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� Foxy Face � is excited to announce that I am an online retail store only and a mobile beauty and detox consultant. Call, text or post for info. �

We are a whole body health, healing and beautifying spa. Check our website to see a list of the providers on staff, their bios and check out all of the services we offer from: relaxing anti-aging facials to mini-teen acne facials; waxing services, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microcurrent treatments, dermaplane, lash tinting, lash extensions, PCA detox mask treatments, raindrop technique, acupuncture and more! 06/11/2018

21 Insanely Cool Products That Make The Perfect Gift

Awesomely cool gifts. :) Finding the perfect gift for someone is not as easy as it sounds. What do you get for the person who already has just about everything. Or the person who is picky or hard to please. We’ve put ... 02/16/2018

The Dangers of Soy | Paleo Leap

Fun fact Friday... more info on say it ain’t soy!!!! Lol 🤓 I mean a billion people can’t be wrong, right? 🤔 Learn why soy not provides poor nutrition, but also how it could be detrimental to your health and the health of your children.


The Dangers of Soy: Top 10 reasons to avoid soy | The Delicious Revolution

Got soy? Might wanna think twice about it. Read on. 🤓 Debunk the myth that soy is a healthy choice. If you are consuming processed soy products review these TOP TEN REASONS TO AVOID SOY


The Most Compatible Sign For You, According To An Astrology

In honor of Valentine’s Day ♥️and hoping that everyone has it finds love. 💕😁 Even if it’s just with and towards yourself (cuz that’s the best kind of love 💗 really). 🤗 Birthday s*x.


16 Affirmations That Will Inspire Gratitude & Love, Just In Time For Valentine's

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. ♥️ Love, light, and gratitude my friends. 🙏🏽🙌🏽💕 The quickest way to manifest more? Appreciate what you already have.


These gluten-free oatmeal banana cookies double as a gym-bag friendly breakfast

Mmm. How about cookies? 🍪❤️ And there's only two tablespoons of maple syrup in the whole batch. In other words, no sugar crash! 02/11/2018

10 Detoxifying Foods That Will Support Your Liver All Winter Long

Happy super informative Sunday!!

If you wanted a little extra push for detoxing here’s a list of 10 foods (half of which I’m sure you’re already eating 😊) that can help! #mindbodygreen #mbg #detox #liverdetox #eatwell Your liver will love these foods, according to science. 02/10/2018

These 10 'Healthy' Foods Are Actually Causing Inflammation

Say it isn’t so Saturday! 😲

Are you eating these?? Too much of them? Perhaps have a little inflammation and can’t pinpoint the root/cause?? Check this out - you may be surprised. 🤓 We were eating at least three of these daily. 11/02/2017

Is almond butter ACTUALLY healthier than peanut butter? Here's your definitive answer

Do you have peanut butter sensitivity and not even know it??? I did for years!! I finally switched and felt so much better afterwards. I actually use sunbutter and cashew butter. ❤️👍🏼😁 Read on! Should you be spending that extra money on almond butter every time? 11/01/2017

Past Lives, Soul Mates & Twin Flames: The Spiritual Root Of Your Relationships

Time to get deep. Spiritually that is. 🙌🏽

Do you believe in past lives soul mates and such? Check this article out even if you don’t. 😉It’s mighty interesting. :) What even is a past-life lover? Here, a psychic breaks it all down. 10/25/2017

Sugar Is Cancer's Favorite Food: Here's Why

Oh sweet sugar...

Why must you be so evil? 😈👿😈 Looking for one more reason to say no to sugar? 10/19/2017

The Ideal Diet For Every Type Of Health Woe

Want the ideal diet!?! Read on!! :) "The 'best' eating plans are those that don't include processed carbs or sugar." 10/18/2017

Drinking This Healing Tonic Daily Helped Tame My Inflammation & Leaky Gut

Get well!! :) She was in pain all the time—until she started drinking this. 10/17/2017

Intimidated by the elimination diet? Cut this ONE food for the same results

If ever you thought an elimination diet was difficult, I love how Katie breaks it down and makes it seem like a breeze! 🙏🏽❤️

I’ve been telling friends for years, it’s easy when you feel like crap to make a change (if you want to feel better). But Katie manages to sell it better. lol Go figure. #eatclean #getwell #twistoflemons #mindbodygreen Not ready to do a deep dive into the elimination diet? Just ditch dairy for a major change. 10/16/2017

Kids in America consume 50,000 pounds of sugar every 5 minutes. Here's what you can do about it

Something to think about as you start your week. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Now that you know, share the knowledge and take action. ;) We all want what’s best for our kids, don’t we? Have a wonderful week! We need to do something about this. 10/09/2017

I cut soy instead of sugar—here’s what happened

Still looking for ways to ‘up’ your dietary game?? Check this out.

Btw: I’ve given up soy for a while and beware, it’s in more things than you think. 😲😉 Have a great week! Spoiler alert: Soy is everywhere. 08/16/2017

31 Easy Summer Dinner Ideas to Make Every Night in August

It's hump day and I can always use more dinner recipes. :) How about you?? Fact: August produce makes every cold, dark day in February worth it. Summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and corn practically whip themselves up into gorgeous, mouthwatering meals. Here are some breezy recipes to get your creative juices flowing. RELATED: 25 Five-Ingredient Dinners to Make All Summe... 08/15/2017

These 10 'Healthy' Foods Are Actually Causing Inflammation

Tuesday truth time!

I know you've seen several lists like this but I'm posting for those of you that are confused or resistant to the "peanut allergy" facts. Read on! We were eating at least three of these daily. 08/14/2017

Sick of post-workout protein shakes? Try this chocolate chip cookie recipe instead

Happy Monday!!!

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?? No one I know. Lol So here is a healthy, protein-packed recipe just for you. 🤓😘 We've never used this type of "flour" before. 08/13/2017

3 myth-busting facts that will totally change what you think about sugar

Sunday sugar sadness... ☹️

Just kidding! If you know your ins and outs about the sugar demons, this list is nothing new. 👍🏼But, if you're still not sure, you'll want to read this quick little guide. 🤓 Our new survey shows that most of you want to give up the sweet stuff—but aren't sure how to go about it. Here's your guide. 08/12/2017

Confused & Frustrated By Your Health Problems?

It's Saturday. Do you know your health issues?? 🤔

Another fantastic list to help you:
-Figure out what's going on w/your body.
-Breakdown what might be holding you back from total wellness.
-Positively share some solutions!

Enjoy the weekend!! It's not just one thing making you feel sick. 08/11/2017

8 Foods An Inflammation Expert Won't Touch

It's Friday!! The weekend is here. Why not celebrate by taking control over inflammation!?!

Whether we know it or not, inflammation affects a vast majority of us and manifests in different ways. Headaches, acne, sore joints, slow muscle recovery, *allergies*!!! Yes these are just a few of the ways inflammation can present itself. If you've got any of these things going on - this list might be for you. 🤓👍🏼Have a great weekend!! Plus, exactly what to eat instead. 08/10/2017

The Top 3 Foods Registered Dietitians Eat Daily To Keep Their Guts Healthy

Top 3 Thursday! Yes, I'm a food nerd. 🤓 On this glorious Thursday I'm providing the top 3 foods a dietitian swears by. 👍🏼 Enjoy! Add 'em to your diet to feel great all the time. 08/09/2017

The Top 5 Splurgy Healthy Foods That Are Totally Worth The Money

Wealthy Wednesday? 😂 Actually, you don't need to be wealthy for this list but if you feel like spending like a king - here's a list of 5 healthy foods worth spending some dough on! Oh and I'm all about the sourdough. Lol 😜🤓 Save money by knowing exactly where to spend. 08/08/2017

The Best Under-Eye Concealers For Girls Who Don't Get Enough Sleep

It's are you sleeping? Need any help covering dark under-eye circles from the weekend or Monday?? 🤓 These will cover up any signs of fatigue. 08/07/2017

The 5 coolest healthy iced drinks to get you through a heat wave

Happy Monday!!

Because it's hot outside... 😜check out these healthy iced drinks you can make at home. 👍🏼 Mmmmm Because a girl can only have so much cold brew. 08/06/2017

25 Five-Ingredient Dinners to Make All Summer

I didn't want to wait till food Friday to post this... so here are 25, 5-ingredient recipes you'll want to get on making!! 👍🏼😁 Enjoy!! #LoveFood #EatWell It's a hot summer night. You want a delicious dinner but can't be bothered with an involved, complicated recipe. Well, you're in luck, because that's exactly the point of the following recipes. They're all supremely tasty, and none of them require more than five ingredients (plus a few pantry staple... 08/05/2017

The Two Random Foods That Cleared My Skin & Balanced My Hormones

Scoop on skin Saturday!

Suffering from acne or breakouts? Tried different things and still have bad skin? ☹️

I hope not! But, if so, perhaps this article and 2 "miracle foods" can help you. 👍🏼🤓 You probably already have them in your fridge. 07/27/2017

These 7 Foods Are Scientifically Proven to Put You in a Bad Mood

Time for "truth Thursday!! This one is good but may be hard to swallow for some. :(

Read on and let's talk about what & why this list of foods have been proven to put you in a bad mood. 😑 #donteatthese #stayhappy There's a reason our stomachs are sometimes called our second brains. Our gut produces about 90 percent of our serotonin, the chemical responsible for making us feel good. So in an effort to stay our calm, upbeat selves, we chatted with Rachel Kelly, mental health advocate and author of The Happines... 07/26/2017

The Genius 5-Second Trick That Will Keep Your Berries Fresh For Weeks

Wow Wednesday!!

Ever buy fresh berries and have them go bad before you get to eat (or finish) them all?? I know I have. And often. ☹️ Check out this 5-second trick to help those berries stay fresh for weeks! 🤗Yeah!! #berrygoodnews #berriesrule #eatmoreberries Keep your money from going down the drain. 07/25/2017

Your green smoothie is making you sick. Here's how to fix it.

Thankful it's Tuesday!! Second day of the week, let's talk smoothies. :) For those of us on this health kick- let's not fall into this trap. We don't want to have "toxic Tuesday" talks, now do we?? :(

Check this article out for a simple, yet common mistake we may be making in our healthy green smoothies. #safesmoothies #greensmoothies Almost everyone we know was making it. 07/24/2017

The top 23 nail polishes that are 5-free

Happy Monday! How about some good-for-you nail polish? I'm down! Let's keep those fingers and toes pretty and healthy. 👍🏼😉💅🏽 It's a #nailspo wonderland! 07/12/2017

How To Spring-Clean Your Soul | The Zoe Report

It's Wednesday- what better day than midweek to do a self cleansing of your soul? ❤️🙏🏽

I found this article that says "spring cleaning" your soul but of course this can be done anytime. So get to it!! 👍🏼💕 This should be mandatory. 07/11/2017

You can make these super-satisfying, bloat-busting recipes in 15 minutes (or less!)

Happy Tuesday folks!!

Last week we talked about FODMAP's... :) How about some fast friendly recipes for you this week?? 15 min or less, all tasty, satisfying, and FODMAP approved. 😜 Yes, yes and yes!!! Enjoy!! Bonus: They're all low-FODMAP and nutritionist approved. 07/10/2017

These 10-minute healthy lunch recipes make keeping your resolutions a cinch

10 minute Monday! Lol This is for those of you struggling with delicious and healthy lunch options due to time being a factor. Smh

No more excuses! These amazing recipes have you all figured out and the lunch problem solved. Mmmm. Cuz I ❤️food. 👍🏼🤓😁 Now all you need is a super adorable lunch box. 07/08/2017

15 Signs You Have A Blood Sugar Problem + Exactly What To Do About It

Sad sugar Saturday...

Anyone got a sugar problem?? Check this list out and let's hope not. 😬 But if you do, lets get you on the path of being 'well' again! 🤓👍🏼 Cranky, jittery, and needing some caffeine? Here's exactly what to do. 07/07/2017

This new diet could cure your bloating for good

Oh happy food Friday... 😜

We've talked gluten and lectins...Take a look at this article. Heehee. I'm not a food nerd at all. 🤓Enjoy your Friday & weekend ahead! Hopefully without any gut issues. 👍🏼 People have reported feeling better in less than a week. 07/06/2017

Forget gluten—this might be the actual cause of your health woes

Time for truth Thursday! Oh yes it is. 🤓

So... most of us know about gluten and the havoc it can wreak on our systems but who knew about lectins?? Come on, did you really? Did you?? I know I didn't. Well not really. I know a little about nightshades but I can't know it all (well not yet anyway - lol). 😜 I'm still learning!

Imagine my surprise when I read this article. Check it out! Maybe you'll learn a little something today too and be slightly surprised...and perhaps have the lightbulb effect happen. Haha! 😳😁 Let me know! One doctor claims the culprit behind your symptoms might be lurking in your salad. 07/05/2017

These are the 4 foods a gut doctor would never eat

Happy Wednesday folks!

I've seen lists like this from multiple gut doctors and nutritionists, etc. But what's different about this list is that it offers suggestions on what *TO* eat instead. :)

Not sure about you but I'm all about the "yes" and staying in the positive realm of things. Lol So this list was a good one from my perspective.

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for the "Lectin" article and see if that may be affecting your gut and digestion. Who knew? I mean what the heck is a lectin anyway? 😜 He's experienced better digestion and boost in energy since swearing off these dishes. 07/03/2017

7 energizing snacks that wellness execs always keep at the office

It's Monday! Got your office snacks ready for the week?? Cuz you know you're gonna get the hangry's throughout the day. Lol

Let's have healthier (and still delicious) options on hand. 👍🏼🤓 I personally have all these things on standby at home, at work and a few in my purse and car. 😝 yes I'm prepared (cuz I love to snack-haha). Because blood sugar crashes just aren't an option when you're building an empire. 07/02/2017

The Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie This Health Editor Will Be Drinking All Summer

Another fabulous smoothie for this Sunday. This one is greens and delicious and anti-inflammatory! And the folks at Daily Juice are happy to make it for you if you're feeling too lazy to make it yourself. Lol 😝 Did I mention I love smoothies? ❤️👍🏼🤓 It also tastes delicious! 07/02/2017

Have You Tried The No-Sugar Smoothie Recipe Supermodels Are Obsessed With?

Can we make it smoothie Sunday?? 😁 I'll post another one later today... because I ❤️ smoothies!! Don't you?? Meet your new favorite breakfast. 07/01/2017

31 No-Oven Dinners to Cook Every Night in July

Because it's Saturday and we need this for July! So get your shopping list ready and get ready for a month of delicious meals (sans the oven). Yeah!! :) No offense to ovens, but in the heat of summer, they're kind of the worst. Luckily, you don't need one to prepare a super-satisfying dinner. Forget about turning on your stove for the month of July and make these 31 meals instead. RELATED: 25 Low-Maintenance Summer Dinner Party Recipes 06/29/2017

This Hormone Expert Has Found The Antidote For Burnout

It's Thursday... what a better day & way to creep into the weekend with such useful info as this. Let's read up on ways to catch, avoid and fix our "burnout." We got this!
Have a wonderful day! Ever heard of your ultradian rhythm?




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