Tasty Morsels Cheesecakes

Tasty Morsels Cheesecakes


FYI to all our friends and customers. As of August 15, we will be closing the bakery. After 25 years, it’s time. We are both pushing 70 years of age, and we can’t quite keep up like we used to.
Add to that, I, (Dan), just found out I am Diabetic. We have always enjoyed travel, so that’s what we are going to do with our time left on this globe! We thank you all for your support and patronage, it’s been a fun ride!!
Hi Celena & Dan, I ordered dessert from Sorelli's this week and when it came I recognized your logo. My cheesesicle was delicious! I still have fond memories of baking cookies for the church with you. Hope you are both doing well.
Since all our customers are shut down during this virus stuff, we decided to deliver our in stock
Inventory to our first responders.
They do such a wonderful job for us, it’s the least we can do for the folks that take care of us!
Would love to have some one day! Hint hint wink wink! Miss you guys
And 8 small Turtles! A total of 30 pans today!!
And Chocolate Cakes later!! 🤪🤪
10New York’s as well! More to see!
Weekend work! 8 pans of Cheesecicles, 4 large Turtles. See next photo for more!

Tasty Morsels Cheesecakes bakes decadent cheesecake and bakery items all made by hand from only the


Just an FYI! You can get our Cheesecake products at all 3 Tuckers locations in St. Louis, Big River Pizza and Sorellis Restaurants in Cedar Hill, Peggs on the Boulevard in High Ridge, and
Foretells Pizza on Mackenzie.


Big Mother’s Day order for
Galleghers! 29 Peanut Butter/ Chocolate Cheesecake!


A herd of Turtles!!


48 Lbs. Of cream cheese so far this week! Happy Valentines Day!


Back at it. Chocolate for Galleghers , New York and Turtle for Tuckers!!


Had to buy a new compressor. Our original crapped out before we finished slicing! 22 years was a great life for it! RIP, Porter-Cable!


Back at it! Turtles and Cheesecicles!


Busy, busy for the MUNY!!


Spumoni Cheesecake for
Trattoria Gieuseppe in Otto, Mo.
Food is delish!!


Chocolate Moose Cakes for our First Responders. It’s our thanks for their service. We have kept them busy this year!!


Starting a new 50 lb. bag of crumbs! Here we go Christmas!


Fishing up Gallagher’s order for Thanksgiving! 15 pumpkin pies,
10 New York Cheesecakes!
Great customer!


Chocolate layer cake for Tucker’s.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake for Slo Odies in House Springs!


What do you do when surgery is postponed? Bake, of course!


Tag em and bag em! Last batch of Cheesecicles before hosp. Just in case Muny or others call !


Working on the last batch of Cheesecicles for the Muny. We may have a few more cases, depends on the weather.
This will finish our 17th season with the Muny! We can’t thank
Retta, Director of food and beverage for her faith and trust all these years!! ❤️
Also, to the patrons of the Muny who are regular partakers of our product! Without your support, we would not be here!!
Looking forward to next year, which will be our 18th!!


Sticking sticks while listening to Bagpipes! Not much better to work with!!😆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


More Cheesecicles, more chocolate cakes! Trying to get a little ahead before my surgery!
Won’t happen!!🤪


Here we come a dipping!


For those few who think Cheesecakes are easy, think about this. Yesterday, we baked 30 pans of product. Today, we de- panned them, AND washed the pans for the next go around. While Celena washed, I stuck sticks in the Cheesecicles! Tomorrow, we dip, slice New York’s, and slice and Carmel the Turtles!
And yes, I’m retired, but I still did a bunch of this with her when I was working, so this is great!!


Today the sticks, tomorrow the chocolate dip! 320 sticks got stuck!!😩


30 more crusts! 20 Cheesecicles, 6 New York, and 4 Turtles. A good afternoon!!


30 dozen more Cheesecicles for the Muny! 70 dozen so far! Thank you Muny!


We have a new customer!
Pegg’s in High Ridge, Mo.
Give em a try- good food, good prices, and GREAT cheesecake!!


7 more New York’s! Go go go !!


“Joyous Almond” Cheesecake for Galleghers in Waterloo! A bunch!


Here is a slice of our Confetti going to Gallaghers in Waterloo for Easter. Looks good, doesn't it?


More Chocolate Cakes for Tuckers!!


29 Cheesecakes for Easter for Gallaghers in Waterloo! Its our Confetti!


Long day today! Celena is delivering 27 cakes this evening, and I made up 32 more pans with crusts today, ready for batter!


How about a slice of Spumoni?


Valentines Day anyone?


Big week in the bakery. Can't make them fast enough! Tucker's are selling them like crazy!!


The newest addition to the Tasty Morseks fleet!



Cedar Hill, MO

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