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Charlestowne Digital - Copystar and Kyocera authorized dealer & Managed Network Solutions Provider. Leasing and all inclusive service contracts are available.

Charlestowne Digital is an authorized Copystar, Kyocera Printer, and Formax dealer servicing coastal South Carolina. We have over 25 years of experience, giving us the ability to offer you the most innovative solutions available at the best prices possible. As a family owned local business we can offer personal service and support the large corporate chains can not match on our Copiers, Printers, MFP Systems and IT Solutions.


professionals who provide vital patient care shouldn’t have to worry about whether they can print their files or not.

With Kyocera Fleet Services, numerous devices scattered across environments such as hospitals are unified with one solution.

If any printers need updates, repairs, or new paper, with Kyocera's remote monitoring system Charlestowne Digital will pick it up in a flash.

Let’s put efficiency first:


Today’s dynamic sales professionals need solutions that enable them to:

💻 Share key documents with clients and exciting new leads
🗃 Scan sales orders and contracts and store them securely
🤝 Maintain a strong working relationship with a wide network

It’s time for your Sales Department to streamline their processes and work smarter. Find out how Charlestowne Digital and Kyocera can help:


A solution that’s tailored to your needs? That sounds like a dream to us!

Kyocera’s Managed Print Services are designed to suit your unique print environment. They’ll propose the printers and/or MFPs that meet your needs to bring you maximum productivity, and then manage your fleet’s activity and supply needs.

In short: it’s one plan with multiple benefits!

Request your free assessment with Charlestowne Digital today:


By personalizing your printed materials, you can establish and maintain a stronger connection with your customers.

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c is designed with this function in mind. Its versatility and ability to switch between media types enables providers to create high volumes of customized content.

It’s time to tailor your content to your clients with this cutting edge solution from Charlestowne Digital and Kyocera:


Kyocera's solutions are designed to resolve the pains faced by today’s workers.

One example is professionals working in , a field that requires meticulously organized data and streamlined processes. These are essential to provide excellent customer service.

Software such as DMConnect makes it easy for you to search for the contracts and delivery orders you need. It can even read barcodes in documents!

Improve the service you provide customers with Kyocera's help:


Kyocera is the partner that will adapt alongside you and your business as you tackle the fresh challenges posed by the era.

Their dedication to proactive innovation means they are prepared to leap into the unknown and develop the solutions you need to future-proof your operations.

Read more about what drives them:


If you’re on the lookout for a device that can guarantee an immediate return on your investment and consistent, long-term results, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c from Charlestowne Digital is the answer.

Kyocera’s debut production printer has changed the face of high-volume printing. Their device empowers professionals to do more with less and reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining high standards of quality and quantity.

Discover the power of inkjet:


If you’re searching for a solution that ticks multiple boxes at once, Charlestowne Digital & Kyocera have got what you need!

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan delivers the following:

☁️ Savings: Set policies and quotas to slash your costs.
☁️ Security: Prints are only released once users have authenticated themselves.
☁️ Simplicity: Kyocera's software can be integrated with the third-party platforms you already use.

And much more! Find out about how the can help you:


Reactive is no longer enough to prevent data breaches at your organization.

Security is Kyocera's signature feature. That means their devices come equipped with software that protects your data against cyberthreats and encrypts your confidential information.

Strengthen your security strategy with Charlestowne Digital and Kyocera:


When it comes to recycling, every little helps.

Kyocera is committed to playing our part when it comes to the environment.

One of their initiatives is the Kyocera ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program, which lets you recycle your waste toners for free! Doing your bit has never been so simple.

Let’s go green together:


By equipping your team with hassle-free machines from Charlestowne Digital, you can boost their happiness and productivity.

Kyocera's features an intuitive, user-friendly interface so you can complete your tasks effortlessly.

Read on to learn how Kyocera systems from Charlestowne Digital can make your workflows more agile ➡️


Say goodbye to outsourcing high-volume print jobs! 👋

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c gives you the power to produce your own large print jobs, saving your organization valuable time and money.

Open the door to a new future for your business with Kyocera's innovation from Charlestowne Digital:


Kyocera designs solutions that make your life easier. That’s why software such as Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan can be integrated by Charlestowne Digital seamlessly with numerous storage platforms.

This way, you can manage your print costs and tighten your security without downloading any new applications.

Learn more about how Kyocera's software can help you:


Sustainable printing practices are priority. ♻️

The devices in our brand-new consume less energy than ever and are designed with long-life components, allowing your organization to be more eco-friendly.

Make your printing practices leaner and greener ➡️


Would you like to cut your printing costs and boost device uptime?

Kyocera's Managed Print Services from Charlestowne Digital can do just that.

By managing your print workflows from start to finish with efficient devices and our innovative software, you can stay on top of your print activity and supplies. It’s a simple way to ensure productivity and peace of mind.

Discover how we can help:


When your devices and software are working as one, you can reach maximum productivity.

Kyocera's is compatible with Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, meaning you get the best of both worlds as you print efficiently, manage quotas and stay on top of costs.

Want to learn more? Contact Charlestowne Digital or Click here ➡️


Kyocera Mobile Print addresses your key business needs with ease:

✅ Flexibility – you can print from anywhere!
✅ Security – your documents and data are protected.
✅ Productivity – forget about emailing documents back and forth to be printed!

With Kyocera's software and Charlestowne Digital's support, you can print and scan documents from anywhere in a secure, smooth way.

Get started:


If you’d like to do more with less and meet today’s business challenges, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c from Charlestowne Digital can help.

Kyocera's revolutionary sheet-fed production printer can keep up with modern demands, even when the number of paper sheets per print job bleeds into the thousands.

You can also count on unwavering quality and speed, allowing you to deliver results where it matters.

Discover a new force in production printing:


Do you want to reduce paper waste in your office? Charlestowne Digital can help!

With Kyocera Net Manager, you can ensure you and your team are only printing what you need.

Kyocera's Follow-Me system means documents are only released once a user has authenticated themselves at the device, so accidental prints that cause paper waste become a thing of the past.

Discover more ways you can go green with Kyocera:


If you’ve ever had to choose between quality and cost, we’ve got the solution.

Kyocera's empowers users to print, copy, scan and fax multiple documents with jaw-dropping precision for an accessible price.

Discover more about what Kyocera's products from Charlestowne Digital can do for you ➡️


Kyocera has spent decades perfecting their A4 portfolio – today, customers can count on a wide variety of options that tackle their printing needs.

Their A4 devices are well-known for their reliability, sustainability, and security. Whatever your print environment, Kyocera has a device that can help you achieve maximum productivity.

Browse Kyocera's portfolio and find your next A4 device:


Reducing your energy consumption is a one way you can boost your sustainability. But how can today’s professionals achieve this?

By installing the right devices at home and in the office, Charlestowne Digital can help cut your energy consumption significantly.

The printers and multifunctional devices in Kyocera's sustainable ECOSYS range use toner that fuses onto the pages you print, which reduces your printer’s power consumption by up to half of your previous level.

Head to the Kyocera hub to learn more:


Kyocera believes that every cloud has a silver lining!

With Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, you can empower your team with invaluable flexibility so they can print and scan from any location.

That’s the magic of Kyocera's streamlined technology – enterprise mobility has never been easier.

Open the door to a new way of printing with this solution from Charlestowne Digital:


When designing new products, Kyocera listens to your feedback. You wanted the following:

✅ Reliability
🖨 Productivity
💸 Affordability
♻️ Sustainability

Kyocera's brand-new from Charlestowne Digital delivers all these promises and more.

Start a new journey with Kyocera ➡️


We're not psychic, but one thing is easy to predict - will take on an even greater role in the future of production print services.

If your organization needs to print high volumes of media while keeping an eye on its environmental footprint, Kyocera's inkjet TASKalfa Pro 15000c from Charlestowne Digital is the answer.

Are you ready for the future of production printing? Learn more here:


Kyocera's software solutions are designed to work hand in hand to bring you maximum productivity.

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan and Kyocera Mobile Print are both great solutions that empower mobility and document security, but they work even better together!

What are two other products that you would put together? Let us know in the comments!


Kyocera believes that innovation and the environment must go hand in hand.

By going the extra mile to produce eco-friendly, long-life technology that allows people to save energy, they aim to play their part in protecting our planet and leaving it intact for future generations.

Learn more about Kyocera's dedication to :


The days of juggling quantity, quality, and cost are over.

Kyocera's TASKalfa Pro 15000c is perfect for industries in which professionals need to print high volumes of media while keeping expenses to a minimum. In addition, their production printer’s crystal-clear, sharp resolution means you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Discover how production inkjet from Charlestowne Digital can transform your business:


As the modern workplace continues to evolve, today’s businesses require flexible solutions like this one from Charlestowne Digital.

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan equips users with the freedom to print from anywhere, at any time. No matter where your team is located, they’ll also be able to access their documents from the cloud and pick up their work where they left off.

Empower productivity with the cloud:


You can trust it to do an extraordinary amount of work without stopping.

That’s not only the definition of a workhorse, but also the latest Kyocera ECOSYS PA6000x Series. This impressive series of print systems offered by Charlestowne Digital consists of four powerful devices capable of taking your business further than you could have ever imagined.

Find out more:


Kyocera has spent over 60 years being pioneers of sustainable innovation.

By staying true to their robust legacy of customer-centric, reliable, eco-friendly solutions, Kyocera continues to lead technological change.

Want to find out more? Discover who we are here:


Printing in high volumes doesn’t always mean expensive and unsustainable.

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c consumes less electricity and requires fewer spare parts and maintenance compared to your average production printer. With Kyocera's products, reliability and respect for the environment go hand in hand. ✅

Find out more:


Imagine arriving at the office with your documents already printed, waiting to be picked up.

To start your day off on the right foot, the ECOSYS PA6000x Series allows you to print from anywhere using a mobile device.

Kyocera and Charlestowne Digital are making printing convenient. Find out more:


In healthcare, protecting patient data, reducing paper waste, and improving communication channels are key to modern medical services.

With Kyocera's digital solutions from Charlestowne Digital, healthcare professionals can overcome these challenges so they can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Learn more here:


We are proud to announce that we have received a 2023 WorldStar Global Packaging award for our innovative packaging for ink supply units!

A win-win for Kyocera and your business, this solution for shipping is part of our commitment to do the right thing as human beings.

Sustainable success starts here ➡️


Nobody likes to wait around for software updates. Imagine how much time you could save if they could be done while you sleep?

To help you get straight into work , Kyocera Fleet Service takes care of all your printer updates during off-peak hours.⬆️

Learn more here:


The demanding world of production printing requires cost-effective, reliable solutions.

With the TASKalfa Pro 15000c, you can count on lightning-fast speed, a versatile selection of media types, and crystal-clear image quality for your printing needs.

Find out more about Kyocera's inkjet innovation:


Since the very beginning, sustainability has driven Kyocera's innovations.

When you partner with Charlestowne Digital & Kyocera, you know you’ll be working with organizations that’ll help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Decades’ worth of innovation means they can provide customers with green devices, digital solutions to reduce paper waste, and eco-friendly initiatives.

Read their free eBook and discover how you can make a change today:


Nobody likes to wait around for software updates. Imagine how much time you could save if they could be done while you sleep?

To help you get straight into work , Kyocera Fleet Service takes care of all your printer updates during off-peak hours. ⬆️

Learn more here:


Kyocera has spent more than 30 years building their heritage of reliable and efficient ECOSYS devices.

Their latest ECOSYS PA6000x Series combines Kyocera's true and tested technology with enhanced security features. 🖤

It's a classic redefined, made to solve modern day business challenges.

Find out what it can do for you:

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Our Story

Charlestowne Digital is a third-generation family-owned and operated office equipment company in Charleston, SC. We are an authorized dealer for Copystar Imaging Systems and Kyocera Printers serving coastal South Carolina. We offer leasing, sales, service, and short-term rentals of B&W and Color imaging systems.

Charlestowne Digital's roots go back over 50 years through DW Duplicating Products started in 1981 by Art Beane, Jr., and Charleston Business Machines started in 1965 by Arthur Beane Sr.. The Beane family has been affiliated with Kyocera since 1985 when DW Duplicating sold its first Mita products to local schools and churches.

In 1989, Art Beane, III starting working as a full-time service technician after working summers at his father's company cleaning spirit duplicators, thermal machines, and mimeograph machines. In 1991, after a couple years as a service technician, Art decided to move to the sales department selling Mita copiers to local businesses, schools, and churches. After another few years in sales, Art Beane, III took the position of General Manager running the day to day operations until the business was sold in 1995. In 1999, Art decided to start Charlestowne Digital selling Hitachi copiers in the Charleston area, adding Panasonic fax systems and scanners to the product offering in 2001. In 2010, Charlestowne Digital moved to Copystar MFP's and Kyocera Printers as its main product offerings.

Charlestowne Digital has an in-house service department led by Service Manager, Scott Beane, with over 30 years of experience in the office systems industry. Charlestowne Digital's technicians are factory trained on Panasonic, Copystar, and Kyocera printers and multi-functional equipment. We offer many different levels of service from hourly per-call maintenance to full-service cost per print maintenance contracts (includes all labor, parts, and supplies for one low cost per print charge) on most makes and models.

Charlestowne Digital can provide leasing, sales, short-term rentals, and long-term rentals in the coastal South Carolina region. Leasing terms range from 12 to 63 months and can either be a capital lease ($1 buyout) or operating lease (FMV). Charlestowne Digital's leases can be configured to include all maintenance and supplies costs as a cost per page lease.

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