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Patent drawing excellence is gained by EXPERIENCE and NVG-Inc has over 50 years of experience provid Northern Virginia Graphics, Inc. (NVG-Inc) is the premiere legal support, patent drafting and trial graphics design firm for Patent Attorneys, Intellectual Property Law Firms and Inventors.

We are well known for our solid patent drawing services and our strong commitment to customer service. Our experience is unsurpassed with 60+ years of specializing in utility & design patent drawings, trademark illustrations, trial graphics, 3D modeling, product/courtroom animation and litigation support.

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Here's a friendly reminder that NVG-Inc will be participating in the Lawyers Have Heart Run & Fun walk Saturday, June 11th. That means we're only two weeks away! We encourage you to use the donation link below to help support an organization dedicated to keeping hearts healthy.

Someone Already Has The Patent 05/20/2022

Someone Already Has The Patent

A little humor before the weekend!

Someone Already Has The Patent


It's the start of a new month which means it's time to showcase the new banner for May!


In 1871 Andrew Smith Hallidie received a for the basis of the cable car operating system. This invention would be the first major attempt at developing a machine that could replace horses as a mode of transportation. This system involved a continuously moving cable that the car could grip when it needed to stop and release when it started moving. His motivation for creating this system would come after watching horses struggle to drag cars up hilly San Francisco streets.


Sign up for the Federal Circuit Historical Society's Spring 2022 lecture on the politics surrounding the Supreme Court at 2:00 PM EST Tuesday, May 10, 2022, with Speaker Jonathan Kastellec -- See Details Below

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In 1887 Anna Connelly put in a for a fire escape. While this wouldn't be the first fire escape made or patented, it is the one that's influenced the ones we use today. Her idea was to attach small railed metal bridges with openings across the outside of adjacent city buildings for tenants to escape to another rooftop during a fire. The bridge's openings had bells used to warn and inform the tenants on the opposite side to open the door and allow the escaping tenants into the safe building.


With the days getting longer, it's time for some fun summer-themed history. The history of roller skate dates back to the early 1700s when people wanted to continue ice skating during the summer months. The solution was a wooden board with two large wheels attached to either side. It wouldn't be until 1863 that inventor James Plimpton revolutionized the roller skate by placing two parallel sets of wheels that worked on rubber springs to allow skates to maneuver in a curve rather than just straight. Something that the roller skate's predecessors could not accomplish. His invention would be the birth of the modern-day four-wheeled roller skate we see today.


There's nothing better than a good run to raise awareness for heart health. Members of NVG-Inc. will take part in the Lawyers Have Heart Run & Fun walk Saturday, June 11th. Use the donation link below to help support an organization dedicated to keeping hearts healthy!

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GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, was created in 1987. Its purpose was to create a compressed format ideal for displaying color images and saving memory on computers when sending. With the Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorithm, GIF went from displaying images to looped animations that have become popular in today's online world. None of this would be possible without the developer Stephen Wilhite and his team at CompuServe almost 35 years ago.


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Want to know some neat ?

The very first US was issued to Samuel Hopkins in July of 1790 for the process of making potash, an ingredient in fertilizer. While this was the first patent granted, the patent to be labeled number 1 came 9,957 patents later, a traction wheel for steam locomotives by John Ruggles, in 1836 when they implemented the numbering system we use today.

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Spring is around the corner, so why not indulge in rollercoaster trivia?
In 1898 Edwin Prescott patented one of the first looping rollercoasters using an elliptical-shaped track that would be the basis for the modern rollercoasters we see today. Unfortunately, during its lifetime, the coaster made more money selling tickets to see riders frightened on the ride than it sold tickets to ride.

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Here's a fun fact: Elizabeth Magie was the original creator of the concept for the Monopoly game. She created and filed a legal claim for her game named 'The Landlord's Game' in 1903 as a protest piece against the big monopolists of her time. This game held two sets of rules, the anti-capitalist version and monopolist version. Today we only see the monopolist version played.


Could a rotating keyboard be in the future for the digital artist? We certainly hope so! Peep this patent for Google's concept for a new Chromebook.


Being a dog can be *ruff*, but traveling doesn't have to be. Check out Ford's patent version of the 'pet mode' for man's best friend to travel in comfort.

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Here's a fun fact about Abraham Lincoln for President's Day:
He created and patented a flotation system to lift riverboats stuck on sandbars. This invention would never go into manufacturing, but he is the only U.S president to hold a in his name!


Sometimes you NEED a


Here's a SWEET fun fact:
The heart-shaped box of chocolates' original intention was to be a holder for candy and a box to store mementos once that candy was gone. Richard Cadbury, son of founder John Cadbury, created these beautifully designed boxes in 1861. These days we focus more on the chocolate inside like these heart-shaped Dove candies.,556.PN.%2526OS%3DPN/D650,556%2526RS%3DPN/D650,556

Ford Patent Drawings Suggest a Multifunction Tailgate is Coming - The Detroit Bureau 02/09/2022

Ford Patent Drawings Suggest a Multifunction Tailgate is Coming - The Detroit Bureau

With the Superbowl this Sunday, who wouldn't be dreaming of using Ford's version of a multifunctional tailgate for their party? These patent drawings draw us right in!

Ford Patent Drawings Suggest a Multifunction Tailgate is Coming - The Detroit Bureau The push to draw new pickup buyers forces automakers to do some creative things, including the recent push to add functionality to the tailgate. After sitting on the sideline for several years, Ford appears to have its own multifunction tailgate ready. Find out more at


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Just a friendly reminder that Northern Virginia Graphics will be closed on Friday, December 31, 2021 to celebrate the new year. We ask that you schedule your matters and deadlines accordingly.


Making Spirits Bright with Northern Virginia Graphics

Making Spirits Bright!! Happy Holidays from Northern Virginia Graphics. Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and happiest of New Years


We are closing early at 12pm on Friday, December 3rd for our company holiday party.
Schedule your matters & deadlines accordingly.

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Making Spirits Bright with Northern Virginia Graphics
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