Bella Vita Stables

Bella Vita Stables


Allison - We loved the Spotify playlist at your clinic in January. Can't find it there! Can you post a link?
Allison will be teaching a clinic at Claddagh Farm in July!
Working Equitation Clinic on June 15 Oak Spring Equestrian, LLC. spots still available
Our very own Allison Reed scribed for Jill Malone at the recent Working Equitation Schooling Show at Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center.
Entries are not open, but, for those of you that have inquired about the format for the working equitation clinics on April 13 & May 11.

We are super excited to bring Allison Reed of Bella Vita Stables to the farm for these clinics.
The indoor school is all set up for tomorrow’s monthly lesson, Working Equitation- Ease of Handling, with instructor Allison Reed of Bella Vita Stables. It should be fun as we learn about this new ridden sport that combines the beauty and precision of dressage with the fun and function of practical trail obstacles. Whoo hoo! Bella Vita Stables
Great morning with Allison Reed. Thank you for hosting. You are a wonderful instructor and love the train example!! It was so on point!
First time attempting to harvest some of the Black Walnuts at Bella Vita. Thanks Allison Reed
All quietly waiting for supper...

Bella Vita Stables is a professionally operated equine boarding and training facility. We maintain a laid-back, friendly home for horses and their people.

Operating as usual


Happy Easter Everyone!

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 01/03/2022

It wouldn’t have been such a beautiful day at the barn if I was doing it alone and didn’t have so much help through the weekend to prep! Thank you to the entire Bella Vita Family for doing extra work to fill shavings in stalls, do blanket changes, and do additional shifts all weekend! Next time I’ll try to get more photos!
Thank you Erin, Katie, Nicole, Missy, Jan, caitlyn, Chip, Barb, Dee, Stephen, and Debbie!!♥️♥️♥️

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 07/24/2021

Thank you Michael Alway for spending the day teaching us to better communicate with our beloved ponies! So much to take away! Now just to keep it all organized in our head! For those that participated or audited, what was your biggest take away message?


Best invention ever!!

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 05/15/2021

Beautiful day in the battlefield with our fearless ponies! Chip Garber


Fancy Pants is learning all sorts of new things in Pa! So happy she is under the care of the wonderful Kate Carlson and being loved on by her student, Corey!


Bestest Friends!!

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 10/31/2020

Dear Sanity,

Please bring me back to this moment during our artic blast, to remind me there are more good days with this job than bad!
Sun kissed, green grass, quiet happy horses, and my barn helpers!

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 10/18/2020

A wonderful day for the Battlefield!


Nap time. Babe sleeps with a smile.

COVID-19 and Best Practices for Your Equestrian Activities - Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary 03/22/2020

COVID-19 and Best Practices for Your Equestrian Activities - Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary

COVID-19 and Best Practices for Your Equestrian Activities - Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary We are happy to share this note from Tara Swersie, CEO of Event Clinics, about what you can do to incorporate COVID-19 protection protocols into your equestrian activities. As worldwide concerns about COVID-19 continues to


Chip Garber


Now what excuse will they come up with if there is not a dark and scary corner!?


Good side is we hadn’t turned Marco out yet and the ash had been attacked by the ash boring beetle. Mother Nature just saved us a few thousand.

Timeline photos 01/24/2020

Thank you for all those that keep your beloved aged ponies in my care!!!

One day his coat won’t shine quite as bright,
His eyes won’t sparkle quite how they used to.
His legs will become tired and he’ll take a little longer to get up.
He won’t come to the door when you bring his saddle out anymore and he’ll find those jumps just a little harder work than he did before.

But he’ll never stop loving you.

He’ll never stop waiting, with pricked ears, to hear you arrive in the morning.
He’ll never stop grabbing your zip if you stand too close.
He’ll never stop throwing his bucket over the door when he finishes his dinner.

One day he'll grow old.
One day his body will slow down and he will let you know it’s time to hang up the bridle.
And when that day comes, give him a hug, hold him tight and thank him for everything.

Give him days in grass filled fields under summer sun.
Give him love, attention and never let him believe he is anything less than perfect.
Don’t cast him out into a far away field to be glanced at for the rest of his time.
Don’t hand him to the groom and downgrade him to the stable at the end of the yard.
Don't try and pass him off to someone else as a companion and let him go somewhere strange and new at a time in his life when all he needs is you.
Love him, exactly as you did when he was in his prime.

He'll never stop loving you, so never stop loving him.

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 01/08/2020

Nothing prettier than ponies in the snow! If I didn’t get your pony this time, I’ll be sure to get them on the next one!!!

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 01/08/2020

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post


You’re not a true horse person until you’ve performed CPR on a frozen double ended snap


Bella Vita Stables will be the venue for NOVAWE's Movin' On Up Working Equitation Schooling Show on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Come by and watch any time! Dressage is in the morning. The Ease of Handling trial begins at 12:30.


Erin Stockschlaeder and Debbie Meade take Socks and Frosty to Compass Rose Farm. All smiles today!


Two birthday girls today! Happy Birthday to BVS boarders Nicole and Hayley!


Our very own Liberty Seaford and Marco scored 62% at the PSG level this weekend! Marco is now an official FEI horse! Congratulations, Liberty!


The three amigos!


Pony ride! Allison Reed and her daughter

Photos from Bella Vita Stables's post 08/23/2019

After WE Wednesday lessons Biddie, Kimberley and Diane went on a hack and then played on the bridge and water.


"Oh, that feels so good!"


There are still a few openings!


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"Oh, that feels so good!"
Parallel Slalom Exercise 7-24-18



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