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Barto's Bagels proudly serves the Chantilly area freshly baked, NY inspired bagels! From the classic

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/26/2023

Last day of operations Chantilly! That’s right today is the final day we are open and selling bagels! We’ve got plenty of bagels to sell for walk ins so online ordering is on, but when I’m out that’s it folks! Come get ‘em while you still can!

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Saturday is here and about gone which means only ONE DAY left to grab some Barto’s Bagels while you can!! Tomorrow, Sun 3/26, will be our last day of ops. Specialty bagels are officially off online ordering, and depending on orders for tomorrow we might have online ordering off sooner than usual (so you gotta come in and see what we got!)

Help us go out with a bang!


3 days left to grab these deliciously tasty cheesy chewy aromatically pleasing and other adjectives that are these Asiago and cheddar bagels.

Specialties are cut off at 11a for the day before. Last day to get bagels will be this SUNDAY 3/26. Please be aware that space could run out REAL fast so take advantage of pre ordering ahead of time! If we’re out of something then we’re out! That means no more! No mas! Pas de plus!

See y’all soon ✌️ 🥯


This is it y’all! Last weekend of operations has commenced! We’ll try to have as much extras of everything as we can, but please take advantage of pre ordering! Cut off for specialty bagels is still 11a the day before, but regulars, cheeses, and asiagos are always available to order (STOCK PERMITTING).

We have no idea what this weekend will be like, so, again, pre order! Flavors may also not be available as they go because we ain’t buying anymore ingredients! Come get ‘em while you can! Last day is this Sunday March 26!


This is it! Last week of operations y’all! Couple big orders already filling spots, and I’m assuming more will follow quickly so get your pre orders in! Remember that specialties are cut off by 11a the day before but you can always place an order for regulars and cheeses (stock permitting!).

See you guys this weekend!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/19/2023

What’s up y’all?! Stock is VERY limited today, so online ordering will be turned off! You are still welcome to place orders for next weekend aka our bittersweet final weekend of ops. I strongly strongly strongly (strongly?) recommend placing your orders ahead of time to guarantee anything! Y’all have been so awesome and we’re sad to be leaving for a while, but we’re here for one last blowout! Come grab ‘em while we got ‘em!


Wooooohwee already off to a hot start this morning! Half the regulars have been spoken for, so we will be a little short stocked today for walk ins! We do have some extra chocolate chips and blueberry cinnamon, but it’s first come first serve so come get ‘em while you can!

Reminder that next Sunday (3/26) will be the LAST day of ops! Pre order your bagels to guarantee flavors, or just in general! Spots will (and are!) going fast!

✌️ 🥯


What’s up party people?? It’s officially the second to last week of Barto’s Bagels being open so come grab some of these tasty sesame and poppy bagels while you can! The last day we will be open is next Sunday March 26. Get your pre orders in to guarantee your bagels - space will be filling up fast! Thanks for being rockstars! 🤘


Happy Sunday party people! This is the 3rd to last Sunday till we close our doors so come grab ‘em while you still can! Plenty of everything, sesame, OGS, and lots of cheeses to sell again.

Don’t forget to take advantage of pre ordering as we get closer to the last day of ops (Sun, March 26)! Have a great day y’all!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/11/2023

Cheeeeeese-mania!!!! Come grab some golden delicious melty cheesy boys before we travel into the future tonight! That’s right everyone’s favorite time of the year, daylight savings, is here! Hey at least it brings you an hour closer to bagels again tomorrow morning!

Couple sweet specialties to sell, and we are out of salt and sesame already. Don’t forget to pre order to guarantee something specific. Otherwise come in and see what we got!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/10/2023

Savory friends! Lots of delicious garlics, everything’s, onions, and sesames to go around this rainy Friday morning! Plenty of fromage, too, for my cheese heads out there!

Remember we will be CLOSING at the end of this month. The last day we will be open is Sunday, March 26, so come grab these bad boys while you can!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/09/2023

Bagels! Bagels! Bagels! Come get ‘em!!

Clearly the creative train has not love the station yet 😅 I’ll let these delicious bagels speak for themselves!

Friendly reminder that this is the last month we will be open! Final day of service will be Sunday, March 26. I recommend getting orders in ahead of time as space is limited, and we’ve already got orders starting to stack up! See y’all soon!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/05/2023

Good morning and happy Sunday Chantilly! Got some deeeeelicious looking bagels in need of a good home! Plenty of cheese and regulars to go around, plus some cinnamon, blueberry cinnamon, and jalapeño cheddar!

Remember we will be CLOSING this month, March 26. That means there’s only 4 Sundays left (including this one) to grab some of our bagels! Get em while you can!!


What’s up fellow carb enthusiasts! Come grab some bagels while you’re out enjoying the sunshine ☀️ running low on flavors already but plenty of everything, OGS, plain Janes and cheeses! Cut off for specialties is at 11a today for pick up tomorrow so get your order in if you want something specific! Regulars and cheeses always available (stock permitting).


Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/03/2023

It’s almost weekend time friends! That means less time working and more time gettin these tasty carbs! Remember to pre order your specialties by 11a the day before! Regulars and cheeses always available to pre order (stock permitting).

We’re closing up shop at the end of March! Sunday March 26 to be exact! So get ‘em while you can!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 03/02/2023

We’re baaaaaaack! That’s right Barto’s Bagels is back in action for 4 MORE WEEKENDS! You’ve got until Sunday 3/26 to grab some of Chantilly’s finest bagels and cream cheese!

Pre orders for specialties are still cut at 11a for next day. Regulars and cheese available to pre order all day (stock permitting). Plan ahead to guarantee a flavor, otherwise walk ins are welcome! See ya party people!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 02/12/2023

Happy Super Bowl Sunday party people! Grab some hot tasty carbs to keep you company while you prep up for the big game! Lots of cheeses and specialties to go around as well as the old standbys.

Reminder that we will be closing at 1pm on Sundays, and this is also the last day in February to grab some bagels! We will be closer the last two weeks in February.

Go….NFC East!!


Come celebrate the first Fools Spring of the winter season with some spicy jalapeño bagels! Reminder this will be the last weekend in February we’ll be open so get them while you can!


Sometimes simplicity is the best. Plenty of the classic bagels to go around this Fool’s Spring weekend! Couple extra specialties today, but remember to preorder online the day before if you want anything specific!

Reminder this week will be the last week we will be open in February:
Thur-Sun 2/16-2/19 CLOSED
Thur-Sun 2/23-2/26 CLOSED



Happy Sunday party people! Got some tasty bagels for sale to help warm you up from the frozen tundra! Couple specialties left to claim, but plenty of regulars and cheeses to go around…until there aren’t!

Couple (re)announcements
1. We will be closing up shop the last weekend in March so grab the goods while you can!
2. We will be closed Th-Su 2/16-2/19 and closed Th-Su 2/23-2/26

Sorry to kill two weekends before we close up, buuuut we gotta do what we gotta do!
✌️ ❤️ 🥯

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 02/03/2023

Not gonna lie the kitchen smells like one giant cheez it with all this CHEEZ. If that ain’t your thing though don’t worry! Extra chocolate chip and cinnamon for my sweetie pies.

Friendly reminders - we will be closing up shop at the end of March, so grab your bagels while you can! Online ordering for specialties will be cut by 1100a the day prior. And lastly we will be closing at 1 on Sundays starting this week. Thanks y’all! See you soon!


This one’s dedicated to those that salt their cold pizza, kill the chips after opening in one sitting, and have an unhealthy obsession with any flavor ramen packet. Come get your fix of the deliciousness that is sodium chloride!


Where’s my savory people at?! Featuring the caraway bagel today. Why? I mean….it’s delicious. Duh. Grab some with cream cheese, or bring some home to make yourself a Rueben bagel! Wooooo weee!


Good morning popsicles! Come warm up with some of our seasonal bagels - it’s the last weekend for the winter ones! Holy mole and ginger molasses will make their final appearances so get em while you can!

Also, online ordering for specialty bagels will be turned off around 11am instead of noon now. Sorry y’all - it’s too damn cold we gotta get the bagels started earlier! Regular, Asiago, and cheddar will always be available to order (stock permitting).


Got the NY Giants blues? Us too. Soak up your tears with some blueberry bagels, or come grab some extra chocolate and jalapeño cheddars! Last day to get some of Chantilly’s finest until Thursday!


Somewhere underneath all those seeds is a bagel, I swear! Come see for yourself!

We are back open to normal hours today (8a-2p or out of stock)! Specialties are cutoff but noon for tomorrow, but you can always order regular and cheese bagels! See y’all later!


Good morning carb lovers! Quick reminder that we are CLOSING EARLY today at 10a and will be CLOSED TOMORROW, Fri Jan 20. Normal hours resume Sat, Jan 21 at 8a! Thanks y’all!


Quick announcement bagel fam! THIS WEEK we will be:

Thurs, 1/19 - closing early at 10am
Fri, 1/20 - CLOSED

You will be able to preorder or walk in to grab bagels between 8a-10a Thursday, and we will be CLOSED Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be normal hours of ops. Sorry for the inconvenience! Downside of being a one-man show when things come up 🤷‍♂️ thanks party people!!


Chilly? One of these toasty OGS bagels will warm you right up! That’s Onion Garlic Salt aka the tastiest savoriest bagel on the menu. But that’s just our opinion! Last day to grab some of our bagels for the next few days, so come grab some while we got ‘em!

Go Giants!


Happy Saturday bagel friends! The internet is being a little silly today, so please call/message if you’re having trouble with the online ordering page. Otherwise we’ve got plenty of delicious, warm bagels to get your mind off this cold morning 🥶 see y’all later!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 01/13/2023


Although these bad boys might change your mind. We’re back to normal hours of ops so come and grab some tasty bread holes and cream cheese! Remember to pre order to guarantee specialties or just in general!

Photos from Barto's Bagels's post 01/12/2023

Aaaaaand we’re back!! What’s up 2023? We’re resuming normal operating hours (Th-Sun 8a-2p, or sold out!), and excited to get back to serving up some tasty carbs for Chantilly! Remember to get your pre orders in before noon the day prior to guarantee specialties! Regular, cheddar, and Asiago bagels always available to order (stock permitting). Sesame is already out for today and plain Janes are gettin low!

Stay tuned for flavor changes. The ginger molasses and holy mole will be filtering out this month to make way for some new seasonal flare! Or just whatever we decide to make 🤷‍♂️ see y’all later!


Happy New Year bagel people!! Just want to remind everyone that we are still CLOSED for one more weekend! Give you guys a chance to rethink that “no carb” resolution 🥯 🥯

Online ordering is turned back on so we are now accepting the first orders of 2023!! Normal hours of operation will resume next Thursday, Jan 12. Same deal as last time - pre orders guarantee specialty bagels and must be placed by NOON the day before. Regulars, cheddar, and Asiagos always available online or in store (stock permitting). Check in on social platforms for updates and news on new flavors!! See you guys next week!


Rockwell here wants to remind everyone we’re still closed until Wednesday Jan 11! For more information check out our website, google, yelp, Facebook, and the paper taped to the door! Happy New Years friends!


Stella wants to remind you that we are closed until Jan 11, and hopes you all have a merry Christmas!


Happy Thursday y’all! Friendly reminder to please pick your orders up:)

We will be CLOSED after today from Dec 23 - Jan 11. Online ordering will be off until a week before we open again.

Thank you all for the amazing support and love we’ve gotten from everyone this year! Excited to see what 2023 will bring!


Attention!!! Online ordering for Thursday Dec 22 will be turned OFF today by 3p!! Thank you to all you rockstars for taking advantage of pre ordering, but I’m pretty much about maxed out! So now is your chance - won’t be too much to grab for walk ins!


That’s right! Sunday is in the books! Reminder that last day to order this year will this Thursday Dec 22. We will be closed Fri Dec 23 - Wed Jan 11.


Happy Sunday party people! Online ordering is OFF! Y’all are so awesome we got so many pre orders that everything is pretty much accounted for! There are some cheeses, specialties, onions, and garlics left to sell (not much), but NO EVERYTHINGS OR PLAINS!

Last chance to get bagels will be this Thursday Dec 22, but that window is closing fast! Preorders will be cut by Tuesday night!

We will be closed from Wed Dec 22 to Jan 11

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