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Photos from Swoon lash & brow's post 06/11/2021

~ SWIPE ~ to see the transformation.

• Keratin Lash lift + Tint
• Brow Shape + Tint


Gorgeous 👌🏻💛
Swooning over this subtle transformation... #browtintandwax #lashlift #swoonworthy


What type of bees make milk?...


Tint & shape never disappoints 👌🏻


Brows transformation!!
Tint & shape magic... 🙌🏻💛


Just. WOW!!! 🔥

A WOW set of lashes for this beauty.

⬅️ swipe for before & after @ Swoon lash & brow

squaremktg.com 05/27/2020

We're Open! Please Review Our COVID-19 Guidelines.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Dear Swoon Community,

We are excited to be back at work and accepting appointments. We want to assure you that your safety is our top priority. Please review the following guidelines to ensure that you have a stress-free experience with us. Due to high demand and how we stagger appointments, we ask that you do not make any last-minute cancellations. We hope to see you very soon!

squaremktg.com Click here for an update from swoon lash and brow!


❗️New Studio Guidelines❗️

Please read carefully...
We will require the outlined protocol. 🙏🏻

Miss y’all!


We’re officially open! 👌🏻

Can’t wait to see you!


Yes, it’s true! And while this is very exciting news... for the safety of all involved there are guidelines and preventive measures that must take place prior to welcoming clients back. Please keep an eye out for an email with further details.

Thank you so much for your patience! 🙏🏻

squaremktg.com 04/28/2020


Update: Lash Removal; Lash Growth Products; Gift Cards and More!

Hello Swoon Friends,

As a quick update, and not unexpectedly, Gov of Texas announced that as of midnight on April 30th he was going to let the shelter in place edict terminate.
However, as many of you are well aware on April 27th,
under executive order GA-18 is issued by Gov. Greg Abbot all cosmetology salons(including nail salons, estheticians, and mini-salons), barber shops and massage establishments shall remain closed.

As such, the salon's mandated close requirements are extended, as well.
May 18th is the presumptive date (AKA) phase 2, presuming all goes well in relation to COVID-19 cases.

Swoon Lash & Brow has always taken extreme caution with respect to cleanliness and sanitization and will continue to do so as we all come out the other side of this situation.

A heartfelt thank you to all, for your continued support and well-wishes.
Stay safe & healthy!

Growth Products for Your Lashes! Flat Rate Shipping

If you would like to purchase products while we are closed please email your order to [email protected] and your order will be shipped directly to you with a flat shipping rate of $5. We will accept payment in the form of Venmo.

We recommend these products during this time:



You can only purchase these products through authorized resellers like Swoon. Place your order today.

Care for Your Lashes While You Stay Home and Stay Safe

While our beauty routines may seem inconsequential during this time, many of you are left wondering what to do now that you can’t keep up with them – namely, you lash extensions. To help your cope during this time lash extensions, until your lash technicians can come to the rescue that is, here is an easy-to-follow, 3-step regime should you need it!

1. Don’t Attempt to Remove Extensions Themselves

(AKA-pulling them off) please, don't do this.

2. Try Aquaphor or Vaseline

There are some things they can do to speed up the process, like applying Aquaphor to lashes at night. This will help loosen the bonds without any pulling or rubbing.

3. Incorporate RevitaLash® Advanced into your Daily Routine
(Place an order by emailing me)

Our fan favorite product, RevitaLash® Advanced, is formulated with lash-loving ingredients like peptides, lipids, Biotin and Green Tea Extract. This serum will condition and strengthen lashes, protect against breakage, improve flexibility and shine, and result in more beautiful looking lashes. Essentially, it’s everything you'll need to get through the awkward period after your extensions have fallen off.

Gift Cards:

squaremktg.com Click here for an update from swoon lash and brow!


Sending LOVE & LIGHT 🙏🏻🐣


During these unprecedented times,
we’re so thankful to be able to serve our loyal clientele. We will continue to provide a safe and sanitized environment throughout this pandemic.
We are also fortunate to offer a one on one environment. HOWEVER, please do your due diligence in rescheduling your appointment should you feel at all under the weather, have traveled in the last 2 weeks, or have been in contact with any illness.
Stay healthy my friends!
We will be waiveing any cancellation at this time.


During these unprecedented times.
We’re so thankful to be able to serve our loyal clientele. We will continue to provide a safe and sanitized environment throughout this pandemic.
We are also fortunate to offer a one on one environment. However, please do your due diligence in rescheduling your appointment should you feel at all under the weather, have traveled in the last 2 weeks, or have been in contact with any illness.
Stay healthy my friends!
We will be waiveing any cancellation fees at this time.

forbes.com 01/10/2020

Moving Beyond Likability: 5 Principles For Women Leaders That Men Can Learn From Too

Moving beyond likability may be hard, but these guidelines can help all leaders.

forbes.com Despite an abundance of examples of strong women leaders, concerns about likability continue to plague women. So what? It's time to focus on something more important than likability: connection, relationship, intetrity and vision.


Our eyelash extension services are sure to have everyone swooning at your new lashes!

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inc.com 01/08/2020

Women in Business: Six Secrets for Success

Want some secrets to succeeding?

Try these six secrets from thriving female business owners!

inc.com These hard-won lessons can make any business more successful.


If you let your failure overcome you, you won't have the courage to try again. http://ow.ly/EWsZ50xPx2Q

atxwoman.com 01/06/2020

Marsha Stephanson is Raising Awareness of Postpartum Depression

This Texas mom is helping others on their postpartum journey with her new "mom-centric" business.

atxwoman.com Inspired by her own motherhood experience, Marsha Stephanson created a mom-centric business serving mothers during the postpartum journey.


Based on recent estimates by the World Economic Forum, women's pay isn't expected to globally equal men's for over 200 years. http://ow.ly/y2yx50xI9Cz


Perfect, natural-looking lashes are only an appointment away!

Book an eyelash lift today. http://ow.ly/Pvsr50xIbQQ


Even in the U.S., there has been a decline of women pursuing computer science.

See what's keeping them from STEM and why it's important. http://ow.ly/9jaY50xI9X0


The team at Swoon Lash and Brow hope you have a Happy New Year! http://ow.ly/Omt450xIa99

forbes.com 12/30/2019

How Women Succeed

Just like every other aspect in life, it's who you know that can get you a step ahead.

Learn why it's good for you to know other successful women.

forbes.com Despite efforts to diversify the workplace, women still are not treated equitably and women’s networks are uniquely suited to support women in navigating these challenges.

themarysue.com 12/28/2019

The Importance of Leia Organa as We Approach Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

With the release of the new Star Wars movie, see how Leia became a figure of empowerment.

themarysue.com As we prepare to watch 'The Rise of Skywalker', it is important to look at the personal and cultural significance of General Leia Organa.


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pulse2.com 12/26/2019

Melinda Gates: Investing In Women Is Good Business

Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, has recently said she expects women to alter the workforce this upcoming year dramatically!

pulse2.com Melinda Gates recently said that investing in women is good business. And in 2020, she is expecting women to alter the workforce dramatically.


Your friends at Swoon Lash and Brow wish you Happy Holidays! http://ow.ly/lABz50xHR7k

hbr.org 12/24/2019

How to Recruit More Women to Your Company

Research shows that companies are trying their hardest to make their workplaces diverse in gender.

Here are some tips for recruiting more women.

hbr.org Based on several studies at LinkedIn.

forbes.com 12/21/2019

Taylor Swift’s Christmas Video: A Savvy Businesswoman’s Guide On How To Connect With People

Taylor Swift shows just how much of a businesswoman she is as she connects with people in her newest Christmas video.

Take some tips for the pro.

forbes.com The singer-songwriter reveals more of herself in home movies, giving people what they want and boosting her career.


When you work hard enough, you can create the courage to do anything. http://ow.ly/mLOZ50xCBWG

atxwoman.com 12/19/2019

Sanctuary Project is Creating Jobs for Sex-trafficking Survivors

Helping build a sense of self-worth, confidence, and a community, this Austin woman is creating opportunities for others with the Sanctuary Project.

atxwoman.com As a trafficking survivor herself, Holly Hayes is creating the opportunities she didn’t have.


With flawless brows, you'll look ready for anything.

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forbes.com 12/17/2019

Tech Entrepreneur Is Making The World Safe For Her Daughter

Trying to help protect future generations, this female entrepreneur is taking the tech world by storm!

forbes.com The 2018 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which took the lives of 17 people and injured 17 more, was the tragic impetus for tech entrepreneur Lisa Falzone to launch her latest company, Athena Security.

atxwoman.com 12/13/2019

Meet the First Latina Bourbon Maker in Texas - Austin Woman Magazine

In the lead of Texas women in whiskey, Samantha Olvera-Moreno is making her way in the industry as the first Latina bourbon maker in Texas.

atxwoman.com Samantha Olvera-Moreno is building sisterhood within the Texas bourbon industry one glass at a time.

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