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�Charlestonian Hairstylists located in Charleston, SC
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�Services: Extensions, Smoothing Treatments, Coloring, Bridal, Up-Dos, & Unicorn Hair (Tinsel)
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Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 09/23/2023

🌟 A Glamorous Transformation! ✂️✨

We embraced a bold change, bidding adieu to 10 inches while adding some fabulous thinning. To amp up the glam, we braided her locks and sprinkled on a touch of sparkle. Because every hairstyle should be as dazzling as you are! 💃💖


👁️✨ Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes! 🎨

In the midst of a busy day, I took a moment to pamper my brows. Because even behind the scenes, we're all about those perfect details! 😉💁‍♀️

Don't forget to check out .tooth.gems for some dazzling tooth gems! 💎

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 09/19/2023

🌼 Celebrating Moms! 🌟

Moms are our everyday superheroes, always putting others before themselves. After a well-deserved break, i pampered her with a full head of highlights, because it's time for some self-care and a radiant new look! 💖💆‍♀️

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 09/17/2023

🌟 Incredible Transformation Alert! ✨💇‍♀️

Witness the magic as we embark on a journey from natural grey to absolutely stunning blonde! A full head of highlights turned this transformation into pure hair enchantment. 🌈💖

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 09/16/2023

🌟 Home Hair Transformation Magic! ✨

From DIY to dazzling, I brought back the beauty with an all-over brown hue, stunning red highlights, and a touch of sparkle. Your hair is now a reflection of your vibrant, outgoing style! 🌈💫


👰✨ Bridal Beauty Unleashed! 💖

I had the absolute pleasure of preparing this lovely bride for her special day with a full head of radiant highlights. She's now all set to shine even brighter on her wedding day! 🌟💍

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/29/2023

Product Sale Alert!! Some of my favorite products that I use on all of you on sale now! DM to claim!

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/29/2023

✨ This time I added low lights to the mix, creating a dynamic blend with her regular blonde that’s far from basic. And that’s not all – a major shaping and thinning finished off this transformation, giving her hair a whole new dimension. Get ready to stand out with your revamped and refreshed style! 💇‍♀️💫

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/28/2023

✨🌿 Creating a stunning look that’s both stylish and low-maintenance was my mission for this client. I preserved some of her gorgeous blonde and added an all-over color that’s as easy to maintain as it is fabulous. She now has a head changing look that makes her hard to recognize at first glance! ✨🌿

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/17/2023

🌟 Unveiling a Fresh Look! 🌸

Seamless grey root coverage and a refreshing set of highlights for her. Get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again! ✨🌿

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/15/2023

🍁 Getting Fall-Ready: Grey touch-up & darker highlights in preparation for the cozy season ahead. Get ready to welcome fall with stunning hair vibes! 🍂✨

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/08/2023

🌈✂️ Embrace the Magic: Big Chop, Big Heart! 🌟

Todays client just made an enchanting move! She is rocking a Big Chop by donating her hair to . 🌈🎁 Spread kindness, one snip at a time! 💇‍♀️💖


🌟 Sharing My Salon Secret: Defy Damage Invincible Frizz-Fighting Bond Protector! 💆‍♀️✨

Hey there, fabulous folks! I want to spill the beans on a hair superhero – the Defy Damage Invincible Frizz-Fighting Bond Protector. And guess what? This isn't some paid partnership – I'm just sharing the magic that makes my salon shine! 💁‍♀️

Tired of frizz taking over your hair game? Say no more. This bond-building spray is like a force field, keeping frizz at bay for a solid 24 hours. ✨✅

Here's why you'll fall in love:

🔸 24-Hour Frizz Protection: Yep, you heard it right. Enjoy a full day of frizz-free fabulousness. 🌀

🔸 Instant Softness & Shine: Watch your hair transform into silkiness and shine – instantly. ✨

🔸 Bond Protection: It's like a bodyguard for your hair's bonds, keeping them strong and resilient.

🔸 Heat Shield up to 450°F: Hot tools, no problem. This protector stands strong against heat up to 450°F.

I'm not holding back – I use this gem on my clients for hair that defies the odds. Go ahead, give it a whirl, and let your hair slay the frizz game! 💃💥

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 08/03/2023

✨ Revamped and Ready to Shine! 💫

Say hello to our fabulous client, who just received a double dose of pampering at our salon. ✂️ I treated her to a luxurious Keratin Smoothing Treatment that's going to keep her hair sleek and frizz-free. But that's not all – I also gave her a healthy chop, revealing a fresh and vibrant new look that's full of life. Get ready to be captivated by her stunning transformation! 💇‍♀️💆‍♀️


🌟 Meet the Hair Game Changer – OLAPEX No. 6! 💆‍♀️✨
Just wanted to share with you all one of my absolute favorites – OLAPEX No. 6! This isn’t a paid partnership; I’m simply showcasing what I use and love in my salon. 💖

OLAPEX No. 6 is my go-to for all my clients before a blow dry. The results are simply stunning!✨💁‍♀️

If you're looking for a hair product that does it all, OLAPEX No. 6 is your answer! 🌟 This little gem is a highly concentrated formula that works wonders on all hair types – from dry, grey, colored, to chemically treated hair, and everything in between. 💪💦

Here's why I use it:

🔸 Speedy Blow Dry: Say goodbye to endless blow-drying sessions! OLAPEX No. 6 speeds up blow dry time while giving your hair a smooth and silky finish. 💨

🔸 Embrace Natural Curls: For those air-dry days, No. 6 softly defines and smooths your curls, leaving you with effortless, bouncy locks that are to die for. 🌀

🔸 Frizz Be Gone: Tame that frizz! This wonder product reduces frizz and flyaways, keeping your hair sleek and gorgeous for up to 72 hours. 🚀

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/29/2023

I had an absolute blast working my magic on Phoebe! 🌟 From a full head of dazzling high lights to a root shadow for that natural glow, we created a look that's simple yet mesmerizing. And guess what? We went for a bold and fabulous chop, giving her a fresh and fearless new vibe! 💇‍♀️✂️ Embrace her radiant and confident transformation! 😍✨

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/28/2023

✨ Confidence Soaring with a Stunning Transformation! 💫

This special lady's confidence reached new heights with this magical makeover! ✨ Starting with baby fine slices of high lights to match her extensions, I added 90 nano extensions with lots of patience to create her dream ponytail. Now, she's ready to flaunt her amazing ponytail with pride! 🦄💇‍♀️

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/21/2023

✨ Embracing Momma Rhonda's Natural Beauty! 💫

No extensions needed – we celebrated her authentic charm with a full head of low lights and highlights. Together, we unveiled a mesmerizing look that accentuates her unique features, making her shine with radiance and confidence! ✨💇‍♀️

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/19/2023

✨ Embracing the Dimensional Blonde! 💫

In our very first session, I had the incredible opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with my client. Together, we broke free from a lifetime of box dyes, unveiling a stunning dimensional blonde that's as unique as she is. Brace yourself for a captivating and radiant transformation that will make her shine like never before! ✨💇‍♀️

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/13/2023

🔥 From Blonde to Red, a fearless transformation igniting confidence! ❤️🌹

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/12/2023

✨ Introducing our fabulous client, rocking a stunning new look! ✨ I added beautiful highlights, giving her hair dimension and radiance. To amp up the style factor, I gave her a trendy "LOB" (long bob) with an angled cut. And to combat the humidity and bid farewell to frizz, I treated her locks to a luxurious Brazilian Blowout. Say hello to gorgeous, smooth, and frizz-free hair, even in Charleston's humidity! 💁‍♀️✨

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/09/2023

✨ Big Transformation Alert! ✨ Shoutout to my regular 6-weeker client, Jessika! Last time, I added gorgeous demi red lowlights, and this time she couldn't resist going all out with an all-over red. So, I gave her a stunning demi all-over red shade, and to make it extra special, I added tinsel with nano beads that blend seamlessly near the front, creating a heavenly look that brushes through like a dream! 😍🔥

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/07/2023

✨ Preparing for Greece in style! ✨ I had the pleasure of giving our fabulous new client the perfect blonde transformation just in time for her trip. Now she's ready to shine like the sun in Greece with her stunning new look! ☀️💇‍♀️

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 07/06/2023

✨ Say hello to our magical unicorn, Kikki! ✨ I worked my magic and transformed her into a stunning blonde beauty, radiating with confidence and a touch of enchantment. Check out these picture-perfect moments showcasing her dazzling new look! 🦄💫


Sometimes, all you need is a simple haircut to refresh your look and boost your confidence. Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio offers a wide range of haircut services to help you achieve the perfect style for your hair type and face shape.

Whether you want a trim to maintain your current style or a complete transformation, we've got you covered. We can offer suggestions and help you choose a style that will work best for you.

After your appointment, we'll give you tips and advice on how to maintain your new hairstyle at home. We'll recommend the best products to use and show you how to style your hair to achieve the same look on your own.

Don't wait any longer to get the perfect haircut. Book an appointment with us today and let us help you achieve the look you've always wanted.


Summer is the perfect time to lighten up your hair and add some sun-kissed highlights. Whether you want a subtle change or a bold transformation, DM and let’s chat about your hair goals!

Don't wait any longer to get the perfect summer hair.

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 06/16/2023

🌈 Bringing her hair back to life, I gave my regular client a vibrant makeover! By adding a mix of blonde and purple hues, we successfully bid farewell to faded blues and welcomed a stunning new look that's full of life and color. 🎨🔮

Photos from Sparkle Like A Unicorn Studio's post 06/14/2023

🌿 Low maintenance goals achieved! With a stunning foliage technique, her hair is now effortlessly stylish, giving her the perfect balance of natural beauty and easy upkeep. 🌿

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