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THANK YOU | We’re grateful to our #RedDressSundays sponsors & supporters for supporting our #HeartHealth activities throughout the month of February! Special acknowledgment to Platinum Kreations, who designed our beautiful flyers #Gratitude #WomensHeartHealth
The YWCA We 360 Program empowers minority women by helping them overcome barriers and bring their visions of becoming entrepreneurs to life. For this week’s Money Monday we dive into how this organization has been adapting to the pandemic and continuing to provide support.

Featured: Leyla Gulen Leyla Gulen Kelly Ayers YWCA Greater Charleston Platinum Kreations
RED DRESS SUNDAYS | We so appreciate our #RedDressSundays sponsors! Thank you, Walmart Rivers Avenue, Charleston Radio Group, YWCA Greater Charleston , Knight Printing and Graphics , Floyd Brace Company - Charleston (West Ashley) , Anton Gunn , Platinum Kreations , and Alfred Fasola for making a difference in #WomensHeartHealth in Charleston

A full service event branding design studio committed to helping entrepreneurs host and brand events so that they can increase brand awareness and revenue with ease.

Platinum Kreations updated their website address. 03/23/2022

Platinum Kreations updated their website address.

Platinum Kreations updated their website address.


Did you know that we offer full service printing? We make sure our clients have all the items they need for the day of the event, program or daily operations within their business. Request a quote today here


Cohesive event branding at its finest for the Charleston Chapter Links Love HBCU Gala!! When planning an event the details really do matter and helps create the experience for your attendees.

Let us take your event branding to the next level and create the good vibes you want at your event. DM us so we can talk about the next steps for you!

Photos from Platinum Kreations's post 02/27/2022

This is a message for those that sometimes doubt that they can do anything…instead of doubting yourself, start doubting the voice that tells you you’re unqualified. YOU ARE QUALIFIED!! God has given us everything we need in order to walk in our purpose. We just have to be ready to accept it and do the work!

Don’t let fear and doubt cause you to be disobedient to the assignment that God has given you! LET 2022 be the year you become unstoppable!


Client spotlight!! I’m excited to showcase the branding that was developed for my clients @mnatkins08! This family is the true representation of black love and walking in your purpose. I can’t wait to see all of the events that they will be hosting under this brand name.

It’s essential for every brand or event to start off with this foundation. In order to get to this you must begin with strategy.

Imagine yourself planning a trip without a destination or an itinerary. It’s not possible and doesn't seem like a good idea. Making decisions like this is not efficient, it wastes time and money. This is the same for any event you’re planning…if you don’t have a plan or strategy you will be wasting your time and money in the long run.

We also offer strategy sessions for those that are in the beginning stages of planning their event. Let’s get you a blueprint for your event success. DM so we can chat!


Happy Saturday Everyone! Did you know that event branding actually matters just as much as business branding? I think a lot of times entrepreneurs skip this step because they feel like the information that they are giving is solely enough. Your signature events needs to have its own identity.

The details and the experience that you create for your attendees matter. Your goal when hosting an event is to give value but also to create a memorable experience for them.

When you are planning an event that is a premium offer you need to invest in event branding services. Don’t waste time trying to do it yourself or piece it all together on Canva. Let us help you take your event to the next level. I want to hear about the event you are planning…let’s talk!


The assignment is always understood here!! This branding project was definitely one to remember. My client came to me with a vision to bring their business to life. They had the idea and I was able to take care of the rest and take the concept to the next level.

Using the one logo concept, I was able to provide them with the best option to help them achieve their business goals without confusing them with options.

There’s still time left in the year to launch your dream business. Now is definitely the time to do it! I have a few spots lefts for branding...send me a DM and let’s chat about your business goals.


It’s a VIBE!! Well a Mood 😉 and I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into this amazing brand that I’m currently working on right now for one of my clients.

In my creative branding process developing a moodboard is a very important step. The moodboard helps establish the vibe or aesthetic for the brand. It helps keeps brands consistent with the visual representation, color story and the overall feel/emotion you want to your ideal clients to have.

This is done before any designing begins. The moodboard dictates the flow and creations of ALL visuals!! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the magic we create together!

We are still booking for Q3! Click the link in my bio to apply to work with us or just send me a DM!


Here’s the message for this weekend! You can’t expect others to invest in you or your business if you don’t invest in yourself. This weekend I spent time in a mastermind with my coach. Yes…I have a coach! I invest in coaching for my business so I can grow as a person and as a entreprenuer. When I grow…my clients grow as well.

I encourage you to take your business seriously so that others can do the same. Now is the tine to stop trying to DIY your brand on Canva. I know you’re tired of trying to stay up all night trying to piece things together. Let’s stop hiding and show up confidently and professionally online. We can provide you with the support needed so you can build your dream business and be proud of what you created. Let’s get clear, consistent and confident together. We do more than design pretty little logos….we design with strategy and intention! I challenge you to DM me and let’s have a conversation…you don’t have to try to figure it out alone! You can build the business of your dream!


Don't the process...Good things take time and will be worth the wait! I talk to people all the time and they are always in a rush to have their design work done. I hear it all the time...I need to launch now; I have to get this done but I need it tonight.

I want to tell you that you don't need to rush the process. Rushing the process and trying to skip steps will only cause you to have go back later. It will solve a temporary problem but won't fix the long term solution.

When it comes to your business it's important to invest in the strategy so you can avoid making hasty decisions. I'm currently working on the solution for those that want to rush the process!


This Friday’s Client Spotlight is THE MEDI! We do more than just design pretty little logos. We design high converting collateral as well. Our clients believe in investing in design as it will help them be able to attract premium sponsors to continue support thieir mission of impacting the community.

I enjoyed designing this Annual Report for them. They trusted me as the expert to give them something that would be representative of them and converting as well. What a way to wrap up their 2020!

Before you can have high converting collateral you have to be clear on the brand foundations and strategy. It’s important to know who you’re speaking to and what the ultimate goal of your business is. Does you business have converting collateral? Do you have a solid foundation? If not, let chat and see how we can get you clear on your brand foundations. In 2021 we are all about being intentional and strategic!


I can’t believe that I’ve never introduced myself on this page. There’s no time like the present and I believe that things happen at the right time. For a while I have been hiding behind my logo but today I’m making the shift that’s needed to come from behind the computer and step into what I truly love and am called to do; which is to serve people.

So here it goes...My name is Katrina Page and I’m the creative expert behind Platinum Kreations. I’m a true southerner (Charlestonian to be exact 😉) and a lover of all things branding and design.


Design without strategy is just art. Although the design is doesn’t convert! When you have the proper strategy in place, you operate with purpose and intention. Your “design” will speak to the person it is meant to reach when you know who you are talking to.

Today, I’m challenging you to commit to being intentional with your branding. Let’s put some strategy behind it so we can truly begin attracting our ideal clients. We don’t blindly over here...we design with intention. Let us help you get intentional!


Happy Saturday! Today is a great day practice some self care! Self care doesn’t always come in the form of massages or facials. Self care is the practice of protecting one’s well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

So today I recommend that you practice self care by doing something that truly makes you happy. Pursue that passion that you’ve been yearning to pursue. When you are working in your zone you are stress free. If you are ready to stop playing small and stand in your purpose DM me and let’s help you fulfill that dream so you can be truly happy and stress free! That dream is attainable, you just have to be ready to go after it. Enjoy your Saturday!!

Photos from Platinum Kreations's post 04/09/2021

Happy Friday!! Creating this brand was nothing short of amazing. These three professional women worked together to build something to make a big impact in the community. Since their launch they have went on to make major moves in the industry.

During this process they trusted me as the designer to give them the best possible options for their branding. They weren’t presented with seven different options to confuse them. We were clear on the direction that we were heading in and who we are trying to serve and target. The One Logo Concent is effective when you have a solid strategy in place and trust the expert that you hire. We are here to remove the confusion for you.

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