The Citadel Biology Department

The Citadel Biology Department


We've been hearing it for years now: Our oceans and rivers are full of plastic.

Many of us may even be numb to the message and to seeing trash in our parks, rivers and beaches. But after seeing so much plastic trash cluttering up the Columbia Canal where she liked to walk, Emma DeLoughry knew she needed to take action. The University of South Carolina School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment graduate created a documentary film as her master thesis project to help raise awareness South Carolina's plastics problem.

The documentary, Macroplastics in SC Waters: Connecting the Midlands to the Coast, airs tonight on SCETV at 7 p.m.

Read how she took her research to the next level:

Congaree Riverkeeper
Richland County
The Citadel Biology Department
Arnold School of Public Health at South Carolina
South Carolina Aquarium
Dr. Gramling with this Forest, Fish, & Fowl class.
Hello everyone! I realized after I watched the video on youtube that my video didn't upload to the OneDrive folder so I am posting it on here. I miss seeing all of you and wish you all the best!
MCAT Online Webinar - Register Today
Hello The Citadel Biology Department! We know that some of you have already started receiving secondary applications for AMCAS. I just wanted to share with you this resource that provides affordable editing for secondaries. All editing is done by medical students and residents. Quick turnaround, secure, and reliable service.

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from The Citadel Biology Department, Medical and health, Duckett Hall Room 119 171 Moultrie St, Charleston, SC.

Operating as usual


Attention Pre-Health Students:
MUSC has several open jobs for Patient Care Technicians. Please go here to apply:


Congrats to the Class of 2022 from The Citadel Biology Department!!!


Dear Citadel Community,
I am pleased to announce that Dr. John Zardus will be the new Biology Department Head as of July 1, 2022. During my year as Interim Department Head, I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve The Citadel and my department.

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting John, I wanted to introduce him by sharing his faculty web page: (copied below). John has been a dedicated and productive member of our faculty since 2005, and he has been a Full Professor since 2015. Please join me on congratulating him on his new leadership role.

Kathy Zanin

Dr. John D. Zardus

Dr. Zardus is a Professor of Marine Biology. He received his Ph.D. in 1998 from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. Following post-doctoral work in Boston and Hawaii, he came to The Citadel in 2005. His expertise is in the biology of invertebrate larvae, molecular evolution, deep-sea biology, and the biology of symbiosis, in particular the association of barnacles with sea turtles. He is a subject editor for the international journal Marine Biology Research and supervises graduate students in their research as an adjunct faculty member of the College of Charleston’s Graduate Program in Marine Biology. His teaching specialties include Introduction to Biology, Marine Biology, and Invertebrate Zoology. Dedicated to teaching biology from the living laboratory whenever possible, he also co-instructs a field course in Tropical Rainforest and Reef Ecology in Central America each Maymester. Dr. Zardus recently published an article, entitled "500 million years to mobility: Directed locomotion and its ecological function in a turtle barnacle" (Chan et al. 2021. "Proceedings of the Royal Society B" (print 13 Oct. 2021)) A summary article was published in The Scientist magazine (6 Oct. 2021)
The work is also noted in "Science" under "Scienceshots"

Contact Information:
Telephone: (843) 953-7511
E-Mail: [email protected]
Degrees: Ph. D. (Northeastern U.), M.S. (BYU), B.S. (BYU)

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Avery Canady’s mom baked cookies for the Ecology class! She owns a bakery named Chocolate Menace Cookies, and this cookie is named the Avery!


Career Panel focused on coastal resilience challenges. The zoom link is in the QR code on the flyer.


COVID: How concerned should we be about BA.2? Should we get a second booster? If so, when?
Immune compromised? Get one 4 months after your first booster. Have a healthy/normal immune system? Getting a second booster a week before high risk of exposure (such as traveling to places with high numbers of cases/unvaccinated folks) may be the best idea.

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Lynn Clark's Retirement Drop-In is Today, May 18, from 1-4 PM in the Swain Boating Center. Join Us!

Happy Administrative Assistant's Day to Mrs. Lynn Clark from all the Citadel Biology Faculty, Students, and Staff!!! We will miss you after you retire!

Members of the campus community and Biology alumni and emeritus faculty are invited to join us for a drop-in retirement celebration on May 18 in the Swain Boating Center, from 1-4 PM.

C0111 04/25/2022


2022 Swain Family School of Science and Mathematics Award Banquet Honoring Faculty, Current Students, and Alumni


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Biology 2022 Graduation Celebration:
We are so proud of our students!


Student Placement Opportunities | SCDHEC

Paid Biology Summer Internships in the Charleston and Beaufort regions: SC DHEC

Email Ronald Miller to receive a PDF application. [email protected] Subject line: Summer Internships for Biology Majors
Internship Duties Include
• Lab Assistance
• Rabies Prevention Assistance
• Beach Monitoring
• Ambient Monitoring
• Summer Feeding

Preferred Majors and Qualifications
• Natural Sciences
• Public Health
• Biology

Students interested in possibly working with DHEC full-time post-graduation are strongly encouraged to apply.

$13.04 hourly

Internship Length
16 weeks. However, if the intern performs duties exceptionally, the internship might be extended.

Application Directions
Complete the attached application. Indicated on the application which location (Charleston or Beaufort) you prefer to work. Email the completed application to [email protected]

Dr. Ronald E. Miller, Jr.
Internship Coordinator
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Phone: 1.803.960.6624
Connect: Facebook Twitter


Student Placement Opportunities | SCDHEC Are you looking for a Student Placement Opportunity with DHEC? Please submit your area of interest and resume to [email protected] and our Recruitment Team will contact you if there are opportunities at the agency based on your interests and qualifications. Submitting your request acknowledges yo...

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The Biology Department is excited to honor our graduating students tonight at Dr. Zanin‘s house for a low country boil! Party photos to follow!

Strand Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC 04/21/2022

Strand Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC

Looking for a fun NTSS strand course taught by Biology Faculty for Fall 2022? The courses below still have seats open.
NTSS classes can be counted as your strand elective, within your own strand!
NTSS courses may also be taken as general electives, if you want to take a course outside of your own strand! (just get permission from Dr. Joel Gramling)
Descriptions here:
Conflict Strand:
51490 NTSS 302 03 Conflict & Coop in Nature- Donnell David
Citizenship Strand:
51496 NTSS 303 07 Biology, Environ & Law- Berry James
51497 NTSS 303 08 Biology, Environ & Law- Berry James
Wellness Strand:
51498 NTSS 304 01 Human Diseases - Capers Patrice
51560 NTSS 304 02 An Ounce of Prevention - Zanin Kathy
51499 NTSS 304 03 An Ounce of Prevention- Zanin Kathy
51561 NTSS 304 05 An Ounce of Prevention- Zanin Kathy
Sustainability Strand:
51501 NTSS 305 05 Foraging Wild Plants - Gramling Joel
51502 NTSS 305 06 Foraging Wild Plants - Gramling Joel

Strand Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC HONORS Everyday Products: The Good, the Bad and the Bubbly, Professor M. BubaczELES 301-01, TR 1100-1215, CRN 51332*Restricted to Students in the Honors Program


Daniel Library will be operating under extended hours for Spring 2022 final exams.

The schedule is as follows:

April 25- April 28(M-Th) 0730-2300
April 29 (Fri) 0730-1700
April 30 (Sat) 0900-1700
May 1 (Sun) 1400 - 2200
May 2(Mon) 0730-2300
May 3(Tue) 0730-1900

They will be open May 4-6 0730-1700, and the library will close for commencement and Mother's Day.

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Job Opportunity: If you have a passion for habitat management and believe you meet the qualifications, please submit your letter of interest and resume to Hal Robinson, Director of Legal Affairs, at [email protected] to apply

Strand Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC 04/14/2022

Strand Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC

Fall 2022 Strand Course Descriptions

Strand Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC HONORS Everyday Products: The Good, the Bad and the Bubbly, Professor M. BubaczELES 301-01, TR 1100-1215, CRN 51332*Restricted to Students in the Honors Program


What is Vertebrate Natural History? A study of the classification, ecology, evolution and distribution of the vertebrate animals. Laboratory includes emphasis on identification and field study techniques, especially with respect to the vertebrates of South Carolina. (lots of fun field trips) Dr. Nolan is teaching this course in the Fall, and seats are still available. This class counts as a Ecology and Field Elective for Biology majors.
CRN 51486 BIOL 410 01 Vertebrate Natural History


What is Histology? Histology is the study of the tissues of the body. Dr. Kristy Johnson will be teaching Histology in the Fall, and this course still has seats available. This course counts in the Cellular and Molecular elective category for biology majors. Laboratory work includes microscopic study of cells, tissues, and organs of animals. This course is recommended by many medical and dental schools.
CRN 51559 BIOL 402 01 Descriptive Histology


Event Name: Citadel Doggy Day Exam Break
Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Time: 10:00am-12:30pm
Location: Front of The Daniel Library and Patio area.

What is Doggy Day?: It’s a nice break as the campus prepares for spring exams. This free event has friendly dogs of all sizes and shapes! Dogs & Photos: Come take photos with your new fuzzy friends. Free: Coffee and snacks will be available while they last!

Who can attend?: All Students, Faculty, and Staff are invited to stop by the Daniel Library. Thanks to Alliance of Therapy and STARS (Southeastern Therapy Dogs) for sharing their wonderful therapy dogs with us.


Registering for Fall 2022 Foreign Language Classes?
Modern Language Requirements Described Below

-- All students are required to demonstrate some competence in a modern foreign language (except for those pursuing degrees in the Schools of Engineering, Nursing or Education). Most students will enroll in two three-credit classes of language instruction according to the following guidelines.

a) Students who choose to study a different foreign language than the one they studied in high school must pass both semesters of the elementary level of the new language (101 & 102).
b) Students who choose to study the same language that they studied in high school will take a placement test. There are three possible results of this test:
Students who demonstrate proficiency in the language will be exempted from the two-class elementary language requirement (102-level) but will be required to take two upper-level language classes instead.
Students who place into the elementary level of the language will be required to take 102 and 201.
Students who place into the intermediate level of the language will be required to take 201 and 202.

Ultimately, students who place into a level may choose to enroll in course at a lower level; however, the lower-level course will count as an elective and not towards their language requirements. These students must still complete the appropriate two three-credit hour classes for their placement level.

Students who wish to enroll in Chinese must contact the Chinese section chief.

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Attention Graduate Students:
Summer Course Offering:
CIVL 506, Geographic Information Systems (3), online with synchronous evening class sessions
Full Summer, May 9 – Aug. 12, 2022

Photos from The Citadel Biology Department's post 04/09/2022

Student Excellence Day 2022
Congrats to all Biology Students who presented their work!

Registrar: Course Offerings - Day Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC 04/07/2022

Registrar: Course Offerings - Day Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC

Summer School Information

FULL Summer May 9 – August 12
First Summer May 9 – June 24

Second Summer June 27 – August 12

Summer Minimester A May 9 – June 3

Summer Minimester B June 6 – July 7

CSI June 6 – July 1 (first session), July 5 – July 29 (second session)
Schedules posted here: Scroll to the bottom!!!

Registrar: Course Offerings - Day Classes - The Citadel - Charleston, SC Fall 2021Fall 2021 Full-termFall 2021 OnlineFall 2021 First Eight Weeks  Note: Refer to courses 499 and belowFall 2021 Second Eight Weeks  Note: Refer to courses 499 and below

Photos from The Citadel Biology Department's post 04/07/2022

Student Excellence Day is tomorrow, Friday, April 8, 2022.
SCCC and CGC students will be showcasing their research and accomplishments. Please come out and see all the great things our students are doing!
Where: Deas Hall Gymnasium
When: 8:30-11:30 AM
All students and Faculty are encouraged to visit Student Excellence Day when not in class. Any student participating has been placed on special orders to allow them to miss class.
Images are from Student Excellence Day 2018

The Citadel Course Offerings 04/06/2022

The Citadel Course Offerings

Invitation to explore the Accelerated Master's in Biology

When does 4 + 1 = 2? When you accelerate your education to earn two degrees—your Bachelor’s and Master’s—in just five years at The Citadel!

• get automatic admission to the Accelerated MA in Biology (no GRE needed) if you have a 3.5 GPA or better as you finish your junior year.

• requires only 32 graduate credits to complete, which may include up to 12 credits from allied fields.

• take up to two graduate summer courses as a rising senior, plus one in each semester of the senior year.

• with approvals, two of your graduate courses may be used to waive two undergraduate biology elective courses.

• spend the year following undergrad graduation living off campus in beautiful Charleston, as you finish your Master’s.

• strengthen your credentials as you apply to professional, medical, or Ph.D. programs.

Apply at

Join the Citadel Graduate College (CGC) for an informational Open House , 5:30-7:00 pm on Tuesday April 12th at the fourth floor of the football stadium, and click here:

Want to learn more? Please ask your Biology Faculty Advisor, and contact the Biology Graduate Program Director, Dr. Paul Nolan, if you have any questions! The Fall 2022 CGC course list is posted here:

The Citadel Course Offerings

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Biology 50th Anniversary Campaign Continues! $2500 left to receive 20k MATCH!
The Citadel Biology 50th Anniversary Campaign For CURE



Duckett Hall Room 119 171 Moultrie St
Charleston, SC

General information

Department of Biology
Duckett Hall
Room 119

Opening Hours

Monday 7:30am - 4pm
Tuesday 7:30am - 4pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 4pm
Thursday 7:30am - 4pm
Friday 7:30am - 4pm

Other Medical & Health in Charleston (show all)
South Carolina AHEC South Carolina AHEC
1 South Park Circle, Suite 203
Charleston, 29407

South Carolina AHEC (Area Health Education Consortium) builds and supports the healthcare workforce South Carolina needs.

RecordQuest RecordQuest
115 Fairchild Street
Charleston, 29492

RecordQuest is a release of information (ROI) and medical records company providing services for healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

R***r & Annabelle’s Mom Needs a Kidney R***r & Annabelle’s Mom Needs a Kidney

We are actively searching for a kidney for Lee Lishka’s wife, Elizabeth. If interested in becoming a living donor for Elizabeth Lishka please reach out to the Medical University of South Carolina at 843-792-5097

Substance Use Research Charleston, SC Substance Use Research Charleston, SC
125 Doughty St, Ste 190
Charleston, 29403

The Addiction Sciences Division at MUSC conducts treatment and non-treatment studies in the field of addiction.

Elite K9 Rehab Elite K9 Rehab

Rehabilitation and sports specific conditioning programs for Canine Athletes by a Physical Therapist

AccessHealth Tri-County Network AccessHealth Tri-County Network
1481 Tobias Gadson Blvd. Suite 2B
Charleston, 29407

The mission of AHTN is to coordinate a sustainable provider network of care for low-income uninsured residents of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties.

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips in Charleston, SC and Tri-County Areas We Buy Diabetic Test Strips in Charleston, SC and Tri-County Areas

We are the Diabetic Surplus of Charleston, SC. We serve the Greater Charleston/Tri-county area. We pay CA$H for your unopened and unexpired diabetic test strips. We offer FREE pickup of your test strips and a "friends and family" referral program.

Project Rex: MUSC Autism Spectrum Project Rex: MUSC Autism Spectrum
67 President St
Charleston, 29425

Providing support and treatment for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their parents in Charleston, SC.

Modern Minds Modern Minds
40 Calhoun St
Charleston, 29401

An holistic mental health clinic in partnership with MUSC Health that provides an evidence-based, team approach to help adults struggling with anxiety and depression.

South Carolina Society of Echocardiography South Carolina Society of Echocardiography

The South Carolina Society of Echocardiographers (SCSE) is a non-profit committed to life-long learning of the echocardiography that will strengthen the profession and further the welfare of echocardiographers in South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Carolina Dental Alliance - Harleston Village Dental Excellence Carolina Dental Alliance - Harleston Village Dental Excellence
86 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, 29401

When you need dental care in Charleston or surrounding areas, we hope you think of us. Our entire staff is committed to our patients. We want you to always be comfortable and informed about your dental options.

Robert William Roper House Robert William Roper House
Charleston, 29401