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Whoa! New R+F product alert here: ⭐️Introducing SPOTLESS!!⭐️ Rodan + Fields’ NEWEST Regimen for Acne, Blemishes and Breakouts and designed specifically for Teens and Young Adults!! 👦🏻👱🏻‍♀️👧🏽🧑🏼👩🏻🧒🏽

SUPER SIMPLE! 2 STEPS ONLY because our teens are always on the run, and SPOTLESS starts delivering results on DAY 1 !!!

✔️Eliminates acne-causing bacteria
✔️Deep cleans and clear pores, reducing their visible size
✔️Helps clear blackheads, whiteheads and pimples
✔️Helps prevent new blemishes from forming
✔️Controls and reduces the appearance of oiliness and shine

Developed by Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, SPOTLESS takes their proven track record for effectively treating acne to new heights.

Message me with any questions or to get on my VIP LIST and be the first to receive SPOTLESS when it launches to Preferred Customers on Feb 21st!! PS Consultants can get this now!

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Hi friends! I’ll be at the Market Days event at Pearson Ranch Middle School in Round Rock this Saturday from 8am-2pm. Come out and visit me! Let’s talk about the new R+F products, play with the microdermabrasion paste, get a free mini facial kit and enter a draw to win an amazing prize. Hope to see you there!


True story! ❤️


It's all about the RetinAl Revolution! On Monday, October 30th at 8pm EST (7pm CST), we're having a fun and exciting virtual LIVE event! We're showing off the new AMP MD 2.0 Roller and our Intensive Renewing Serum. Seriously, you won't want to miss this.

If you're new to virtual events, all you have to do is grab your laptop, phone, tablet, whatever you have and join us online. No need to get out of your jammies. Grab a glass of wine and meet us on the event page on October 30th. I'll be online watching too as we'll have one of our fabulous consultants hosting a live event. We'll chat about the new RetinAl serum and the new Bright Eye Complex while answering all your burning R+F questions. There might even be product giveaways. ;)

If you want to be added to the event page, just comment below or message me saying "I want in".

Also, be sure to get your name on my VIP waitlist for the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex (available on November 2nd), and you will receive a gift. Say goodbye to those tired looking eyes!


Rodan + Fields

One of the latest R+F's products. I can not wait to try it out for myself. Or better yet, I can't wait to use it alongside my Multi-function eye cream. OOooh! Tired eyes? Let's wake them up!

Bright Eye Complex has arrived! #GoBrightAhead and get on your Consultant's VIP list today.


So, we sleep for about a third of our lives. And we get wrinkles while we do it. So what's the solution?
The best thing to do is sleep on your back, so your face never comes in contact with the pillow. It's not an easy thing for this side sleeper who tosses and turns most of the night.
The next best thing? Try a new pillow. Like the NIGHT pillow or the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle pillow. Don't want to throw down $160 on a pillow?
Upgrade your pillow case. Silk and satin pillowcases will allow your face to slip and slide along the surface.
But at the end of the day, your best wrinkle defense is R+F's Night Renewing Serum that will keep those wrinkles at bay. And you'll be amazed how soft and silky your skin will feel in the morning. Happy snoozing!


This amazing deal is about to go back in the R+F vault!
For how long? No one can say.
Don't miss out! Buy your favorite regimen + Active Hydration Serum and get your travel sized regimen for FREE.
Only until September 28th! Get in touch with me for more details.


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I have seen R+F's Reverse Regimen do some amazing things and get some truly wonderful results. Reverse Lightening or Reverse Brightening? Find out which one is right for you. Message me. xo


Hey friends! Hope all's well where you are. Summer is almost over, but don't be sad because... 🙂 There's a big Rodan + Fields virtual flash sale this Wednesday that I wanted to let you know about. I'd be happy to add you to the event, let me know.
Check out the invite below:

Join us for our very first EVER Summer Flash Sale Event! It's all HERE on Facebook, at 8:30pm EST (7:30CST) on Wednesday, August 16th!

We will be offering some HOT pricing on all of your Fave Rodan and Fields products!

Many of these clinically proven, dermatologist created products are on our list of "Must Haves" for your Skincare Arsenal!

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the Rules of the Game and make sure you are Locked and Loaded at 8:30pm sharp, on the group page to claim your deals!

Limited quantities being offered on our specials so don't miss out!


It's Sunday and time for some PERSPECTIVE!!!

Because...PERSPECTIVE is key to decision making, and this is a very real conversation I've had recently.

🔹Some people's PERCEPTION is that because they have a few friends selling R+F, it "MUST" be saturated. I'm big on taking a closer look at things from a wider basically looking at the REALITY...
🔹The number of total R+F consultants in the US AND Canada doesn't even equal the total number of people in the lowest populated state in the U.S...which is Wyoming. We only have approx. 250,000 consultants (and many of those are only in it for a bigger discount and and aren't building a the business). We are currently in CANADA and the US, and next we launch in Australia...and then...a new country!
🔹Every single person you know has SKIN and is AGING. Every damn one. New people are being born...turning 20...30...40...etc. all the time & wanting solutions for their skin for now, or preventative measures for later.
🔹Vision is thinking BIGGER than the few people you know sharing R+F. This is a #LEGACYBRAND and business that I will be able to leave to my children, and my children's children and so on!!

So are we Saturated?
NOT.EVEN.CLOSE. Have you got the vision yet?

🔹When a BILLION 💲 GLOBAL brand, who just ranked #1 in all of North America, asks YOU if you want to partner with's worth a conversation.
#ificandothissocanyou #havethevision


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Beautiful lashes ✔️
Flawless skin ✔️✔️

I am SOOOO excited that this offer is back!! Bundle any of our regimens with Lash Boost and get 20% off! PC's get an additional 10%.


Message me for exact numbers and I'll gladly share how much you will save!!



True story!


Active Hydration Serum. So what's the big deal, it's just a moisturizer right? Not at all!
Inside this serum is Rodan + Field's patent-pending 3D3P Molecular Matrix that delivers 30% Glycerin (and that is an insane amount and just what our skin needs) and cross-linked with Hyaluronic Acid. It draws moisture from the atmosphere, forming a water reservoir on the skin's surface, allowing it to take in hydration as needed. I know, it sounds like it's right up there with unicorns and pots of gold, but this is some pretty amazing stuff here.
It's not sticky like some other Glycerin products can be, not oily or greasy and it won't irritate your skin or cause clogged pores or breakouts. Try it out for yourself and feel how silky soft this serum is. Seriously, even my hubby is using it.


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Check out this great deal! Buy the Lash Boost and the Active Hydration Serum and get the eye cloths for free. ALL are amazing products. Message me today for more info!


Have you tried R+F Hydration Serum yet?

What are the key ingredients?
💦R+F's proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix reengineers the best super-hydrators - maximized 30% glycerin and cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

What do they do?
💦 Instantly raises skin's hydration level by 200% after just one use and keeps it there for 8 hours
💦 100% increase in skin's moisture retention after one week
💦 94% saw an improvement in moisture after 2 weeks


It's true! I've "suffered" from all of these side effects countless times. But I just can't quit this amazing paste. :D


I want to show you your own before and after photos. Give me a shout. ❤️


There is no better time to check out a new skincare regimen AND Lash Boost, the amazing eye lash conditioning serum that will have you breaking up with your mascara forever. Take the 60 day challenge today! #rodanandfields #lashboost


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Joanne Peacock, Rodan + Fields Consultant's cover photo


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The Lash Boost gift pack has been extended ONE DAY only. Tonight, until midnight, when you purchase your Lash Boost, you will receive a free REDEFINE multi-function eye cream and a beautiful cosmetics pouch. This is an amazing deal and both of these products are mind blowing. If you're interested, contact me as soon as possible.


Check out these Soothe regimen before and after photos. AMAZING!


Joanne Peacock, Rodan + Fields Consultant's cover photo




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Joanne Peacock, Rodan + Fields Consultant



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