Neal Greene - Realtor

Neal Greene - Realtor

Almost Everything I will tell you about getting your home sold is different than what other REALTORS® will tell you. Avery-Hess, REALTORS
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Just Listed! Spectacular views from this 12 floor Newbury model with hardwoods, granite & stainless, gas fireplace, reserved garage space 313 and storage unit 176 and all the amenities of Northhampton Place, including a fitness center, library, party room, courtyard, and pool. This home is just 10 mins to the Pentagon, 6 mins to the Mark Center, 11 mins to Old Town Alexandria and 15 minutes to Georgetown! Serving the Real Estate needs of ALEXANDRIA, VA

[04/03/16]   So back to the recurring theme of netting you more money when you sell your home, do you have an older home in need or repairs and you just want to get rid of it? Buyers will approach you and offer to pay you cash for a quick, hassle-free, closing with no inspections. That might sound good but that buyer does not have your best interest in mind and WILL NOT pay you top dollar for your home. He or she has approached you to avoid competition with other buyers. Suppose a buyer offers to pay you $400,000 for a home that would sell for $500,000 on the open market. Keep in mind these numbers are used as an example, and I can't guarantee you how much your home will sell for in a Facebook post! How much more would you net by listing your home with me to give it maximum market exposure? I can make the home sale process as easy and painless as a private buyer can (that's my job!). And why list it with me? My fee is probably lower than that of other REALTORS® and, I've got the experience. Call or text me at 703-772-7500 or e-mail me at [email protected].

[04/03/16]   I hope that anyone who has read my posts sees the recurring theme. I can most likely net you more money for your home than selling it with another REALTOR®. The first thing to remember is that, by law, Real Estate commissions cannot be fixed, meaning there is no standard Real Estate commission. So if you think that you won't get the same results becuase I am charging less than somoene else, adjust your thinking. Another REALTOR® is simply charging you what what that REALTOR® thinks you should pay based on how much he or she wants to make. I look at it the other way around. My fee is based on what I believe to be a fair fee. You've probably seen dry cleaners that advertise based on price and charge less than what you might pay at another dry cleaners. Or you go to a car wash, or for other services, based on price. But the end result is the same. Your clothes are clean. Your car is clean and you have more money left over than if you had gone somewhere else. If you're still skeptical, google me and you will see that I have sold more than 350 homes, or message me and I will send you a list of those homes. I can get your home sold too and save you mone in the process! Call or text me at 703-772-7500 or e-mail me at [email protected].


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[04/01/16]   In a lot of areas in our region, investors and builders contact homeowners and want to buyer their homes directly from them. They either want the house to tear it down so they can build a new home on the lot, or remodel and expand it. These buyers do this becuase they know that once the home is listed, they will have to pay more for it, not because of the Real Estate commision, but because of the competition from other buyers. The multiple listing service is THE most powerful tool there is to generate competion amongst buyers. If someone has offered to buy your home for cash, with no inspections, CALL ME. I can probably net you more money for your home than if you sell it to someone who contact you directly, and I can make it just as easy and painless. 703-772-7500.


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[03/11/16]   So what makes me different from other REALTORS®? Actually not a lot. It may surprise you for somene to say that, but the actual motions of getting your home sold are the same, no matter who you choose. A REALTOR® presents any offers to you, negotiates the offers, works through the contingencies and follows up on financing and other things that come up through the process, and continues through to settlement.

What is different is the amount many REALTORS® charge. Many REALTORS® have a marketing plan that is heavily-laden with open houses, brokers open houses and print advertising. These activities are time-consuming and expensive and do nothing toward actually getting your home sold. The actual purpose of these activities is for a REALTOR® to pick up other clients and to be able to show the seller what he or she is doing to market the home in order to justify the Real Estate commission. I have sold more than 350 homes without holding them open or advertising them. The internet does this. I can sell your home that way too, and because this saves me time and money, I pass that savings on to you!


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[03/09/16]   Most REALTORS have a marketing plan that outlines marketing activities for you home throughout the process of looking for a buyer. Most of this is to justify a higher commision than they need to charge. It's not that complicated! Dragging the home sale process out does not benefit anyone. My action plan does not detail a long, drawn out process. It details what I will do to get your home sold! I focus only on the activities that actually help get your home sold, and that's why I only charge a 1.75% listing commission (plus a $375 administrative fee). The buyer's agent's commision is extra. This saves me money and I pass that savings on to you!


Neal Greene - Realtor


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[02/27/16]   You buy everything else based on price. If the end result is the same, why not do the same with Real Estate services?

I know what other agents will say. They will compare me to a limited service brokerage. A limited service brokerage puts your home in the multiple listing service and leaves you on your own to muddle through the rest of the transaction. What I do is the exact opposite. I do put your home in the multiple listing service but also handle the rest of the transaction, from feedback to negotiating an offer to following through with home inspection issues, and all the way to settlement.

Other agents will say Open Houses and advertising give your home exposure and help get it sold. I simply disagree. Open Houses and advertising waste time and cost money. Many agents use them to justify charging you a higher commission. I prefer not spend the time and money on pointless activities, and I pass this savings onto you.

Other agents will say that I can’t provide good service at a “discounted commission.” Huh? Discounted commission? Did you know there is no "set" Real Estate commission? By law, Real Estate commissions cannot be set are negotiable between the Real Estate agent and the seller. My commission is not a discounted commission. It is simply the fee I choose to offer.

Look at it this way. Have you ever bought gas only to find it for a lower price and mile or so away? It's the exact same as gas! Perhaps one station would justify a higher price because the trucks that brought it had to take a more precarious route to get to the station, or because their rent is higher? Is that your problem? I take this simplest route to getting your home sold, and pass that savings on to you!

Higher price does not necessarily equate to value!


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[06/23/15]   Have you ever wondered where all that money you pay in a Real Estate commission goes? I think we all know the answer to that!
Look, I’ll be the first person to tell you how hard a Real Estate agent works and that there is a lot of work that goes in “behind the scenes” that most people never see. No, it’s not brain surgery or rocket science, but it does require a skill and experience. Sure, it might be possible for you to do it yourself, but you have your own job and your own skills and, that require your time.
Many agents have a listing presentation that justifies what they do to earn their commission. Their listing presentation probably has a schedule for open houses… both broker’s opens and public opens, print advertising, just listed cards etc. These things all take a lot of TIME and cost a lot of MONEY. But do they really do much of anything to sell your home? Many agents will tell you YES. I will tell you NO.
When an agent submits the listing for your home into the multiple listing service, that listing then syndicates out to many other websites. Buyers and agents will find your home through the power of the internet.
So what is your option? You can call a limited service brokerage… that is a company that puts your home in the multiple listing service for a flat fee. Then when an offer comes in, you’re left to deal with it yourself. Many of these companies offer additional services at an additional cost.
I see that as the most backwards way to try to sell a home. Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.
So here is what I do. I provide full service Real Estate services without all the fluff. I cut out the activities that do nothing to getting your homes sold that lead up to the point of an offer, while keeping certain activities that do contribute to the sale of your home, such as 30 professional photographs, enticing marketing descriptions, buyer feedback, and concentrate my efforts on the point when we get an offer on your home up through closing. That’s the real work of a REALTOR®, but I will be working with you through the entire process… I NEVER leave you on your own. You see, LIMITED SERVICE vs. FULL SERVICE has NOTHING to do with marketing and EVERYTHING to do with the service your REALTOR® will provide to guide the sale of your home up through closing. And since I have cut out the expensive and time-consuming activities and only concentrate on the thing that really matter, I can charge you a lot less than you might expect to pay for FULL SERVICE Real Estate.
Whether it is your Sterling Home, your Ashburn Home, your Leesburg home, your Reston Home, your Herndon home, your Great Falls Home, and whether your home is worth $200,000 or $2,000,000, I will get your home sold and provide you with the same quality Real Estate Services you expect from a REALTOR®. I have sold homes in ALL parts of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, as well as in Maryland and I can sell your home too. Give me a call or text me at 703-772-7500, or e-mail me at [email protected]. 06/10/2015

6033E CURTIER DR #E ALEXANDRIA, VA 22310 | FX8660193 | Avery-Hess, Realtors Serving the Real Estate needs of ALEXANDRIA, VA 06/10/2015

45558 LAKE HAVEN TER STERLING, VA 20165 | LO8660190 | Avery-Hess, Realtors Serving the Real Estate needs of STERLING, VA


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[06/10/15]   Almost Everything I will tell you about getting your home sold is different than what other REALTORS® will tell you.


Neal Greene - Realtor



5875 Trinity Parkway
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