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We were so pleased with Ameritec for repairs to our roof.

Another company who put in a new, insurance covered, roof for a friend also checked our roof, made a very professional looking estimate complete with pictures and itemized costs to repair the same issues---but their estimate was 36X what Ameritec charged! BEWARE!

We're committed to providing quality heating, air conditioning and refrigeration installation, maint

Quality HVAC work, Affordable prices! 24/7 Emergency Service (703) 880-4827

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🤩 Relocation of boiler, and newly installed outdoor AC and matching Rheem Indoor furnace!
We also do duct cleanings!
📞Call 703-880-4827 to get a FREE QUOTE today!📞


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😎Happy Friday!🤩

⚙For this Residential Replacement job, Ameritec began with removing and dismantling the retro outdoor Carrier unit.

⚙Then we proceeded to install this new Carrier Heat Pump. Afterwards, we started to disconnect and remove the old indoor air handler also Carrier.

⚙Installation complete! Nothing is impossible for Ameritec, we left this residential installation spotless and another client satisfied!

⚙Please trust Ameritec to remove and install your entire system today!
Call us now at 703-880-4827, we provide free estimates!

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🔧Kena Commercial Job😎
⚙Ameritec Services completed this project in one week.
⚙Light commercial projects may take longer, but trust us to do an impeccable job.
⚙Crane services helped haul the brand new 10 ton rooftop units onto the commercial building.
⚙First the four new Trane rooftop units were delivered.
⚙Our techs lowered them to the ground.
⚙Ivan II is seen with the brand new Trane units here.
⚙We disconnected the old duct work and the four old Rheem rooftop units. We dismantled and recycled all the old parts.
⚙After that we connected new duct work to the new units. Reconnected gas and line voltages.

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 07/19/2022

🤩Happy Tuesday!🤩
⚙Call us to do maintenance or diagnose your system today!
(703) 880-4827
We provide FREE quotes for complete system replacements!

⚙Ivan Sr. is seen securing a brand new induce draft motor after diagnosing that the prior one was faulty. The client was elated she doesn't have to buy a new system just yet.

⚙By replacing this essential part, we are trying to make the system last as long as possible. This particular client has been with Ameritec for decades now.

⚙We installed this system about 12 years ago and still works great! With regular maintenance, you can be sure to prolong your system's life as well.

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🤩Happy Friday😎
🔧New HVAC System Installation🔧
⚙Ameritec's team removed an old air handler from a cramped attic closet and replaced it with a new 2-Ton Carrier air handler.

⚙We removed an old outdoor unit and replaced it with a new 2-ton, 16 Seer Carrier condensing unit.

⚙Ivan Sr. is seen here closing the new unit, in a small attic closet. Also, Ivan Sr. was checking the old outdoor system's refrigerant to diagnose it properly.

⚙Loyal clients trust Ameritec's team to do an outstanding job! Finished this install in one day. Client was satisfied!

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 07/15/2022

😟Condenser Coil Challenge🔧

⚙Ameritec needed to clean this outdoor unit because the condenser coil was extremely dirty.

⚙Note: If your unit's this dirty or close it is damaging your system and must be cleaned as soon as possible to prolong your unit's life.

⚙Alan the tech assistant is seen here using nitrogen to remove debris.
Meticulously, using a soft paint brush to remove larger pieces of debris.

⚙Ameritec chose not to use acid condenser coil cleaner and water pressure, to prevent staining or splashing acid onto themselves and the siding as well as the patio.

📞Call 703-880-4827 to schedule a cleaning or inspection today!📞

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😟Tricky System Replacement🔧

⚙Our most recent complete system replacement was tricky, but nothing is impossible for Ameritec's team.

⚙This client's residence did not have an access panel for servicing the HVAC system.

⚙So, we cut out an access space and proceeded to place the new 2-ton Carrier air handler with matching TXV inside.

⚙It was tricky due to the tiny space, but Ivan Sr, Ivan II and the Ameritec Team were able to connect everything smoothly.

⚙Ivan Sr is seen installing the matching Carrier Heat Pump 14 seer, 2 ton and new disconnect box.

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 07/02/2022

📞Call 703-880-4827 to schedule a hot water heater inspection or replacement quote!📞

⚙Ivan Sr is using a propress to install new copper fittings and expansion tank for the client's new natural gas hot water heater.

⚙Ivan Sr and his assistant technician were able to conveniently suspend the hot water heater because the drain line was positioned underneath.

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 06/30/2022

😎Happy Friday Jr! We are almost there....😎

⚙⚙⚙LG Art Cool Gallery Mini Splits⚙⚙⚙

⚙Here we perforated a hole through the brick wall of a business and directed pvc and new lines from inside to the new LG outdoor unit.

⚙This client needed two LG Art Cool Gallery indoor units with matching outdoor system.

⚙They already had an older version of the indoor mini split and matching outdoor, so we only needed to perforate for the second mini split.

⚙We installed a brand new outdoor unit then connected the refrigerant lines to the first indoor mini split.

⚙We buried the second lines and new connections so they were not visible. We also installed a new disconnect box.

⚙The LG Art Cool Gallery mini split paintings can be changed out.

⚙This place of business was thrilled it only took two days to complete everything.

⚙Now they have "cool" meetings with an extra touch!

⚙Please call 703-880-4827 to inquire about these beautiful strong systems!

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🤩Happy Monday🤩,
⚙Interested in a complete system replacement? We offer FREE QUOTES!⚙
📞Call us today, 703-880-4827

🔧Residential Mini-Split Install🔧

⚙For this installation Ameritec designed and directed new lines to connect all 4 indoor mini-split systems to one large outdoor LG unit.

⚙This was an incredible task considering the building is about a century old.

⚙No job is too difficult for Ivan Sr and his assistant technicians.

⚙What was estimated to take a week to do we conquered in about 3-4 full work days.

⚙We installed indoor LG mini-splits in the client's kitchen, living area, bedroom, and master bedroom.

⚙We drilled through tough brick walls to send the new lines through and skillfully organized them to the outdoor unit.

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 06/25/2022

🤩Residential AC Replacement🤩

⚙Your AC system needs regular maintenance to keep it running and to prevent future problems.

📞Call us for a Summer Inspection 703-880-4827📞

⚙Trust Ameritec to diagnose any issues with 100% honesty, clarification, and affordable recommendations.

⚙Our expert technicians ensure quality inspections for your AC system!

⚙Ameritec also offers free quotes for entire system replacements!


🌞Happy Summer Solstice🌞

Trying to stay cool this Summer?

📞Call us, 703-880-4827📞

⚙Ivan II and Ivan Sr are ready to tackle any AC issues your home or business may be experiencing.

⚙We strive to provide peace of mind!

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 06/20/2022

🌞Cool off this Summer with Mini Splits!🌞

🔧Ameritec's team installed a wall-mounted mini-split dual inverter by LG. The indoor and matching outdoor set is shown as well.

⚙They provide high reliability and comfort.

⚙Latest technological innovations ensure overall system reliability as well as convenient benefits such as quick, stable cooling & heating and a wider operation range than conventional air conditioning systems.

⚙This was an all day project and the client's dog was the sweetest with our crew.

⚙The client was also happy to know that this system is app compatible. Meaning he could control the system through ThinQ app and have peace of mind while away this summer!

📞Call us at 703-880-4827 for a quote today!

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 03/29/2022

😎 Happy Monday!😎

⚙ At the following job, we installed an entire system replacement for indoor and outdoor. As well as new matching thermostats for the upper and lower level.

⚙The lower level install is pictured here. A newly installed Aprilaire humidifier, furnace, and emergency wet switch.

⚙ The last photo shows the two brand new outdoor Carrier units and matching disconnect boxes.

⚙ We also cleaned the grills at the home after conducting a thorough duct cleaning followed by spraying a disinfectant so the ducts are extra cleaned.

⚙ If you need an entire system replacement please give us a call at 703-880-4827!

⚙ Our team would love to leave your home with a brand new system of your choosing!

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😎 Happy Wednesday Everyone!🤩
🔧 Is your Local Business having HVAC Issues?🔧

⚙ Ameritec Services is ready to help your local business with any HVAC issue.

⚙ At Bia Kitchen, located in Purcellville, Virginia- Owner Shane needed Ameritec Services diagnosis on their essential equipment: walk-in coolers!

⚙ Ivan Sr, Owner of Ameritec, happily checked the walk-in coolers and fixed the issue at its source. Also added some refrigerant and the systems were back and running as good as new!

⚙ Count on Ivan Sr and Ameritec Services to make sure your business or home is taken care of!

⚙ Ivan Sr is not one to give up, troubleshooting then triple checking system operations is second nature!!!

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 03/12/2022

🤩 Happy Friday!

🔧 Master Technician and Ameritec Owner Ivan here!

⚙ For this job, the customer had a lot of issues with their floor drain, which was under old hot water heater. With the new installation the floor drain is accessible for any emergency clean up.

⚙ If you need more access in your maintenance closet or basement/attic, give us a call: 7038804827

⚙ We will happily offer options to make sure you are satisfied!

⚙ At Ameritec Services we love to go above and beyond for you!

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🤩 Ameritec hopes all women had a wonderful international women's day yesterday.🤩

⚙ In support of women working in the field, Sabrina the tech assistant is pictured here.

⚙ Sabrina believes women can do anything a man can, and that includes field work.

⚙ She is seen recovering refrigerant, before removing both units and installing two new Carrier units.

⚙ Sabrina is not always serious all the time, she as well loves to make others laugh and put a smile on customer's faces.

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 03/07/2022

🤩 Happy Monday!!!🤩

⚙ We offer free estimates for system replacements!⚙

📞 Call 7038804827 Today!!!📞

🔧 Entire System Replacement-
At Ameritec, we ensure quality installations for your home or place of business.
🔧 We handle all jobs with the utmost care and precision.
🔧Always double checking the systems are operating smoothly.



⚙Duct Cleaning⚙

😟 Do you have ? Need ?

😎 Look no further, at Ameritec we take care about your duct cleaning needs.

🤩 Want clean air now?
Book an appointment today!

As you can see, duct cleaning is necessary in every home or place of business to maintain clean air quality and peace of mind!

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 02/11/2022

😁 Happy Friday!! 😁

⚙We installed a ceiling cassette for the indoor unit and for the outdoor unit a mini split cassette type-heat pump.

⚙We handle all installations with care and take our time.

⚙Notice how the sun was gone when we finished yesterday's installation.

📞Trust Ameritec, get your system installed by us!

⚙Techs Pictured: Adrian and Ivan II


Photos from Ameritec Services's post 02/07/2022

Happy Monday!!!😁
We install Commercial Rooftop Units!!!

⚙Rooftop Systems
⚙Commercial Service and Installation

We use crane services and other methods of ensuring a safe and sound installation!

You can always trust us to handle your business with the utmost care.

We offer Service Agreement Contracts with your newly installed Commercial Rooftop Systems.

Why get a Service Agreement?

A service agreement can add years to the life of your equipment and is vital to maintaining optimal function.

To ensure uninterrupted service, it is recommended industry wide that most units be serviced every six months.

That is why Ameritec Services' agreements include 2 seasonal inspections, as well as a *Free Diagnosis* for any repairs.

Customers with services agreements also receive priority service.

Photos from Ameritec Services's post 02/04/2022

📞Call for a diagnostic or
-Click to see how clean this dryer vent should be!🤩

This one in particular is an example of an extremely clogged dryer vent. Which if not taken care of, results in dryer vent FAILURE. Replacements are more costly than cleanings! ⚙️


Photos from Ameritec Services's post 02/03/2022

No Heating? Heating Issue? Loud Furnace Noise?

Book an appointment with us today, we recommend the following services this winter!!! We offer financing and offers on our website!

Check your air filters, they may be damaging your system if it looks as dirty as the one attached below.

Furnace Inspection:
Avoid any problems with your furnace this winter by scheduling a Furnace Inspection, we highly recommend it!

Furnace Maintenance:
Please don't let your HVAC equipment run with a dirty filter!
Checking temperature with infrared sensor.

Furnace Repair:
Affordable furnace repairs, we thoroughly check your system before recommending to replace parts.


Duct Cleaning Process

At Ameritec, we offer duct cleaning services to ensure the optimal air quality in your home or place of business. Please give us a call today, (703)-880-4827 to receive a quote or book an appointment!

Ameritec Services · $100 OFF Any Complete System Replacement — Nextdoor 05/28/2021

Ameritec Services · $100 OFF Any Complete System Replacement — Nextdoor

HVAC System Replacement Needed?

Ameritec Services · $100 OFF Any Complete System Replacement — Nextdoor Find Local Deals on Nextdoor, the neighborhood hub.

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Join me on Nextdoor, an app for neighborhoods where you can get local tips, buy and sell items, and more

Need an AC repair? Get $25 off with us on a completed repair!
Need a complete system replacement? We offer FREE estimates!
Also for a limited time only, $100 OFF if you replace your entire system with us!


At Ameritec Services we got you covered, please call our office: (703)-880-4827 and make an appointment today!

Also please check our page on NextDoor and leave a review if you would like!

Join me on Nextdoor, an app for neighborhoods where you can get local tips, buy and sell items, and more Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services.



At Ameritec we keep an inventory of AMANA equipment for all of your HVAC needs!

~CALL US NOW: (703) 868-2674~

At Ameritec Services we carry residential Amana HVAC products.

-Offer 24-Hour Services
-Free Estimates to Replace Systems
-Warranty upon registration on select products
-Quality Installations by knowledgeable Technicians
-Energy-efficient Equipment
-Local Family-owned Business
-Proudly serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland


Do you want better control of the temperature in an individual room or space? Look no further, with mini splits you are guaranteed quality air comfort. Give us a call to get an estimate/install mini splits for you Today!

¿Quieres mejor control de la temperatura en una habitación o espacio individual? No busques más, con mini splits tu calidad de aire esta garantizada. ¡Llámenos para obtener un presupuesto/instalar mini splits para usted hoy!


HVAC Emergency? No worries, call Ameritec Services, we are here to serve you.
*Here is a look at this past weekend's emergency Horizontal discharge AC installation*

¿Necesita servicio de una sistema de HVAC urgente? No se preocupe, llámenos ahora.
Instalamos este aire acondicionado de descarga horizontal durante el fin de semana.


Air Handler installation in an Attic


🛠Here’s a look at a recent residential installation 🛠 Call us at (703)880-4827 to get an ⚙️ Estimaste Today! ⚙️ •

@ Chantilly, Virginia


⭕️ Spring Special $95.00 ⭕️Call us now to schedule: 703-880-4827⭕️


Duct Cleaning- with Ameritec Services!

Be sure to take care of any necessary duct cleaning this coming spring season with Ameritec Services!


This is Ivan Sr. proud owner and founder of Ameritec Services.


We service commercial and residential calls. This is a peak at one of our many commercial projects.


As shown we install tankless hot water heaters.


Condensing coil cleaning procedure.


We can add zoning controls to save energy usage and maximize comfort in houses where some areas have a large temperature difference.


Ameritec Services's cover photo


Ameritec Services

Our Story

A Local Expert Committed to Excellence

About Us

Ameritec Services is a family owned and operated company established in 1998. Since then, we have been dedicated to the air comfort of your home, family, and community. We pride ourselves on maintaining our father-son small business feel. At Ameritec Services it is our mission to provide exceptional heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, maintenance, repairs and installation services. Our mission to our clients is that they receive outstanding customer service and incomparable quality and price.

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Duct Cleaning Process
Duct Cleaning- with Ameritec Services!
what ya doing? oh nada fixing AC's



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