Your Ride is Here, Inc.

Your Ride is Here, Inc.


is all finished up! Your Ride is Here, Inc.

We provide transportation to and from treatment for those fighting cancer. Free.

Your Ride is Here was established to provide transportation to and from treatment for those fighting cancer at no charge to the patient or healthcare provider. Our goal is to help patients focus on recovery by eliminating the anxiety and stress associated with getting to their appointments. As a community-based program, we rely completely on volunteer drivers and donations from individuals, founda

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 06/20/2023

Started production of a new video for Your Ride Is Here...stay tuned. Any guess what the theme is?

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 06/08/2023

Great people are doing great things! Once again, we're proud and very thankful we can support other organizations with cancer related transportation. Here's Michael Marr organizing the annual Sunshine Kids to the Capital Cruise. Kids with cancer get to pick a vehicle to ride from San Marcos to the Capital in via police es**rt on a closed IH35. Awesome event that we look forward to each year.


Good people are doing great things! So proud and thankful we can support other organizations' transportation related issues related to cancer. In this instance, Les Kiser is helping grant a young man's Make A Wish a reality.

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 02/24/2023

Celebrating another Friday and encouraging the next generation of auto enthusiasts....


Every now and then we meet people who are capable of bringing visions to reality! Meet the newest member of the You Ride Is Here team thanks to the amazing talents of Jason with Just The Dipz and Emily with Lightworx Studio.


I feel the need, the need for speed....


At the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Dallas, Texas this morning! Maybe a future Hot Wheels car.....


The people we meet....Tony the Tiger says "It's Grrrrreat!"

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 07/13/2022

We meet the most amazing people!! Back in 1967 Wayne ordered a new Corvette. He and his soon to be wife really enjoyed ripping down the backroads. Well, as life often happens they decided to put family first and let the Corvette go when they found out they were going to be parents. Fast forward...we recently got a chance to give Wayne some seat time on some of those same roads in the new Corvette C8. We also swung by his high school friends surplus shop and if you're ever in the Texarkana area and see this airplane on the side of the road you'll know how it got there and who reassembled it. Wayne, thank you for sharing some amazing stories....I'd say 55 years of marriage, a beautiful family and life long friends, even though it was hard, you made the right decision back then.


Staging for the Taylor 4th of July Parade.


Ready for the Austin Auto Show to begin...

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 04/18/2022 we're ready stop Austin Auto Show

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 04/18/2022 getting cleaned up for the Austin Auto Show.

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 04/10/2022

Sharing the excitement with a young man at Cars & Coffee San Antonio this morning. Awesome run there and back with our good friend Justin Johnson and his C8 R.


My good friend Rene Perez at Sun Busters putting some finishing touches on the FighterVette.


Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 03/14/2022

Today is a special day. On this day 12 years ago I completed treatment and the idea for Your Ride Is Here was born. We have had the blessing and opportunity to meet so many courageous and generous individuals who have changed my life and I will forever be grateful. 314

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 03/04/2022

Look what our awesome designer Aaron Bates and the folks at American Hydrocarbon designed for the! Can't be more pleased. Perfect fit and design.

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 02/13/2022

Ring The Bell Celebration! Your Ride Is Here was honored to share this moment with a very courageous young man and his family and friends. The last day of treatment is very special and we thought what better way to start the celebration than having each arrive in a cool car.


Starting to gather for a special drive....


Getting ready for a very special trip...stay tuned!


Congrats to Jason Brozak with Just The Dipz for the best of the year award and to Emily Robinson and Lightworx_studio for the awesome photo that highlights the great work. We are sincerely grateful to you both for helping us turn a dream into reality. A very special vehicle that brings joy to so many people. Well deserved recognition for you both.


At Dell Children for a toy drive with Children Miracle Network.


Custom engine cover by American Hydrocarbon completes the project build for the Fightervette.


Custom engine cover by American Hydrocarbon completes the project build for the Fightervette.


You know what this means....

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 10/22/2021

Outrunning storms and killing bugs in West Texas...22 mpg at speed.


At a special parade event today. CC4C event for Kason. Always good to see so many people take time to brighten someone's day. Pass it on...


Early start at Cars & Coffee San Antonio. Great people and awesome cars..they had something for everyone.


Never far from fuel...perfect offset with BBS Wheels.

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 10/01/2021

It's Official! The FighterVette entered service today and it was an honor to have a dear friend be the first passenger on her last day of treatment.

Your Ride Is Here was started over ten years ago and today's ride was just as special and important as our first.

The ride was over too soon but the smiles and memories with Roxane and Henry will last a lifetime. It's still amazing what you can do in less than an hour to positively impact another person....keep paying it forward.

Photos from Your Ride is Here, Inc.'s post 09/15/2021

Mike Furman and Criswell Chevrolet sent us a 2021 C8 a few months back....We've modified it for use to transport cancer patients to treatment. More upgrades coming soon so stay tuned!


After chemo (and immunotherapy) treatment, it's true that it can take years until you feel alive again. With the side effects of chemo and radiation, you may never be 100% again because your immune system is weak. Ruins marriages, families and relationships with friends. Because you're not the same again after cancer and treatments.
In the hardest moments you know who your real friends are or who the people are who appreciate you.
Unfortunately, like with most friendships, Facebook friends will leave you in the middle of a story. They want a post to ′′like′′ for the story, but they don't really read your message when they see it is long.
More than half have stopped reading. Someone may have already gone to the next post in their newsfeed.
I have decided to publish this post in support of close family, friends and relatives who have fought this horrible disease.
Now I'm focusing on those who take the time to read this post to the end ... a little test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading.
Cancer is a very aggressive and destructive enemy of our bodies.
Even after treatment, the body is devastated. It's a very long process.
I would like to know who I can count on and who takes the time to read this.
When you have finished this, write ′′Done′′ in the comments.
Sadly, cancer is still the illness of the century. Unlike others, this little petition will not have the effect of removing friends from my list. As I have a personal interest in the effects of cancer, I want to see who reads and who shares without reading! If you've read everything, select ′′Like′′ so I can put a thank you on your profile. I know 97% of you won't broadcast it but my friends will be the 3% who will. Please, in honor of someone who died, or who is battling cancer. Everyone says, ′′If you need anything, don't hesitate: I'll be there for you.′′ So I'm going to make a bet, without being pessimistic: I know my family and friends will put it on their wall. You just have to copy (not share)!!! It's awareness month for this disease. I did it for someone very very special! We all know someone who stood before us, and who has fought or who is fighting this Battle.
Posting in honor of those I love.

Posted for a friend!


Way too early on a Saturday morning. Heading to cars & coffee San Antonio

CARCRAZEDKID & Help Support Cancer Patients 09/08/2021

Quick video from carcrazedkid this weekend at pistons in the park...with Emily Robinson, Jason Brozak and Shawn Jones.

CARCRAZEDKID & Help Support Cancer Patients CARCRAZEDKID & Help Support Cancer Patients - CARCRAZEDKID teams up with to help support those going through cancer in ...


Another view of the event this past Sunday...

PISTONS AT THE PARK | SEPT '21 — BAMBOOZLED Another great Pistons at the Park! Several of us got together for the pre-meet and rolled into the lot together. As always, a great turnout and luckily the heat wasn’t as brutal as we had predicted. The FighterVette was there, showing off it’s new dipped livery that transformed the already headt...

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