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Katie Swan
Angela Cavalli Harris did an absolutely amazing job on my hair yesterday! And I wish you could all feel how incredibly soft and most importantly - HEALTHY it feels!!! My hair has always been dry and brittle but now it is so soft and shiny!!! Angela Cavalli Harris did a complete spa treatment and color correction on my hair and it has never looked or felt better!!! She did her classic hair spa package that included a scalp treatment witb Monat and an Olaplex treatment and followed up with a Monat wash and condition, and split end removal. She used Monat 's Rejuvabeads and Root reshape and blow out cream to style. Amazing, amazing, amazing results from an incredibly professional, kind and wonderful stylist!!! I'd give her a 10 star rating!!!!
#loveOlaplex #Monatforlife

Cavalli's is a Premiere Luxury Monat full service hair studio that focuses on hair restoration and Full service Hair studio that is a private single chair studio.

Cavalli's DHS retails Monat anti- aging hair care products. To order go to

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It's time for Livin' n Grace to have a bath. Yes. I know what you are thinking. They use Monat too! Naturally based shampoo and deodorant spray for your fur baby. Drop a 🐾 in the comments if you own a dog.

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Not sure who needed to hear this today. Stop. Pause.Think and listen. The answers are always inside you.

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One of my favorite quotes! Ive always looked at obstacles as temporary knowing I would always be able to figure my way around it. Obstacles are always temporary but if you allow your self to live in gratitude you may find your obstacle is really a set up for an opportunity.

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Friday Favorites!

I get asked all the time what is the one Monat product I can not live with out! There are many different products but If I had to narrow it down to one it would be our liquid gold Rejuvenique Oil. It has over 101 uses. It is the one product I use not only every day, but multiple times through out the day.

- Helps maintain moisture, softness, and shine - Works to strengthen hair fibers
- Smooths the cuticle to help reduce frizz

- Want a multipurpose oil that can be used on hair and skin
- Want to help control frizz and improve hair’s overall manageability
- Want hair that is silky smooth and glossy

REJUVENIQE® can be used as a prep, styling or finishing product. It can be applied before or after cleansing and conditioning, following your favorite Step 2 Style products or once the hair is finished.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Apply a generous amount to dry or damp hair and scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, shampoo and condition.
Intensive Hydrating Treatment: Apply a generous amount to damp hair and scalp. Place a warm, moist towel around the head and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, shampoo and condition.
Leave-in Finishing Treatment: After hair is dry, rub a small amount between the palms of your hands and apply to ends. Great for taming frizz and flyaways.

Facial Moisturizer: Apply morning and evening to face, neck, and décolletage prior to moisturizer, concentrating on problem areas such as fine lines, for instant hydration and protection.
Body Moisturizer: Apply morning and evening to elbows, knees, dry spots, flakiness, and the top of hands.

Put a ❤️ in the comments if you would like to try a sample.


🇺🇸 only

CBD IS BACK FOR THE WEEKEND👏🏼 ‼️choose 3 CBD products from a list of 9 for just $70!‼️

My personal favorites (I’ve tried them all!)

✨The lip gloss/chapstick (it’s minty - if I can describe it, it’s like bath & body works lip gloss we used to all buy but so much better!)

✨ Clay masque - feels like you’re at the spaaaa

✨ Body butter 💯💯 (if you have sore muscles, this will be a LIFE SAVER for you!)

To shop this sale
log into
go to shop
Left hand side - go to special offers tab and put together your bundle
Check out as usual!

👏🏼 this sale only comes around 2x a year. Now & typically Black Friday! Order fast as some will sell out!

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Deciding to let my hair grow out naturally is definitely a struggle.....anyone who has traveled down this road, please share your experience.

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As you enjoy time with your family and friends whether you are bbqing in the back yard, at the beach or lake or on a boat! Take a moment to thank those who fought for our freedom so we could now celebrate the birth of our great nation!

PSA- don’t forget to protect your scalp, hair and skin!!!

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Hurry! The clock is ticking! This sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST .

In addition to 30% off site wide, your 15% VIP/ 30% MP discounts make this sale sweeter!

But wait there is more. In addition to to those discounts, the purchase plus discounts also apply.

Message me or the person who added you into the this group.

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Omg! Monat have never launched an entire line live on social media!

It was so exciting!!!

Just in time for summer!

Introducing the new Smoothing Anti Frizz Collection!

Message me for details .

Put a ❤️ in the comment if you have ever dealt with friz in your hair.


The results are in, and we have a WINNER! 🏆 Sun Veil™ just won FIRST PLACE at the 2021 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix Awards! 🥳

Blind tested by a cross-Canada panel of judges made up of ELLE Quebec and ELLE Canada readers, the vast majority chose Sun Veil™ mineral sunscreen as their daily go-to for SPF protection!❤️


Simplify your routine with these multi-task beauty products | S6:E34 | Your Morning 10/07/2021

Simplify your routine with these multi-task beauty products | S6:E34 | Your Morning

Monat is in the news!

Simplify your routine with these multi-task beauty products | S6:E34 | Your Morning Beauty and culture expert Meera Estrada shares skincare, hair and makeup products that get the job done, pronto.


Let’s have a chat about the purpose of shampooing and how it affects hair shedding.

Pictured below was a client who came to be for help. He was a young Middle school student with very curly hair. The dreading you see in his hair is a result of improper washing technique.

He was washing and conditioning his hair, but he was not combing through his hair to remove the hair that natursllly sheds.

When you have straight hair, the hair easily sheds and slides out. You may notice it more on the floor in your bathroom.

But when you have curly hair, the shedding hair needs to be combed out frequently.

Curly hair also tends to be much dryer than straight hair because the natural oils from our scalp have to essentially zigzag down the hair strand. This also explains in difference in color in my clients hair below. His hair was dry and lacked Hydration and moisture.

It took about 5 hours to untangle his hair. After detangling , I washed his hair his hair 4 times.

First wash, with a prewash conditioner. My goal was to be able to use a wide tooth comb to comb through his hair. I rinsed and then washed his hair twice with our bond repair shampoo. Although this client had virgin hair, it had damage from lack of hydration, moisture and general wear and tear. After shampooing, I applied our bond repair hsir mask, advance hydration In shower mask to add hydration back into his hair, layered over the top our super moisture mask which added oil back into the hair, covered his hair with a plastic cap and put him under the dryer for 15 minutes. The heat helped to open his hair cuticle so the treatments could penetrate the hair cuticle. Before washing out the treatment, I layered over our super oil cream conditioner. I worked this into his hair and then rinsed his hair in cool water. I squeezed out the excess water. To style, while his hair was very wet, I applied about a nickel size amount of our new Bond Repair leave in Conditioner which also has a built in heat protectant up to 450 degrees. Finished his styling with a nickel size smoubt of flexible hold gel emulsified with some water in my hands. Combed through his hair cutting comb to ensure all of the products were evenly distributed. Finger combed through the curls clumping the hair together. Used a paper towel to absorbed the excess water. Finally, diffused the ends for about 5 minutes. While wet, I cut his hair.

He was very excited that he didn’t have to buzz his hair off.

Facts about Hair Shedding!

Hair shedding is normal and most people will shed 50-150 in a day.

The thicker your hair, then the more shedding you will notice.

If you’re not one to wash your hair everyday or wear it in a ponytail often, you may be one that notices even more shedding at once. The medical term is Telogen Effluvium.

Shedding is not actually "losing hair.” It is in fact just the transition of follicles from growth phase to resting phase. They don't fall out and die, never to return, they "go to sleep", to return several months later. Hair follicles work in cycles as part of their normal processes. Even someone not losing their hair goes through the same cycles. The hair will grow for a while, and it will rest for a while.

The lifecycle of a hair strand can be 3 to 7 years. On average a person’s hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. Your hair is either growing, staying put or shedding.

Washing your hair helps the shedding cycle. If you do not wash your hair daily, you can expect more shedding to occur when you do wash.

Here are some helpful tips when washing your hair.

1. Before washing, comb through your and detangle your hair.

2. Always wash twice. First wash removes products and environmental pollutants. Second wash nourishes the hair. The washing phase will help remove the hair that is in the shedding cycle.

3. Condition your hair and then comb through hair with a wide tooth comb.

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First my Favorite football team won and now this!!!

A great way to end the evening!

BYGO extended!!

If you’re still using Argan oil, Moroccan oil or Coconut oil message me. I have something that will change the way yiu feel about your hair and skin!

Not all oils are equal! Most oils sit on top of the hair or skin unable to bring needed nutrients to the scalp and hair. But this liquid gold mimics what our body produces. The molecular structure is so small it can penetrate into the inner layer of the hair. Strengthening the hair from the cortex out!

Rejuveniqe oil is 100% organic and is A blend of 13+ plant and essential oils.

It’s rich in omega fatty acids which improves hair from the inside and also has antioxidants that improve hair density and reduces hair loss.

If there is one single product I would recommend to every single person, it’s Rejuveniqe oil! It has over 101 uses!!!

Weekly Overnight oil treatments has transformed my hair. I’ve done them weekly for over 4 years. It’s time to get started!

By one get one free or choose your favorite skin care treatment from the ones In the photo below.

Photos from Cavalli's Divergent Hair Studio's post 10/03/2021

Wow! This is amazing!!! Amazing on so many levels.

My friend and client, Ellie Goldstein, who I met through Monat. Actually, she came to my studio because I am a Monat friendly hairstylist!

( PSA to all my hairstylist friends who are still sitting on the side lines, I have so many clients who use Monat who are looking for a Monat Friendly hairstylist. I’m having to turn business away because I can’t keep up with it. Message me so I can help you get started and receive a free booster pack- you don’t have to be a hair stylist to become a shampoo and skin care and wellness dealer)

Ok. Back to the reason for this post. Ellie shared her before and after photo after using our new hand lotion for only two weeks! And she even stated we could share her results! That’s the culture of our company and Ellie is an amazing Monat sister! Thanks friend.

Check out her testimony!

“ yes you may share!

wow! ok i have to say i was NOT expecting this. Mind blown 🤯!

when i heard about this new body care i was really excited to try and after alllllll the washing and sanitizing i do my hands NEEDED all the hydration and nourishment.

but yall! do you see what i see? my hand looks like dramatically better?

this is just after 2 weeks of using the hand cream like once or twice a day!

it’s non greasy, smells light and fresh, and keeps my hands so smooth and apparently younger 🥳”

Our hair, neck and hands are things that can give our age away!

Thanks Monat for another amazing Anti aging skin care product!

Through tonight at 11:59 pm EST, we have a flash sale. Purchase our patented Rejuveniqe Oil , which has over 101 uses, and get a second complimentary bottle of oil or choose one of our amazing promotional products.

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