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Liberty Tax Service is your local income tax preparation franchise, offering quality tax preparation at an affordable price and always with a smile! 07/30/2016

Where's My Tax Refund: Why It May Be Late In 2017

It is now against the law for tax refunds to be issued before February 15th. What do you think about this new law passed by Congress? In December of 2015, Congress passed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015. This small document, numbered 233 pages in length, includes the following: Over 100 Separate Provisions $622 Billion Tax Breaks Permanent Research Tax Credit Permanent Section 179 Depreciation Deduction ... 04/15/2016

The Ultimate List of Tax Day Freebies for 2016

Take advantage of these Tax Day freebies and deals on April 18! Tax Day is the last day to timely file your 2015 income tax return. It's also a day where businesses offer special freebies and deals to celebrate! 04/14/2016

How Many Allowances to Claim on Form W-4

"Generally, the more allowances you claim, the less tax will be withheld from each paycheck. The fewer allowances claimed, the larger withholding amount, which may result in a refund." The most important aspect of the W-4 is knowing how many allowances you should claim. Here are the allowances you can claim and how each one affects your taxes. 04/06/2016

The Ultimate Breakdown - 1095 Tax Forms

What do Forms 1095 A, B, and C have in common? Health care coverage! Many people are receiving one or more additional tax forms related to health care coverage. It is critical that you know what each form means so you can avoid a penalty. 03/30/2016

Making Adjustments to Your W-4

Did you fill out your W-4 when you started your job, but haven't reviewed it again? If you had a baby, got married, or earned a raise recently, it may be time to adjust. We'll walk you through some scenarios where adjusting your W-4 might be necessary. 03/24/2016

A Young Grasshopper's Guide To Filing Taxes For The First Time

Nervous about filing taxes for the first time? Don't be! Everyone's got to start some time, and lucky for you we're here to guide you toward your biggest refund or a lower tax bill. 03/16/2016

Tax Deductions vs. Tax Credits

Tax deductions and credits help you save money, but they do so in different ways. Here’s what you need to know when you file. You don't have to choose one or the other. In fact, you can take as many as possible for your tax situation. 03/08/2016

Share Your Fanatical Story for a Chance to Win $1,000

Tax season means new fanatical stories. Don't forget to share yours for a chance to win $1,000! #BelongAtLiberty Whether you're a Liberty Tax employee, received noteworthy customer service, or simply had a memorable encounter with a waver, share your story and $1,000 could be yours! 02/23/2016

The Ultimate Breakdown of Form 1099-MISC

Are you self-employed? If you performed work that earned you $600 or more last year, you should receive a 1099-MISC form. This form is used to report all types of income other than salaries, wages and tips, and you'll need to report this when you file. 02/17/2016

W-4 vs. W-2 - What's the Difference?

If you're an employer or employee, here's what you should know about Forms W-4 and W-2. If you have any questions about either form, contact your nearest Liberty Tax and we’re happy to break things down for you. 02/10/2016

Missing Your W-2? Here's What To Do

What should you do if you didn't receive your W-2? To file your income tax return this year, you must have all necessary documents, including your W-2. 02/04/2016

What's the Difference? W-2 vs 1099-MISC

#TaxTip If you're an employee, independent contractor or self-employed, you should know the differences between the W-2 and 1099-MISC. With so many numbered and lettered tax forms, knowing the difference can be tricky. Our “What’s the Difference” series will shed some light the use of each. 01/29/2016

Top 5 Tax Questions | Liberty Tax Service

Tax season is underway! Here are the answers to your top five tax questions about your 2015 return. Here are quick answers to the five top questions you may have about your taxes. 01/25/2016

Why You Should File Your Taxes Early

Filing your taxes early has its perks. Here are the top five! Here are a few benefits that come with filing sooner rather than later. 12/22/2015

Should I Accept ACA Tax Credits Now or Later?

If you're covered through the ACA Marketplace, you have access to the Premium Tax Credit to help pay medical bills. Under Obamacare, millions of Americans have access to financial assistance to help pay health insurance bills through the Premium Tax Credit. 11/18/2015

Advice for First-Time Homebuyers

#TaxFact If you bought your first home this year, you may be eligible for tax breaks on mortgage interest, real estate taxes and home improvements. Buying a home might be the largest purchase you ever make, so it's important to understand what to expect. 11/12/2015

Young Adult's Guide to ACA

Under 26? You can stay on your parents' health insurance plan. Over 26? You’ll need to have your own qualifying health plan or you may face a fee on your tax return. There's a lot of information out there regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but what does the ACA really mean for younger Americans? Historically, young adults have been the highest uninsured age group, accounting for 30% of Americans without health insurance.* The ACA has decreased that number by offering affordable health coverage. 10/16/2015

If You're Making Money on Etsy, You Should Read This

#TaxTriviaThursday Etsy sellers - Do you need to pay income taxes on your sales? Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website for people around the world to make, sell and purchase unique, handcrafted goods. Etsy sellers, or Etsy-preneurs, value their business independence. However, this freedom comes with responsibility, like keeping up with your own taxes. 10/13/2015

Executive Perspectives :: Chuck Lovelace, Liberty Tax Service - C-Suite TV

The ACA is still a mystery to many, so our very own Chuck Lovelace gives a breakdown of what it truly means for you, on C-Suite TV. After the signing of President Obama's signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, Chuck Lovelace was appointed Vice-President of Affordable Care to help consumers understand the new legislation and what the changes in the tax laws meant for them. 08/11/2015

5 Smart Ways to Deter Identity Theft

There's no guaranteed way to stop identity theft, but here's five smart, easy ways to deter it. You've heard the expression, "Locks were made to keep honest people honest." The same may be said for identity theft protection. Related: IRS Hack Affects More Than 100,000 Taxpayers You can do everything within your power to keep your information private, but hackers and criminals intent on stealing and using your identity are also intent on finding a way to make it happen. 08/11/2015

Surprising Medical Expense Deductions | Liberty Tax

We hope you're having a healthy, happy 2015! But if you have been to the doctor, it's time to check your medical expenses. Here's what you need to know about the tax deduction: Summertime is here, have you taken a look at your medical expenses recently? You should. Taxpayers under 65 with itemized deductions can deduct medical expenses that exceed 10 percent of their adjusted gross income (AGI) for the year. For those 65 and older, the mark is 7.5 percent of AGI.


Cleveland Rocks! And So Does Shannon!

"I want my kids to know they can do anything they want to" Shannon's story is one of perseverance, an inspiration to us all! #BelongAtLiberty

Lady Liberty's journey to Tax Day 2015 and the Statue of Liberty National Monument has landed her in Cleveland this week, #TuneInWednesday to find our where she ends up next... 03/20/2015

The tax filing deadline cometh

The 1st day of Spring is here! You know what that means, April 15th is just around the corner! Have you filed yet? You've still got time to get your taxes done before the April 15 tax filing deadline, but if you're a procrastinator, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself. Do I need more time to file my federal tax return? If you answered, "yes," you can get an IRS extension.


Katrina #BelongsAtLiberty

Such an amazing story, from tax preparer to marketer to office manager to owning her very own franchise! Katrina and her family #BelongAtLibery

#TuneInWednesday and find out where Lady Liberty's trek will take her next!

On her trek towards Tax Day 2015 Lady Liberty met Katrina this week in Colorado Springs. 03/12/2015

Breakdown Form 1095-A

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Regardless of your income, if you received tax credits to help pay your health insurance premiums, you will have to file a tax return by the April 15 filing deadline. If you bought health insurance in the Marketplace for 2014, you should have received Form 1095-A in the mail in February.


Lady Liberty Meets the Sparks' of Santa Clarita CA

This week Lady Liberty found that The Sparks' #BelongAtLiberty!

Where will her trek towards Tax Day 2015 take her next? #TuneInWednesday

A family in need, in the midst of a dire IRS issue found that they #BelongAtLiberty because of the kindness and help of franchisee Rita Khanya! 03/06/2015

True Pride and Accomplishment in Myself

#FanFriday "For the first time, I'd felt true pride & accomplishment, in myself. I took this confidence on to other jobs" - Michael Chenoweth #NowThatsFanatical I'm writing all this before I start my shift at 1pm, & I've gained even more skills from working here as well. I feel it when people honk at me, or give me a thumbs up that for once I'm actually good at something. Even though it's temporary, this job is the highlight of my year, & is a strong contribution on have almost 4 years clean from drugs. 02/27/2015

Miracles Happen

#FanFriday "Here is my story: Miracles Happen today, as well as it was in the beginning" #NowThatsFanatical Posted By: Del Rinehart
I am a retired Civil Servant and Vietnam veteran. I am the father of two and grandpa of five. I spend my hours now working on my pond, volunteering for many church activities, being grandpa and working at Liberty.



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