Leduc Family Farm

Just a family who started a little farm! We don’t know what we are doing but loving the journey!


If you are local come on down!

We will be there with our girl goats MilkyWay, Snickers, KitKat, and AlmondJoy. Plus some other farm friends!

Photos from Leduc Family Farm's post 10/12/2022

This past weekend my friends we finally processed our 50 meat birds that we have been raising since August.

What an experience it was!

I know most of you would give me a dirty look after I say this but in all honestly I really enjoyed it.

What I mean by enjoying it…

- Being able to raise our own food and processing it ourselves.

- Doing it together as a family. Showing them where food (should) comes from.

- How we treated them, knowing exactly what they have been fed by moving the chicken tractor to a fresh pad of grass daily.

Plus butchering them ourselves gave me this new sense of gratitude.

I’m so thankful and proud that we had an opportunity to fill our freezer with meat we raised.

If this is something you are capable of doing I would highly recommend it.

One of our goals as a small farm is to encourage others in their farmsteading dreams. Trust me if we can do it you most certainly can do it!


I like big potatoes and I can not lie!


Fact: The best tomato is a homegrown tomato 🍅


Meat birds are in! Got the call this morning from the post office and went right over to grab them

We will process them ourselves in late September/October

This is our second time raising meat birds and this time around we will have some friends coming to watch and teach them how to do it

It’s so amazing that we are able to help and show people how to raise and process their own food

It’s is a dream/vision of ours for the future to help and teach people on a larger scale how to be more self sufficient with raising/growing their own food

Let’s get back to being in control of how our food is raised/grown!


Come and get ‘em!

Organic summer and tiger squash out at the stand now!

Photos from Leduc Family Farm's post 07/06/2022

First time ever growing and harvesting Chamomile. Next they will dry out for a couple of weeks in a dark cool place. Then they can be used for loose tea 🫖 or I’m thinking of making some Chamomile Lip Balm 🤔

Would that be something you all would be interested in? Comment below on other ways you think Chamomile can be used!

Fun fact you probably all know that Chamomile is used to help in relaxation but did you know that it also helps with inflammation!


Love this!

Helping make gardening accessible for all, raised garden beds for those with disabilities.

Garden in France :)


First harvest

Photos from Leduc Family Farm's post 06/01/2022

Hey local friends! We have variety of tomato plants for sale by our stand!


Miss Kit Kat is one years old!

She was our very first kidding birth EVER!

Don’t tell the others but she is my favorite 😍

She is such a love and always needs to be pet and have all the attention 😂

Happy Birthday Miss Kit Kat 🎉


Potato for me, Potato for you 🥔


Don’t forget to come grab your farm fresh eggs for your Mother’s Day breakfast tomorrow!


Our Rita lady is broody so we snuck 18 turkey eggs under her 🤭

Let’s see how many will hatch!


Turn up the BEET 🎧


Well hello mama 💛

This is our girl Penelope and she is the bestest mama 🐷

Thank you for all that you do for our little farm! We are grateful for you 🥰


Enjoy your new home buddy!

4/23/22: Wally joins the crew! 🐷

Big thanks to our friends at Leduc Family Farm!


Come get your rainbow eggs we are fully stocked 😉


We have one more available DM if interested!

Next week we say goodbye to the rest as they are off to there new homes! We are gonna miss these little guys 😭


Happy Easter ✝️ to you all!

From our farm to you we pray blessing over you on this amazing day!


Happy National Gardener’s Day!!!

Today is a great day to celebrate and get even more excited for the gardening season ahead!

I encourage you on this day to take advantage of all the possibilities & dreams you might have to start your own garden.

You might not think you are capable of growing anything but believe you can!

Here at we have some exciting news coming your way! So stay tuned 💚

Photos from Leduc Family Farm's post 04/14/2022

Look at the size of this butt nugget 😳


Out and about! Don’t worry Midwife chicken is watching over them 😂




The piglets have arrived!!!


Our girls are laying again!!! If your local come by the stand 🥚

Photos from Leduc Family Farm's post 03/01/2022

Our pretty Penelope is getting ready to have her babies… stay tuned!


Getting excited!!!

Starting to plan out the garden 💚


I’m sorry for another barn pic but it’s just so pretty 😍


Oh Daisy girl 🤍


Happy snow day ❄️


Please don’t throw away your pumpkins! We would gladly take them for our animals


🦆 ❤️🐓 ❤️🦃


A rooster who thinks he’s a goat… so of course we had to name him Goat 😂

Photos from Leduc Family Farm's post 10/17/2021

One will become many 🌻


Lemongrass wreaths


Tom you stud


Just a shirt full of tomatoes


Here’s your chance to meet our beautiful ladies as they make their very first public appearance… MilkyWay, KitKat, Snickers, and AlmondJoy Harvest Fest!

Bring the family and let’s have some Fall fun 🍁

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