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Discipline, nothing in this life worth having can be attained without it. It is often developed by doing the very things that we resist the most; whether it is educational advancement, exercise, work, etc., all of these require a tenacity to rise above emotional lethargy; a life without discipline is a life of anxiety and emotional incarceration. There is a perceived sense of freedom in the letting go of important tasks and even in procrastination, however this kind of freedom leads only to bo***ge and a life of unrealized development and potential. It’s only by confronting our responsibilities in the present that we can mitigate past regrets and insure future success.


All of us interpret our lives in the present by our past experiences, feelings and individual perceptual angles, in other words we don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are. Our perception of reality can determine our reality. Often times when situations in life cause me anxiety I need to concentrate, not so much on changing what's in the world, but on changing what's in me and my attitudes; for in changing me I consequently change my perception and as my perception changes my life will change.


Depression is often caused by a perceived inability to take action. To wait until we feel motivated to take positive action is putting the cart before the horse; if we move a muscle we change a feeling. Motivation is always a consequence of positive action; it’s always action first then motivation followed by continued action. By refusing to give in to negative thoughts and act positively we will find that we feel a renewed motivation to form positive habits. Procrastination is a killer, by taking on tasks and responsibilities that we once put off, we feel a renewed freedom and strength and often come to the realization that rarely were those tasks and responsibilities as bad as we preconceived them to be.


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Often our best teacher can be our past experiences, if we are willing to learn from them. The wisdom gained from previous life events, especially difficult ones, sharpens our tools for discernment, honing the way we respond, giving us the knowledge to navigate life's minefields with greater precision and grace. We should never be shackled to the past; it is certainly alright to shut the door on it, just make sure it's a glass door; always keeping in mind that those who forget the past are destined to repeat it and the only thing worse than nostalgia is amnesia.


The human brain is able to continually adapt and rewire itself. Mental and physical stimulation improve brain function and actually protect against cognitive decline. Even as we get older our brains can grow new neurons. Most age-related losses in memory and motor skills are simply a result of a lack of physical exercise and cognitive stimulation.


It takes far more courage to be transparent and real than to wear the façade of false bravado, more strength to relate to people w/ kindness than with dominance, more tenacity to abide by moral uprightness than by blind reflex, toughness is in the heart and soul not in superior rank or forced coercion. A virtuous person’s courage to fulfill his/her vision comes from character and "passion" not position.


No matter how tough things have gotten in my life there's always been one principle that continually kept me going, the drive to be the best I could be. I had to become willing, at any moment, to sacrifice what I was, for what I could become; often we hold onto the familiar to retain some sense of security. Ultimately the only real security we can attain is in personal growth. The only people who never make mistakes are those who never take risks...fear cripples us, preventing the acquisition of a richer more rewarding life; impairing our zeal to take life by the horns and really "live".

Top Shape Cigar Factory 02/22/2019

Top Shape Cigar Factory


Anti Aging: Only through the proper application of weight bearing, resistance exercises can you effectively combat osteoporosis. As resistance is applied to a muscle it is also applied to the underlying bone. If a weakness is detected, the brain sends a signal for the body to reabsorb calcium back into the bones, thereby thickening them. This is the most effective way to strengthen and preserve the skeletal structure.


Weight Training and Joints: Muscles support the joints, as muscles strengthen consequently so do our joints. Furthermore as our muscles respond to resistance exercises they thicken as does the connective tissue in the joints, increasing their integrity and stability. Resistance training is the best prescription for maintaining a healthy, youthful skeletal structure.


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For a long time it seemed like life was about to begin, real life then something got in the way, some hurdle. If I can just get through this next obstacle or trial then life will begin and I will find happiness. Then it dawned on me, this is life. Happiness is a feeling that can change like the wind and is often contingent upon external circumstances being favorable; the strange paradox is any happiness based on external accomplishments or beauty only leads us farther away from the desired goal; but joy, on the other hand, is a posture we maintain whether through triumphs or trials, it’s that bedrock condition of the soul that carries us thru the storms of life.


The most powerful accelerant for personal growth is to face our fears. Stepping out of our comfort zone and confronting situations and even people that cause us discomfort. To avoid difficult situations serves only to escalate the level of fear and weaken our ability to successfully overcome it. Fear spreads to other areas of our lives and only heightens feelings of isolation as we withdraw from life's circumstances. Consequently a life of fear is one moving backwards. Facing fear develops strength as it is the only way to mitigate and dispel this crippling human emotion and free us form it's bo***ge; realizing this, that the toughest difficulties to face are those which never actually occur and for those that do come to fruition rarely are they as bad as we preconceived them to be.


We all go through periods when it seems life is stagnant, nothing is changing or really going our way. In many cases these are the times when more is going on behind the scenes than you know. Stay the course, live life with the utmost integrity considering the needs of others as your own and a positive wave of events will take hold of your life, nothing stays the same the only constant in this life is change.


I was talking with a friend recently who has contracted a deadly disease by virtue of a blood transfusion. My friend is an African American gentleman who is one of the most wonderful men I have ever met, he has been a true inspiration to me. He told me, on one of his particularly bad days, that as painful as this illness has been for him, it pales in comparison to the pain and anguish he has experienced by virtue of his color and race. One of the worst injuries a human being can endure is that of rejection; may we all endeavor to be peacemakers, through heartfelt compassion and love let us speak the language of unity silencing the insidious rage of racism.


The strongest among us are those who are able to stand alone. The ability to have peace in solitude is strength, to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness, those who crave the accolades and approval of others in order to foster a stable sense of self are much more alone than they know. To win the masses is a strength, but to gain mastery of the mind and tongue, to possess victory over thought and speech is true power, for then have we achieved independence from the bo***ge of seeking social approval, as we begin to live a life of freedom; a freedom that comes as a consequence of being at peace within yourself.


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Biologically, exercise conditions the body to deal with stress more effectively. It forces the body's physiological systems to communicate more closely than usual. The cardio-vascular system communicates with renal system which communicates with the muscular system etc. All this is controlled by the central and sympathetic nervous system which serves as the command center for the bodies functions. As the body functions more efficiently, in all it’s individual capacities, it is better able to combat the destructive forces that attack our overall health and well being.


Tendonitis, inflammation of the tendon, usually occurs at the muscle insertion point in the bone. Tendons connect muscle to bone and the tendon ties or connects the muscle to the bone by embedding itself into it. Harsh, quick movements put enormous... stress on tendons. Emphasis on slow and controlled movements, especially with resistance training, protects the tendon and actually serves to strengthen the connection and guard against tendonitis.


Exercise plays an important role in managing glucose (blood sugar). During exercise the body transfers sugar from the blood to the muscles to be burned as fuel. This process reduces the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Exercise also improves the body's sensitivity to insulin, (a hormone that removes excess sugar from the blood, that is not used as fuel, and stores it as fat), helping it to do it's work more efficiently namely regulating blood sugar. This reduces the stress put on the pancreas, the organ responsible for the production of insulin, and helps guard against type 2 diabetes and obesity.


During the everyday ebb and flow of our lives we deal with stress. Stress causes the body to produce hormones that suppress the immune system heightening the body’s succeptibility to infection, as it keeps it in a constant state of arousal. During exercise these hormones are removed from the bloodstream and used as fuel to be burned in the muscles. As these hormones exit the system the body is able to relax and heal itself.


Exercise plays an important role in managing glucose (blood sugar). During exercise the body transfers sugar from the blood to the muscles to be burned as fuel. This process reduces the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Exercise also improves the body's sensitivity to insulin, (a hormone that removes excess sugar from the blood, that is not used as fuel, and stores it as fat), helping it to do it's work more efficiently namely regulating blood sugar. This reduces the stress put on the pancreas, the organ responsible for the production of insulin, and helps guard against type 2 diabetes.


It takes great courage to confront the dark recesses of our minds and expose them with the illumination of truth, takes more courage to unveil weaknesses than to hide them, to wrestle with your demons than to succumb to their temptation. Anyone can give up and surrender but the magnitude of your success is measured by the intensity of your desire, the realization of dreams is forged from an indomitable will to persevere, not in the absence of but in the face of adversity.


Sleeping to a Healthy Brain: Sleep deprivation can damage the brain and severely impair the central nervous system. Regular sleep patterns establish natural circadian rhythms, consequently the brain's clock responds to this predictability. Long term disruption in this regularity has been associated with heart disease, higher risk of cancer and cognitive disorders.

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