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We provide Pediatric PT in the home for children that have a wide range of needs.


These are really great suggestions for distance learning...starting soon for many of you!

Got a kiddo participating in virtual therapy or getting ready to return to virtual learning in the fall? LOVE these seating tips from @alinclusivetherapy !! Positioning is SO important for optimal focus and learning! Check out their profile for even more.⁠
For more home speech and language tips, please check out our app! https://speakeasycommunity.com/
UPDATE: a PDF of this content is now available from AL-inclusive Therapy Services !! Check it out here: https://alitservices.com/product/distant/ and use discount code: teach2020. Hope it continues to be helpful info for the start of the school year.

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Careers at Lemons to Lemonade Therapy, LLC

We are expanding! L2L is looking for a Pediatric PT! Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested in working with kids in their homes in the Charleston area!

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I often have questions from parents about different ways for their child to perform Tummy Time activities. It is sometimes a frustrating task at first! I have created a website that gives a few ideas. I will be expanding this website in the near future. I wanted to share it now for those that were interested!


If you think of something you were interested in and wanted me to add, please feel free to let me know!


Channel 4

This is so cute, but also an important point. Play allows for learning in many different ways, including communication

Everything we learn about life, we learn in the playground.



The question posed is : would you let your kids play like this? My answer: absolutely!


Telefe Noticias

El emotivo video de 50 madres cantando con sus hijos con síndrome de Down en contra de los prejuicios. Conocé la historia completa acá http://bit.ly/2FWkcwr


In The Know

This is so neat!

This robotic device allows kids with mobility impairments to walk 🙌


I love this!

"When babies and their mothers are given the space and support they need from the society around them, and encouraged to be together as their instincts guide them, they will grow together and thrive."
We believe in a healthy mom and baby! How can we help you bloom into motherhood? 🌺🌸🌼
Did you know that Sarah is a Certified Babywearing Educator with 10 years of babywearing experience?
Hands on help with a babywearing carrier can easily be included in our sessions! It's a beautiful way to care for your baby while promoting good biomechanics and providing numerous developmental benefits for baby. Plus, oxytocin. Give us all the oxytocin - the love hormone 💕
@buildingbondsproject (@get_repost)
So much love for this ❤️



Oh my! How precious is this?? Happy back to school week :)

Just adorable!! Arianna was SO excited to get on the school bus for her first day of school in Georgia ❤️



Love this! Disney World is truly a special place

A mom can't believe her eyes when Winnie the Pooh approaches her special needs child – now watch him prove Disney World is a magical place ❤️

google.com 08/01/2019

Image: I Am a Child I AM NOT BUILT TO SIT STILL Keep My Hands to Myself ...

I have to remind myself this all the time, kids need movement! That's part of their learning :)

google.com Found on Google from me.me


I love hand print art! It's fun to do with the kids...but cleanup...not so much :)


Born Different

When I worked in MD, I saw a sweet little girl that had this syndrome. I hope they are able to find a cure someday.

Ever was born with a rare neurological condition which means she only sleeps one hour a day 🌝

gse.harvard.edu 07/22/2019

Summertime, Playtime

How to play in a busy world...I just remember my mother sending me outside and telling me "Just go play." Who else didn't have scheduled playtime when you were little?

gse.harvard.edu Even though children increasingly spend most summer days inside or at a full-day camp program, the idealistic image of summertime is still one of free play: neighbors racing bikes, friends building a fort, siblings producing a show, a family on the beach.


Born Different

She wants to tell her viewers something important....watch to find out what that is!

A woman born without limbs is proving that anyone can follow their dreams if they believe in themselves ⭐️



Love this!! What a clever and kind soul :)

This 11-year-old boy designed a bike so his cousin who suffers from spina bifida could go on bike rides with him ❤️️🙌



Live 5 News

I love seeing the kiddos succeed!! What a great accomplishment:)

BABY SHARK: Like most toddlers, this 2-year-old with spina bifida was motivated to walk by one thing: "Baby Shark" ❤️️🦈 https://cbsn.ws/2UWvnfb


I really like how this incorporates all the ways to be "well."


Sharing is Caring

Happy World Down Syndrome Day :)

5-year-old Chloe was born with Down syndrome. She practiced a lot to prepare this important message for everyone! ❤️

Please help Chloe raise awareness on World Down Syndrome Day!


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The Inspired Treehouse

These are a few great ideas! PS I also love The Inspired Treehouse. They always have great ideas for kids

The core is the center of control for everything else the body does!



CBS News

I have always believed that "old-fashioned" toys are still great for our kids development!

SMARTER TOYS: iPads may be the trendy item for toddlers now, but a study just found that old-fashioned toys are far better for their development.


NTD Television

The excitement in this video is exactly why I love to help kids with physical therapy!!!

This is the inspirational moment four-year-old Ronnie, with cerebral palsy, walked without splints for the first time 👏

Credit: Newsflare


CBS News

I absolutely love videos like these, what a sweet family :-D

"I'm crying, you're crying, everyone is crying": Watch this baby girl get her first hearing aids – and giggle uncontrollably at the sound of her big sister's voice 💗 https://cbsn.ws/2spCdyh


CBC News

I have seen some schools do this in their hallways! I think it's a fantastic idea, and not expensive

The Roland School in southern Manitoba has a unique way to let students burn off some energy — and stop fidgeting in class. http://www.cbc.ca/1.4932070?cmp=FB_Post_News


MC Magic

Love this!

🙏🏽 Anything is Possible , @tonyhawk


I think these are a great idea! I'm going to implement with my own kids :)

Get more here! : https://hes-extraordinary.com/improve-emotional-regulation-just-7-minutes-per-day/


Love this! Play more often (even adults)


The Inspired Treehouse

I totally agree with this! Kids are expected to sit all day at desks starting at a very young age with very little "wiggle" time.


Kid's need recess and taking it away should not be an option for punishment for negative behavior in the classroom.

Here are alternatives that still give kids the movement and sensory exploration their bodies need!

For a free, printable download of these alternatives that you can share with fellow teachers, please say "YES" below and we will send it to you!


The Inspired Treehouse

This not only makes it more fun for kids, but writing standing up on a vertical surface has other benefits too!

Do you let your kids scribble on walls or windows, put magnets on your fridge, or draw in the bathtub?

You will after you watch this!

theinspiredtreehouse.com 10/04/2017


Core stability is so important, it's not just about working your "abs"...its working your "center"

theinspiredtreehouse.com It’s one of the most commonly searched phrases that brings readers to The Inspired Treehouse: Core Strengthening for Kids. WHY?


I am so proud to say we are accepting new clients in the Charleston and surrounding regions. I will post helpful tips and tricks on here as well! If you have any questions including questions about development, I will be happy to answer.



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