Adventure Tae Kwon Do

Adventure Tae Kwon Do

This page is dedicated to our Dojang (School) members, activities and news. Adventure Tae Kwon Do Specializes in both Traditional Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

We also teach some Weapons and pull from a wide range of styles when the lesson applies well to our training. Class Schedule:
5:00pm - 5:45pm - Family Class (All Belts)
5:45pm - 6:30pm - Beginner / Intermediate
6:30pm - 7:15pm - Advanced
7:15pm - 8:00pm - Hapkido

5:00pm - 5:45pm - Family Class (All Belts)
5:45pm - 6:30pm - Advanced
6:30pm - 7:15pm - Beginner / Intermediate

Operating as usual

[06/09/14]   Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all about to embark on a wonderful summer. To update you on what I'm doing in Iowa:

- This summer I've taken over as the head instructor of the Hapkido Club at the University of Iowa
- I'm practicing Judo
- My balloon business is taking off well enough that people are stopping me on the streets to say how much they enjoyed seeing me perform and remembering my name.
- My wife and I are taking a vacation in Puerto Rico in July... we're looking forward to that!

Have a great summer and please stay in touch!


[03/13/14]   I hope you're all enjoying your Spring Break. I look forward to seeing you all back in class next week! - KJN Chad

[02/10/14]   No Hapkido specialty class tonight -

5pm Family Class
545pm Beginner/Intermediate
630pm Advanced

[02/07/14]   It may be cold and a bit icy out, but class is on for tonight at 5pm! Come get your new belts!

[02/06/14]   New belts will be distributed tonight at class!

[01/26/14]   A Testimonial from an ATKD parent yesterday:

Hello Chad and Paul,

I'm ___'s mother - he's the six-year-old who started attending class at Adventure Tae Kwon Do about three weeks ago. I just wanted you both to know how pleased our family is with how things are progressing so far,

Your school is quite different from the one he attended in California - in a good way. There the class sizes were huge and it always felt like the number one priority was making money. Adventure Tae Kwon Do is the opposite.

When we were shopping for schools in Austin, I gave _____ the choice of where he wanted to go (with our approval of course). He chose Adventure. I believe this has much to do with Master Paul Rana and his making him feel comfortable and enthusiastic from our first visit.

Master Rana's combination of passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, kindness and skill is not easy to come by. He makes students want to learn and is firm but encouraging at the same time.

Just wanted you to know how happy we are to have found you all.

[01/22/14]   Belt Testing this Saturday Jan. 25th at 10am! Practice and prepare!

[01/12/14]   Congratulations to all those who took their Black Belt tests this Saturday. I just heard from Master Rana that everyone did an exceptional job and I'm very excited to see the video! Great work everyone!
KJN Chad

[01/10/14]   Class is cancelled today - rest up for tomorrows test at 10am! 01/09/2014

Po-Eun Hyung (Full-Speed)

Black Belt Testing this Saturday at 10am.

All students are encouraged to attend and observe our high ranks test on every bit of curriculum from White Belt - 2nd Dan Black.

Bring your sparring gear too as they will be required to spar many rounds with multiple partners. Kwang-Gae Hyung performed at full-speed by Master Paul Rana of Adventure TaeKwonDo. See our other hyung videos for every form performed slowly and fast for i...


Noah and Sidney's Ho Sin Sool

Great classes today! Excellent perseverance from everyone in our new, dynamic fitness warm-ups today.

Check out Sidney and Noah in their Ho Sin Sool practice today.

Pre-Arranged Fight Skit between Sidney & Noah, two of our Sr. Red Belts at Adventure Tae Kwon Do. Posted by Adventure Tae Kwon Do in Cedar Park, Texas http:/...

[01/06/14]   Back to classes full strength today!

[01/02/14]   Back to regular scheduling today, from here on out:

Thursday - Sparring in all classes
5pm: Family Class
5:45pm: Advanced
6:30pm: Beginner/Intermediate
7:15pm: Yoga

[12/25/13]   I hope you are all having a happy holiday season. I wish you all health and happiness. KJN Chad


Vanilla Ice Ninja Rap - Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO!

The school is closed the next week, have a great holiday week everyone!

NINJA RAP T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE! This is the music video from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2... 12/21/2013

Academic Knowledge

Academic Knowledge updated for our 1st and 2nd Dan Black Belt candidates Academic Knowledge – Sr. White Belt The meaning of White Belt: The color white signifies innocence, as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon Do. The meaning of Tae... 12/21/2013

12/15/2013 ATKD Demo Highlights

Highlights from Adventure Tae Kwon Do's Demo last Sunday Highlights from our Martial Arts Demonstration at Lakeline Barnes & Noble on December 15th, 2013. Board Breaking, Choong-Mu Hyung & Hapkido Techniques. Poste...

[12/16/13]   "The Master said, "The rule of virtue can be compared to the Pole Star which commands the homage of the multitude of the stars without leaves is place." - Confucius, The Analects, Book 2

[12/13/13]   1 week left to order T-shirts! Please submit order form and payment by next Friday, December 20th!


Chon-ji Hyung (Full-Speed)

Look deeper into the philosophy of TKD:

Chon-Ji is the first and most basic of the traditional Tae Kwon Do forms first developed by General Choi Hong-Hi. Chon-Ji means literally “heaven and earth.” As interpreted in the first book of the classic I-Ching, an ancient philosophical text from about 3000 B.C., which explained the processes of growth and change in the natural world, Chon-Ji symbolizes the creation of the universe. The preliminary forms of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (W.T.F.), or Olympic system, are based off of the first 8 Trigrams or elemental symbols of the I-Ching, symbolizing the 8 classical Chinese elements.

Chon-Ji depicts the interaction or union between the trigram of heaven, Qian, and the trigram of earth, Kun. The I-Ching posits that the initial creative force of Qian possessed all energy, potentiality and being that would come into existence, in Kun’s reception of this energy is all created, destroyed and renewed. As in modern quantum physics, the I-Ching presents a philosophy of changing changelessness, in which matter is neither created nor destroyed, but a life that is permanent, simply changing and evolving as the Tao and interacts with itself in the opposing states of being and non-being.

Chon-Ji Hyung performed at full-speed by Master Paul Rana of Adventure Tae Kwon Do. Posted by Adventure Tae Kwon Do in Cedar Park, Texas http://www.Adventure...


Cedar Park's Adventure Tae Kwon Do

Austin 360/Austin-American Statesman listing for the school Adventure Tae Kwon Do - 3315 El Salido Parkway, Cedar Park, TX, 78613, Cedar Park, TX. Find information, maps & reviews.

[11/18/13]   Picture day this Wednesday during all classes! Mr. Ed Rana will be takimg photos today and tomorrow to get the settings and lighting set. Testing this Saturday at 10am!

Videos (show all)

End of class fun playing dodgeball!
Monday Night Board Breaks
Jumping Double Front Snap Kick Board Break
Team Forms for Demo Team.
Jumping 360 spinning inside crescent kicks!
Jumping Kicks Wednesday Night!
Blindfolded jumping back turning kick break
Instructional kick video 2
More Jumping Kicks!
Jumping Front Snap Kick Instructions
Jase Hyung at Belt Test Thursday
Kibon Hyung at Belt Test Thursday



3315 El Salido Pkwy
Cedar Park, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 15:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 15:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 15:00 - 20:00
Thursday 15:00 - 20:00
Friday 15:00 - 20:00
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