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Jeremiah and the littlest builder in the B.D.D. Family!
Wow! Way to run a business! What a horrible thing to do! So you support animal cruelty! I really hope the man and woman that did this are fired!

Residential and Commercial We will build anything from a dog house to a mansion.

Operating as usual


Update of the Heritage Reformed Church: As you will see we made some progress on the brick this week. Part of the addition has all plastic around it. Children the brick and mortar must be kept above freezing to be able to lay it. Monday, if all is well, they will take down the scaffolding (which is like big ladders) and put them up on the other portion of the addition to do that area. Hopefully all the brick will be done by the end of the week. Children you will see one picture that has a few bricks on the ground in a pile. Those brick are thrown away because they have imperfections in them. Remember the text Acts 4:11” This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.” The bible here is saying just like builders toss out some ugly brick the people reject and toss out Jesus, but he has become the chief cornerstone. In Bible times the cornerstone was the most important stone in the building it locked the building together.

[12/12/20]   Update of the Heritage Reformed Project: I thought I would add a couple more pictures for our children. This is a picture of the crane that dug the hole. The other picture is the truck that hauled the dirt away. It is called a train! That truck pulls 2 trailers full of dirt.


We are putting an addition on our church Heritage Reformed to make it more handicapped accessible. We are also adding an elevator. The foundation of the new addition is complete. The dirt has been compacted back in the hole. Monday, if all is well there will be big, heavy steel planks and then the concrete floor. Tuesday, they hope to start the block walls. Exciting!! Children Do you know what is the most important part of a building? You might have said the plans. Yes, that is correct. We need to look at those plans daily to make sure everything is put in the correct place to have a finished project. But there is another part that is very important. You are right, the foundation. So, the hole was dug to the solid ground and the concrete was poured for the building to be built on. These are called footings. Remember the song about the wise man and foolish man? Maybe you might want to sing it again to refresh your memory. The wise man built his house upon the "Rock" to stand firm. Just like we are building the addition on solid concrete. Children, when you think of the song and the church addition footings, we pray that you will be reminded that Christ Jesus is that only Solid Rock, that you, by grace, can stand firm on. This is what it says in God's Word, which is the "Plans" for our life!


What a week of construction at our church! It is so exciting when I go visit the crew to see them working so hard. Today, being Friday, I treated them to a donut and orange juice! Did you have a treat while you were doing your school work today? Remember the story of the 3 little pigs. Well, our addition is pretty solid. See that big crane he is unloading big steel planks. They might not look to heavy but the heaviest one weighs 8,130 pounds and the smallest one weighs 1,519 pounds. There is a total of 13 planks. These are used for the floor of the addition and where the library was. Then they installed the block walls. Each block weighs about 15 pounds and they will lay about 2,200 blocks. The one picture you will see a square section that is taller. That is where the elevator will be installed. After they get all the blocked laid they will install insulation and the brick on the outside. Remember last week when we talked about the foundation needing to be made out of solid rock (concrete). Now you can see why with all that weight. Please continue to pray for all the works.


Another home almost finished up. Daniel really designed a beautiful home and our guys put that plan to reality. Thank you BDD team for doing a wonderful job!


B. D. D. Construction Co. LLC's cover photo

[09/03/16]   I know what you are saying, "Wow BDD hasn't posted anything on this page for about 1 year!" Well we hope to do better starting today. As you can see we have changed our cover picture. This is one of the new buildings in Ada Village. Ada Village is doing a new look to their community. State Farm is located on the upper floor. We have about a week and should be completed. The lower floor is not completed until someone leases it. Then we can finish it to their needs.

[10/12/15]   Last week was a very good week at the parade. Traffic was good!
The address is 19825 North Shore Drive, Spring Lake. We are there on Wednesday the 14th from 5-8 on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th from 1-8. Stop out and see us. I will be posting pictures soon.

[09/25/15]   One week from today is the beginning of the Fall Parade of Homes. More info to come!!

[12/26/14]   Did you just dust your house yesterday and it is dusty today? Check your furnace filter. Using the air conditioner and the furnace will make a filter dirty. Having a clean filter will also help with allergies. If we did not put on a humidifier on your furnace when we built your home they work really nice. You can call us about this or call Grapids Heating and Cooling directly. There number is 616-453-1137

[03/15/13]   Come join us at the Cottage and Lakefront show at the Devos Center in Grand Rapids. We will be here until 9:00 tonight and from 10:00am to 9:00pm on Saturday.

[03/01/13]   Sure has been different being home during the Home Show. Of course the guys can handle it but I really enjoyed talking with all of you. (To much talking is not good for my weak vocal cords :( ) Stop by Booth 2225 and say hi, to the guys.

[03/05/12]   Thank you to all that came to the home show. It was a busy few days with very good response. I will be posting some pictures later today of our display if you were not able to make it. Make it a great day!!

[03/03/12]   Home show at the Devos is going very well. Stop by and see us at booth 2225. We will be there from 10am to 9pm today the 3rd of March. See our new booth of a kitchen. We have a beautiful desplay of custom cabinets. Make sure you open up each cabinet, there are some wonderful suprices. Hope to see you then.

decks 08/04/2011


Remodel before and after 08/04/2011

Remodel before and after

Kitchens 08/04/2011


new home 08/04/2011

new home

[05/27/11]   Sent out my customer newsletter. If you did not get one and would like one send me a message and I will get one out in the mail to you. Enjoy the sun as it last!!

[03/28/11]   The show is done and everything is put away, until the next show. It was great seeing some of you. If you, family or friends need any house repairs give us a call. We appreciate your referrals!!! Make it a great day!!

[03/24/11]   Our exihibit is all set up for the Cottage & Lakefront Living Show in Grand Rapids at the DeVos Place, Friday 3-9 and Satruday 10-9. I have free tickets, for the first 4 people to comment to this posting. Thanks and hope to see you there!!

[03/22/11]   I am seeing how a business page works, if you recieve this posting please message me back so I can see that it is working. Thanks for your help!!

[03/10/11]   Thank you for those that stopped at our booth at the Home and Garden show at the Devos Center. Very nice turnout!! Spring is in the air.



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