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VLT manufactures specification grade LED and fiber optic lighting products for retail, hospitality, commercial and residential locations.


Linear cove lighting doesn’t get better than this! Mainline by VLT combines user-friendly features for quick plug-and-play installations that deliver beautiful, uniform illumination with smooth dimming output for lighting that fits your exact specifications.

Dive into Mainline >>> https://dlgna.com/3NKGbM8

Photos from VLT's post 10/27/2023

With flexible interconnect cables and a sleek, low-profile look, Mainline navigates corners and illuminates tight spaces with ease, making it the perfect fixture for your cove and under-cabinet lighting needs.

Learn more about Mainline >>> https://dlgna.com/3NKGbM8


Start re-imagining cove and under-cabinet lighting with Mainline. Contact your local RSM to experience the ease and simplicity of this innovative fixture first-hand.

Learn more about Mainline >> https://dlgna.com/3NKGbM8


Mainline was designed to make your work easier. With its quick-connect design, integral driver, and built-in mounting magnets, installation is a breeze.

Learn More Here >> https://dlgna.com/3NKGbM8


Ultra-compact and fully dimmable, this high-performance line voltage linear fixture delivers smooth, continuous light wherever it’s mounted.


For great cove or under-cabinet linear lighting options, Mainline by VLT is hard to beat! With built-in selectable CCT technology, you can go from soft white to neutral white, to bright white color temperature with the slide of a switch.


If there's one thing that you should know about Mainline, it’s that it is simple. With a quick-connect design and a handful of built-in technology (selectable CCT technology, mounting magnets, and integral driver), it creates a clean and effortless look that fits your exact specification. Check out the full video: https://dlgna.com/VLT_Mainline_USP

Photos from VLT's post 06/30/2023

To call Mainline just another cove light or under cabinet fixture is like calling the Super Bowl a football game. This multi-purpose luminaire strikes the perfect balance between practicality and beauty, providing just the right illumination where you need it. ✨


Meet Mainline, your new go-to high-performance line voltage luminaires for under cabinet, cove, and display lighting. Boasting a toolless, quick-connect design and built-in selectable CCT technology, this isn’t your average fixture. Get all the product details: https://dlgna.com/3NKGbM8


Measuring just 1.18” x 1.18” in size, the VLT Elegance 33 Mini Track Fixture is a distinctive, fully-adjustable LED spotlight featuring onboard beam angle adjustment (8° to 80°) and dimming control (1% to 100%). Easy-to-install optical accessories, like the holder with magnets, honeycomb louvre, and diffuser (pictured left to right), are available.

For more information, visit the VLT website.
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Designed to focus bright accent lighting with precision, the VLT Elegance LED Micro-Puck, our smallest fixture ever at Ø 0.630 inches, delivers.

Explore all the options you get with the Elegance Micro-Puck by visiting the VLT website.

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VLT’s Elegance Cylinder is a compact cylindrical accent fixture with a range of lighting applications, from small displays to larger casework. With three mounting options, Nichia LEDs (87 or 95+ CRI), various color temperatures, finishes, and accessories.

For more information about the EleganceCylinder and other Specialty lighting fixtures, please visit our website.
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VLT’s Specialty fixtures provide functionality and beautiful illumination for niche, accent or display applications.

For more information about our EssentialLEDs Specialty Display fixtures, visit our website.
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The VLT Elegance Puck, a compact low-profile fixture, offers an impressive light output for its size. The square puck measures 1.969” by 1.969” and the round puck just 1.969” by 0.531”. In addition, this mighty puck offers low energy consumption and long lamp life. The Elegance Puck can illuminate small displays with full illumination or, alternatively, illuminate larger casework with focused highlights.

For more information on the Elegance Puck and other “Specialty” lighting fixtures, visit the VLT website or contact your local rep.
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The Elegance Cylinder is a versatile compact cylindrical fixture. It can be mounted in three different ways: stem, fixed plate, or base mounted, which allows 360° rotation. The Elegance Cylinder provides bright, focused illumination ideal for accent, niche, or display applications.

To learn more about the Elegance Cylinder and all of our other “Specialty” lighting, visit the VLT website.
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With an adjustable head tilting +/- 65°, the Elegance² is adaptable to the ever-changing needs of an effective retail display, making it an “essential” fixture. With lighting flexibility like this, what more could one ask for?

For more information, go to the “Specialty” category under the EssentialLEDs section on the VLT website.
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The perfect lighting does exist: the VLT Specialty Display series. This series is ideal for a range of applications, from subtle to bold.

Interested in learning more about our Specialty Display products? Visit the VLT website and let us know what we can do for you.
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The Hurst Conference Center made its Lumiere Ballroom luring, made it unforgettable, made it with VLT Sparkle Fiber and VLT's Star Ceiling.

For more information on how we can make your next project unforgettable with our fiber optic lighting products, visit the VLT website and contact your local rep.
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Photography by Ron Hobbs


Wouldn’t you like to relax and lose yourself in this little sparkling world of light? Create a world of your own with VLT Sparkle Fiber.

Visit the VLT website and talk to a local rep today
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VLT Sparkle Fiber spills like liquid diamonds into a David Yurman window display.

For more information on the Sparkle Fiber Series product, visit the VLT website or contact your local rep.
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VLT’s beautiful Sparkle Fiber elegantly cascades down from the ceiling giving an ethereal white glow to this residential home.

Make a statement with a custom VLT Sparkle Fiber Chandelier. Talk to your local rep today!
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To bring your VLT Sparkle Fiber chandelier to life, your choice of illuminator, the light source, is of obvious importance. A white light illuminator produces a spectacular brilliance, while a color-changing illuminator enhances mood and generates visual interest.

What is your lighting goal? Architectural? Decorative? Sensory? Visit the VLT website and contact your local representative today.
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With VLT Sparkle Fiber, fiber arrangement and fiber spacing can be varied to achieve different effects. Additionally, individual fibers can be accessorized with Swarovski crystals, acrylic beads, chrome weights, or custom art glass. Alternatively, individual fibers can be left bare for a simple, dazzling effect.

For more information on the Sparkle Fiber Series product, visit the VLT website or contact your local rep so we can get started on creating something amazing and unforgettable for your space!
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Essential to any spa experience is the sense of sight. Send customers to another world, one with soft, sparkling lights, with VLT Sparkle Fiber chandeliers and curtains, and let the relaxation commence.

Learn how to create your own world, too, by visiting the VLT website or by contacting a VLT rep.
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Create visual interest and an atmosphere of elegance with VLT Sparkle Fiber, beautifully crafted and customized by VLT.

For more information on the Sparkle Fiber Series product, visit the VLT website or contact your local rep.
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Subtle lighting with substantial outcomes.

VLT LED accent lighting illuminates these suit jackets, highlighting their color and material, drawing customers toward them. 

To explore our EssentialLED line of products, visit our website or contact your local sales rep to get you started.
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Bring high-CRI LED lighting to your retail displays and change the way customers see the shopping experience.

To explore our EssentialLED and Fiber Optic Lighting products that are aimed for retail displays, click the 🔗 in the bio. Not sure where to start? Speak to a live VLT representative via the chatbot feature today!


The VLT Lensed Mini LightRun is a linear LED fixture for retail display applications, such as shown. It consists of a rounded extrusion, holographic film lens, and a row of Nichia LEDs on two board options, including pitchless for full diffusion.

For more information on the versatile Mini LightRun, visit the VLT website and speak to someone LIVE right now!
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Set a mood in your retail space, and influence customer sentiment with VLT Sparkle Fiber. Set that merchandise strategy in motion!

Want to learn more about our Sparkle Fiber?  This stunning and customizable product can be found under the Fiber category in the Fiber section of the VLT website.
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Good lighting plays an essential part in achieving a quality, impactful retail display, so why settle for mediocre lighting? 

Build an attention-grabbing retail display with VLT LED Light Panels. Our premium LED panels are ideal for backlighting applications, and are highly customizable.

Visit the VLT website for more information on our LED Light Panels and let’s get started on your next retail project!
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Super small and super bright, the Elegance Micro-Puck is designed to focus a beam of light onto or into a single display object (depending on material).

It is available in two versions, Standard and Magnet, which can attach to any ferrous surface. Both versions are dimmable with 18°, 23°, 34°, or 84° lens options.

Learn more about the Elegance Micro-Puck and our other LED products, that are ideal for retail lighting, by visiting the VLT website and using our chatbot feature on our website and speak to someone LIVE today!
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When displaying merchandise, the importance of using a High CRI LED is undeniable, as an LED’s ability to accurately render colors depends on its CRI value. This is why VLT offers the 1S Linear in CRIs as high as 98. Additionally, with a choice of 11 LED board options, a wide range of lumens and its small size (0.25” x 0.35”), the versatile 1S will have your merchandise flying off the shelves.

To learn more about the 1S Linear and other VLT products for retail applications, visit our website and use the chatbot feature to speak to someone LIVE!
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Both CRI and CCT are important in LED retail lighting. A high CRI (95+) makes colors vibrant, and thus eye-catching, while warm and cool light enhance warm and cool colors, respectively. With the right CRI/CCT combination, your display products will look their best and attract a customer’s eye, increasing sales.

Visit the VLT website and talk to a knowledgeable VLT sales representative to get your next retail project started now!
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In a distracted world, capture the customer’s attention with VLT Light Panels. Perfect for retail lighting.

Want to explore your options with our ELP-L Light Panels and our ELP-G Light Panels? Visit the VLT website and let us help you get started on your next retail lighting project!
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Our Elegance series was designed with you, the customer, in mind. We created this new range of specialty LED lighting by thoughtfully combining functionality, quality, and impressive light output. The Mini Track System, DownLight, and WallWash can be used in a wide variety of applications. Your imagination truly is the limit here!

For more information on these new VLT products, go to the “Specialty” category under EssentialLEDs section on the VLT website.
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The Elegance WallWash is a miniature, recessed LED luminaire with a high-grade aluminum body, that, as its name implies, produces a wall washing effect by illuminating a surface with even brightness. The Elegance WallWash is available in Trim and Trimless versions.

Interested in learning more about the Elegance WallWash fixture? Go to the “Specialty” category under the EssentialLEDs section of the VLT website and let us help you get started on your next project.
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Happy Flag Day from the VLT family!


💁 Fed up with unhelpful, automated customer service?

VLT brings humanness back to customer service. When you interact with our chatbot on our website, you’re interacting with an actual VLT representative, so you’ll get more helpful, more detailed answers to your questions.

Visit the VLT website and speak to a REAL person today about your needs for your next project.
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Whether you choose VLT’s Elegance DownLight in Trim, for a stylish transition, or in Trimless, for stylish integration, you can be sure that our Elegance luminaires will never go out of style.

For more information on this new product’s options, visit the VLT website and click on the "Specialty" category.
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Our Story

VLT is a premier -Made in the U.S.A. - supplier for specification grade LED & fiber optic lighting systems. The quality and versatility of VLT’s EssentialLEDs products have won a devoted following with architects, designers and lighting specifiers. From simple kitchen under-cabinet applications to high-profile, large retail roll-outs, VLT has supplied products for the discerning buyer desiring unique, high-performance, high-CRI applications and projects around the world.

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