Chef Natalie Lauren

Chef Natalie Lauren


We can't finish the day with out saying Happy B-day to our one and only Chef Natalie Lauren !!!! She is one of those angels God put in your path and we are so very grateful and blessed for that! She was a guide for this Farmer's Market life and her energy has so much power that makes everybody moves! May God bless you and give us the joy to be around you for many many years! We ❤️ U 😉👍
Can we take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous cheese plate is that Chef Natalie Lauren shared with us?? Cheeses from Village Cheese Works (sold in our farm store!), creamed honey from Erin's Elderberries and adorable tea towels from Your CBD Store (made by a local FCPS bus driver!).

Local looks great together!

Swing by the store:
Wed 1-5
Fri 1-5
Sat 9-1

To stock up on the cheese (and we have some yummy honey, just not creamed honey), and check out these other great local businesses to make your own beautiful cheese plate for friends, family, or yourself (we don't judge)!
Whether you use it on shredded brisket or cook it with short ribs as in the recipe, this blueberry-guajillo bbq sauce is sure to bring a crowd pleasing twist to summer bbq season!
Replace the blueberries with small diced fresh peaches (skin removed) & you’ll have a delicious sauce for pork 🍑🐖
Maybe we’ll pick up some peaches from Sergio produce & some pork from Walnut Hill Farm at Elm Springs, LLC this weekend& try it out!

Photos & recipe from Chef Natalie of Chef, Farm, & Fork
Planning your menu for Taco Tuesday already?
Sergio produce can help! They have beautiful tomatillos that can be used to make a delicious sauce for a carnitas taco or tamales filling 🙂
Recipe & photos courtesy of Chef Natalie Lauren Of Chef, Farm, & Fork
Sierra Linda Farm has chicken available this week!
Looking for something different to make? Try butchering your chicken into pieces (see tutorial in the comments) & making this Catalan-style picada sauce & Escalivada (recipe by José Andres) to go with for a taste of Spain!
Photo credits: Chef Natalie Lauren
Looking to spice up your dinner menu this week?
Our farmers at Happy Family Ranch, Inc. & Gonzales Farm VA can help!
Peppers are plentiful right now & so is chorizo sausage 🌶🌶🌶
Substitute bell peppers with pablanos or another variety that has a similar flavor profile. The peppers photographed here by Chef Natalie Lauren of Chef, Farm, & Fork are baby bell peppers but a large pepper would work nicely for a dinner entree! You can even mix a bit of the chimichurri sauce into your rice for an easy side dish or serve it to accompany any type of grilled sausage or meat.
If you’re a fan of Living Springs Microgreens LLC, post a photo in the comments here showing us what your favorite use of Farmer Tim’s delicious selection is!
Avocado toast or egg sandwiches with focaccia from Gâteau or a diy biscuit sandwich on one of Freed's Biscuit Company biscuits? A handful on top of an omelette? The possibilities are endless!

Photo from Chef Natalie of Chef, Farm, & Fork.
Hi, Facebook followers!
I did this thing...please give the Chef, Farm, & Fork podcast a listen & rate it to help us find new listeners 🙂
This podcast is meant to help support our local farmers, food artisans, & other food based businesses in our area!
The first episode is all interviews so that listeners can get to know these folks in our community. The coming episodes will include a recipe or method to cook what’s seasonal & available shortly after the podcast airs. We will be sourcing at places like the Warrenton Farmers Market, Re*****on Community Garden Market, Whiffletree Farm Store, Messick's Farm Market, the Town Duck & more!
Our first episode includes interviews with our pals from Whiffletree Farm, Happy Family Ranch, Inc., Gonzales Farm VA, Town Duck, Powers Farm & Brewery, & the Warrenton Farmers Market.
Come shop with us in & around town to Experience Old Town Warrenton & the best of Fauquier County, Virginia!!!

Personal Chef Services, Catering, & More!

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 11/04/2022

Thanks to at the for making these beautiful mugs for a bridal shower/wedding. They’ll make great daily reminders of good times with family! We’ll give a set to the bride & groom & they can give the rest away as favors to special people!


Had a nice date with the hubbs at one of our favorite restaurants- we love the food, people & gorgeous dining room at Mazadar. Located in a quite, unsuspecting shopping center in Fairfax ❤️


Can’t wait to use this super delish Gentle Bee Apiaries creamed honey (picked it up at ) on a cheese board for a very special bridal shower!


The magic that is during today! Come on down to Main St. after you go to the !

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 05/10/2022



Get out there & support local, y’all!


Bacon & eggs from Hayfield Farm purchased at the Re*****on Farmers Market. Served with sourdough rye toast from a recent trip to Can Can Brasserie. A simple & hearty farm & bakery fresh lunch!


Local love!!!
Bone in ribeye steaks from Hayfield Farm purchased at the Re*****on Farmers Market seasoned with charcoal seasoning from Sharkawi Farm & Poppi's BBQ seasoning from Abundant Acres Farm LLC purchased at the Warrenton Farmers Market ❤️


You can never go wrong with moules frites…


Roasted chickpeas, cucumber & smashed tomato salad, tons of fresh herbs & a beautiful setting.
knows just how to nourish her retreat participants- body, mind, & soul.


Avocado toast bar! Cashew “bread”, roasted veg, blistered tomatoes & capers, herbed avocado smash.


bought the deliciousness to tonight!


Necessary things to plan for success during the next week…


Thanks to & I had a salt scrub, then a soak while I watched the snow fall.

Watch this reel by chefnatalielauren on Instagram 01/21/2022

Watch this reel by chefnatalielauren on Instagram

Okay, so we had an almost midnight snack while getting some things ready to enjoy during the games this weekend…the Store at Locust Hill in Fauquier County, Virginia knows what’s good!

Watch this reel by chefnatalielauren on Instagram 0 Likes, 1 Comments - Chef Natalie Lauren () on Instagram: “Today I visited & picked up some fabulous beef & bones for making stock. They…”


Yes! So true. How fortunate are we to live in a community where this is possible!

Food shortages. They’re scary. We were sent a bunch of pictures from folks going to the grocery stores only to be met with empty shelves…again.

And what can you do? You can’t go to the stock room and demand that they put out more chicken breasts or bananas. They don’t have it. And what they do have - astronomical prices far outweighing the quality you receive.

Where your grocery store food comes from is so many steps and miles removed from the shelves you actually buy them from. Most of the panic revolves around not knowing *when* they will be restocked again. This causes people to buy more than what they need and, in turn, empty the shelves. Add in overall production shortages, a lack of truckers, and you have a recipe for disaster.

You know who does have food and products in stock? Your local farmers. You know how to buy directly from the source and know exactly when your food will be restocked? Your local farmers. You know who doesn’t struggle with commercial production and shipping issues? Your local farmers. You know who doesn’t have those astronomical fluctuations in their prices? Your local farmers. You know how to feel really good about the quality of your food and see where it comes from with your own eyes? Your local farmers.

When your feed lot, commercially raised, poor quality fed, packed by the thousands, killed by the tens of thousands, often recalled meat is priced much higher than your locally produced meat that is raised right, fed right, and processed right - we gotta problem, y’all.

The issue isn’t the commercial production and distribution stressors. It’s a sustainability issue. You keep your dollars local, local businesses can grow, they can then put out more (and better) products for you at a lower cost and the money rotates and grows at the local level. You know what that isn’t affected by? National shortages.

Better yet. Start planning your garden or even just throw a parsley plant in your windowsill. Look into raising a couple chickens, if you can. Join a community garden. Look into farmer’s markets in your area. Find your local farmers, bakers, gardeners, artisans.

Sustainability is the key.

Name your favorite local farmers, bakers, makers, artisans, gardeners, and crafters in the comments.

Ps - we have a beef restock coming tomorrow!


So perfect for winter! Put some local goodness in your slow cooker with proteins & more from the Store at Locust Hill in beautiful Fauquier County, Virginia! We can’t wait to get our hands on some of the soft pretzels they carry from a local baker 🥨

Fun Fact: January is National Slow Cooking Month!

While for many of us, slow cooking traditionally means a crock pot, you can also slow cook in your oven at a low temperature, or with a sous vide!

And our local beef is a great option to slow cook - no matter if you are using a crock pot, roasting pan in the oven or sous vide!

Some great cuts for slow cooking: chuck roasts, bottom round roasts, eye round roasts, sirloin tip roasts, and brisket (yes, you can slow cook brisket in the oven and have it come out delicious!)...all of which you can find in the store!

Come grab some
Today (until 1)
Tomorrow (Friday) 1-5
Sat 9-1

And let your preferred method of slow cooking fix dinner while you are shoveling snow on Sunday and Monday!

Full disclosure - this is not our picture of a pot roast, but a borrowed one - ours don't usually last long enough for pretty pictures before they are eaten!


Support local, y’all!
Here’s two ways to do so in
1. Buy directly from a business like (amazingly luscious body butter & emollient rich scrub) purchased at the
2. Find a National or international brand like this candle that you can purchase locally at in

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 12/26/2021

Christmas brunch was delicious! Loved the veggies we made today. Crispy Potatoes with poached garlic & cunchy sage & roasted brussles sprouts with chopped candied nuts from at the !

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 12/24/2021

When one of your favorite people visits with the minis you do at home Korean style bbq! We ate all the things & added cooking on the solo stove to maximize space when we got impatient 😬
Pork belly, brisket, rib eye, short ribs.
Savory pancakes with grilled octopus, veggies, & sesame leaf.
Roasted chicken with a ginger-sesame-garlic rub.
Baby corn, zucchini, bok choy, & sh*ttake.

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 12/21/2021

When I’m not in the kitchen, I love donning all of the colors, textures, & patterns of from , , & . Together. And I would wear them in the kitchen if it wasn’t against the rules 😂

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 12/21/2021

Part of the fun of working in both the small farm & food industries (which, btw should always go hand in hand) is getting to enjoy the work of other chefs. of Distinguished Engagements presented a beautiful multi-course dinner paired with the most fantasticn wines courtesy of Somm Tony Ruffo at Whiffletree Farm. The event was organized by mastermind & owner/operator of Distinguished Engagements, Ruffo-Swanson. Bradie, their beyond talented pastry chef, wowed the crowd with a Basque style cheesecake- the perfect end to an amazing gastronomic tour in our own backyard. The menu was inspired by Chef Ryan & Somm Tony’s travels 🌎 🥂🧑🏽‍🌾 🧑🏾‍🍳

Photos from Chef Natalie Lauren's post 12/19/2021

Creating cozy, warm, & inviting spots in our house this morning as I get ready to bake a cake for a very special birthday celebration ❤️


Who doesn’t like a good pair of textured tights paired with a little festive sparkle? Just got in from a lovely day at with one of my dearest gal pals. Getting massages & dining together for the past 24 years! Cheers to at least 24 more 🥂


Chocolate-cherry oatmeal with ground flax seeds, tart cherry juice, sweet cherries, h**p hearts, collagen, & topped with a little spoon of royal jelly.
Some prebiotic ingredients for happy insides 🙂
Folks, please remember that royal jelly should not be heated or cooked. Top only when your oatmeal has cooled quite a bit.


This dreary day calls for a cup of comforting wellness!
Chai spice blend (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper) , cacao powder, turmeric, mushroom powder blend (Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga), turmeric, & Sharkawi Farm stevia powder (from the Warrenton Farmers Market) in a blend of coconut & oat milk.


Learn the basics of home canning with one of the best around, Debbie Roland! Debbie has over 40 years of experience & teaches private & group lessons 🙂
Come meet her on Saturday! She’ll be canning applesauce 🍎🍏🍎


Elena Sonnino inspired me to start a morning practice of tea, skincare, & setting daily intentions ❤️🙏🏽🙌🏾
Love this M61 Skincare from Bluemercury!
I have been happily shopping with them in store & online since the mid 2000’s :)


I don’t usually post publicly when it comes to negative reviews HOWEVER, there’s a first time for everything.
How disappointing . I have been purchasing your products as a customer for over a dozen years (1/3 of my life!!!) & you cannot even send an email or return a phone call to assist me with my order issue. I needed this order in a timely manner & shipping did not take long but to wait 72 hours between every voice mail message or email I submit is unacceptable. I am having to resubmit information & photos that I included in my very first contact to ensure resolution in a timely manner. I have been providing customer service for my job from home with no issues at all... I understand you serve a *much* larger customer base, but please figure out how to handle the scale of your situation accordingly. Do not underestimate the value of customer service, even after your company has grown so much. I love your products but this experience may end up costing you a once loyal customer.


Chef, Farm, & Fork

Learn to cook the perfect steak on the grill! We cooked some NY Strip & Delmonico from Happy Family Ranch, Inc. & some beef short ribs from Sierra Linda Farm with Chef Pete from Culinaria Cooking School!

Coming to the Warrenton Farmers Market today? Grilling season is upon us! Stock up now 🙂
Our friends from Happy Family Ranch, Inc. have a message for you:
“This week at the Warrenton Farmer's Market we are doing it big with beef!! Happy Family Steak sale!! We have something for everyone.
**"Dinner for two" 2lbs/$35**
-Rib Steak
-New York Strips
**"Family Affair"** 2lbs/$20
- Sirloin Steaks (bone in or boneless)
- Flat iron
-Mock Tender
-Top/Bottom Round roast”

Special thanks to Tito Chef Pete of Culinaria Cooking School for coming out to grill with me so that I could film & take photos! You are appreciated!!! And we were stuffed...


Chef, Farm, & Fork

Cocktails anyone?

It’s FRIYAY! Are you ready for an at home happy hour?!?
So are my friends at Mad Magic Kombucha, Erin's Elderberries, Gonzales Farm VA, Diep Roots, Town Duck & My Buddy's Nuts!
Thank you to my very talented friends Megan & Mike who helped style & produce this fun series 🙂
Get everything you need at the Warrenton Farmers Market, Archwood Green Barns Farmer's Market, & in Experience Old Town Warrenton in beautiful Visit Fauquier County, Virginia!

Ooooh...I almost forgot about wardrobe credits lol!
Thank you Carter & Spence for stocking fab accessories (I wore my pheasant bracelet from Brackish) & Town Duck for my special order aprons!


Just the kind of dinner we like...

The Warrenton Farmers Market in Experience Old Town Warrenton & Archwood Green Barns Farmer's Market in The Plains are places where deliciousness begins...
Fauquier County, Virginia is the place where folks in the D.C. area can come to get to know their farmers through food & drink!
Now...if we only had some brews from Powers Farm & Brewery!
❤️Virginia is for lovers ❤️

Virginia Farmers Market Association


Chef, Farm, & Fork

Love this little shop!
Carter & Spence

It’s almost Mother’s Day & Carter & Spence in Experience Old Town Warrenton offers some fabulous collections to help you choose something special for your mom!
They have an Alex Monroe trunk show happening & are offering a 20% discount 🙂

After you visit the Warrenton Farmers Market on Saturday, stop in or order in advance to pick up your wrapped gift curbside!

Listen to this week’s podcast episode to hear what Carter Nevill, has to say about the importance of local food & small businesses in Fauquier County, ❤️


Yum! Field & Main Restaurant

Did you know?

Wednesday - Monday from 12:00pm - 6:00pm, we offer a daily dinner meal that includes a starter, entree, and side - $20 - $45 per person.

All you have to do is warm up your meal in the oven when you are ready to eat! Dinners are only available on the day indicated. We recommend pre-ordering as they do tend to sell out quickly.

Check out this week's line up here - including an extra special dinner for Mother's Day!

By the way - the picture shown is tonight's 8 oz NY Strip dinner with salad, fingerling potatoes, and Neal's Steak Sauce. 😋


Chef, Farm, & Fork

❤ some Calico Jack's

Let Calico Jack’s help provide that feeling 🙂
My pal Kristi & her hubby own Calico Jack's (a veteran owned & operates business) in the City of Manassas, right in the heart of Old Town. I fell in love with them when they were a vendor next to my friends Happy Family Ranch, Inc. at the City of Manassas Farmer's Market a few years ago.
Please support this hardworking family’s dream- to provide folks with all natural products crafted with love & to support other local artisans by providing a retail outlet in which to sell their products.

Visit them after you visit the farmers market this Saturday, just in time for Mother’s Day 🙂


Chef, Farm, & Fork

Please help our friends at Ellie's Place. They REALLY need the support from customers right now. Order a meal for yourself, your family, or donate to feed essential healthcare workers!

And one for yourself!
My friend Zan & his wife Ann have a small cafe in Old Town Warrenton named after their sweet little 3 year old, Ellie.
They don’t qualify for any economic relief right now (& would probably have to wait forever to get it if they did).
They are struggling. And somehow, while they are struggling, they still found it in their hearts to fulfill the promise of meals to essential hospital personnel that they made before the funding for that big order fell through.
Please, please please buy a lunch or dinner from them to help them keep their lights on!!! 05/06/2020

4.0 How Food Touches Our Lives by Chef, Farm, & Fork • A podcast on Anchor

Listen in on my conversations with Carter Nevill, Mayor of Warrenton & Neal Wavra of Field & Main Restaurant :)
Two lovely gentlemen who truly care about the people in our community, local food, the environment, & being positive agents of change. We chat with Carter Nevill, Mayor of Warrenton & Neal Wavra of Field & Main Restaurant to discuss the various ways food can have a positive impact on individuals, create a sense of community, make opportunities for our youth & boost the local economy.


Cook along with me while you listen to the podcast. I utilized my finds from Gonzales Produce, , & !
Here’s our debut cooking episode, it’s 1 of 2 podcast episodes that have dropped this week: 04/22/2020

2.0 Innovative, Small Scale Local Farms by Chef, Farm, & Fork • A podcast on Anchor

Check out Episode 2.0 (& 2.1!) of the Chef, Farm, & Fork Podcast!
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim of Living Springs Microgreens LLC as well as Monica & Kiley of Fortis Farms. Both are small operations that are able to provide delicious, nutritious product to customers year-round!
Plus, if you've ever wondered about aeroponic tower gardens, Fortis Farms believes in them so much that they are willing to get you all set up with your own :)
What a great resource!
You can find Living Springs Microgreens at the Warrenton Farmers Market, Hidden Julles-Haymarket, & on Fish Fridays at Town Duck.
Fortis Farms is doing text to order (see their page) & also selling at the Re*****on Community Garden Market.
There are so many ways to support our local farmers, ranchers, & growers. We hope that you'll give us a listen to find out how! This week we speak to two farms that utilize non-traditional farming methods to grow their products. Tim, from Living Springs Microgreens has a passion for achieving health through delicious, functional foods. Kiley Doll & Monica Christian of Fortis Farms have cracked the code for year-round product...

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Smash burgers at home tonight! Lots of grilled onions, horseradish cheddar spread, garlic kraut, & brioche buns.
Gochujang honey chicken when it was just fried chicken ;)
Fire roasted peppers for Thai inspired fried rice ❤️
And just like that, enchilada sauce!
@sinistralbrewingcompany A perfect breezy summer night!
It’s ready!#tomatopie #tomatoseason #fauquiercounty #warrenton #farmersmarket #yum #delish #summertime #summerrecipes #n...
So, I was knee deep in making this potato salad whenI thought, “I have that smoked pork belly from Sandy's Kitchen!”.So ...
Late check in, but we enjoyed one of the patios tonight.What a peaceful place to get away to...tucked at the foothills o...
Sweet & spicy rice cakes with pan fried pork. Dinner’s on!Protein credit: Happy Family Ranch, Inc. purchased at Warrento...




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