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Creating highlights that not only look amazing when you leave but STILL look amazing months and months later…..THIS is what I do.


🧐It’s the details. I pay attention to the details. I don’t skip steps because it’s faster or easier.

🗓️ I do the tedious work for you NOW so you get more wear out of each appointment and can go weeks to even months longer than what you’re used to.

And I’m pretty proud of that 😉


I’m soooo particular when it comes to brunettes. If you’re brunette, you know highlights can go wrong(ie. 🍊) real quick.

….and this is why I’m so particular. 😉 Orange is no bueno and no ma’am we do not allow that kind of negativity to exist in my chair.

We named this one Mocha Vanilla latté with a subtle caramel swirl. ☕️ 👌🏼

I feel like this might be a theme for my brunettes this season 🫶🏼



☀️ Those lighter and brighter toned highlights we’ve been doing for the Summer months can start to mellow out as we enter into that PSL season ☕️

My best suggestion for the Pre-Fall color:

🍫 Do a slightly darker & warmer tone for your highlights.

This tone will still go with all the Summer clothes we are ALL STILL WEARING(bc Texas) but it will get your mind and wardrobe ready for the(cross your fingers) Fall weather to come.

Plus it’s gorgeous. So that too 😘


//FALL TRANSITIONS// Is it time for Fall hair yet???

For me, I don’t really get in the Fall spirit until the weather is a little less hellish 🔥

☀️ /🍁 So for a great in between Summer & Fall color, I really love adding a little dimension to the root area behind the highlights that frame the face.

Things I love about doing this:

👌🏼It’s subtle. It’s change but it’s not TOO much change.

👍🏼It’s creating depth and dimension back into the hair in a gradual way.

👏🏻 It’s soft and natural looking.

👐🏻It allows for the most graceful of grow outs.

So for all my highlight girlies, this is your it’s not summer but not yet Fall hair solution! 👩‍🔬



💁‍♀️Always use an *Ember approved* detangling/wet brush. The goal is to be GENTLE and some brushes are more gentle than others.

✌🏼Start your Olaplex lineup as soon as you get home.(I go over the specifics at your appointment)

How you take care of your hair AT HOME largely dictates the health and shine of your hair going forward.

💜 Purple shampoo! Only use AS-NEEDED! Typically, you will need to use it ONCE every 4-5 weeks after your appointment.

⭐️ It is SOO important if you are getting highlights to follow my at-home product protocol. These are products that I use on myself, I use them on every single client, & I know work!

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 03/17/2023


2 tips for my girls with FINE HAIR to get the most VOLUME….

👆🏼Use a volumizing/texture mousse on WET hair and blow dry in with a round brush. Apply to your roots/crown area and some thru the mid to ends of your hair.

✌🏼 Do not let your hair AIR DRY. Your hair needs to be lifted off the scalp by blow drying 👆🏼 It will be flat as a pancake if you let it air dry.

To Hell With The “Rules”: Long Hair Is Now The Go-To Style For The Over 50s 03/16/2023

I say this ALL 👏🏻 THE👏🏻 TIME👏🏻.

If your hair looks good long and YOU LIKE IT, no matter your age, then keep it long!

There’s no such thing as being “too old” to have long hair. It can still look tasteful and not like you’re “trying too hard” 👈🏼 something I also hear often.

To Hell With The “Rules”: Long Hair Is Now The Go-To Style For The Over 50s

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 03/15/2023

//BEFORE & AFTER// but the after first 👌🏼

🗣️Something I make sure to consult with you about is how frequently(realistically speaking) you can plan to see me for your highlights.

🫶🏼I have BEAUTIFUL options for anyone wanting lower maintenance highlights.

A few things you can expect are:

✨ Soft, graceful grow out with little to no line of demarcation.

✨ Tone that will fade nicely without leaving you feeling super brassy.

✨ Helpful tips to keep it looking nice between appointments.


All estheticians everywhere are about to be so mad at me but here we go anyway….

You can be lazy with your skin care, but you CANNOT be lazy with your HAIR CARE. 🫣🫢

Don’t yell at me, esthi’s. 🫶🏼

Your face isn’t going to break off and take another 3+ years to grow back if you neglect your skin care….BUT YOUR HAIR WILL.

You HAVE to do ALL the things I recommend for you CONSISTENTLY so we can make your hair as long, full, soft, and healthy as possible.

It takes a loooong time to grow hair back to its full length once it breaks off, so, ya know….use your products, mmk?

👊🏼So this is me scaring you into getting back on your hair care regimen. 😂😂

Need some at-home hair care recommendations? Send me a message here👇🏼



“I want really stripey highlights that are really noticeable when they grow out” -said no one ever. 🐅

🍦 Smooth, soft, creamy looking highlights that have the most GRACEFUL grow out are my jaaaaaam!

🤍It’s something I pride myself in & am known for.

I do highlights in such a way that you never exactly feel like you’re in dire need of a touch up. 💁‍♀️

🗓️ They grow out softly, and still look amazing EVEN when months have gone by.

If you feel like you’ve got some stripes going on, or you never get that creamy looking blonde no matter how many stylists you’ve tried….It’s time to make a move :) 🚚

Head to my New Guest Page and let’s get you loving your hair! 👇🏼


Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 03/01/2023

This was a journey, y’all.

👉🏼SCROLL FOR A STEP BY STEP but let’s start with the BEST FIRST 😉

🤓Now Let’s break it down.

😵‍💫She came to me with hair that was fragile, over processed, lacked the correct dimension, and was scraggle muffin on the ends.

👍🏼I educated on the correct way to take care of her hair health at home with my specialized hair care regimen.

👍🏼 Got the color corrected with dimension and toned the blonde to a color that no longer washed out her beautiful skin tone.

👍🏼Cleaned up the ends and gave shape with layers.

👍🏼Matched her new color for extensions.

👍🏼Schedule Install date!

👍🏼Installed them & in about 90mins she was out the door whipping her hair around out in the wild 🐅 🦁 lol

✨ She now has hair that she loves, makes her feel confident(and extra segsy 😉), and will be back in 6-8 weeks to get those babies moved back up. ✨

Y’all. Extensions are the EASY part. So if you already have your color where it needs to be and are on top of your hair care routine, you have ONE step!

Let’s match your color and schedule your install!

Click here to book your color matching appointment:


Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 01/30/2023

I am IN LOVE with y’all embracing change! 😍

Confidence looks GOOOOD on you…and your hair looks really good too 😘

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 01/27/2023

A few things I’m known for…

☝🏼Highlights that grow out so well that it almost doesn’t look like you need them done when it’s time to get them done.

🫶🏼Soft, angelic, creamy blondes.

🪄Solving ALL your hair concerns! (Ok, maybe not every single one but, like, a lot of them)

Join my girls that ALWAYS have fresh looking highlights here 👇🏼


Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 01/25/2023

⏰ It’s time to start thinking about elevating your style!

It’s a New Year and there’s nothing gives a better confidence boost than NEW HAIR! 👩‍🦳

It doesn’t have to be a HUGE change…

👍🏼In fact, I appreciate and encourage small changes that have BIG IMPACT.

✨This guest chose to freshen things up by brightening her highlights and having more bold pops of blonde framing her face.

Let’s create SMALL changes with BIG impact to give your look a refresh!

📲Click the link to BOOK NOW!


Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 01/23/2023

Finding colors that work with your skin tone, eye color, and features is something that I’m an EXPERT at.

This guest KNEW something was off about the highlights someone else had given her but she couldn’t figure out what it was…

Insert me 😘

The highlights themselves weren’t poorly done. The COLOR/TONE, PLACEMENT, and FINISHING WORK needed help.

😎REMEMBER…Brunettes need highlights that are supporting cast members with the lead role being your brown base color. (Some exclusions apply 😉)

✨So we created new & different placement for the highlights and softened the tone to compliment her skin & eye color.

✨Cut the hair to accentuate the highlights and also provide a cut she could “grow into” as she wants to grow it a little longer.

⭐️ Key things we accomplished:
🗓️ Lower maintenance
🎨 Dimension created
👌🏼Complimentary color
💇🏽‍♀️Cut that will still look nice even as it grows

Have you been personally victimized by your brassy highlights?? Click the link and I can help!


New Guests | Ember Renee Salon 01/20/2023

/Transformation// PICS IN COMMENTS
The BEFORE & AFTER pics are 🤯🤯👏🏻👏🏻

Before we get started breaking this down, funny story…this special person and I went to cosmetology school together about 100 years ago! Love that our paths crossed again and I can give you a new look!

OK, let’s break this down…

👱🏻‍♀️She has been a blonde for….ever. Bright blonde. And she has very fine hair. She had some pretty significant damage and her top layers were super short from breakage.

💁‍♀️She wanted an update and also something that would be a bit more gentle on her hair as she tried to grow it out longer.


1. Foilayage to redefine the highlights and make a soft, graceful grow out setting her up for 12+ week maintenance schedule. Which, in turn, keeps less lightener on her hair too close together.

2. Root smudge to eliminate the line of demarcation from her previous highlights and to incorporate more of her natural color.

3. HAIRCUTTTT…just by cutting 2ish inches off the back it made her hair appear THICKER, HEALTHIER, and sets her up for a more even grow out.

✨I do “hair revisions” all the time for guests that have been over processed, lack dimension, want healthier hair, want to grow out their hair, and want fewer salon visits.

📲If this is you too, click on the link to get started!

*This guest was also very consistent with her pre-appointment treatment plan I curated for her and got her hair significantly healthier by the time we actually colored her hair.

New Guests | Ember Renee Salon I want to help alleviate some common concerns with finding a new stylist by offering a digital consultation to avoid any hair or pricing "surprises", to establish your hair game plan before you ever sit in my chair, & to make sure my skill set is the right fit for your needs. ​


I am a hair CONSULTANT.

I don’t just “do your hair”.

❔I ask you very intentional, specific questions that help me curate detailed instructions so you can have long term success when it comes to styling & caring for your hair at home.

✏️ I teach you how to style your hair with in depth instructions about how to hold your hands, where to put your brush, and what body position makes it easiest.

💪🏼I tell you what looks best on you and give you options that best suit your styling abilities.

👊🏼If you have any problems you can’t seem to fix with your hair whether it’s styling, applying product, flyaways, frizz….I will help you find a solution that works for you.

✍️I am extremely thorough. I ask you every single question I can to make sure you have the knowledge you need to have the best success with your hair.

My job doesn’t start and end with highlighting or cutting your hair….I make sure to TAKE CARE OF YOU.

I don’t leave you to fend for yourself.

So if you’ve been left to fend for yourself, come see me! I’ll take care of you 🫶

Head to my new guest page on my website and Let’s get started….



And just like that, I conclude another fabulous holiday season!🌲

🫶I love giving each of you my focused attention all year long and especially feel so appreciative that you choose to spend the holidays in the salon with me!

⭐️ There’s something so special hearing about each of your family traditions and your favorite dishes to make(or eat)around the holidays. 🫔

It is definitely a family experience with me & you…we get to know all about each other all year long and as I reflect on the year…I just feel all the feels that you choose ME to share all those moments with.


See you in the New Year!

(I will be out from 12/21-1/3. If you need to reach me, please use my contact form located at www.emberreneesalon.com)

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 12/16/2022

I like to be realistic…

And I like to make sure that I’m giving you the best color that is realistic for how much time you want to spend in the salon.

Here are the top reasons we chose to eliminate her highlights…

☝🏼 She needed lower maintenance color. Most people think adding highlights will disguise grays that come in. In her case, she is a brunette that isn’t 100% gray so it was actually making MORE maintenance for her. She had grays growing , Color growing out, and highlights mixed in with all that. By eliminating her highlights, she now only has grays growing out and the new color matches her natural color.

✌🏼Highlights on any brunette require some maintenance because they inevitably get warmer and sometimes brassy as the toner wears off. So again, we eliminated the highlights bc she needed lower maintenance color.

👉🏼SWIPE for the before picture before we eliminated her highlights.

Sidebar….I am IN LOVE with this new Smokey brown color I’ve come up with! 😍😍


Has anyone guessed my theme for the holidays?


🫵🏻You are taking care of everyone else ALL YEAR LONG…and I know you are because we talk about it ALL YEAR LONG.

You DESERVE to have some time for yourself!

🗓️That’s why I spend months planning for the end of the year because I know how much you need this time to relax.

🥂Every drink, every snack, the warm neck wrap, all the different entertainment options to binge…

They are ALL very intentional and specifically chosen FOR YOU. Because I know they are important to you…and I know you need to feel like someone else is taking care of you.

So don’t be shy….indulge in all of it. Because it is just for you 😘


//BALAYAGE// Bah-lee-ah-ge

🤍Sometimes it’s the subtle things that make the biggest impact & balayage is one of those techniques that produces just that!

😇 Graceful grow out, low commitment, low maintenance, & sun kissed ☀️ all describe the type of highlight balayage will give you!

Great option for highlight first timers or someone wanting low to no commitment!



Gifts are my thing and anything hair related is ESPECIALLY my thing! Save this or send this list to someone who needs a little hint…

1. Slopehill Hair Dryer

2. Hoson 1” Curling Iron


3. Babyliss 1” Titanium Flat iron


4. Olaplex No.8(everyone can use a moisture mask) Great Stocking stuffer!

5. Microfiber Hair Turban. Perfect for friend gifts!



💎 One way to boost shine & add moisture to your hair is by applying a hydrating mask weekly!

I’ve got a special Peppermint Hydrating hair mask that I’m offering all of December for ONLY $5! 🤩

⭐️I only offer these at a HUGE discount a few times a year! ⭐️

⏰ This doesn’t add any time onto your service and is done at the shampoo bowl after your shampoo.

I will make recommendations at your appointment for products to help you maintain the shine & moisture at home 🏡


//Why using a quality curling iron matters//

A couple reasons why using a quality curling iron matters….

1. ♨️Heat. You would think you are doing yourself a favor if the heat doesn’t get too high but on some hair types you HAVE to have a higher heat for the curl to hold. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant beforehand though!

2. ❇️Quality irons are coated with some sort of ceramic. Some are titanium. You don’t want to buy an iron that makes no mention of what the barrel is coated with.

Check out my product highlight for the iron I use and recommend!


🌲Have you checked out the Holiday drink menu available at your December appointment yet?

The Peppermint Patricia is proooooobably my favorite!

Hot drinking chocolate with a creamy swirl of vodka-infused whip cream?!? It’s pretty dang good, if I say so myself ☺️

Plus the peppermint stir stick I put in there is the soft kind—sooo like the best kind 😉 😍

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 12/05/2022

Want a small, non-committal change to your usual bright hue but don’t want to feel “dark”? 👇🏼

ROOT SMUDGE is the answer!

It creates this soft, translucent depth around the root and crown of your head. It allows your highlights to grow out softly with no line of demarcation & gives you the freedom to go longer between appointments.

Swipe for one of my clients that wanted to change it up a bit. First pic is with the root smudge and some lowlight panels added and second pic is her usual blonding! 👌🏼

Let’s chat about it at your next appointment before we start and give you a fun, new change!

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 12/01/2022

I teased a couple months ago that I was doing it bigger this year for the holidays and along with treating you to special discounts I have a super festive holiday drink menu!

🌲 I present you with my 2022 Holiday Drink lineup! 🥂

I will also have the usuals if you’d prefer those!

Photos from Ember Renee Salon's post 11/30/2022

My thoughts on brunettes with highlights is pretty straightforward…

If you want to stay a brunette, you have to strategically place highlights to give dimension, brightness, & interest.

Not too many though!

Too many highlights on a brunette will create a blonde sheet of hair totally defeating the original purpose.

Flip through to see her before picture! We rebalanced her highlights because she had too many creating the “sheet of blonde” and gave her a tone complimentary to her skin tone & eye color.

If you are a Brunette with too many highlights, let’s setup a consult to get you back on track!



I know y’all have been patiently waiting for me to reveal all that December has to offer & I have to start with a mainstay here at Ember Renee Salon aaaand…..


This is one of the ways I give you a little treat in the form of a surprise discount to be used at your appointment!

When you arrive you will pick a numbered ornament off the tree and it has a corresponding gold envelope for you to open and reveal your prize!

It can only be used that day so make it count!

P.s. there may be some retail discounts in there so wait to buy all of your products til your appointment!

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