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Physical Therapist Lowcountry Physical Therapy Associates, LLC provides Charleston area residents with a local Back, Neck, and Shoulder pain management therapy clinic.

Our Pain Therapy and Pain Management Programs and equipment are unique to our facility. We have outstanding results with individuals suffering from chronic neck or low back pain. Research shows that the lumbar extension exercise is beneficial for strengthening the lumbar extensors and results in decreased pain and improved perceptions of physical functioning in chronic back pain patients.

Operating as usual


I have medical office space available for sublease. One of the rooms is leaded for X-ray safety. Approximately 300+sq feet. If interested please contact us at 8432669200. Thank you


Good reminder!

Helpful hints for perfect planks!


Compass Warehouse

Commercial Warehouse and Port Services offerings for the SC Ports Authority in Charleston SC. Cross Docking, Transloading, Warehousing, Logistics


We are open and taking new patients! Same day appointments available! Call 843-266-9200


Hope everyone is well! I am continuing to safely treat patients on Tuesday and Thursday. And starting next week opening up an additional day for patients. Call 8432669200 for an appointment!


Hope everyone is safe and staying healthy! Lowcountry Physical Therapy is currently open on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-5 treating patients. We are following recommendations to protect ourselves and our patients from the virus. Please if you are in pain and need physical therapy please give us a call 843-266-9200. Stay safe, healthy, and stay active!


We have no power & no phones. Will call patients Monday to reschedule. Thank you & stay safe.


Newberry College Volleyball FundRaiser

Come on, get a team together, and lets support the Volleyball Team and the 2019 Golf Tournament fundraiser!

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Experiencing knee pain? Check out these tips to help! If you are still having pain give me a call to schedule a physical therapy appointment!


Are you getting enough exercise each day? Check out these tips to make sure!


So I have to share with everyone my newest obsession. Many people have seen me running down Harbor view and you’ll still see me but I found something so much more amazing and better than running. I have recently been introduced to burn Boot Camp. I started going about two weeks ago and joined after about a week of a trial run. Last week I went five days in one week. Now I’m not gonna lie and say that I didn’t feel some delayed onset muscle soreness after the first couple sessions. I definitely was using muscles I have not used in a long time. There is so much more about this Burn Boot Camp than just a great exercise routine. It’s the instructors with their upbeat motivation. The fact that they know your name and every time you come in they say good morning and hello and give you a high-five. It’s the comradery between the other people in the class whether it’s at 5:30, 7:30 or nine on Saturday everyone is very motivating. If you’re looking for a great exercise program to get in shape this year I highly recommend giving Burn Boot camp a try. There are free classes on Saturday morning at 8 AM and 9 AM. It was a great work out 45 minutes, every day is a different thing. The instructors are fabulous they’re able to accommodate my 44-year-old knees after doing 15 marathons. They are motivating and encouraging I got my first real push up the other day. So they help you modify activities as needed. I am very excited about Burn Boot Camp!


Your abdominals and back muscles make up your core! They are very important in assisting with posture, every day movements and in order to prevent back pain they need to be strong! Pay attention to these!


Had a patient who came in for upper back and neck pain and I did dry needling with electrical stimulation and it worked! First treatment that has helped her! Very exciting!!!


Check out these tips for perfect push-ups!


Check out these tips about stretching your lower leg!


I am often out and about and get frequently asked about shoulder pain. So I thought this post/information would be helpful! If you continue to have shoulder pain after following this, please call me! 843-266-9200


Don't forget those Hamstrings! I hope this information is helpful!


Helpful hints for perfect planks!


If anyone hurts their back preparing for the hurricane, come in tomorrow! I will be there. Open and glad to help!!!


Doorway stretch!!! So helpful for the shoulders and posture! Find a doorway and place forearms on the door frames and lean in. I use right foot forward for 30 seconds then switch to the left. It can help decrease shoulder pain from RTC tendonitis and help improve posture! If you have any questions call Lowcountry Physical Therapy at 843-266-9200


I am so excited about the success I have with Dry Needling! It is an amazing tool that can be used by Physical Therapist to help with myofascial pain and promote healing and tissue extensibility!


POSTURE!!!!!!!! So important for neck and shoulder mobility. A good exercise to try is squeeze an imaginary pencil between your shoulder blades! And Chin Tucks!!!


Another graduation!! Katie and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ellie!


Lowcountry Physical Therapy Associates, LLC

Love physical therapy graduation day! Amazing results after lots of hard work by Ian Munnich! Enjoyed working with you!


Love physical therapy graduation day! Amazing results after lots of hard work by Ian Munnich! Enjoyed working with you!


Cupping therapy originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the physical therapy world, cupping is used as a manual therapy technique called Myofascial Decompression. Suction from the cup is used to target the interface between the fascia and muscle and creates a tension force that helps to decrease adhesions between these layers, improve blood flow, and improve tissue extensibility. Cupping can be used by your physical therapist to improve range of motion and decrease pain. The type of cupping being performed in the following video is called “scraping” as the therapist move the cup up and down the skin to help break adhesions and improve posterior calf mobility.

Call 843-266-9200 or visit our website


I have to work out in the morning! Otherwise LIFE happens and it won't get done!!! Happy Friday! I am posting a video on cupping today! Look at it! Very interesting and successful!


We are going to show a video about cupping! So excited about the great results we have seen using cupping in the clinic! Stay tuned!


Helpful information about how to properly do a push-up! Don't want you to hurt your shoulder!


Lots of people working in the yard this weekend remember to take breaks, stretch, and bend your knees when you were lifting!! If you do find yourself hurting and sore after working too much in the yard come see me! Call 843-266-9200 for an appointment!

lowcountry-physical-therapy.com 04/07/2017


Have pain after a workout? How to tell the difference between soreness and an injury.

Now that it’s been a few days since the Bridge Run, you may be asking yourself, why am I so sore? That is a good question. It is important to be able to tell the difference between normal delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and injury.

DOMS is caused by micro-trauma in muscle during exercise and is completely normal. DOMS is an aching, tightness, and/or tenderness type of pain that begins in the first 24 hours after exercise and last up to 72 hours. DOMS is usually located in a region of the body, like after running your hamstrings may be sore, and this typically would occur in both legs. Finally, and most importantly, DOMS-type pain will begin to go away with continued movement and stretching, so if you think you have some DOMS after the race, make sure to keep moving and stretch your hamstrings and calves!

An injury on the other hand, will most likely cause sharp pain and possibly swelling immediately after exercise lasting much longer than a few days and you may notice it during subsequent exercise bouts. After an injury, you can usually pinpoint the location of pain, like for instance after running, you may have knee pain or be able to press with one finger on a tendon or bone and feel pain. Lastly, after an acute injury, your pain will improve with rest and ice and will begin to get worse with continued movement.

Physical therapy can help identify whether you are suffering from DOMS or an injury. If you did suffer an injury after the race, physical therapy can help determine underlying impairments like weakness or mobility that could have contributed to the injury, and get you back to running injury-free!

To schedule an appointment today call (843)266-9200 or visit our website at: http://lowcountry-physical-therapy.com/



Do you have pain in your shins that occurs during or after running, walking, or playing sports? “Shin splints”, or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is a common condition, affecting 35% of athletes and active people. MTSS occurs most often in females and people who are overweight, have fleet feet, or perform repetitive jumping and running activities. Common symptoms associated with MTSS include a dull ache in the front or inner part of the lower leg, pain during exercise, swelling in lower leg, and sometimes tingling in the feet. Physical therapy can help you recover! At Lowcountry Physical Therapy Clinic, a trained physical therapist can help you decrease the pain associated with MTSS and teach you exercises and stretches to help prevent further injury.


Dry Needling

Dry needling demonstration! I love using this technique on patients with "knots" and myofascial pain.


NBC nightly news just stated "Exercise can help fight dementia", which Danny Cassidy is fighting!


The Inn at Houndslake

Great place for a quick get away from Charleston. Historic Aiken, Golf, and quiet personal relaxation for you and that someone special.

Visit our website to see our Room Specials :

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Cupping therapy originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the physical therapy world, cupping is used as a manual...
Helpful information about how to properly do a push-up! Don't want you to hurt your shoulder!
Dry Needling
Treatment for Lower Back Pain

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