? Amy Drolet?
Loved the soap making class today!!! Great value considering you take home the soap you make, about 10 bars!!! I had so much fun
Wish I could upload the pics but you can’t:(
I love Pluff Mud Mercantile! Gina is the best and has been so helpful finding just what I needed in her shop! Thank you!
Beautiful....your heart has been healed by the great Physician, tell your heart to beat again.❤️
Beautiful....your heart has been healed by the great Physician, tell your heart to beat again.❤️

Goods for Salt and Soul... Makers & Artisans of candles, soaps, apothecary, bath and body products i A Charleston local shopping experience with an eclectic mix of items for the home, gifts, jewelry, clothing, bath and body, candles and more.

We hand pour our own line of soy candles and offer candle and soap making classes. We specialize in finding unique items that you will enjoy. Goods for Salt & Soul! We offer extended hours around the holidays and other times throughout the year.


Small Business Saturday Sale! Shop from the heart this season. Join in and support all your local mom & pop shops and small businesses! All of our handcrafted soaps and candles are on sale along with other local artisan goods.

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Shop in store today up to 50% Off. Join us tomorrow for Small Business Saturday for tastings and more in store sales. Or shop online with code:GRATITUDE22 for 20% OFF.


Recycle ♻️ your candle jars and any other glass at our drop off location. Fisher Recycling recycles all the glass collected and is the only glass recycling receptacle. For more details on recycling in Charleston County go to their website to learn more.

✅ Yes, we accept candle jars, and leftover wax is okay. Please donate your glass at one of these Fisher GLASS-ONLY drop sites...
- Isle of Palms: Isle of Palms Marina and Harris Teeter lots
- West Ashley: Pluff Mud Mercantile (business hours)
- North Charleston: Firefly Distillery (business hours) and Fisher Recycling (24/7)


Big Girl Shop dog in training morning commute going over the details of the day at the traffic light.

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Fall Finds + Intense Energies + Bloody Mary + What’s New -

Photos from Pluff Mud Mercantile's post 10/30/2022

Fall Finds + Intense Energies + Bloody Mary + What’s New -

Vote for Lucky in 2022 Rescue Brew Beer Contest. 09/13/2022

Vote for Lucky in 2022 Rescue Brew Beer Contest.

Charleston Animal Society is a no kill shelter and one of the charities we support. Lucky is in a contest with a day left to meet his goal and to be on the Palmetto Rescue Brew Beer. Lucky is one of the shop dogs at Marsh Hen Mill that always greets us with a smile.

Check it out here and if you feel inclined to support…thank you.

Vote for Lucky in 2022 Rescue Brew Beer Contest. Show your support for Charleston Animal Society by voting for Lucky in 2022 Rescue Brew Beer Contest


The purpose of business should be to fill society’s living needs, and it must also create an environment in which happiness and self-development flourish, and where art and beauty are encouraged. All else is an invasion of the ego into business endeavors.

Long ago, our life was based on a model of survival that bred a sense of competition. Darwinian theory taught survival of the fittest based on a belief in scarcity, in which the fittest individuals got the goods. This model is extinct because we actually live in a world of plentitude. Those who collaborate—not those who overpower—don't only survive; they thrive.

Businesses and leadership that focus on scarcity and competition cause harm to themselves, their communities, their clients, and humanity. They cannot and do not evolve. A successful business model must be based on sound business practices and service. The principle of oneness, the interconnectedness of all life, combines with a successful business model to form an enlightened point of view with long-term benefits.

Business Week reported that 95 percent of Americans no longer support the notion that a corporation’s only purpose is the greedy bottom line. Recently, there's been major backlash over CEOs in powerful corporations who profit billions of dollars, while their corporate mismanagement causes individuals to lose their jobs and homes. In the consciousness of the mature individual, money is the by-product of walking in the direction of our life’s purpose. Such individuals do not consider their livelihood as simply a resource for cold, hard cash, but as an avenue for their creativity and the sharing of their gifts, talents, passions, and resources. When one’s product or service is delivered from a platform of creativity, generosity, service, excellence, integrity, and beauty, then the whole web of life is uplifted.


Available for order online now - shipping mid September.

The Other Mary Bloody Mary Mix
Immaculately conceived in the Holy City
As a testament to its healing powers, the Bloody Mary has long served as a drink that would forgive many a trespass of occasional overindulgence. The precious nutrients in tomatoes coupled with bold Sea Island spices have restored many a soul to health and mindfulness, and have also been used for raising a toast at times of celebration. The Other Mary adds a touch of wasabi to the union of flavor and spirits. One taste and you’ll shout, “Hallelujah! It’s about time a Bloody Mary tasted so miraculously good!”


Enjoy 20% OFF today and tomorrow when you shop with code “REST20”. New fall candle scents are live online.


It all started with candles and a desire to share Light & Love. To inspire, dream, create, and illuminate. Our candles are a reminder of our Light and that we lose nothing to light another. The flame grows exponentially.
“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.”
— Leo Tolstoy


Sweet Tea Twist with the smell of southern sweet tea and a twist of lemon. By far our all time number one favorite! A refreshing aroma year round. As we enter fall we have a brand new line up of fall scents. Hot Apple 🍏 Pie, Gather, Fallen Leaves, and for the pumpkin fans a delightful “non-pumpkin spice” scent. ‘Cause we just gotta keep things fresh! We are pouring all new fall favorites now…come in for a smell of bonfires 🔥, baking, and comfy sweaters.

Pluff Mud Mercantile added a View Shop button to their Page. 08/29/2022

Pluff Mud Mercantile added a View Shop button to their Page.

Pluff Mud Mercantile added a View Shop button to their Page.

pluffmudmercantile on TikTok 08/25/2022

pluffmudmercantile on TikTok

pluffmudmercantile on TikTok Some Comfy Sweater Soap in snuggly blues and a basket weave top. We’re having fun playing with some new scents and styles for fall…sweater weather baby!


Making some fall soap test batches. This one is a pumpkin soap with a piping frosted top. Stay tuned for more soap creations and soaping shenanigans.


We will be closing early at 2pm today for our Candle Making Event at The Middleton Inn. If you missed it, keep following us for upcoming events. Link in our bio

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😃🌙🍃 Don't Miss Candle Making with Gina Moore from Pluff Mud Mercantile 🍃 🌙😃 -


Breathe deeply and experience the revitalizing aroma of eucalyptus and cool citrus basil. Spray your room, fabric, or body with the mist to set the mood for your day or to restore your energy throughout the day. This mist includes clear quartz which aids in increasing energy flow throughout the body and clearing negative energy. It also promotes mental clarity and focus. Explore our full line of crystal energy apothecary products by Create a sacred time and space to. Punish and enhance your life through mindfulness and focused aromatherapy. Use code: CLEANSEYOURAURA today and tomorrow to receive 20% OFF online of and Aura and Light products.

Shine Your Light Candle Making 06/29/2022

Shine Your Light Candle Making

Shine Your Light Candle Making Shine Your Light Candle Making at The Inn at Middleton. See details and purchase tickets in event link. We are excited to have you join us!https://www.eventb...


This day we remember and honor.
“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”
Arthur Ashe
20% OFF today when you shop online with code “MEMORIAL20”

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Some amazing new soap creations in fun foodie scents. The smell and lather is decadent. It’s fun creating new recipes and seeing where our imagination takes us. Stop by and smell the goodness, but “don’t eat the soap!”

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Love the skin you’re in! Our bodies need hydration especially as the weather heats up. Be sure to stay hydrated with not just plain water. Herbal teas, fruit infused waters, and a bit of elderflower tonic, or elderberry syrup in your water are great ways to add a healthy boost. In addition to the interval aspect of hydration, exfoliate the skin with a scrub and moisturize with one of our body butters, balms, or lotion bars. Exfoliation removes the dead skin first so that the oils and butters can go into the skin. Most of all care for your body and love you! 💗


Brand new from A new charcuterie fav or anytime snack! Great flavor and perf ct for dipping. Kudos for this new creation Now in stock at the store…check ‘em out next time your in the store.

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It’s the little things that make all of the difference! Intention Meditation card sets from mayyouknowjoy are a great daily practice. This giftable pouch set is full of loving intention and meditations.


Flip flop season is here and our balm is just perfect for heels, or any other spot that needs deep moisture. Easy push up stick is eco friendly cardboard packaging. Try it out and get your feet flip flip ready. 🩴 🏝☀️ skin


Charleston AG + ARTS Tour. Free farm tours in 10 counties that started on May 14. Charleston County your will be the weekend of June 4-5. Join us as we hit the road…We will be participating with other local agricultural businesses to demo the art of soap making and herbal tinctures. Mark your calendar and check out more info in our bio. Stay tuned for more details and when our host location will be announced.


New product info…Magnesium Body Butter from our friends . Are you magnesium deficient? What are some of the symptoms?

1. Loss of appetite:
2. Nausea:
3. Vomiting:
4. Fatigue:
5. Weakness:
6. Abnormal heart rhythms:
7. Numbness or tingling.
8. Muscle cramps:
9. Muscle contractions or twitches:
10. Craving stimulants: A reaction to low energy and craving caffeine or sugar.
Always check with your medical practitioner if you feel you are deficient in magnesium. These are a few tips to bring awareness to your body and any feelings you are experiencing. Here’s to our health and well being.


May your day be restful and relaxing. Happy Mother’s Day!


Chamomile and Lavender blend soap. One of our spring favorites. All natural, made with essential oils. We will be happy to assist you with the perfect self care package for Mother’s Day.


Happy Sunflower 🌻 Tshirts blooming for spring. “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” New selection of hats. Charleston designs, Shuckable, Pluff Mud Mercantile and Pluff Mud Love.


Happy Earth 🌎 Day People! Take some time today to enjoy the outdoors, nature, sunshine. Any minor change to reduce, reuse, or recycle ♻️ is a helpful change. What we put on our skin is also important…our products are plant based, sulfate and paraben free. Check out our refill station and low waste bar soap. Bar soap offers an option for less packaging and waste added to our environment.

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It all started with candles and a desire to share Light & Love. To inspire, dream, create, and illuminate. Our candles a...
Making some fall soap test batches. This one is a pumpkin soap with a piping frosted top. Stay tuned for more soap creat...
Brand new from @callieshotlittlebiscuit A new charcuterie fav or anytime snack! Great flavor and perf ct for dipping. Ku...
Soap Sampler Preview…Good ☀️ Sunday Spring Filled 🌱 morning!!! Can’t decide which soap? Our sampler sets give you three ...
Soap Sampler Preview…Good ☀️ Sunday Spring Filled 🌱 morning!!! Can’t decide which soap? Our sampler sets give you three ...
Clean thoughts for Sunday ”Don’t get so busy chasing the extraordinary moments That you dont pay attention to the ordina...
“Congratulations on 75 years, Historic Charleston Foundation! You’re just getting started!” We are grateful for your sup...
Add a little coastal decor with these rugs from @tidalbluesdesignco. The perfect coastal accent for any room. #coastalli...
It was so great seeing all of our supportive customers, friends and neighbors that came to the store to shop small this ...
Happy Thanksgiving! #gratitude #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #handpouredcandles #handcraftedsoap #pluffmud...
Grits and honey soap made with local honey and stone ground grits from @marshhenmill. We couldn’t resist pouring honey 🍯...
On this Veteran’s Day may we reflect.“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God g...




2408 R Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
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