Zuluvape of Charleston

Zuluvape of Charleston


Happy Holidays from Zuluv**e!
To see oth er store hours, visit:
Zuluv**e of Charleston
Zuluv**e of Murrel ls Inlet
Zuluv**e of Downtown Charleston
Zulu always has the best peop le here! My Man took care of me wi th a new tank, the beard no. 32 with some insight on t he new rda designs. Will always be ba ck to get the tasty tastes!
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Is this place still open? Ain 't seen any updates in a whi le .
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Do you guys have any R DA or RTA's on sale?
your online presence is really lacki ng guys
Amazing time at Zuluv**e Charleston! I lo ve you guys with all my hea rt! Keep on being amazing people!
hi,dear, many new products here!
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Anyone know the price of t he target by v**erosso coil?

Zuluv**e is a Premier V**e sh op Based out of Myrtle Beach, Sou th Carolina. This page is for o ur second location in Charleston, SC Th is page is for our location in Charlest on, SC.

We offer online sales at www.zuluv**e.com . A ll of our staff members have yea rs of experience and are avid va** rs who are passionate about helping Custome rs with all their needs. At Zuluv* *e, we specialize in offering only t op quality electronic ci******es and premium E-liqui ds made by our E-liquid chefs in a l ab quality environment. We offer a varie ty of E-liquid blends using a 50/ 50 pg/vg base o

Operating as usual


Roads are clear, we will op en all shops as usual this morni ng


Due to the Ice Storm in o ur area, all shop are closing n ow. We will monitor and update hou rs for tomorrow. Be Safe!


Presenting our incredible 8TH ANNUAL SA LE! We thank you all for sticki ng with us and being apart of t he Zuluv**e family. We've got plenty of dea ls waiting for you, stay tuned.


Friendly reminder the all new POWERF UL, Fume INFINITY is now at o ur retail and online shops! Come t ry it in 12 flavors with a WHOPPI NG 3500 PUFFS- along with a n ew design that makes It even mo re sleek and compact!


Don't know if you guys ha ve caught our incredible sale, but y ou can mix and match all yo ur favorite disposables and get AWESOME dea ls. Fume, Air Bar, Loy, HQD, it ju st keeps going! www.Zuluv**e.com!


Have you checked out our b ig sale going on at www.zuluv**e.com! Sa ve lots of $$$ on almost a ll of our disposables for a limit ed time only. Come grab your favorit es while supplies last!


HQD Mega, incredible flavors in uniq ue varieties, a whopping 1800 puffs, a nd fits perfectly in your pocket. Wh at a gem. Check it out in sh op or at our website at www.zuluv**e.com!


New Fume flavors are HERE! Presenti ng: Blueberry Mint, Purple Rain, Tropical Fru it, and Fresh Vanilla. All new delicio us tastes powered by a sleek POWERF UL device. Available at all our reta il shops and www.zuluv**e.com! Purchase while suppli es last.


New Fume flavors are HERE! Presenti ng: Blueberry Mint, Purple Rain, Tropical Fru it, and Fresh Vanilla. All new delicio us tastes powered by a sleek POWERF UL device. Available at all our reta il shops and www.zuluv**e.com! Purchase while suppli es last.


BIG NEWS, All four new flavo rs of Fume EXTRA are NOW availab le at our retail shops and onli ne at www.zuluv**e.com! Experience Fresh Vanilla, Tropic al Fruit, Blueberry Mint, and Purple Ra in in all of its glory. B uy while supplies last!


Final flavor unveiling! Kick off th is warm weather with Tropical Fruit. A tan gy, fruity, mouth watering flavor powered by Fu me, a sleek powerful disposable device. Comi ng very soon! Be the first to t ry it at www.zuluv**e.com!


New Flavor Unveiling: Purple Rain, a mix ed berry blend PERFECT for the summerti me. Prepare for all new Fume flavo rs coming VERY soon! Follow, stick arou nd, or subscribe to our newsletter to be o ne of the first to get it wh en it drops!


New Flavor Alert! Coming very so on is a unique flavor of Fu me, presenting Fresh Vanilla. A refreshing n ew taste in the lineup- sweet, lig ht, and soothing. Try this incredible desser ts flavor when it releases at o ur retail shops or at www.zuluv**e.com!


First flavor unveiling! Introducing the a ll new Fume Blueberry Mint, a delicio us v**e set to release very so on. We look forward letting you gu ys experience, find out more news as it com es by following us on Facebook, Instagr am, or checking out www.zuluv**e.com!


Announcement! Several new flavors of Fu me products to be released along wi th several new models of Fume so on. Can you guess what the n ew flavors will be? What would y ou like to see? Find out he re first or on www.zuluv**e.com!


Theres no better time to enj oy a cold Mint Ice Fume ULT RA. 2500 Puffs, Pinch Protection, and sle ek and compact to take anywhere on t he go. Pick It up in sh op or at www.zuluv**e.com and let th is compliment your luck of the Iri sh. ๐Ÿ€


Nothing can match the sweet co ld flavor of a Banana Ice Fu me! It's bananas (sorry). Available in bo th EXTRA and ULTRA (2500 puffs!) Co me experience the BEST! ๐ŸŒ


Is there any better holiday th an National Napping Day, a day sole ly dedicated to enjoying naps? A holid ay timed PERFECTLY after day lights savin gs time. Rest up, and rest ea sy with 3chi.


Melon Ice- sweet, cold, underrated. Com es in both EXTRA (1500 Puffs) a nd ULTRA (2500 PUFFS!). This flavor is a treasu re, a brief escape from reality. Co me check it out and much mo re at our shops or at www.zuluv**e.com!


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19 Flavors that go unmatched! Fu me EXTRA, one of the hottest disposabl es on the market. Enjoy this sle ek, cooling bubblegum flavor! Purchase in sh op or at www.zuluv**e.com!


You know the drill! Fume ULT RA, a whopping 2500 puffs! 18 mou th watering flavors, a POWERFUL 1100 m Ah battery. Sleek, compact, and ready to go whenev er you are!


A personal favorite of mine, I prese nt to you the Fume ULTRA Strawber ry Banana, 2500 puffs of deliciousness pack ed in a sleek compact device, rea dy to go when you are, co me check it out at www.zuluv**e.com!


Weather is getting warmer, and we ha ve all the ice for you. โ˜€๏ธ๐ŸงŠ
Enj oy a whole 2500 puffs with t he all new Fume ULTRA- with an aweso me catalog and powered by a 1100 m Ah battery!


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Puff Count is big, size is compa ct- the Fume ULTRA is here. Enj oy both Icy and fruitful tastes fr om a catalog of 18 different flavo rs. Powered by a sleek 1100 m Ah battery. Get incredible deals on it at www.zuluv**e.com


19 flavors to choose from, wha ts your underrated pick? Mine has be en Grape- tangy and not overwhelming. Co me find your favorite picks over at www.ZuluV**e.com!


Come enjoy 2500 puffs of a fan-favori te flavor, Mint Ice- powered by t he 1100 mAh Fume ULTRA. Comes in a pletho ra of flavors with icy options a nd fruity. โ„๏ธ


Check out this military grade devi ce, with an incredible UI, POWERFUL hi ts produced by its 18650 Battery- charg ed via USB Type-C! All of th is in a single mod.


Presenting the Fume ULTRA, a N EW powerful disposable v**e the world is buzzi ng about. Get your hands on th is 2500 puff, 1100 mAh battery whi le supplies last! Whats your favorite flav or? (Mine is Rainbow Candy)


The Fume ULTRA is here! Co me checkout the Fume ULTRA before suppli es run out. Packed with 2500 puf fs, a POWERFUL 1100 mAh battery a nd an amazing lineup of flavors. Fu me EXTRA will always remain a stap le at all of our storefronts a nd at our online shop. Package dea ls of 5 and 10 also availab le on our site at www.Zuluv**e.com.


BIG NEWS: The NEW Fume ULT RA has officially been released and is n ow available for sale at www.zuluv**e.com, co me experience 2500 PUFFS powered by a 1100 m Ah battery in 18 INCREDIBLE flavors. Th is Is a limited drop for n ow, so come quick!


Little late Valentines day post, b ut never too late to get go od deals on Fume products at Zuluv* *e! Come by the shop and explo re or do it right from ho me at www.zuluv**e.com!


Check out our sister page Zuluhe mp and get awesome deals on Ca ke. ๐Ÿฐ

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1300 Savannah Hwy, Ste 10
Charleston, SC

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 8pm
Wednesday 10am - 8pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 8pm

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