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I regret the need to share this negative review of Sundek of Washington. In fact, I’ve never written such a review before because I’ve always been able to workout any problems with service providers, but not this time. Sundek applied the deck treatments when my custom home was first built, as well as a follow-up treatment some years later. However, my most recent experience with them has been horrendous. I contracted Sundek in March and paid the required 50 percent deposit of over $3,000. After numerous delays and very little communication, Sundek finally applied the treatment in June after which it rained all afternoon. I reached out to Sundek shortly thereafter to inform them much of the treatment washed away. They also failed to patch several areas on the deck. After several emails and calls went unanswered, I hired a different company to finish the job Sundek started. I finally heard back from Sundek this week demanding payment of the remaining $3,237. At this point I’m considering filing a lawsuit for breach of contract and a refund of my original deposit. I definitely would not recommend Sundek. If you choose to hire Sundek, I’d recommend paying no more than a 20 percent deposit so you retain some leverage to ensure the job gets done and done appropriately.
I think I was over charged! There were two estimates, and I think you charged me for the more expensive job.

Also. the men were great but there is a drain, that is not properly installed. I noticed it later.....
SUNDEK resurfaced our front porch/entrance--we are delighted with the result. Juan is an artist and professional craftsman.
Sundek did our front portico and did a fabulous job. Matched the brick of the house perfectly. Would highly recommend them.

Premier Decorative Concrete Contractor in Washington, D.C, Virginia, and Maryland.

Sundek of Washington is a premier decorative concrete resurfacing contractor in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland specializing in concrete applications like stamped concrete overlays, concrete staining, epoxy flooring, polyurea polyaspartic coatings, and Sundek Classic Texture, etc.; providing unparalleled workmanship for both residential & commercial projects.

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 05/09/2023

Installed our Tuscan system on this pool deck with an added custom tape pattern. The "grout" is Oyster White and the deck is Kahlua.

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 05/03/2023

This pool is now ready for relaxing summer days!

We installed Classic Texture in the color Kahlua to give this deck a major upgrade. Check out the before photo to see how this overlay brightened up the backyard.

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 04/25/2023

A textured overlay always elevates the look of the pool and the surrounding area.

This deck looks great with a simple slip-resistant texture like Classic Texture in the color Pewter Gray.

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 04/20/2023

From old to new again!

This pool deck was resurfaced with Tuscan and our added Custom Scoreline Effect because of the existing cracks. We were able to turn this deck into a beautiful surface just in time for warmer weather.


Work in progress ✨

Currently getting pool decks ready for summer!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 04/07/2023

Before and after!

This SunStone deck was a huge upgrade for the indoor pool at this retirement community.

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 03/09/2023

With Masonry Effect you can get the look of brick on any concrete surface. It is durable and looks great without having to tear out any concrete.

Resurface your concrete driveway with the design of your choice


Twenty years ago Sundek of Washington took a chance on a young man named Guadalupe. Decorative coatings, color, and design came naturally to Lupe and he quickly became one of the most talented crew leaders. Now, Lupe continues to excel with every project and every challenge thrown his way. We are so greatful to have had Lupe Velazquez on our team for the past two decades! Thank you for your dedication to Sundek and to this craft!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 02/21/2023

The Hopkins House Apartments is a 40-year-old property in Baltimore, Maryland. Sundek of Washington was brought out to repair the pool deck surface and fix the leaking issue that was causing water to drip on cars in the garage below.

Our team installed the waterproofing system SunLastic with SunSplash for a skid- resistant surface. We also worked with the management team to create a design that would look great from ground level and from above. The deck looks like new and has been reinforced to prevent future leaking.

Read more about this project:

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 02/15/2023

Sundek of Washington was awarded the 2023 Project of the Year for Buckroe Beach Boardwalk. This was a challenging, 3 year long project, that required a large crew to install 116,853 square feet of SUNDEK.

The boardwalk was resurfaced in Classic Texture with a three color aggregate effect pattern to help disguise dirt or sand. The verticals on the sea wall and swing benches were also resurfaced in Classic Texture. Between the oval planters, we installed SunStamp in a running bond brick pattern. Surrounding bike paths received color-tinted sealers to match existing pavers. The focal point of this project is the human clock, which will show the time of day when someone stands on the current month.

Read the full story at


Townplace Center Waterproofed Walkways

This office building was converted to condominiums. SunLastic was used to provide a seamless waterproofing system with a decorative aspect.

We can provide both style and safety with our concrete coatings!

We'd love to chat about waterproofing the concrete on your property too


From our team to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 12/22/2022

Throwback to the largest project we completed this year! Our team and a few extra crew members installed 117,000 square feet of decorative coatings. The installation started back in 2020 and was just completed in May of this year. With multiple decorative overlays and a large human sundial, this boardwalk is truly unique.

Read more about the Buckroe Beach Boardwalk:

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 12/15/2022

Indoor pools need textured concrete coatings too! SunSplash and Classic Texture are two great options for any pool deck. These textured coatings are slip resistant and ideal for keeping people safe on residential and commercial decks.

Check out our various coating options

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 11/28/2022

This rooftop pool has a great view of Washington, DC with a comfortable texture for people to stand on. Our coatings are perfect for rooftop (or groundlevel) pool decks, walkways, and decks. Add waterproofing to further protect your property while adding a decorative coating to your concrete.

Ask us about what products and systems work best for your project's needs

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 11/10/2022

Those fall leaves really make this SunStone coating pop! This deck was previously stamped concrete but got an upgrade with a custom coating. No demolition required for a brand new look in your backyard!

We can resurface both new and old concrete. Learn more

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 10/31/2022

We resurfaced this walkway just in time for Halloween! Now trick or treaters have a great looking path to walk on this evening.

This walkway and patio were resurfaced with Classic Texture in a masonry pattern. Get this installed at your house too!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 10/19/2022

Check out these process photos of this SunStamp walkway! The pattern was hand taped to get the desired shape and size.

Make a great first impression with Sundek

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 10/12/2022

Such a stunning design crafted with products to make this deck safer for everyone! SunLastic, our waterproofing system, is perfect for use on elevated areas like this pool. This system produces an abrasion-resistant and water-repellant concrete coating that is low cost and thin.

Let's talk about your waterproofing needs

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 10/06/2022

We helped add some color to this existing stamped concrete pool deck and patio. Stamp Rehab allows you to get a make-over for your stamped concrete. It covers minor color enhancements and resealing to major rehabilitation. This deck was stained with a few SunH2O colors - Coral Reef, Antique Moss, Midnight, and Amazon Palm, with a Pewter Gray select finish coat. Then all the stamped concrete was resealed to protect it.

Get more information on Sundek's Stamp Rehab system

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 10/04/2022

Concrete can be restored with a coating. Sun Restore Broom Finish is the ideal project to repair and revitalize concrete with a simple textured finish. No patterns, no decorative texture, nothing fancy, just a new concrete surface.

Say goodbye to damaged concrete when you get one of our overlays installed!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 09/29/2022

Recent review: "Guys came out and completed my pool deck in a single day. They kept everything clean and tidy as they worked and the deck looks fantastic!"

Read other reveiws we've received

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 09/27/2022

Create an inviting entrance to your home! Resurfacing your concrete not only looks nice, but it can help fix tripping hazards in your concrete. This walkway has Classic Texture with a masonry effect border.

Cover old concrete with the design of your choice

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 09/21/2022

A couple before and after photos of this pool deck transformation at Gallaudet University! This deck is now safer to walk on and nicer to look at. It's slip-resistant and has a moisture blocker to protect both the people using the pool and the deck itself. Classic Texture is a great overlay for concrete pool decks both indoors and outside.

Is Classic Texture right for your project?

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 09/13/2022

Create your dream backyard and don't forget about the surface! If you currently have plain concrete down, a simple decorative overlay is all you need to elevate your outdoor space. This SunSplash deck in Bone White is the perfect coating to make this customer's colorful flowers pop!

From simple overlays to ones that become the focal point of your space, we have what you're looking for

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 09/06/2022

Can you believe this deck isn't real stone? This SunStone overlay was hand crafted in a slate pattern with a variety of custom colors. Our crews work their magic and create art from the customer's vision.

Resurface your concrete to transform it into a gorgeous stone design


Added some color to this concrete with SunDye. SunClear EcoProtect was applied on top of the stained concrete as a protective sealer to provide ease of maintencance and resistance to stains. It is completely UV stable, low V.O.C., and environmentally friendly.

This coating with SunClear was a great solution for this garage that stores items for outdoor activities. If dirt or water is tracked in, the concrete will be easy to clean! Learn more about sealers on our Products page

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 08/30/2022

Crews worked seven days a week to complete 117,000 square feet of decorative coatings in May. The Buckroe Beach boardwalk in Hampton, Virginia went through a complete renovation to revitalize the area over the past few years. They chose Sundek of Washington's coatings Classic Texture and SunStamp to restore the concrete portion of the boardwalk. After several years of planning and dedication from every crew member, the Buckroe Beach boardwalk is finally complete!

Watch Bob Miller break down each part of this extensive project

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 08/25/2022

Upgrade the concrete in your comminity with an overlay! Choose from simple or complex designs to repair damage, then add extra slip resistance to the coating. Keep your residents and guests safe with our coatings!

We work with various businesses to install both indoor and outdoor concrete coatings. Learn more

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 08/23/2022

Combining overlay systems on your concrete = magic! The SunSplash and SunStone on this deck fit together so effortlessly. Would you get this combination installed on your concrete?

Contact us to transform your concrete

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 08/18/2022

Another gorgeous pool deck! Any design you're dreaming of, we can make with a thin decorative overlay on top of your concrete. This deck was resurfaced with SunStamp in a modular pattern with a custom mix of colors to get this unique look.

Find design ideas for your resurfacing project on Sundek's Pinterest

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 08/16/2022

Use color to separate the areas of the backyard. Classic Texture was installed on all the concrete with Custom Scoreline Effect. Tea N Cream was applied to the pool deck and Mission Tan was applied on the walkway, patio, and as a color band around the pool. What a beautiful backyard!

Resurface all the concrete in your backyard!


Over the years, your style changes, and trends come and go. In the same way you update your kitchen or living room, you can update the concrete around your house! Upgrade your concrete with a design you love.

We have a system that is right for your concrete!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 08/02/2022

A gorgeous stone pool deck that was created using our SunStamp and SunH2O stains. The style and colors chosen fit perfectly in this backyard!

Customize the concrete around your pool! Learn more about the process

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 07/29/2022

Gorgeous Classic Texture patio and pool deck! This custom blend of colors matches perfectly with the stone on the house and on the pool coping.

Our team will help find the perfect design for your space!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 07/27/2022

A recent customer shared great photos and this review:

"Sundek of Washington did a great job of finishing the deck around our pool. Compared to the horrendous experience we had with the pool refinishers, Sundek was a dream. We had to reschedule Sundek three times because the refinishing of the pool coping that the pool company estimated at 3 weeks took 10 months to complete. However, when it finally came to Sundek's turn, they showed up on time, masked everything off to keep everything clean, finished the job in 3 days just as promised and did an excellent job in working with us to get the color and texture exactly as we liked."

-John P.

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 07/21/2022

Transformation Thursday! If you don't love the concrete around your pool deck, we can change that! This stamped overlay brought this backyard up to date with a modern design and color scheme.

Ready to make your backyard look like an after photo?

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 07/19/2022

We just completed this custom design for an apartment complex in Virginia!

This coating is decorative and durable so residents can enjoy this outdoor space for many years to come. SunCoat makes maintenance easy as it provides protection against weather, salts, and environmental pollutants.

We have worked with countless commercial properties to install durable and beautiful coatings. Learn more about our process


How long does a resurfacing project take?

Anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks depending on the size of the job. Other factors to consider include condition of the concrete, weather, systems chosen, and if any unforeseen issues come up during the process. To get a better estimate, a salesperson will come out to your project to evaluate the concrete and discuss resurfacing options. Contact us now to get started on your project!

Photos from Sundek of Washington's post 07/12/2022

A gorgeous Tuscan pool deck with a blend of three of our grays. This overlay elevated the previously mismatched concrete in this backyard. It's not often that Tuscan is chosen for a pool deck, but it's an overlay that shouldn't be overlooked as an option when resurfacing your concrete.

Learn more about this versatile overlay

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A crew “knocking down” the acrylic spray texture overlay, Classic Texture. It’s very popular for patios, pool decks, and...
We installed SunSplash on all the floors in this bathhouse. This is a spray textured coating that can be applied to hori...
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