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Black Hawk Investigations, LLC strives to provide the highest quality criminal and civil investigative support, protective services, data research, and information services which may be lawfully provided to our clients, and the investigative community.

Black Hawk Investigations, LLC is a specialized private investigations agency based in Chantilly, VA. We serve primarily
Northern Virginia and Central Maryland. We are convenienty located just 30 minutes from our nations capital. The firm was founded by John Lake, a retired federsl law enforcement officer/manager with over 25 year of law enforcement, investigative, and excutive protection experience. We are able to serve our clients in civil and fraud investigations, information collection,locating peresons, surveillance and electronic countermeatures,social network investigation and family law cases, All investigative operations are conducted discreeetly by licensed highly trained and experienced investigators and staff. We also have and executive protection and security group for for corporate, private and commercial security protection matters.

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[09/28/15]   How to combat Identity Thief 05/25/2014

Why marrying for love should never mean death A Sudanese court sentenced a pregnant 27 year old woman, called Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, to death this week. Her crime was she fell in love and married a Christian man and affirmed her faith in Christianity. 05/25/2014

Facebook identifies shooter in California rampage Facebook's Newswire service posted a photo Saturday of a black BMW with the same license plate as a car photographed at a deadly California shooting rampage.


Kidnap victim found after 10 years

Police have located a 25-year-old woman nearly a decade after her mother reported her missing. 05/22/2014

Adult Bullying: Harassment By People You Respect Bullying doesn't come to a standstill after graduating from the playground, and giving grown-ups a pass on aggressive behavior only sets a bad example for our children still on the playground. 05/21/2014

Yik Yak disabled in Chicago as principals worry In the years since learning that her daughter had been bullied on the Internet, Sandy Reeves has made a point of following social media trends and tracking new apps where teens can hurl insults at... 05/10/2014

Gun checks miss millions of fugitives Millions of fugitives can pass undetected through federal background checks and buy guns illegally because police departments across the country routinely fail to put their names into a national database. 05/09/2014

Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Institute now open in Miami - Business - As the medical marijuana industry heats up, the Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Institute, a medical marijuana training and business institute, has opened in Miami. 05/09/2014

Supreme Court upholds Michigan’s ban on affirmative action "The decision by Michigan voters reflects the ongoing national dialogue about such practices," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote. 05/09/2014

FBI arrests Indiana man for threatening Boehner over unemployment insurance Brandon James Thompson left threatening message and voice mails, according to the FBI. 05/09/2014

FBI arrests Indiana man for threatening Boehner over unemployment insurance Brandon James Thompson left threatening message and voice mails, according to the FBI.

[04/29/14]   Federal officials advised that people should avoid using Internet Explorer browser versions six to 11 until Microsoft has successfully patched the glitch.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness team said the vulnerability "could lead to the compromise of an affected system."

The latest flaw works by tricking users into visiting a malicious website that then quietly installs malware, turning control of the system over to hackers, according to the Microsoft security advisory

Internet Explorer is the top browser, accounting for nearly 58 percent of users last month, according to NetMarketShare.

Mozilla's Fire Fox and Google Chrome round out the other most popular browsers.

People using the 12-year-old Windows XP operating system are especially vulnerable since Microsoft announced earlier this month it would no long provide technical assistance and automatic updates to protect users' PCs.” 04/29/2014

Internet Explorer Glitch Leaves Computers Vulnerable An internet explorer bug that allows hackers to take control of unsuspecting users' computers has prompted Microsoft and the Department of Homeland Security to issue warnings. 04/26/2014

Supreme Court limits damages to victims of child porn; case involved childhood rape shown on... The court threw out a $3.4 million award to a woman whose childhood rape has been widely seen on the Internet.

[04/22/14]   Drivers Licenses are a primary form of identification. Clear and accurate identification reduce identity fraud, provide clear information to police and other institutions and at helpful in medical emergencies. 04/22/2014

Starting next month, all D.C. licenses will need to be replaced. Yes, all of them. Starting May 1, the District will start issuing REAL ID licenses that conform to stringent federal regulations.

[04/19/14]   After Target's security breach in November & December 2013, fraud industry experts saw stolen data flood online card-selling markets to the tune of a "10- to 20-fold increase" in high-value cards. Batches of up to 1 million cards were selling for anywhere from $20 to as high as $100 per card, according to Brian Krebs, the security blogger. Your personal data translates to money on the open market. Retailers cannot protect it. You have too. 04/19/2014

Michaels says 3 million customers hit by data breach, lists Washington-area stores Retailer posts list of stores affected by breach, including several in the Washington area. 03/14/2014

Alexandria Background Investigations, Springfield Executive, VIP Protection, Herndon VA
Black Hawk Investigation, LLC is a specialized investigative agency based in Chantilly, VA. We serve the Northern Virginia area and Maryland and are conveniently located within minutes of our nation’s capital, Washington, D. C. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Blackhawk Investigations provides investigative support, including background investigations, and security, including executive and VIP protection, locating persons. Serving Springfield, Herndon, Charlottesville, VA. 02/14/2014

Alexandria Background Investigations, Springfield Executive, VIP Protection, Herndon VA

Dated: 2.13.2014

Subject: Dating Behavior

In most social settings on and off- line many people think with emotionally and not critically. They want to believe what they hear and often have great conversations. When a person finds someone they are interested in they want to believe they have found an honest and caring heart. We enjoy the idea of the chance meeting. But dating sites are different from your co-workers Halloween or birthday party. Dating sites allow for the parties to create an immediate on-line personality from a distance. Which may give those involved a false sense trust on who the on-line party really is. The same is also true in any face to face social setting, but at least there are some non-verbal cues; such as, body language and physical expressions which help to support and reinforce a person’s verbal statements.

In spring 2014 Black Hawk Investigations, LLC Chantilly, VA will offer free printable page of free public websites/sources that may assist you in avoid or identify false statements in what your casual or intimate partner tells you. In fact, maybe you should check out a few things before bringing them home. Other topics like signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction, finding marriage or divorce. Does he own a home? Does he have a job? Is there a criminal record? Things that you may want to know about their truthfulness and honestly.

John Lake, Owner/Partner
Black Hawk Investigations, LLC
Chantilly, VA Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Blackhawk Investigations provides investigative support, including background investigations, and security, including executive and VIP protection, locating persons. Serving Springfield, Herndon, Charlottesville, VA. 02/10/2014

Is unhappiness killing you?

Will you allow unhappiness to shorten your life? Do you know someone who did?

( The surprising connection between your mind-set and the health of your heart 02/08/2014

Alexandria Background Investigations, Springfield Executive, VIP Protection, Herndon VA Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Blackhawk Investigations provides investigative support, including background investigations, and security, including executive and VIP protection, locating persons. Serving Springfield, Herndon, Charlottesville, VA. 02/08/2014

Fairfax, VA Private Investigator | Private Investigator 20151 | Black Hawk Investigations, LLC Call Black Hawk Investigations, LLC in Fairfax, VA at 888-895-1169 now for Private Investigator services you can rely on!

[02/07/14]   2.06.2014

Title: How Safe Are We At The Mall?

Preventing the horrific incident of Mall Shootings has plagued the nation for the past decade. Unfortunately, the shooting on January 25, 2014 at the Mall in Columbia, MD that left three dead and other injured is the latest of many violent and deadly acts at shopping centers in the United States. This timeline of shootings in America points out 10 tragic Mall shooting in the United States between 2005 – 2014. But what has really been done to increase the security and safety of the public in these privately owned corporate spaces?

What are the corporations that own these malls and local communities doing to make the shopping venues safer? More to come in future reports. Your comments are welcomed.

January 25, 2014 - Darion Marcus Aguilar,19, kills three and wounded five at the Mall in Columbia, MD. Aguilar also took his own life.

April 13, 2013 – Wounding two women in shooting at New River Valley Mall, Christiansburg, VA.Shooter Neil Allan Macinnis, 18, charges with use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

December 21, 2013- Dustin Friedland, Attorney, 30, gunned down in deadly carjacking in upper level of parking deck at the Mall at Short Hills, New Jersey. Four men were arrested and held in connection with the killing.

December 11, 2012- Two people were killed and one wounded at the Clackamas Town Center. Shooter Jacob Roberts, 22, took his own life during the mall shooting.

October 21, 2012 - Radcliffe Haughton, 45, killed three people and wounded four at a spa in the Brookfield Square Mall complex in Wisconsin.

November 12, 2011 - James Coleman, 22, killed two people at the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland. Coleman was later shot and killed by police officers at his home. The mall shooter also wounded a police officer.

November 26, 2008 - Barry Lee Saunders Jr., 21, killed one person at the Westfield South Center Mall in Tukwila, Washington. Saunders was captured in Portland four days later.

December 5, 2007 - Robert Hawkins, 19, killed eight people before taking his own life at the Westroads Mall. Five more shoppers at the Omaha mall were wounded during the mass shooting.

April 29, 2007 - David Logsdon, 51, killed two shoppers and wounded a law enforcement officer before being shot and killed by the police at the Ward Parkway Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

February 12, 2007 - Five people were murdered and four killed at the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City. Sulejman Talovic, 18, was ultimately shot and killed by police officers.

November 20, 2005 - Dominick Maldonado, 20, wounded seven people at the Tacoma Mall. Maldonado also took four hostages at the Washington shopping center before he later surrendered.
Source of 2005-2012 timeline. ( 02/07/2014

Shooting at Columbia, Md., mall leaves 3 dead Police believe the gunman killed himself and two employees of Zumiez but are still searching for a motive.

Untitled Album 02/05/2014

Untitled Album 10/21/2013

Steps to help find missing person when cops strike out

What can I do if a family member, friends, or loved one goes missing? The following article gives a few tips on how you can be proactive. Three women were found in Ariel Castro's house after nearly a decade missing. We ask experts how to find a missing person when police can't or won't. 10/21/2013

Thefts from nursing home trust funds target the elderly

Nursing homes are supposed to look after your loved ones, but what if these institutions see their residents as financial opportunities? Thousands of residents in nursing homes and other long-term care institutions have had their savings stolen or mismanaged after trusting the facilities to safeguard their money, a USA TODAY investigation shows. 10/21/2013

Adrian Peterson's son, 2, dies; man charged with abuse

If you are separated from your child's mother/father and they have a new live-in partner you need to do your due diligence on who's watching your child. Joseph Robert Patterson charged in case for alleged abuse.




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