Vine Beauty

Vine beauty is a clean cosmetic line formulated to withstand and tame the Texas climate.


Hello Spring! Our beautiful L I P L I G H T S™ lipstick lipveil in the shade Khristy at Camp Lucy. This creamy lipveil will leave your lips soft and moisturized. Think of it as a glorified lip balm made with Organic Shea butter. You never want to take it off!! We are finalizing our website and will post when our online store is ready!!


Happy first day of Spring! It's 54°here in Texas but that doesn't keep us from getting excited about a new season. 🐥🐥🐥🌱 Our model is wearing:
EYE LIGHTS™ long lasting eyeshadow.
Weightless Performance Liquid Foundation in the shade River Oaks.
Golden hour bronzer in the shade Padre Island
Khristy at Camp Lucy liplight lipveil.


Red carpet red ♥️ 🍒 I'm loving all the red carpet looks for the Oscars tonight!


Our yummy lippies are so moisturizing for your lips 👄💋 Made with:
🌿Organic Shea butter
🌿 Organic Jojoba oil - May help with free radical damage from the sun. 
May help with retaining moisture
Organic Jojoba seed oil - May help with hydration, has the highest level of nutrients and antioxidants
Organic Grape seed oil – A natural Phytoceramide that prevents aging and adds moisture.


Our beautiful lip products that heal and protect your lips. Our stimulip smoothes and plumps lips with natural peptides and improved lip contour by stimulating collagen production. Our lipstick lipveils contain Phyto-ceramides that can reduce signs of aging. This powerful duo all you need for ultimate care and protection for your lips 💄.


Our Liplights™ also known as our lipveil lipsticks are so creamy and moisturizing! This shade, Jordan in Jonestown, is so beautiful and light. It is a creamy peach n**e 🍑 which has some hints of warm tones. Add some to your cheek for a pop of color as well!


So much love has gone into designing my makeup line . We have our testers in and ready to make people beautiful. Our website will be going live soon!


This was such a treasure to find this picture the other day. I'm doing makeup (at least 12 years ago) for one of my dearest friends photoshoot who now is a successful mountain mover in this world🌼💎 I wear a lot of her jewelry at work and in my photos 🙂 .
One of the many benefits of doing hair and makeup, is meeting all the amazing people that continue to influence me.. I get inspired just knowing the people that have blessed my life. 💓💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡 So much love has gone into creating . I can't wait until it's ready to launch!!!


Today was a high of 83° today in Texas and it is JANUARY! Who else didn't know what to wear? Our weightless Power Performance Foundation will last all day in these extreme climate barriers. All of is designed to perform without the weight. Benefits of our Power Performance Liquid Foundations:
🌿 Comes in 7 amazing shades
🌿 Silicone free
🌿 Vegan - zero animal ingredients
🌿 Phyto-ceramides (sunflower oil) - an anti-aging element suitable for sensitive skin.
🌿 Organic Aloe Leaf extract - moisturizes and protects skin


The weather is sunny ☀️ and 77° today. Perfect weather to bring in the new year. Our Weightless Power Performance foundation will give your skin all you need is these unpredictable weather patterns here in Texas. One thing is for sure, it'll moisturize and protect your skin. All the loveliness of our powerful foundations include:
🌿 Organic Aloe extract - heals, moisturize and prevents wrinkles
🌿Organic Sunflower oil - a natural ceramide which helps fight the signs of aging
🌿Chamomile flower extract - helps to reduce inflammation and redness.

Photos from Vine Beauty's post 01/01/2023

Introducing our Weightless Power Performance Liquid Foundation. Our lightest fair shade is called Clarksville. Made with Organic Aloe Leaf extract 🌿 to soothe and moisturize skin. This powerful ingredient can slow the signs of aging👏🏻👏🏻 along with other powerful ingredients this is a magic foundation that will leave your skin feeling so soft even after you take it off 😁
The name of this shade is very near and dear to me because I started my beauty career in this area (Clarksville) I lived off 10th Street and West Lynn for many years .❤️❤️
All of our shades names are named after areas in Texas. Stay tuned for more announcements!!! We are looking forward to launching our online store soon!


Our in the shade Khristy at Camp Lucy! This is a shade that you will definitely want to try. It is our beige mauve with a creamy finish. So yummy for the lips 👄


I love wearing our liplight lipveil lipstick in the shade Jordan in Jonestown. We were heading out for our Christmas dinner in the lovely city of Santa Fe. It was 48 ° and the air was dry, our liplight lipveil kept my lips from chapping and our protected and moisturized 💦 my skin.


Our lip light lip veil in the shade Tille In Taylor is perfect red for any skin tone. It's so creamy and glides on smoothly! Made with:
💄 Organic Shea Butter
💄 Organic Jojoba Seed Oil
💄 Organic Grapeseed Oil
💄 Organic Vitamin E
Why do we benefit from these ingredients on our lips? Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed oil naturally contain ceramides. Ceramides make up about half of our skins top layer. As we age unfortunately, these levels start to decrease. Ceramides, which keep our skin moisturized and smooth, are important for keeping your skin looking hydrated and supple. Our lipveil lipstick will keep your lips hydrated while providing a beautiful color!!!! Get yours soon!!!


These are our beautiful lip light lip veils. Our lip veils are meant to veil your lips with moisture and lightweight color! Highly pigmented and vegan friendly. You definitely want to try these Lippies!
💄Jordan in Jonestown is our warm peachy n**e shade with a creamy finish.
💄Khristy at Camp Lucy is our beige mauve with a creamy finish.
💄Tillie in Taylor is our true red with a creamy finish.
💄Betty in Boerne is our true plum with a creamy finish.
We can't wait for you to try these creamy beauties!!!


These are our beautiful lip light lip veils. Our lip veils are meant to veil your lips with moisture and lightweight color! Highly pigmented and vegan friendly. You definitely want to try these Lippies!
💄Jordan in Jonestown is our warm peachy n**e shade with a creamy finish.
💄Khristy at Camp Lucy is our beige mauve with a creamy finish.
💄Tillie in Taylor is our true red with a creamy finish.
💄Betty in Boerne is our true plum with a creamy finish.
We can't wait for you to try these creamy beauties!!!

Photos from Vine Beauty's post 12/20/2022

Last night at our Christmas party, I introduced one of my lipsticks to my best friend, Khristy Carley Kubran
Not only did I give it to her as a gift but I named this shade after her. It's my mauve n**e lipstick that is one of her favorite shades. It is called "khristy at Camp Lucy" if you have a bff or someone that is near and dear to you, keep them forever! So many memories were made last night and unforgettable friendships for life ❤️ this one is for all your bff's!!!


Some exciting things happening tonight! Stayed tuned 🎵🎵🎵🎵🌲❤️💚


What a nice sunny day to wear our peachy n**e in the shade called Jordan in Jonestown. These lipsticks are smooth and creamy with intense moisture 💦💦 keep your lips moisturized this winter. Our lipsticks are also.
💄 Vegan friendly
💄 Gluten free
Made with:
✨Organic Shea Butter
✨Organic Jojoba Oil
✨Organic Grapeseed Oil
✨Organic Vitamin E oil


Our in the shade Jordan in Jonestown! This one is a creamy n**e with warm peach tones. Our shade name came upon me because Jonestown,Texas is one of my favorite places to drive through the beautiful rolling hills and enjoy some views of Lake Travis. The cities motto is aptly named "Gateway to the Hill Country"


The weather in Texas right now is 72 and humid! So unpredictable as we approach winter. One things for sure, has all the magic in our ingredients to keep your skin hydrated in the winter without the weight! Our is one you definitely have to try! We are just around the corner from launching our online store yay!


Our in the shade Mandy in Marfa. All of our lipveils are super lightweight and moisturizing. Think of it as a supercharged lip balm but with amazing pigment!! 💄💄 Advantages of our lipveil:
💦Organic Shea butter
💦Organic Jojoba Oil
💦Organic Grapeseed Oil


Introducing our . These beauties are made with: 🌱🌱🌱Organic Shea butter - helps moisturize and nourish
🌱Organic jojoba - helps protect skin from harsh weather conditions
🌱Grapeseed oil - high in antioxidant content to protect skin from free radicals
🌱Vitmain E - helps relieve dry lips
💄They will be available in 5 gorgeous shades!!!

Photos from Vine Beauty's post 12/09/2022

Our is one you will definitely want to try this season! Our lipveil is a lipstick that is lightweight but also rich and creamy. I named this shade "Betty in Boerne". My husband's mom went by the nickname Betty, I wish I got the chance to meet her. This is our little reminder of her spirit.This one's for you Betty we love you and miss you! Ready for sale soon!


Exciting things happening here at Vine! Follow us on Instagram, I'll be going LIVE on both platforms soon! on Instagram


Introducing our In a true plum shade. This one is called our Betty in Boerne shade. Give your lips some ❤️ with our creamy moisturizing formula. Built to moisturize in any climate 💄💄🌿🌱 will be available for purchase soon!!


Our is a unique lipstick that veils your lips with color while providing moisture with our organic Shea butter, Vitamin E and Grapeseed oil blend. Tillie In Taylor liplight lipstick will be available for purchase soon!!


Here In Texas we are used to expecting the unexpected in December weather. So far in December this year, no snowy blasts have come yet but the leaves are now changing colors🍁🍁🍁. Our is super lightweight while providing a rich and creamy finish! Tillie in Taylor is the perfect shade of red for any occasion especially the holidays!!


Getting ready for the holidays! Our stunning red is a beautiful rich red that is creamy and leaves your lips so soft!! We have named this one Tillie In Taylor! We will be ready for shipments in a week or 2!! Getting so close !


I absolutely LOVE what I do. This Is where a lot of my magic happens, whether it be a custom hair color or makeup, I find beauty in it all. I'm so excited to have created a makeup line that is not only clean but performs all day with a weightless feel.


Finalizing our packaging and formulas has been a delight. We chose our chrome silver with an airless pump. I'm so excited for you guys to try our clean line of cosmetics 💋💋💋

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