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Well Now Supplements


Seeking more balance in your life? You're not alone. Flow is helping people across the country focus on the task at hand, whatever that may be - work, school, workouts, even making the most of the weekend. Drop by Well Now Supplements to grab a few single servings. We know you'll be back for the bulk! You can also shop online: bit.ly/BuyClarityFlow
Welcome to blissful serenity. Zen is one of our flagship products - and one of our most popular. The synergistic blend of bio-optimized #h**p extract and L-Theanine provides the ultimate in non-sedating stress relief. If you're in need of some unwinding (and who isn't, really?) of the body and mind, Zen will get you there. Available in capsules or drink mixes, single-servings and bulk. Drop by Well Now Supplements or shop here to find your #Zen: bit.ly/BuyClarityZen
Chasing those gains?💪 Change your post-workout recovery routine for the better. #CBD delivers the relief you need. THC-free and vegan. Available at Well Now Supplements and online - bit.ly/ClarityProducts
Welcome to the West Ashley Chamber!!!
To the lovely nurse from Johns Island who visited our store today... I owe you a free product! Please contact Flossie at 843-224-4991 to be sure we get this straight!

Retailer of Local All-Natural South Carolina Health and Wellness Products: H**p CBD Supplements and Drinks, Smokeable H**p Flower, Honey, Elderberry Syrup, Kombucha, Bath and Beauty.

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Burgers can indeed be healthy. The point is spot on. Fast and processed foods create chronic inflammation.

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ajc.com 12/20/2020

Study: Vitamin D deficiency found in over 80% of COVID-19 patients

Find Resilience at Well Now Supplements. Power pack of Vitamins D and C and Zinc

ajc.com A study has found that more than 80% of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain are deficient in vitamin D.


Trick or Treat yourself get 10% OFF in store when you mention this post!!! We have all your stress relief and wellness needs especially with Honeysuckle Hemp Co. Oil + Terpenes 100% locally grown and made in Charleston. Try the succulent Lemon Meringue or Cool Fresh Mint. Available in 750mg or 1500mg!!
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Clarity Nutraceuticals

TFW you start the day with Flow, a bio-optimized combo of cannabidiol and caffeine. It delivers a balanced energy boost that improves focus (without the caffeine jitters). No word on whether it improves your ups. Try it: bit.ly/BuyClarityFlow


Need that extra immune boost? How about an all natural Daily Defense to keep you and your body happy and Healthy? Now carrying Clarity Nutraceuticals brand new daily health products!! We have something to help with everything! Elderberry, Resilience, Soothe, Tranquility, and Vitality! All Organic, Gluten Free, and Vegan friendly capsules made locally! Come into the store and check them out or buy them here - https://bit.ly/3lTYe1B.

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Spooky season is among us which also means flu season is right around the corner. Don’t let that scare you we have the trick to treat you right. Booooost your immune system with RD Naturals elderberry syrup. Locally made with organic elderberries. Right Now come to the store and buy 2 of their 2oz dropper bottles for 20% OFF!

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Politics got you stressed? People acting crazy? We have the stress relief you are looking for! Brand New Honeysuckle Hemp Co.CBD Oil+Terpenes! 100% SC Grown and locally made! A powerfully relaxing effect that will leave you ready to kick back in the rocking chair on the front porch, without a care in the world. Come check it out in the Store.
Or Buy here https://bit.ly/33H9KHG


Whether you're sober, sober-curious, or just enjoy a fabulous relaxing beverage, you have to try this PURE Old Fashioned made with Lyre's Spirit Co non-alcoholic "bourbon" and Clarity Nutraceuticals' CBD. Get PURE here: bit.ly/puremixbulk

The PURE Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned:
2 oz Lyre's Spirit Co American Malt
1 scoop Pure25 drink mix (25 mg water-soluble CBD)
Splash of simple syrup
2 dashes aromatic bitters
Garnish with an orange slice
Stir, sip, savor, and enjoy fast-acting relaxation without any chance of a bad morning.


A GREAT replacement for average energy drinks! You’ll never go back. Come by and get a few single servings - we know you’ll love it!

Break up with chemical-laden energy drinks and try something new. Flow drink mix contains B-12, taurine, caffeine, L-theanine and 25 mg of water soluble #CBD. Balanced invigoration with a light, citrus taste. Add to water, juice, your favorite mocktail, or even a cocktail!
Single serving ➡️ bit.ly/Flowsingle
Bulk ➡️ bit.ly/FlowBulk


South Carolina’s only artesian water infused with locally made CBD. Refreshing and effective - whereas oils and edibles pass through the intestines and are slowly and minimally absorbed, water soluble CBD is rapidly and efficiently absorbed into the stomach. Come try!
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Clarity Nutraceuticals' plant powered solutions for our modern world...whether you’re stressed, lacking focus at work, or crave quicker recovery post-workout, they have something to enhance your life! Come by to discuss a customized daily regime!

What can Clarity Nutraceuticals do for your life?

🏃 🏄‍♂️ 🧗‍♂️ Active? CBD can improve energy and stamina and help relieve inflammation post-workout.
🖥️ ☕ 💼 Grinding at a 9-5? Improve your ability to focus on a job well done, and then get the rest you need at night.
🍸 🏖️ 💃 Fun and sun? Add Clarity to your cocktail (or mocktail) and reduce (or eliminate) hangover symptoms the next day.
💊 🤕 📈 Aching? Use Clarity as an alternative to big pharma, reducing pain and fighting stress.

Whatever combination of the above you find yourself in, we have a convenient, consistent, plant-powered solution. Explore all options at the link in our bio - or reach out for a tailor-made daily regimen.

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All that hand washing have your skin dry and irritated? Switch to @grittygoatfarm soaps - local, veteran owned!
📷 @grittygoatfarm
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Southeastern Chamber of Commerce

Our West Ashley Area Chamber welcomes new member Well Now Supplements! We are extremely excited to have you! Check out their unique store off of Wapoo Rd. Again, WELCOME to our family of members!


Anyone else battling some mid-summer allergies? Try some @edistogoldhoney bee pollen, a local superfood taken straight from the bee hives on Edisto. Benefits include reduced inflammation, stronger immune system, and even increased energy. Plus, consuming local pollen can make you less sensitive to seasonal allergies. Sprinkle over cereal or mix into a smoothie. 😋 🐝

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Boy, 2020 just won’t let up, you guys! We hope you’re hanging in there...and taking good care of yourselves. Take some “me time” this weekend with all natural products from @metimebotanicals. We love this probiotic toner with spray top for quick, effortless application. Refreshing and hydrating. Come pick some up!
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Clarity Nutraceuticals

Don't stress about your de-stress routine! Our science-backed, bio-optimized CBD drink mixes are now available in bulk. So you don't have to worry about running out of your daily dose of pure relaxation. Check it out ---> bit.ly/WellNowSup


This gray weather have anyone else dragging? On days like these, we find ourselves reaching for Clarity Nutraceuticals' Flow - a synergistic blend of CBD isolate and caffeine. Locally made, consistent, and reliable. Also available as a drink mix!
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One of the things we love about Oconee Valley Artesian Water CBD water is its versatility - mix with turmeric for an extra anti-inflammatory boost, with fruit for a dose of vitamin c, even with elderberry syrup from RD Naturals! Come grab a bottle from our West Ashley store today.
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Charleston Hemp Collective vegan gummies are a convenient, tasty way to glide through stressful days. We have three flavors in stock. Come see us at 956 Wappoo Road.
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Get all your Clarity Nutraceuticals products right here at Well Now. Capsules, drink mixes, and more - it’s among the purest, most consistent CBD on the market (and it’s thc-free). Let’s chat - there are so many uses for #CBD. We’d love to help you discover the right combo for your lifestyle.
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Immune system support is SO critical right now. And we love RD Naturals' elderberry syrup for it. Locally made with organic elderberries, it’s great by itself or added to a little evening mocktail! Come stock up.
#elderberrysyrup #immunesupport


Clarity Nutraceuticals

☕ A powerful addition to your morning joe. No caffeine jitters - just focus. Don't forget - our drink mixes are now available in bulk --> bit.ly/WellNowSup


The best kind of gold ✨🐝 🤩. Drop by today to stock up on the best locally-sourced and crafted wellness goodies!
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Well Now Supplements's cover photo


Kombucha really is magic...especially those by Dalai Sofia. It’s so local, we’re practically neighbors! Blue Magic is packed full of immune boosters, probiotics, and antioxidants. Tart lemon, candy-like lemon verbena, and earthy spirulina are all balanced in this ultimate summer refresher. Come try it this week! We could all use a little immune support right now. 🙃🙂
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CBD has shown to help pets with everything from pain to anxiety. CannaBonez is a local company with a passion for helping our four legged friends live happily and healthfully. Come by and grab a bag of organic, all-natural CBD treats for your pup - we hear they’re tasty, too. 😉🐶
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Gritty Goat Farm's locally-made products are free from preservative and harmful additives. Clean, simple products - it’s the Gritty Goat way! #shoplocalchs


Time to drop that gas station CBD. Clarity Nutraceuticals’ formulations are backed by biochemical and engineering expertise - and they’re batch tested for safety and compliance. Consistency and purity in every capsule. #cbdchs #chscbd


Come get your Bucci Mane!

Someone recently mentioned a hesitance to try Bucci Mane because it has lion’s mane mushroom in it. And that got us thinking....we gotta tell you more about this amazing fungi! #lionsmanemushroom has a long history in traditional folk and Asian medicine and food. Research suggests that it may offer a range of health benefits, including reduced inflammation and improved cognitive and heart health. There are also studies that suggest it supports the intestinal immune system (healthy guts, y’all!), may help with depression and anxiety management, and even boosts the memory. As for flavor, it adds a mild, pleasant earthiness to #BucciMane, which is well balanced by the sweetness and touch of tart from the mango, hibiscus, and turmeric. Your body will thank you for incorporating this delicious concoction into your diet!


Dalai Sofia

The OG. The mane man. Bucci is bright and fresh and never lets you down. Anti-inflammatory turmeric, powerhouse lion’s mane mushrooms, juicy mango, and antioxidant packed hibiscus. Of course, it also delivers billions of probiotics good for your tummy (and then some). We’re finishing up deliveries of this beauty all over town...so what are you waiting for? Treat yo self!


Plant-based, organic, 100% natural skincare rituals made right here in Charleston. We love Kara’s line and her whole philosophy. Carve out a little time for yourself with Me Time Botanicals ..we have some of her most popular formulas in stock!

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Your One Stop Health & H**p Shop

Your highest quality source for Local CBD supplements, H**p Cannabis Sativa Smokeable Flower, Beverages and Health Boosters!

Located in West Ashley, we are conveniently close to Charleston, James Island, Johns Island, Folly Beach, Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston.

We offer CBD isolate capsules, crystals, drink mixes, dog treats, beverages, sprays, all 100% THC-Free. Full and Broad spectrum products include tinctures and gummies. Clarity Nutraceuticals, CBD Carolinas, and Charleston H**p Collective. Local smokeable h**p flower strains in pre-roll, grams, eighths and ounces

Dalai Sofia Kombucha & Petal pusher, Oconee Valley Artesian Water, Edisto Gold Honey & Pollen, RD Naturals Elderberry, Gritty Goat Farm Soap, Me Time Botanicals Cosmetics


Local H**p CBD Products: Capsules, Drink Mixes, Tinctures, Gummies, and Salves. Clarity Nutraceuticals, CBD Carolinas, Cannabonez, Charleston H**p Collective.

Local H**p CBD Smokeable Flower: Pre-Rolls, Grams, Eighths, and Ounces. Suver Haze, Hurricane, Carolina Magic, T1, Special Sauce, Black Rose Cherry Wine

Local Beverages: Kombucha, Artesian Water and CBD Drinks. Oconee Valley, Dalai Sofia.

Local Health Boosters: Honey, Pollen and Elderberry Syrup. Edisto Gold, RD Naturals.

Local Bath and Beauty: Soaps, Salves, Chapsticks, and Cosmetics. Gritty Goat Farm, Me Time Botanicals.

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