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Blue Heron Glass


Kiln for someone who needs a project .

N ot sure if this is an appropria te post; if not, please delete it. I have an old Parag on H-13 kiln in very rough conditi on that I was planning to resto re, but I have more projects th an years left. It nee ds some of the firebrick replaced a nd new coils. I have so me new 230 VAC strip heater coi ls I was planning to use. O ne would need some electrical knowledge to safe ly take this on, but there is lo ts of relevant material on the w eb on building kilns. This o ne originally had only switches and no temperatu re controls, but you can buy a temperatu re controller with digital relay on Amaz on for under $50. Located in Charlest on, West Ashley. Call me at 843-822-20 61 if interested.
Thanks Mike for the fabulous gla ss! Finished product.
New treasures are popping up almo st every day at the Gibbes Gi ft Shop! These beautiful kiln-formed vases fr om Blue Heron Glass would pair we ll with flowers for the perfect Valentine 's Day gift.

Photo by MCG Photography

Pho to by MCG Photography
Mr. Pelican in his new home !!! Thanks for everything, Mike!!! S he absolutely adores your beautiful panel!!!
May is here which means summ er is not so far away! If y ou need a little reminder of wa rm weather check out these vibrant piec es from Blue Heron Glass.
Great seeing you today Mike !!
Thanks to everyone that attended my Steppi ng Stone class this week. Looki ng forward to next week when y ou walk away with a beautiful Steppi ng Stone!
Love this shop!!! Great gifts f or Christmas!!🎄
Feeling thankful to Mike at Bl ue Heron Glass for sharing his ti me and talent with me to comple te this 36” mosaic logo for Belov ed Yoga Sanctuary in Reston, VA.
With a heart full of gratitu de to Mike at Blue Heron f or sharing his time and talent wi th me so I could create t he 36” logo mosaic for Beloved Yo ga Sanctuary in Reston, VA.
Reactive glass combinations- hope you don ’t mind me posting on your pa ge- want to show in Charleston at so me point!
I'm interested in class on b eg. leaded glass project. Anything scheduled y et?

Located in historic Charleston, SC, Bl ue Heron Glass gives visitors the opportuni ty to immerse themselves in the multi-facet ed world of art glass.

Operating as usual


So long and thanks for a ll the fish! (From our friend Dougla ss Adams)

We are officially moved out a nd closed, onto more great things in li fe. Thank you all for you suppo rt through the years. We'll keep th is page up with some glass updat es (and others) as they come.

Blue Heron Glass updated their addre ss. 03/11/2022

Blue Heron Glass updated their addre ss.

Blue Heron Glass updated their addre ss.


30x40 inches, $225.

This was on t he side of a glass rack, hidd en sometimes, but always beautiful.


Dress up any space with a fram ed poster! All posters $10, some wi th diagrams on the back!

Pro tip: befo re Mike did glass he was a pictu re framer, and all of these fram es are hand built and worth we ll more than $10. Most do n ot have glass.

Photos from Blue Heron Glass's po st 02/25/2022

Extra! Extra! 📣📣 Read all abo ut it!

All pattern books are $5 ea ch and there's a great selection of gla ss periodicals FREE to a good ( or even a mediocre) home!

Update: all magazin es found great homes, but still plen ty of pattern books. And who kno ws what else we might find in Mike 's office.

Time to Move On 02/21/2022

Time to Move On

In case you didn't receive o ur latest email (sent earlier this mornin g), check it out here.

Time to Move On Time to Move On After 22 yea rs at Blue Heron Glass I ha ve decided to retire and expand my horizo ns. It’s been a wild ride wi th three moves, a couple of econom ic downturns, a global pandemic and maj or


We got molds for slumping! Mo st are priced 50% off original pri ce (many bullseye molds), and other gre at shapes $10-$20.


Tomorrow we begin the store closi ng sale. Come in to sto ck up on tools and supplies at 15% off regular retail. ALL N ON BULLSEYE GLASS HAS BEEN SOLD.


Closing at 5:30 today. Goi ng to try and beat the i ce on the bridge.


Weather is going to get real ly messy later today. We are maintaini ng normal hours (11 - 6 tod ay and 11 - 3 tomorrow) b ut that all depends on how mu ch ice falls on the roads. Ta ke care and stay safe. Gla ss artists are great drivers, but it 's the other idiots on the ro ad that make things dangerous.


Well friends, after 22 years t he time has come. I wi ll be hanging up my apron f or the final time in late Februa ry. To that end we ha ve begun a storewide clearance sale. Everythi ng must go! When you co me in to visit, if it doesn 't have a price, make an off er.


Blue Heron Glass
Sends Our Be st Wishes for a Very Mer ry Christmas


Happy Holidays

We will be closed fr om 3pm Christmas Eve until 11am Janua ry 4 for inventory, rest, and maki ng merry.



Christmas Eve 11 - 3

Christm as - January 3 CLOSED


OH MY! Holiday Sale of 15 % o ff all finished work (excluding catch everythi ng dishes and magnets). Now throu gh Christmas.


Happy Holidays folks. Worldpress, w ho hosts our web site has h ad some security issues recently and h as suspended editing capabilities until I c an change all the security settings. A lo ng about way to say the w eb site is not really current at t he moment. Working on it, shou ld be able to have new conte nt by Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience, enj oy those turkey sandwiches.


Blue Heron Glass will open at 1: 30 on Tuesday, October 26. We apologi ze for any inconvenience this might crea te.


Happy Birthday to us!

BHG turns 22 on Frid ay, October 1. Stop by during regul ar hours for cake and refreshments.

Blue Heron Glass updated their busine ss hours. 09/05/2021

Blue Heron Glass updated their busine ss hours.

Blue Heron Glass updated their busine ss hours.


With the recent uptic in COV ID cases we are asking patrons of Bl ue Heron Glass to mask up. If we a ll work together intelligently we can p ut this mess behind us.


Blue Heron Glass will be clos ed Thursday, July 8, as we wat ch Elsa come rambling across the low-count ry. Stay safe. We wi ll be back Friday morning


As per CDC guidelines, Co me on down.


On the sidewalk tonight till 6: 30 for last minute Mother’s Day gif ts


Door insert just finished by Kat hy using studio time. 25 x 37, copper foil.


Spring class schedule now on li ne or stop by for a co py


Quick call out to everyone followi ng us on Facebook. Jennifer, w ho teaches art at Minnie Hughes Elementa ry is putting together a project where- in there students will be making rough ly 150 mosaic stepping stones using most ly glass with some small ceramic til es that the students will also make.
I 'm looking for any donations of scr ap opaque glass that can go towa rd this project. Blue Heron is chippi ng in but I figure we ne ed close to 80 square feet so eve ry bit will help. I' ll have a collection box at t he shop, so please feel free to contribu te. Jennifer is planning on doi ng this during May. Any gla ss we can collect before then wi ll help make a meaningful contribution to t he school courtyard. Thanks to everyo ne. N ot a stepping stone, but a mosa ic none the less.


Latest work from the kiln, "Vanil la Foursome". Each vessel is approximate ly 4 x 4 inches. Hu ge learning curve on this one, lo ts of tweaking to come.


Now this is going to be f un. On to step three, a seco nd firing before we attempt the dr op.


Shades of grey. Blue Her on style.


New glass making it's way in to the racks. Always something fun at B HG.


Pretty colors from a long wa ve UV lamp as we cure t he glue on a cut crystal repa ir. Sunscreen required if you get t oo close!

Photos from Van Gogh Museum's po st 01/29/2021

Happy Friday morning!


Ha! We all know which o ne Mike is! 🤣

Which one are you?

502 Lucerne Stre et, 1983-1986, by Edward Rice (American, b. 195 3); oil on canvas; 48 ½ x 48 ¼ inch es; 1992.003


This is what happens when Mik ey finds a wine glass bottom a nd he's been reading Charles Mann's 1491


Noah's ark. We finished th is piece right before Christmas. 32 x 24. Fus ed and painted details.


Charleston, SC

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