Noble Savage TX

Noble Savage TX

-Dominis Brutalus-
Full Spectrum, Real World, Survival Training
There is nothing else like us in central Texas! -Dominis Brutalus-
Full Spectrum, Real World, Force Training
There is nothing else like us in central Texas!

Operating as usual 02/28/2020

Bill would let gun permit holders sue if hurt in a store that bans them from legally carrying Proposed bill: If person hurt while on a property that forbids lawfully carrying in the establishment – then the property owners/company can get sued. 12/29/2019

A video tribute to Chris Kyle: The Devil of Ramadi Chris Kyle was far and away the deadliest sniper in American history. During his four tours in Iraq, Kyle collected 160 confirmed kills by the Pentagon's count, and nearly twice as many by his own accord. Kyle was wounded three different times, dodged six IED attacks, and survived two helicopter cra... 08/30/2019

Woman Randomly Stabs 3-Year-Old Baby While Walking Down Street Right In Front Of His Parents

Prime example of why you should always be armed.
If this had happened to my boys the crazy lady's family would have a very difficult time identifying the body! A woman walking down a street ruthlessly attacked a young child with no motive. She was arrested the next morning.

[08/15/19]   A Blackwater brother was sentenced to life in prison today for crime in Iraq he did not commit, by a judge who by his own admission, had no evidence and made it up as he went...
Let me share with you all a secret. I belong to a brotherhood , unlike anything the world could imagine... we changed history on multiple war fronts at a fraction of the man power and resources and did it efficient and cheap by military standards... every single man was a warrior, most Special Operations trained, all the best the military could offer from every branch.... here's the truth, at any point we could easily form up and take over any town, municipality or small govt in the world and hold it, at our mercy. We hold strategic knowledge and power that makes us in mass a threat in our own right... but here is reality, we are gentle lions, and we are Patriots not only to America but to the human race... we give generously to our fellow mankind, and genuinely care about the future of those who can not defend themselves. Whether it is a natural disaster, or a rebuilding of a nation, or defending human decency and honor of the weak, we devoted ourselves to the cause of freedom for all, both foreign and domestic. We come to your towns and have reunions and act as gracious guests, we work in your workplaces, eat at your diners, and play at your parks with our kids. We have honor and professionalism and even discipline each other when someone gets out of line... we are not in your gangs doing gang activities, but we are our own gang and we give to charities together... if there was a problem with us you would know about it, it would be like nothing imaginable... Right now we have 3 men who are fathers, and sons and true Patriots, the best of who we are as a nation, imprisoned for crimes made up by the media and Obama endorsed, who need your prayers and support, if you dont know the story learn it and their names,
If you only look into one misjustice a month or year, please keep the guys of Raven 23 in mind.. Look up Raven23 to learn more and support the efforts to free these young men....

-Dominis Brutalus-

Full Spectrum, Real World, Survival Training
There is nothing else like us in central Texas!



Courses and Programs offered:

Basic and Defensive Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle
Combat Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle
LTC (formerly C.H.L.) and Concealed Handgun Combat
Armed intruder and Active Shooter Survival
Prepper 101 and Bug out courses
Security Guard courses
Introduction to fi****ms & Weapon Maintenance
Urban Survival
Ladies only & Youth programs
In Home and Business Consultations
Home Defense courses
Private Lessons



3101 Woodall Drive
Cedar Park, TX

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Monday 9am - 5pm
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