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Allure Pilates


Awesome jump board and TRX combo today! Thanks Tyghre!

Allure Pilates is a fully-equipped home studio in Cedar Park, TX that provides custom tailored, result driven private and duet Pilates sessions.

At Allure Pilates, I offer private and duet sessions in a quaint, non-intimidating fully-equipped home studio right here in the RBC neighborhood. After assessing your physical abilities and personal goals I will create a custom tailored program to fit your body and lifestyle. It doesn't matter if your new to fitness, an experienced athlete, looking for a prenatal or postnatal fitness program, or r

Operating as usual 05/30/2018

Yoga-Like Exercise Associated with Smaller Tumors in Breast Cancer | GEN

FASCINATING! #stretchfitness
A team of U.S. scientists has now shown how daily stretching exercises in a mouse model of breast cancer can hold back tumour growth by more than 50%, without any other form of treatment. Studies in mouse model suggests daily gentle stretching exercises impact on immune cell exhaustion and inflammation resolution 11/16/2017

Why is Pilates So Good For Runners? – Pilates Stories

Runner? Pilates can help with your imbalances!

Running involves performing the same movement over and over and it creates muscular imbalances. This leads to overdeveloped quadriceps, and weak and tight underdeveloped muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes. Pilates exercises help strengthen the glutes and the back of the leg and it reduces injury, and improves running efficiency.
#allurepilates #pilatescedarpark #pilatesleander Why is Pilates So Good For Runners? I was an avid runner who trained for marathons, and was also very focused on tennis, another high impact sport that places its own distinct set of stress on the body. I did not feel like I had the mind space to introduce Pilates into my exercise regime which was n...



I couldn't AGREE more!

I just attended a Global Wellness Summit and I was a participant on a panel speaking about the future of fitness. Though I know that extreme fitness systems are growing, virtual classes are now available and will become available more and more in gyms often replacing real human teachers, more fitness companies are plugging fitness machines as new World wellness, I could only talk about raising the intelligence level to make people make smart choices and avoid injuries. I added the importance of Body Sustainability and how with every decade fitness choices need to be re-evaluated to help people improve with age rather than break down and accept this as part of the aging process. Fitness is so often associated with wellness when often it is doing the opposite. People need common sense advice before starting a fitness program. Your personal history helps build a program to help you be successful. It should not be about fitting your body into the next fitness trainers program or group fitness classes. Personalizing a program based on your desired goals along with understanding your age and history is where a fitness program becomes a part of your life wellness program. 06/06/2017

This Is Your Brain on Exercise: Why Physical Exercise (Not Mental Games) Might Be the Best Way to Keep Your Mind Sharp

I LOVE this! Another great reason to get out and move.😁 #Ilovescience In the United States and the UK, we've seen the emergence of a multibillion-dollar brain training industry, premised on the idea that you can improve your memory, attention and powers of reasoning through the right mental exercises. 05/26/2017

How Pilates can alleviate anxiety

"Ultimately, Pilates can help people alleviate anxiety and daily stresses because it rewards (rather than punishes) you for your practice. It’s not about perfection. Yes, you’ll see amazing changes, but the mental connection/control it can provide is, for me, unrivalled." -Johanna Francis Pilates can alleviate anxiety. Read our health and fitness article on how pilates and mindfulness can helped Johanna cope with anxiety. 05/26/2017

Gymnastics & Pilates: A Fantastic Friendship! – Balanced Body Blog

I see quite a few classical Pilates exercises while I observe my girls every week at gymnastics class!😊#pilateslove #balancedbody Gymnastic athletes are being groomed at younger and younger ages. Many factors play into this, and as the level of competition rises, trainers want to help their athletes excel while also preventing injuries. Regular Pilates practice is one way to reduce injuries, increase body awareness and enhance...

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Perfect night for {RUSSIAN SPLITS} on the REFORMER!!! The goal of this exercise is to improve alignment, balance and con...
Some days I probably lπŸ‘€k like this trying to do the ROLL OVER!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ah, arm springs!!! Nothing like kicking your own butt in the studio.😜πŸ’ͺ🏼



Cedar Park, TX

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Monday 8:30am - 1:30pm
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