Let's Face It Aesthetics

Let's Face It Aesthetics


Another fabulous day of doing what I love!!
I can't tell you how amazing it is to be able to do something that I am so incredibly passionate about...just warms my heart ❤
I truly believe this!! This is what makes us good at what we do! It's about caring and helping others be the best they can be...or in my case...have the best skin they can have 😉
Janelle Timm Alexandria Reilly Janice Hyatt Kacie James Nesby Angel Baldree
..I have been advising clients of this for several years.
Book an appt for a facial and a FREE consultation to discuss what type of exfoliant is right for your skin!
Can't wait for the demonstration!! So excited!😀

Facials and treatments including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, radio frequency, microcurrent, acne treatment, hydration, and brightening.

Lash extensions, classic and volume. Book Online www.letsfaceitskin.com Lets Face It! Aesthetics Licensed aesthetician offering facials, eyelash extensions, treatments, skincare, and more! Serving Cedar Park, Austin, and surrounding areas. Hi, I'm Heather! I have dedicated the majority of my life to helping family and friends with their skin. I decided to take my passion further and become an aest


If you wear lash extensions, I'm sure you've heard the term "shedding"
What is shedding?
Believe it or not, all of the hair on our bodies sheds, including our eye lashes. Shedding is the natural cycle of hair loss, regrowth, and regeneration. On average we lose between 5 - 10 lashes per day. That's about 20% of our lashes each week! It sounds like a lot, right? No worries! When we lose a natural lash there is one behind it pushing itself out ready to grow. Typically we lose most of our lashes and hair during "shedding season" in the fall and spring. As you can guess, this affects the wear of our lash extensions, because when our natural lash sheds, the lash extension attached to that lash falls as well. The natural life of a lash is approximately 60 to 90 days.


Love this volume! ❤


Me 100% !!! I love each an every one of you! ❤
I thank you so much for your love and support as well as for all of our lovely therapy sessions 😉 hugs and kisses from your favorite esty!

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Dealing with dry, angry, cracked lips? Check out these tips to get that healthy,, plump, kissable pout you dream of!


Congrats for winning the DERMASCOPE Magazine Aesthetician's Choice Award for BEST DEVICE!
I am so happy to be offering this service! People are already impressed with the improvement of their skin after just ONE treatment! Stay tuned for their amazing results...

Offering a special introductory price and package discounts!
Learn more and book your ProCell micro-channeling appointment online...


Come have fun doing what you love! Are you a Texas licensed esti? Ready to build or add to your client base? Come grow with Let's Face It! Aesthetics...located in Cedar Park, TX

Interested or know someone who might be? Let me know or tag them in the comments. 👇


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with skincare. It's like my hands know nothing else...well except lashes. Anyway, if I'm not doing treatments on someone else? Chances are I'm doing something to my skin! I live and breathe skincare. I dream it. I speak it...I LOVE IT! I can honestly say that skincare is without a doubt, my hobby.


So excited to be introducing this new treatment! You absolutely have to try it! Procell Therapies™️ system combines the power of stem cell science with micro-channeling to deliver profound results. Procell's revolutionary technology has rapidly become one of the most sought-after procedures in the skincare industry!
It's a 3 step treatment that's quick, easy and has very little downtime! Who doesn't love that?
I can't wait to start you on your Procell journey...love your skin, boost your confidence, feel great!
Stay tuned for booking availability and package discounts!

Skin Irritation and Unwanted Breakouts? 01/17/2022

Skin Irritation and Unwanted Breakouts?

Skin Irritation and Unwanted Breakouts? Over exfoliating - “But I thought exfoliation was a good thing?” yes …it is, however too much exfoliation can cause irritation and disrupt our skin from functioning properly, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “too much of...


Over exfoliating - “But I thought exfoliation was a good thing?” yes …it is, however too much exfoliation can cause irritation and disrupt our skin from functioning properly, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “too much of a good thing, is never a good thing” well this rings true here. While our skin does need a little extra help exfoliating as we age, we should never over do it. Once or twice a week tops… is enough! And never exfoliate while your skin is compromised or healing from an aesthetic treatment (ie chemical peel, micoderm, needling, channeling, etc)

Using the wrong skincare products - This one happens more than not. I can not express this one enough…commercials and celebrities can not analyze your skin. Google has not had an education nor can it see your face through a magnifying lamp. Amazon, IG and fb ads do not cater to you specifically…if you want results that happen quickly and last, it is important to see a professional and listen to their advice, direction and recommendations. Flip flopping from
product to product hoping the next one will work is only going to confuse your skin and potentially make your situation worse.

Dirty makeup brushes / old makeup - Yikes! When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes or replaced your sponges? How old is your blush, powder, highlighter? It is very important to clean your brushes at least once a week if not more! And sponges? ...after every use! These things collect bacteria like crazy! Imagine leaving pizza out for a couple days, would you eat it? Gross if you said yes!!
But most likely you wouldn’t. So why would you use a dirty makeup brush on your skin that you are trying to keep clear? No Thanks!! And old makeup is just as bad. If you’ve had anything longer than a year? Chances are it to is filled with some not so friendly bacteria and should be
tossed. Oh and replace your makeup sponges like you would your toothbrush…every three months or so.


Tired of last minute shopping? Waiting in lines? Traffic? So much to do in so little time. How easy is it to jump online and get an immediate gift certificate? Purchase and print...done!
And who doesn't love a little pampering?
Dm with any questions


Yes you read that correctly! $25 OFF any facial booked starting today ending December 23rd. Can't find a date/time that works for you? No worries! As long as you book using code SAVE25 before the 23rd you will receive the discount. Go to the website and take a look at all of the facials you have to choose from...chemical peels, microderms, LED light therapy and more! I look forward to seeing you soon!


"Whatever, that will never happen to me" ...who's guilty?? Well guess what? IT WILL! Regardless of the temperature, the windchill, the heat index, if it's over cast or raining...you ALWAYS always need sunscreen. The sun's rays are the #1 cause of premature aging. Think wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots...blech! Who wants all that? It takes 2 seconds to add this to your daily routine, and trut me, it's worth it! ...BTW, NO the spf in your makeup is not enough! You need to be applying an SPF of at least 30. And don't forget that the blue light (HEV light) from phones, computers, laptops, and tablets is also damaging. So wear the damn sunscreen! K? 😁

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Add a fun pop of color to your lashes! Purple for the win with these beauties!! 😍


Let's Face It! We all have that someone on our list who is impossible to shop for...or maybe that someone who could use a little relaxing self care. Facials, treatments,, lashes...online gift cards are the way to go!! And there are so many services/products to choose from!

Visit letsfaceitskin and get yours today!


Did you sing it?
Summer's over and Tis the season...for chemical peels!
Let's get that skin exfoliated, cleared up and target those fine lines, wrinkles.and pigmentation...


Ya feelin it? Beautiful skin doesn't happen over night. Commitment, treatments and great skincare is what it takes...and you can actually start to see some results in weeks!

Questions on what to do or what skincare works for your skin? Book a consultation and let's get started!


Yup! I have NO idea! Remember...consistency is key. If you wanna see results? You gotta do the work 😁


Want lashes for all of the upcoming festivities? Want to make your eyes POP in all of your holiday photos?Lashes are the answer!!
Book an appt for your initial application and SAVE $50

DM me for availabiliry


The glo skin beauty "Eye Renewal Ritual" kit is perfection! Great for hydrating, protecting, tightening, and fighting fine lines & dark circles around the eye area! Why wouldn't you want this kit?
Includes: Full size Phyto Active eye serum and a full size C-Sheild Eye Restore eye cream, PLUS a cooling wand for that extra treat!
Get yours while supplies last!
Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer...


So true! Good skin makes everything good! Makes us feel our best, doesn't it?



I'm sure you've heard all of the hype around this new ingredient. I know that you have heard me talk about it...like probably A LOT! It's been around for centuries and I'm so thankful that it has made its way into our daily routines. 

Backuchiol is perfect for those that are sensitive to retinol. You get all of the benefits without the irritation! Not only that but it's great for all skin types! If you're not already using products with this ingredient...trust me...you need this in your life!

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It's scary what all of that thick make-up can do to our pores!
Let's get all of that left over gunk cleaned out to prevent unnecessary breakouts.


It's TRUE! In today's world patience is hard to come by. We want everything NOW! So we use a product for a few days and if it doesn't work, we throw it under the sink into our "well that didn't work" graveyard of products and move onto the next thing. This only confuses our skin and sometimes makes it worse. Who wants that? Being consistent is key to having success with reaching your skin goals. Did you know that it takes at least 3 weeks for your skin to get used to using a new product and sometimes (depending on what you are trying to improve) up to 8 weeks before you start to see noticeable results? That's why you don't see results after one use or within 3 days.

Let's face it...we have all fallen victim to the "too good to be true" ads that promise great results in a short time. I'm not saying that none of them work, but everyone's skin is different. What may work for your friend, sister, neighbor, etc may not work for you. Being able to see an esthetician who can help determine what products will work best for YOUR skin is important. 

Having monthly facials and treatments along with being consistent with and dedicated to your at home routine will help you reach your goals and get you the skin you love!


Her first time getting lash extensions!
A pretty hybrid set, which is a mix of classic and volume extensions. ❤


This is just ONE treatment!! Look at the difference in the neck, jowels, and lower face!! Imagine the results after 4 or 5 treatments! 😲

Radio Frequency uses heat energy to boost the production of collagen and elastin, causing skin tissue remodeling. The result is skin tightening and lifting. This procedure is very relaxing and feels equivalent to a hot stone massage! Radio Frequency is painless, has no downtime and can be used to treat "sagging or loose" skin on the face and neck.  


Let's Face It! Aesthetics on Google 03/22/2021

Let's Face It! Aesthetics on Google

Let's Face It! Aesthetics on Google Radio frequency uses heat energy to boost the production of collagen and elastin, causing skin tissue remodeling. The result is skin tightening and lifting. This procedure is painless, has no downtime and can be used to treat "sagging or loose" skin on the face and neck. Micro-current involves condu...


Believe it! You ARE beautiful! You ARE a badass! ...and when you're not feelin it 100% put those hands on those hips, stand tall in your Super Hero pose, take that deep breath...and go!


Volume lashes to make this beauty's eyes POP!

My Story

I have dedicated the majority of my life to helping family and friends with their skin. I decided to take my passion further and become an aesthetician in order to help everyone with their skin. I have had extensive training with chemical peels, dermaplaning, microneedling, and other aesthetic treatments that will assist with the improvement of your skin concerns. Whether it be anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles, or specific skin conditions that include oiliness, dry or dehydrated skin, large pores, acne, redness, hyperpigmentation or sun damage. I am an experienced and successful medical aesthetician with the proven ability to perform different skin care therapies and confidently outline individual treatment plans to help you reach your skin care goals. I will also help in creating an at home product regimen for you to supplement your daily skin care maintenance.

Let’s Face It offers the latest in skincare and anti-aging therapies that will assist you with finding your optimal skin health and creating the happiness found in loving your skin.

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