Frau Crust

Frau Crust


Frau Crust is at HiveKitchen today until noon and she’s making it very hard for us to concentrate 🤤
Just had some of the raspberry cake roll from Frau Crust.'s sooo good.
The Germans and the pretzels...
We can't get enough of them, that's why we added handrolled pretzels from Frau Crust with a little bit salt on top to the yummy pretzels from Milano on our Channahon location. Give them a try! Available until supplies last!

Saturday is a wonderful day to visit the HiveKitchen! From 7-11 am, there will be Cinnamon Rolls, Pretzels, Blueberry Biscones with Blueberry Butter, Brisket Chili, Antipasto Bread Rolls, Sausage and Pepper Bread Rolls, Breakfast Sandwiches and more! Come by and say hello! Frau Crust
This Saturday is a great day to visit HiveKitchen. The storefront will be open from 7 - 11 am. Anni of Frau Crust will be there with her delicious scratch-made German pretzels, cakes and made-to-order sandwiches. It's a great day to try one of her amazing creations and grab a cup of coffee. We will also be stocking the fridge with Baked Eggplant Parmesan and Creamy Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheddar Soup - both great meat-free options that freeze well too!
Our friend Frau Crust is back from Germany and at HiveKitchen with us this morning and all week from 6-11 this week. Seriously, how sexy is this?
Outgrowing your space is something we are very familiar with! Congratulations to Matt Ewert and everyone at Ewert’s Automotive on the new building! I am jealous!
Matt and his crew have taken care of all of us at some point, Happy Belly Chefs Frau Crust Country Grill Chicagoland
Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! We just finished our Country Grill Chicagoland and Frau Crust Thanksgiving Take-out at the HiveKitchen! Thank you for ordering, we're humbled to be a part of your Thanksgiving feast today! Tomorrow we'll take a day off. We're back on Saturday at the River Hawk Brewing and on Sunday at the Vintage Fair in Minooka!

Congratulations!!! I’m sure this will be a big hit!!!

At Frau Crust's, you get sourdough sandwiches, oven-fresh pretzels and cakes baked after traditional


Due to a cold & ear infection I won't be able to do offer breakfast tomorrow! Please excuse the inconvenience. 😢


Saturday breakfast is back at the HiveKitchen!
Stop by tomorrow morning, 8 AM to noon and grab some delish pretzel sandwiches or pastries. Here's what we have on the menu tomorrow:

Pretzel sandwiches
- Ham and cucumber
- Smoked salmon and cucubmer
- Salami and pickle
- Turkey, Brie and Fig
- Cream cheese, arugula and tomatoes
- Brie and lignonberries
- Goat cheese and apricot jam

- Gingerbread chocolate cake
- Flourless (!) hazelnut cake
- Blueberry Streusel

Warm cinnamon rolls:
- classic
- pumpkin spice


Due to some unplanned circumstances, there will be no pretzel sandwiches / cakes at the HiveKitchen tomorrow. Please excuse the inconvenience!
However, Angela from Nora’s Bakery will be there and have warm biscuits and gravy for you!

Due to Thanksgiving, there will be no next Saturday (11/26). We will be back with full menu on Saturday, 12/03!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tomorrow it's all about !
For at the HiveKitchen, 8 AM to noon, we will have:

Homemade Cakes:
- Raspberry Mascarpone Streusel
- Peach Streusel
- Cherry Streusel

Cinnamon Rolls
- Classic
- Pumpkin Spice

Pretzel sandwiches:
- Salmon & Cucumber
- Turkey, Brie & Fig
- Salami & Pickle
- Ham & Cucumber
- Cream Cheese, Argula & Tomato
- Brie & Lignonberries

Photos from Frau Crust's post 11/04/2022

Almost Saturday! Stop by tomorrow at the HiveKitchen, 8 AM to noon.
This week on the menu:

Pretzel sandwiches:
- Turkey, brie and fig
- Goat cheese and apricot Jam
- Salami and pickle
- Ham and cucumber
- Cream cheese, arugula and tomato

- Blueberry Streusel
- Apple Cake with caramellized almonds
- Rapsberry chocolate brownie cake
- Peach vanilla tarte

Cinnamon Rolls (warm)
- Classic
- Pumpkin


Start your Saturday with a stop at the HiveKitchen for breakfast! We will have a variety of pretzel sandwiches (NEW: turkey brie & fig), warm cinnamon rolls (classic and pumpkin) and some homemade cakes (Apple Hazelnut, Almond tarte with pears, Blackberry Almond Tarte, Peach Streusel).
Open from 8 AM to noon!


Jalapeno Popper Chicken Salad pretzels sandwiches will be back for at the HiveKitchen!
If you prefer something sweet, don't miss out on warm cinnamon rolls (classic, nut mix, pumpkin), delicious cakes (Choco Almond Pear Cake, Semolina Berry Cake, Lemon Yoghurt Cake and Cherry Streusel)!
We're open from 8 AM to noon!


Here is our menu for at the HiveKitchen:
Stop by, tomrrow, 8 AM to noon!

Warm cinnamon rolls:
- Classic
- Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
- Apple Caramel Cinnamon Rolls

-Pumpkin Almond Cake with Cheesecake swirl
-Peach Streusel
-Pear Vanilla Cream Tarte

Pretzel Sandwiches
- Ham and Cucumber
- Salami and Pickle
- Goat Cheese and Apricot
- Brie and Lignonberries
- Gouda and Cucumber
- Cream Cheese, Tomato and Arugula

Photos from Frau Crust's post 10/07/2022

Chicken salad pretzels are finally back for at the HiveKitchen!
We will have Jalapeno Popper and Classic chicken salad pretzel sandwiches, and many other flavors as well!
Warm cinnamon rolls and a variety of fresh baked cakes (Walnut Chocolate Cake, Apple Streusel, Bluebbery Streusel and Blackberry Tarte with Almond Cream) will be availble too!
See you tomorrow morning (10/08), 8 AM to noon!


Pretzel sandwiches are back! Stop at the HiveKitchen this morning 8 AM to noon form warm cinnamon rolls and a sandwich.

On the menu:
- Ham & cucumber
- Cream cheese, arugula & tomato
- Goat cheese & apricot jam
- gouda & cucumber
- salmon & cucumber
- brie & lignonberries


Stop by for some fresh baked pretzels and cheese dip & warm cinnamon rolls tomorrow morning! The HiveKitchen is back and will open at 8 AM!


Good morning Channahon!
Stop by at the HiveKitchen today, apple almond streusel and blueberry streusel came just out of the oven and are still warm and we have a variety of pretzel sandwiches plus warm cinnamon rolls as well! Stop by until noon!


Good morning Channahon!
We're getting ready for at the HiveKitchen ! Stop by for a variety of pretzel sandwiches, homemade cakes and all our different cinnamon flavors! Open from 8 AM to noon!


Tomorrow is again breakfast at the HiveKitchen 8 AM to noon and we have all kind of delicious breakfast options to go for you:

➡️ Homemade cakes: Nutcorners, Lemon Cake, Berry Semolina
➡️ Cinnamon rolls (classic, blueberry, apple caramel)
➡️ Pretzel sandwiches (Salmon & cucumber; Prosciutto & Fig; Goat Cheese & Apricot; Black Forest Ham & Cucumber; Brie & Lignonberries; Cream cheese, Arugula & Tomatoes or BYO)

And Chris will make her famous biscuit and gravy as well as biscuit breakfast sandwiches! 😋


Saturday breakfast is almost here!

We have again a
➡️ variety of homemade cakes (Almond Blackberry Tarte, Pear Chocolate Cake with Apricot Glaze, Almond Cheesecake, and Apple - Berry Cake with Almond Streusels),
➡️ warm cinnamon rolls,
➡️pretzel sandwiches (Salmon + cucumber, Black Forest Ham + Cucumber, Swiss + Pastrami, Arugula + Cream Cheese + Tomatoes, Goat Cheese + Apricot Jam, Brie + Lignonberries or BYO)
➡️biscuit sandwiches!

Stop by at the HiveKitchen, 8 AM to noon!


Good morning 🌞
Stop at the HiveKitchen this morning until noon and treat yourself to a piece of our homemade cakes, pretzel sandwiches, biscuit sandwiches, or warm cinnamon rolls!


We're back for at the HiveKitchen tomorrow, Sat 08/06, from 8 AM to noon!
On the menu:
- pretzel sandwiches (smoked salmon; ham and cucumber; pastrami and swiss; camenbert and lignonberries; goat cheese and apricot jam; arugula, cream cheese and tomato or byo)
- homemade, fresh baked cakes (NUTCORNERS, apple almond cake with lemon glaze; plum semolina pudding cake; cherry streusel with lemon cream filling)
- classic cinnamon rolls
- biscuits and gravy

Photos from Edrolls's post 07/29/2022

As I am out with Covid, Edrolls will take over tomorrow morning the at the HiveKitchen!
Chris will also make her new biscuit breakfast sandwiches and Jen will make the classic cinnamon rolls.
Next Saturday, we will be back with pretzel sandwiches, homemade cakes and special flavor cinnamon rolls!


Tomorrow morning is again breakfast at the HiveKitchen 8 AM to noon!

On the menu:
- Pretzelsandwiches (Pastrami & Swiss, Brie & Lignonberry, Ham & Cucumber, Liverwurst & Pickle, Goat cheese and Apricot jam or byo)
- Warm cinnamon rolls (classic)
- Fresh baked cakes: Almond Blackberry Cheesecake, Dark chocolate cake, lemon cake and semolina berry cake


For all the nutcorner lovers out there - they will be back tomorrow for Saturday breakfast at the HiveKitchen, 8 AM to noon!
Also on our menu:
- Pretzelsandwiches (Pastrami & Swiss, Brie & Lignonberry, Ham & Cucumber, Liverwurst & Pickle, Goat cheese and Apricot jam or byo)
- Fresh baked Cheese Almond Cake
- Cinnamon rolls: Classic, Apple Caramel, 🆕Maple Walnut 🆕


Saturday breakfast at the HiveKitchen is only hours away... Here is a sneak peak on tomorrow's breakfast menu:

➡️ Cinnamon rolls: Classic, 💓Raspberry Almond💓, Peach Almond, and Strawberry Pistacchio

➡️Pretzel sandwiches: Goat cheese with Apricot; Pastrami and Swiss; Turkey and Ham; Brie and Lignonberries; Ham and Cucumber; Bavarian Cheese Dip and Radish

➡️Fresh baked cakes: Spanish Almond Vanilla Cake with dark chocolate frosting; Blueberry Streusel

Stop by tomorrow morning, 8 AM to noon!


Almost Saturday!
Starting at 8 AM we'll open the doors at the HiveKitchen for ! On the menu tomorrow:

with pastrami & swiss; arugula, tomato and cream cheese; turkey and cheddar; brie and lignonberries; bluecheese and fig

Cinnamon Rolls:
Classic, Peanutbutter Choco, and NUTMIX

Fresh baked cakes:
Pear Walnut Cake with Cream cheese frosting; Semolina Berry Cake

and Chris will make her famous biscuits and gravy!


Stop by today, 8 AM to noon at the and get a delish pretzel sandwich to kick off the day! On the menu for this :

Pretzel with
- Blackforest ham and cucumber
- Cream cheese, arugula and apricot jam
- Turkey and cheddar (NEW)
- Pastrami and swiss cheese
- Arugula, cream cheese, tomato

Cinnamon rolls:
- classic, peach almond, peanut butter choco

Cake of the day:
- Lemon semolina cake, NUTCORNERS!


Stop by at the tomorrow 8 AM to noon and grab some breakfast!
A lot of delicious breakfast options are available:
➡️ pretzel sandwiches (NEW: pastrami w/ swiss cheese, arugula, dijon mustard and pickles)
➡️cinnamon rolls (strawberry pistacchio, apple caramel and blueberry)
➡️ kaiser rolls w/ egg and ham
➡️ fresh baked cakes: lemon semolina cake and rhubarb streusel

Chris will also make her famous biscuit and gravy!


🚨 NEW pretzel alert! 🚨
For this at the HiveKitchen in Channahon we have a new pretzel sandwich, with arugula, dijon mustard, pickles, pastrami & swiss cheese! 😋
Let me know what you think and if this pretzel sandwich should become a staple on the saturday breakfast menu!


Saturday Breakfast at the HiveKitchen is almost here! Stop by tomorrow between 8 AM and noon and grab a yummy breakfast to go! On the menu:

Nutcorners, warm cinnamon rolls (Peach Almond, Peanut Butter Choco, Apple Caramel and Classic), kaiser rolls with egg and ham, and pretzel sandwiches (Special tomorrow: Goat cheese with Apricot).


Start your weekend right off tomorrow and stop by for at the HiveKitchen, 8 AM to noon!

On the menu:

➡️ Fresh baked blueberry streusel cake
➡️ Cinnamon rolls (Classic, strawberry pistacchio, apple caramel, and peanut butter chocolate)
➡️ Pretzel sandwiches (ham & cucumber, smoked salmon, brie & lignonberries or arugula, cream cheese & tomato)
➡️ Fresh sourdough loaves (whole and half)


So many delicious breakfast options will be available tomorrow morning at the HiveKitchen, 8 AM to noon:
➡️ pretzels, cheese pretzels and pretzel sandwiches (special: smoked salmon)
➡️ kaiser rolls with scrambled eggs and ham
➡️ cinnamon rolls (classic, blueberry, apple caramel & peanut butter chocolate)
➡️ 🚨 nutcorners 🚨

And Chris will make her yummy biscuits and gravy!
See you in the morning

Photos from Edrolls's post 05/20/2022

After almost 3 years living in the US and nobody could visit us due to COVID-19 travel restriction finally we have some family visit!
That's why Chef Ed will take over Saturday breakfast at the tomorrow!

Next week, we will be back for Saturday breakfast as usual. Please excuse the inconvenience.
Have a great weekend!


at the HiveKitchen!
Tomorrow we will have all our favorites for you:
- Fresh baked chocolate cake
- Pretzel sandwiches (special tomorrow: Liverwurst with pickle)
- Kaiser rolls with scrambeld egg and ham
- !Cheese pretzels! 😋
- Warm cinnamon rolls (classic, apple caramel, peach almond)

Stop by between 8 AM and noon and grab some breakfast!


Nutcorners will be back for tomorrow's breakfast at the HiveKitchen! Stop by between 8 AM and noon!
Also available:
- cinnamon rolls (classic, peach almond and apple caramel)
- pretzel sandwiches (gouda cucumber, salami pickle, ham cucumber, and brie and lingonberries)

Photos from Edrolls's post 04/29/2022

I am going with Flori on a hiking trip this weekend and therefore Edrolls will take over Saturday breakfast at the HiveKitchen tomorrow morning, 8 AM to noon!
Classic cinnamon rolls and biscuit & gravy will be available as well!

Have a great weekend you'all and see you next Saturday!


Finally weekend!
Start your Saturday right off at the HiveKitchen with kaiser rolls with scrambled eggs and ham, pretzel sandwiches (different flavors), 🥑 NEW: Sourdough bread with Avocado and egg 🥑, cinnamon rolls or a piece of fresh baked chocolate cake!
We're opening at 8 AM and serve breakfast to go until noon!


Fresh pretzels (different sandwich options), Kaiser rolls with egg and ham and cake roll slices are ready! Stop by at the HiveKitchen until noon!


Whole Cake Rolls with mascarpone and fruit filling (strawberry, raspberry or blueberries) will be available for easter!

Don't forget to put your order in until tonight, 6 PM!

Last chance to get your Easter orders in! I will be taking the ordering link down when we close the store tomorrow (Wednesday 6pm!)


Stop by at the HiveKitchen tomorrow for breakfast! We're open from 8 AM to noon!
On the menu:
➡️ pretzel sandwiches (special: goat cheese with apricot jam)
➡️ kaiser rolls with ham & egg
➡️ avocado sourdough toast w/ egg (NEW)
➡️ cinnamon rolls (classic, plum, peach almond & apple caramel)
➡️ Homemade cakes: White chocolate blackberry tarte, coffee chocolate cake

See you in the morning! 🤗


👀 Sneak peek for new breakfast items coming your way...
Fresh homemade sourdough bread with avocado, egg and chilli flakes!

Spring is here and we'll add some new items to our breakfast menu at the HiveKitchen! So mark your calendar and don't miss out on stopping by next Saturday (04/09), 8 AM to noon!


NEW cinnamon roll flavor: strawberry pistachio!
Come by at the HiveKitchen tomorrow morning for our Saturday breakfast and get some warm cinnamon rolls (classic, apple caramel, peach almond or strawberry pistachio), pretzel sandwiches or kaiser rolls with egg and ham! Open from 8 AM to noon!


THANK YOU!! Big love to everyone who came yesterday to our take-out at the HiveKitchen, it was a great success and as always, a lot of fun. ❤️ ️🇺🇦 ❤️ ️

All together we transferred $523 to UNICEF - Help children in Ukraine.

UNICEF provide children in Ukraine who live in conflict-affected areas and those fleeing violence with safe water, warm winter clothes, psychosocial support and health, hygiene and educational supplies. You helped make this possible!

Thank you so much for your support and stopping by for breakfast yesterday!


Join us tomorrow, 8 AM to noon, for our weekly breakfast pop-up at the HiveKitchen!

🇺🇦 All proceedings of the Frau Crust breakfast items this week will be donated to UNICEF - Help Children in Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Show your support and grab some delish pretzels, sandwiches, special flavor cinnamon rolls (this week: plum, blueberry or apple caramel), or a slice of our fresh baked cakes (lemon cake and apple cake with lemon glaze and roasted almonds)!

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