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concierge bachelorette party planning + packages Let's make this simple: no matter what you're traveling to Charleston for, be it a bachelorette party weekend, a bachelor party weekend, a wedding weekend, a honeymoon, a babymoon, a birthday getaway, or just a weekend escape, you tell us a little about yourself & your party, and we'll take it from there.

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“to me, you are perfect” — me to our pink tassel backdrop paired with a disco balloon garland 🪩 we have just a few set-up spots left in May (including two this week!) so get your inquiries in! we can’t wait to celebrate with you 💕 #charlestonbachelorette


friendly reminder that we can deliver v cute pool floaties to your Airbnb (along with lots & lots of other things) before your arrival — so you can just show up & float the afternoon away 🦩 #charlestonbachelorette #charlottebachelorette


cheers to the almost-weekend! if you’re spending your weekend planning a #charlestonbachelorette (& maybe feeling a little overwhelmed?), we’re here to help — book a *free* call with us to chat about how we handle every detail, so all you have to do is relax & know your weekend is in good hands. visit our website or send us a DM to schedule! 💕


smiling because it’s finally sweater weather 💕


from booking an Airbnb to personalizing rooftop bar tours to finding the perfect vendors for your party to choosing decorations… Kay & Co is *confetti ready* to help you plan your perfect Charleston weekend. schedule your ~free~ consult call today to chat more about everything we can help with! 💕

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doing some buying today for the Kay & Co Party Shop & I want it ALLLLL — these tanks from @girltribeco will definitely be making the list, but can you help me with some other decisions?! head to our stories to answer some questions & help me narrow it down! 💕 — 📷: @girltribeco


Kay & Co has really leveled up & we finally have a real live marketing human to help me with Instagram stories! stay tuned for much more Charleston content, bachelorette inspo & tricks, plus whatever else Christina dreams up for us. we’re kicking it off today with a quick overview of our favorite Charleston Airbnbs & of course The Boho Rosa House] had to be included — check out our stories for our other favorite downtown rentals (& one on Folly Beach, too!) 💕 — 📷: The Boho Rosa House] with @thepinkfiggy


when sports are on, but you’re only here for the snacks 🤷🏼‍♀️ — with @anerisphotos at @bohorosa


cheers’ing our way into the weekend! anyone else feel like January has lasted 18 years? all good though because pool days & pineapple drinks are just around the corner! ☺️ — 📸: @katedyephoto


I’m definitely biased but these blush & lavender tumblers *might* just be the cutest things I’ve ever seen. grab one for yourself, another for your bestie, & don’t forget about the bride & future mrs! swipe to see our options, then click to shop these cuties 💕


hi it’s me (on the right!) with my trusty sidekick Mirelle (who does everything @chsbubblybar related!) & we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes this year working on lots of big, fun things for Kay & Co! yes, it’s been a wild year — but we’ve taken this time to step back, set goals, & work on projects that had been on my to-do list for a loongg time. more to come but today, I’m just feeling thankful & ready for everything 2021 has to bring. what are you looking forward to?! (ps: check out our new chs hats from @graeficdesign like c’mon how cute are these) — 📷: @anerisphotos at @bohorosa


I may only post on Instagram once every two months, but at least when I do show up, I make sure all my posts involve a coma-inducing amount of sugar 🤷🏼‍♀️ this candy charcuterie board is now available as part of your @chsbubblybar decor & bar cart package so get it while it’s hot (before I eat all the candy)


popped into the @posthouseinn last night & was so impressed! the owners of @basic_kitchen (another Charleston fave of mine!) have taken this space in the Old Village & made it so beautiful & just absolutely cozy; I think it's going to be an amazing option for bachelorettes & girls staying in Mt Pleasant or on Isle of Palms & I will definitely be recommending! our food was incredible (although I definitely regret not getting the burger) & the drink menu had both cocktail & mocktail options, which is one of the things I love about the @basic_projects group -- both of their Charleston spots have multiple choices for those who don't drink a ton. I started with a mocktail but then couldn't resist trying the Bee's Knee's gin cocktail, which was soo good! we ate outside on their covered patio & I felt super comfortable health-wise -- overall, will definitely be going back to this lovely spot 💕 @ Old Village Mount Pleasant


walked the Ravenel bridge this morning & was rewarded with a gorgeous view of the Charleston Harbor 💕


when you really just need to prove to yourself that you’re still capable of putting on real clothes & makeup & brushing your hair^


we’re so excited about the response to our Porch Parties! we think these are just the cutest things & we love that they’re customizable, too — you can choose from locally-made cookies, cupcakes, & cinnamon rolls for your treats, & the bubbly has options, too! perfect for any occasion or just to brighten someone’s day — get the details on our website or send me a message! 💕


okay so I think I’m a bit late to the game here but I was really struggling with how Kay & Co could adjust to this weird time, & I think I’ve finally kind of figured it out. and I’m excited about it! basically I wanted to be able to create something similar to our bubbly bars without actually going into people’s houses, so after lots of brainstorming, @mirelle_laf & I dreamt up Porch Parties — we’ll deliver all the fixin’s for you to create your own bubbly bar, which you can customize on our website just like you would a regular bubbly bar! options include sugar cookies from @bullfishcookiecompany, cupcakes from @sugarbakeshop, pink bubbly or rosé, balloons from @cannonboroughcollective... make it yours! it’s super cute & super easy, & we can deliver wherever you want in Charleston. love this idea for a CofC grad, a birthday, a new baby, alllllll the things! find the details & book your Porch Party on our website 💕 @ Charleston, South Carolina


about a year & a half ago, I had this amazing idea to add a Charleston guide to our website (no one else has ever written a Charleston guide, it's crazy), so that people thinking about a trip to Charleston could check out a few of our favorite local spots. fast forward 18 months & I still hadn't gotten it done, but God bless @mirelle_laf & her college-level enthusiasm for life, because she completely took over & created the best little Charleston guide I've ever seen! I'm going to highlight just a few of these faves here; the entire thing is easy to find on the ole website under "chs faves." we tried really hard to not just make this your typical Charleston guide -- it's mostly spots that aren't going to show up on every tourist's guide to the city & also includes a bunch of the activities that I regularly book for my girls coming here for bachelorettes. first up: @cannonboroughcollective! cute, packed with local makers & great Charleston gifts, conveniently located near your Airbnb if you're staying downtown, & also home to Charleston's best balloon bar! owned by some awesome girlbosses, we love stopping in here to snap a quick pic in front of their balloon wall before we grab a coffee from @brownscourtbakery. check them out & let us know what you think about the rest of our little Charleston guide on the website, too! and of course, shout-out to @mirelle_laf for everything ever 😍


not exactly how my Sunday looks but a beer on the back porch is just as good, right? my favorite part of the past few weeks have been being able to slow down a little bit — I’m completely over this feeling that I need to be doing something every second of the day. I’ve done puzzles, listened to podcasts, taken a lot of naps — this situation we’re in is def crazy but I’m taking it as a blessing that I get to basically press pause on real life for a while & just enjoy where I am. what was a high point of your week? share a positive or even just something silly that made you happy! 😍 — 📷: @katedyephoto with @funboy at @millshousehotel


to all my peeps who have reached out this spring asking about delivering treats & decorations to your Airbnb when you get into town: this one's for you. we've been lucky the past few seasons to be busy enough that for a while, I could only manage to do bubbly bars & deliveries for clients that planned with us -- but I've gotten so many messages & emails about just wanting the local treats & champs & balloons, etc, that we decided to add it back (in a slightly simplified version). this is my girl @mirelle_laf's project & she's def got an eye for bubbly bars, which is great for you guys & also awesome for me (because it makes me look good without doing any work, ya know?). pop on over to the website & click on "luxury add-ons" to see what this package includes -- it's available for instant booking if you need a little quarantine pick-me-up! cheers cheers cheers friends, hope you’re healthy & safe 💕


picnic delivery by @mirelle_laf is now available on our website as an add-on to your Charleston weekend — pizza actually isn’t an option right now, but we could definitely make it happen if you’re feeling that. it’s fun, it’s Instagrammable, & it’ll give you something to look forward to while you’re trapped inside! working on some other fun stuff this week, too — can’t wait to show you guys! 💕


Charleston is ready for you, babes — let’s plan your best weekend ever 😍


friends! it’s almost time for holiday shopping & not sure if you heard, but our little shop @thecommunitychs is pretty stinkin’ cute & has so many fun gifties for every person in your life! FRIENDLY REMINDER to shop local whenever you can this holiday season — any purchase, big or small, directly affects these two cute faces so you can feel really good about yourself. ANYWAY: to help you get started on your local holiday shopping, I’ve teamed up with @thecommunitychs & @hellodarling_sarah to give away a “gifts for the Charleston lover” holiday box! one Charleston friend will be gifted a set of Charleston snowglobe cards from @thetownserif, a Charleston Christmas candle + Sea Salt Linen Spray from @charlestoncandleco, a Charleston Indigo oyster jewelry dish from @turquoiseandpalm, an assortment of Charleston accessories from yours truly, and a $50 gift card to shop @thecommunitychs -- all perfect to keep for yourself or gift to a friend, & valued at over $150! to enter, just follow all the tagged accounts, like this post, then tag two friends you’d love to go shopping with! giveaway ends Thursday night at 8 pm & products can be picked up locally any time at the shop — cheers to shopping small & to a great Charleston holiday! (giveaway is not sponsored by IG & you must be 18 to enter) #celebratingdreamers @ Charleston, South Carolina


omg! so glad it’s Friday, amiright? these little cards + so many others are available to shop in our new online celebration shop; if you’re in Charleston, shop IRL at @thecommunitychs! more on the celebration shop later — lots of party goodies from some great female-founded brands are going to be available so soon! in the meantime, happy weekend 💕


gooood morning, friends! it’s getting so gorgeous here in Charleston & my sister gets into town tomorrow for the Easter weekend — I can’t wait! what are your weekend plans? 🐰 — 📷: @ananewyork


a photo of me in the wild, drinking mimosas at @shelterkitchenandbar & calling it research 💕


umm hi, who wants to start their Monday with alll the sprinkles?! one of the perks of planning a bachelorette or girls’ weekend with us is our bubbly bars: we’ll get to your Airbnb or hotel before you arrive + getcha all set up with champs, sweets, decor, & other fun stuff to get the party started. one of MY favorite things about the bubbly bars is that we keep it 100% local — cupcakes + donuts from a local bakery, balloons from the sweetest balloon shop around, cheese plates from my fave wine shop... you get the idea. I love that this lets you experience parts of Charleston that you might not get to otherwise! shoutout to @brownscourt for these cuties — check out the tags for a few of my other faves & send us a message to get the rest of the details on how you can get your own fancy-pants bubbly bar for your Charleston celebration 💕


how cute are these ladies in their color-coordinating outfits? we love when our groups plan a photo shoot for their bachelorette or girls’ weekend — it’s such a fun way to remember the weekend, & Charleston is the perfect backdrop for your shoot! we’d love to help you put together a photo session for you & your girls, too — hit us up if you want to learn more 😍 — 📷: @showmeyourmumu


it’s girls’ weekend season here in Charleston — let’s party party party! 💕


our cute little local girl’s guide to a night out in Charleston is officially up! we kept it short & sweet but I think y’all are going to love it — we included lots of local gems & it’s sorted by neighborhood, which I’ve found to be really helpful to my clients when we’re trying to maximize their time in Charleston! highlights include @leonsoystershop, @basic_kitchen, @graftchs, @thecommunitychs (obvs), & other local faves that I just know y’all are going to love — can’t wait to hear your thoughts! locals, what are your favorite Charleston gems? let me know! 😍


one of my behind-the-scenes favorites — this over-exposed, hair-in-my-face photo is me in my happy place, putting the finishing touches on a bubbly bar for someone amazing to say cheers over & celebrate around. cheesy moment: small biz life has kicked me in the ass the last two months & there have been days where I’ve wondered why I didn’t go the nine to five route. but then I see pictures like this & get texts like “the bride cried when she saw your bubbly bar” & it’s all worth it. thanks to y’all for helping me make my dreams come true 💕 #lovelulus #contest


spring is hereeeee! it’s still a little chilly in Charleston but the blooms have me all heart eyes. we had a busy weekend — check out my stories for more details! 💕


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are YOU (or a bestie!) about to be a Miss to Mrs? Kay & Co plans bachelorette parties of all shapes & sizes — we can help from start to finish with travel plans for your group, recommendations, & bookings, OR if you’ve already done some research & just need some light help, we can do that, too! we’re also here for you when it comes to decorating your hotel or airbnb, getting favors for your guests, & of course, making sure you’ve got champagne to get the party started right when you get here. sounds pretty cool, right? visit our website to learn more & come party with us! 🍾 — 📷: @littlebigballoonco

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