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We specialize in full service outsourced accounting services. We are a cloud based service that req


Sometime this week, I expect the governor of Virginia to order people to stay home. We are well-equipped to function nearly normally from our homes.

However, if you plan on dropping off your tax documents or meeting with us, please drop off your documents by Wednesday, March 18th. That way we can get them scanned and into our system. Getting your hard copy documents is something we cannot do from our homes.

As always, feel free to upload your documents to the client center. We can still process tax returns normally from your uploaded files.

We have not heard anything from the IRS yet about an extended tax deadline. Hopefully, we will know today. But I am surprised that we don't know already.

The Tax Lady

Photos from Stitely & Karstetter, CPA's post 02/13/2020

Photos from Stitely & Karstetter, CPA's post


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Do you know your company’s accounts receivable turnover? Accounts receivable turnover is the average time your customers take to pay you. Calculate it by dividing your annual sales by your average accounts receivable. Then divide 365 days by the quotient.

Is your accounts receivable turnover good or bad for your industry? If you had www.TotalAccountingCare.com, you would know.


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What is your company’s current ratio? Calculate your current ratio by dividing your current assets by current liabilities. Current assets are items like cash, bank accounts, accounts receivable, and inventory that will turn into cash for your business over the near term. Current liabilities are items like accounts payable, payroll liabilities, and lines of credit that must be paid within the next year.

What is a good current ratio for your company? If you had www.TotalAccountingCare.com, you would know.

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The End of Bookkeeping 09/11/2015

The End of Bookkeeping

The End of Bookkeeping


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Do you know your company’s breakeven point? Your breakeven point is the amount of sales you need to cover your overhead expenses. Sales above that point result in profits.

Calculate your breakeven by dividing your total overhead expenses by your gross profit %. Your gross profit % is the profit you make on each sale after subtracting the expenses to produce your product. Divide the gross profit by sales and you have your gross profit %.

Is your gross profit % good or bad compared to your industry? If you had www.TotalAccountingCare.com, you would know.

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Definition of the day - Intaxication: The euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.


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