Matthew Thome

Matthew Thome


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Matt Thome with US Health Advisors is Circle of Trust's SUPERHERO OF HEALTH! Matt was one of our featured presenters this week. Watch this great clip from his presentation and learn why he has such a passion for what he does.

Contact Matt today so he can help you get the best health insurance coverage for you and your family!

Matt Thome
US Health Advisors
(480) 249-0400
[email protected]
Matthew Thome

Licensed Health Advisor serving you to find the health coverage you need and deserve

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What do you have in place financially for catastrophic medical events?

It can take one accident or illness to completely wipe out everything you worked so hard for if you don’t have the right coverage in place.

Let’s talk today to make sure your family is protected.


Happy Saint Patricks Day!


Ok, who is guilty of this? I know I am.


Is your health coverage out of this world? If not then let’s talk and send that old coverage into orbit. NASA's Johnson Space Center


What do you have in place in the event a catastrophic event happens?

There’s are only 2 solutions to protect you. A million dollars in your bank account or coverage that protects you medically and financially.

I don’t know about you but if I had a million dollars set aside I wouldn’t want to spend all that hard earned money on a medical bill.

If you don’t have a million set aside then let’s talk about your coverage.
If you have a million set aside let’s grab lunch.
One way or the other we should talk.


Health Insurance 101

What is a copay?


Happy Valentine’s Day! While the typical heart-shaped valentine card isn’t exactly anatomically correct, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some interesting heart facts.

Do you have any to add? Drop them in the comments!


In order to be truly successful you have to suffer.
You have to put your mind to the test and take over the wheel when it tells you to quit.

What keeps you motivated?

For me it’s knowing that if I give my all now then my family will enjoy the benefits along the way and for the remainder of time.


When you love what you do it’s all you talk about. What do you love about your career?


With a dedicated agent you don’t have to worry about being stuck on hold for 40 minutes. You’re busy with your family and own career. Let me do all the heavy lifting for you.


What are your goals for 2022?

I started using this chart for SMART about a year ago and what a difference it has made.

What do you do to make sure you accomplish your goals?


The U.S. Health Care system is like the Titanic — a big, fancy,
expensive ship that unequally doles out limited resources depending on class
status and is destined to hit an iceberg and sink. 🚢 🧊

So, if you were to hit that “catastrophic iceberg” what is your coverage going to do?

Are you going down with the ship or does it have enough life rafts to save everyone on board?


Just a winter tip from your Superhero of Health 🦸‍♂️:

Be more cognizant 🤔 when it comes to drinking water during the winter ❄️. When it’s cold out our bodies don’t give us as many notifiers for thirst as it does in the summer.

🏥 According to the Institue of Medicine, men should drink 13 cups and women should drink 9 cups of water daily.

💧 Stay hydrated my friends. 💧



How many of y’all are apart of a networking group or go to networking events? What’s your favorite?

I love my BNI chapter. The relationships that I’ve built over the years is priceless.

Having 50+ dependable and honest professionals from numerous fields to be able to serve your clients every need is beyond beneficial.

Comment below with your favorite.


Open enrollment is over. We can still help you though. You can enroll in the private sector 365 days a year. Let’s talk today if you missed the open enrollment train.


Is your coverage not getting the job done?
Let’s take a look at what you have, it might be a simple fix.


This is the last week of open enrollment for 2022. Do you have your coverage selected? If not let’s sit down and go over your options.


If you missed the deadline yesterday for a January 1 start date for you health insurance then I have great news for you. It’s ok! You can still get onto something. Let’s talk and get that knocked out so you can focus on waiting for Santa.


What’s your favorite Christmas song?


There’s about a month left in open enrollment. Do you have your 2022 coverage taken care of or are you trying to shop for Christmas and coverage at the same time? Reach out and let’s get it off your list so you can focus on the goodies.


Just checking in to see if you’re procrastinating getting your health coverage taken care of.


Are you Christmas decorations up? Even if you can’t tell, Bella is pretty excited.


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.


How was everyone’s weekend? How many calories did your football team make you consume?


Do you have this problem? Let’s solve that so I can handle all of your customer service needs.


Happy Veterans Day to all who served from storming beaches to trekking through the deserts in a foreign land. The sacrifices you made on and off the battlefield is the reason we have the best country in the world with a land of opportunity. Thank you.


It’s now one week into Open Enrollment. Don’t wait until the last minute. Let’s get this checked off of your list so you can focus on the fun things.


4 easy things to lower your cholesterol.

Not only are you healthier but your mood and energy are in a better place. 💪


Look what I saw at Home Depot. When do you start decorating?


🚨 Do you know the warning signs of a heart attack?


“Food for thought”


It’s Thursday and open enrollment starts Monday. What are you doing this year for your coverage? Let’s get you locked into your 2022 rate and get it out of the way.


🥸 Here’s just a few ways you can prevent heartburn.

What do you do to stay healthy? Comment below 👇

Veteran continuing service to our great country

I am a Marine Corps veteran with a passion of helping and serving the people of our great nation. Residing in Texas but licensed in multiple states. I’m here to take care of you, your family or small business.

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Memorial Day
Finally, health coverage for small biz.
Receiving an expensive medical bill


Health Coverage



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