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Wine tumbler by Dns designs
A little something for the teachers this week in their favorite colors. Thanks DNS!
Love this beautiful green!
A few more pairs of earrings...feel free to comment on a photo if you want me to set them aside for you!

At DNS Designs we offer masterfully re-finished furniture, custom furniture painting services, and hand-painted hone decor.

Operating as usual

Photos from Dns designs's post 03/20/2022

Melange Aloe Green, Gorgeous new gold tone drawer poles, and a subtle gold herringbone pattern on the drawer fronts totally transformed this dresser!

Photos from Dns designs's post 03/09/2022

This simple coffee table went from French Country to modern and sleek. I sanded, bleached and white-washed the top and changed the base out for more modern black metal legs. It was a simple change, but now it’s a completely different table! But that’s what I love…the furniture we already have contains so many possibilities!

Photos from Dns designs's post 03/08/2022

I just love this set! They are painted in Fathom Blue in an all-in-one paint by Mellange. And I added tapered legs to the dresser and dry-brushed the original hardware in Champagne antiquing gel.

Photos from Dns designs's post 02/24/2022

And I finally finished the dresser to go with the nightstands I recent did in HT Spruce. The twists and turns this one took along the way had my mind spinning. I was going to try using caning but that was a total nightmare….maybe another time!
So I landed on this great design and I love it. Hardly recognizable from the way it started.

Photos from Dns designs's post 02/21/2022

It never ceases to amaze me how paint can completely change the vibe of a piece of furniture! These traditional nightstands have a completely new look with Spruce Heirloom Traditions paint, new legs, hardware and wood accents.

Photos from Dns designs's post 02/11/2022

Sometimes the ugliest pieces become the most gorgeous painted pieces! This dark brown 70’s night stand is the most stunning piece now! Painted in a custom mix of emerald green from Heirloom Traditions paint and the drawers are lined in fun wallpaper.

Photos from Dns designs's post 02/04/2022

I MAY have had to haul this crazy heavy dresser up some seriously tight basement stairs and I MAY have been panting like a Golden Retriever in the dessert, but the way this turned out made it all worth it! 😍

Photos from Dns designs's post 01/31/2022

This before and after was a little different because I took it knowing that it was likely not going to be perfect in the end. But that the client’s damaged table from her relative would be much better for her use in the end. This MCM end table had such gorgeous stain on the middle shelf and great details.

Photos from Dns designs's post 01/21/2022

And another sweet little table done in olive green (Crete). The drawer front was sanded, hardware cleaned, and now it has new life!

Photos from Dns designs's post 01/20/2022

This one is definitely a drab to fab!! This well-loved coffee table was sanded, bleached then white-washed on the top. And the bottom is a gorgeous olive (Crete- one of my faves!). Now it has a completely different style!

Photos from Dns designs's post 12/19/2021

My husband added trim work to our island recently so I decided to change up the color since I was goi g to have to repaint it anyway. I love how it pulls out the green in my granite now! And I switched out the hardware to gold pulls.
It went from grey milk paint to Crete (olive green) Heirloom Traditions paint.

Photos from Dns designs's post 11/17/2021

Here was a quick before and after of a Queen Anne style console table that a friend didn’t want anymore. It has been painted in heirloom traditions Spruce and the hardware was updated and now it has a completely different feel! I even added one of my favorite wallpapers to the sides of the drawers for some interest.

Photos from Dns designs's post 11/12/2021

I finished one for my house this time. We needed some extra pantry space for our giant family. Rather than trying to do some sort of remodel, I found this great curio cabinet at a thrift store, removed the glass panels in the doors and added extra shelving to create an extra pantry for us. I wanted to show you because so many times people have pieces that they don’t want to get rid of but they just don’t love anymore. The great thing about paint is, old pieces can be totally reimagined to something that we love again!

Photos from Dns designs's post 11/05/2021

This gorgeous buffet was painted in off white chalk paint but really needed a re-fresh. The top was sanded and White Washed and the body was painted in a gorgeous mint called London. I also added a beautiful wallpaper to the inlays on the inside of the doors.

Photos from Dns designs's post 10/29/2021

Look at this adorable little table I got to do for my sister-in-law! It was kind of a deep reddish-brown. Now it’s a super light greige called Colosseum by Heirloom Traditions paint.

Photos from Dns designs's post 10/11/2021

A friend reached out because she was moving and needed her basement table to be redone to work better in her new space. Before it was a cherry top with an off-white bottom. Very classic. But it got an update with a weathered wood-like finish on top and gorgeous cathedral gray heirloom traditions paint on the base and apron.

Photos from Dns designs's post 09/23/2021

Just look at the gorgeous lines on this adorable table! It was in rough shape to start but I cleaned up the hardware, sanded and stained the top in dark walnut and painted the body in Heirloom Traditions Spruce. And now… 😍


OK, I’m gonna go a little off topic here for a second so bear with me.
(Also, I am going to need for this to be a NO JUDGEMENT zone 😉)
My second kiddo is upstairs packing for us to take her to NJ tomorrow for college, so naturally I’m cleaning everything in sight…coping by controlling the things I can control! I had heard that the Heirloom Traditions Surface Prep was really good for cleaning grout so I am giving it a try and HOLY COW!! (Again, no judgement please…we have lived here for 15 years AND we have 7 kids and a dog)

Photos from Dns designs's post 08/10/2021

This solid, well-built piece was nice but just needed a little sprucing up. So it got a facelift. I sanded back the top to reveal the character of the wood underneath and then repainted the base in Heirloom Traditions Crete.

Photos from Dns designs's post 07/12/2021

Oh this beautiful little desk! A friend gave it to me because her daughter couldn’t use it anymore and said she hoped I’d have fun with it. I found this stunning, bold wallpaper and used Heirloom Traditions paint in London. I think it’s pretty perfect now 😍

Photos from Dns designs's post 06/23/2021

Just look at this gorgeous updated kitchen island! The clients wanted a change but didn’t want to paint all of their cabinets. So they added some gorgeous shiplap and molding before I painted the island in Heirloom Traditions Corinthian. It’s a beautiful dark grey with chocolate undertones. So beautiful!

Photos from Dns designs's post 06/15/2021

And now for the coordinating desk. Cutest college room is the goal! I sure do love it when friends text me to tell me about free furniture they find on the side of the road!

Photos from Dns designs's post 06/09/2021

My oldest is moving into a house next year and needed a dresser. Got it! FB marketplace for a used dresser and Heirloom Traditions Trinity and we’ve got a “new” dresser for the “new” room!

Photos from Dns designs's post 05/29/2021

Here’s a gorgeous coffee table that was transformed from good to a show-stopper! Super heavy and well built, but it just needed some updating and that’s exactly what it got. The top was sanded and re-stained with Dark Walnut Gel stain and the bottom was painted in Heirloom Traditions Polo and it’s so rich now!


Cleaning old hardware- super easy

Photos from Dns designs's post 04/30/2021

There is something very classic about a navy/wood buffet combination! Here’s a before and after of a sweet little buffet. It was in great shape to start but the client just needed to love it again. She wanted to leave some of the beautiful, rich wood color and bring in some navy. She also wanted the decorative piece on the bottom removed and replaced with a functional shelf. I think it turned out great!


Furniture re-finishing (final)


Furniture re-finishing (part 3)


Furniture re-finishing (part 2)

I buy my Heirloom Traditions paint directly from their website.

They do sell on Amazon too but they almost always have a coupon on their website.
And the stain is from Dixie Belle.


Hi guys. I am going to do something completely out of my comfort zone. Like, completely out of my comfort zone!
I’m going to post some videos of me working on a piece from start to finish. A friend asked me to do it and I thought maybe it would be helpful for any of you who would like to paint your own pieces. Please just be warned- I don’t love the camera; apparently I make a lot of faces when I talk; and I’m not an adorable instagrammer who looks amazing while working. But, if you choose to watch, I hope it’s helpful for you.

Photos from Dns designs's post 04/21/2021

This one was an interesting one. It was a radio in its own cabinet from a friend’s house flip. I painted it in Heirloom traditions Crete. It’s on casters, so when you turn it around it’s a bar cart with shelves and a light, and bold peel and stick wallpaper.

Photos from Dns designs's post 04/19/2021

My husband frequently jokes that you have to keep moving in our house to make sure you don’t get painted 🤣
Today I painted terracotta pots. Cute planters are kind of expensive so I decided to do it myself. ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Dns designs's post 04/16/2021

Stop the car!!!
I found this adorable bar cart on the side of the road and decided it needed a little facelift. It’s painted in a mixture of Heirloom Traditions paints to get a true Navy. And I painted the granite top with tub and tile paint. News casters. And new drawer pulls and we are ready to go!

Photos from Dns designs's post 04/15/2021

Look at this beauty in Polo!!
This gorgeous buffet was in a barn, upside down on concrete when a friend messaged me to tell me I should come get it, if I wanted it. OF COURSE I wanted it!! It’s come a long way. The doors and drawers have been re-stained and the body is painted in Heirloom Traditions Polo. And the hardware is original, just cleaned and buffed to a gorgeous brass shine!

Photos from Dns designs's post 04/05/2021

Oh my goodness! Isn’t this just the sweetest little piece you ever did see? I got this sweet piece from a friend who is moving and didn’t need it anymore. I painted it in Crete by heirloom traditions then I sanded and re-stained the top in Walnut. And those handles! I just love it!

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