Dreamcatcher North Captiva

Dreamcatcher North Captiva

Dreamcatcher is located on North Captiva Island, a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico. Our island r


North Captiva Strong

Upper Captiva Island (aka, North Captiva Island) is a speck, a 1.37 square mile bit of beaches and flora seven miles from the Florida mainland, out in the Gulf of Mexico. There is no bridge to Upper Captiva, and it is not easy to find. But Hurricane Ian found Upper Captiva, as did Ian’s satanic forebear, Hurricane Charley. These two brutish storms were preceded by Hurricane 6 that created Upper Captiva in October 1921.

Imagine. The Gulf of Mexico is 617,800 sq. miles. There are 8,436 miles of Florida coastline. Yet, the only place in American history to be the first landfall for two Category 4/5 hurricanes is Upper Captiva.

Tiny Upper Captiva, 800 or so, acres of tropical flora, glistering beaches, gopher tortoises, and loving and lovely homeowners and workers and friends.

There are no cars on Upper Captiva. No stores. No Starbucks. No motels. No resident police. No post office. No zip code.

All Upper Captiva has is courage, generosity and grit.

Upper Captiva is part of Lee County. In ordinary times, Lee County provides Upper Captiva with occasional mosquito control fly overs, and superb ice and snow removal. These are not ordinary times.

Though Hurricane Ian pounded UC with 155+ mph winds, waterfalls of rain, and mountains of sea water, Ian devastated Pine Island and Matlacha and Ft. Myers, destroying homes, bridges, boats, knocking out the grid and killing people.

Upper Captiva knew they would be the last priority for Lee County. They understood fellow Floridians should come first. The homeowners and residents of UC were on their own. No complaints. No fretting. No boo-hoo-hoo.

The people came together. They united. They helped each other. They collaborated. Watched over neighbors’ empty houses. Boarded and tarped others’ damaged walls and roofs. They shared generators and scarce gasoline and propane. They shared stores of water, tools, batteries and hundreds of bags of ice; anything and everything they had that another needed.

One, or more homeowners, with generator-powered water offered showers to anyone. Bring your own towels. A self-described barbeque master grilled hot dogs and hamburgers freely hosted forty, fifty, sixty residents and workers every noon. Bring your own napkins. One donated ice. Take a bag, leave a bag for another.

Upper Captiva replaced talk with action. UC homeowners prioritized getting money, their money, into the pockets of people whose island jobs, and in many cases mainland houses, were washed away. Upfront money. No questions. No receipts. No contracts. No red tape.

People with means gave more than they should.

People with lesser means gave more than they could.

Alas, in times of catastrophe, there are the immoral, the malign, those without honor. The runaways, the profiteers, the price gougers, the takers. But be it known that one Calusa God, a serious God, the Fierce Spirit of Weather saw all…and doesn’t forgive.

The good and great people of Upper Captiva began at dawn to clear the island’s quaint seashell lanes, by hand, with small tools. The air throbbed with chainsaws and generators and air hammers. The people never quit; they paused work at dusk.

In days, Upper Captiva designed “North Captiva Strong” t-shirts. They announced the forthcoming publication of a North Captiva Strong cookbook, comprised of local island recipes. UC began selling the shirts and caps and cookbooks to friends of the island throughout the world.

In days, Upper Captiva’s selfless, fearless local boat captains and boat owners, big and small, formed the North Captiva Navy. The Navy immediately brought people and essentials to the Island. The Navy asked for nothing. No gouging. No extortion. Simply, saints and Samaritans.

In days, designers from California and Nantucket created wonderful logos and graphics for the Navy’s flag, the shirts, the cookbook.

In days, homeowners and friends filled trailers and pickup trucks and SUVs with gasoline, tarps, gloves, tools, tape, propane, engine oil, grease, trash bags, rubber boots, scotch, vodka and Courvoisier and Benjamins.

In days, owners drove from Texas, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Atlanta, St. Louis, Pennsylvania. They drove all day and night. They met the North Captiva Navy at random marinas, open, closed, destroyed.

The Upper Captiva Civic Association membership overwhelmingly voted to donate its entire island access fund to help all. Lee County officials shipped in quantities of water, gasoline, medical supplies. Lil Mo, a huge mystery barge, used during Vietnam War, loaded with donations from Publix Stores and other generous organizations, magically loomed out of the mist of Pine Island Sound, and unloaded at the air strip. Lee County Electric Cooperative, bolstered by line workers from all over the USA, worked 24 hours a day to bring power back to Upper Captiva. Governor DeSantis and his teams did the astonishing.

All money raised by Upper Captiva, every cent, stays on the Island, for workers and the needy. Every penny!

North Captiva Strong baby! North Captiva Strong!

And when the next Ian or Charley or Lucifer wants to hit our little spec of paradise, hear this: Take your wind and surge and shove it. Upper Captivians are stronger than you.

North Captiva ever strong.

Jeffrey Fox. Coral Circle, UC


Burrowing owls and storms
Rising waters from storms can cause burrowing owls to leave their burrows and seek shelter from predators (like hawks) elsewhere, sometimes in unusual spots such as your porch or under an awning. The best way to help owls displaced by high water levels is to give them and their burrows space whenever possible – they’ll return to their burrows or dig new ones once water levels recede. A pair of burrowing owls can dig a new 5 to 10-foot-long burrow in as little as 2 days.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3Ehr2xI

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 10/04/2022

Pictures have been coming in from the incredible people working to rebuild the island. Hurricane Ian may have damaged the houses but the community is stronger than ever. ❤️🏝




North Captiva!

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 10/03/2022

Recent aerials from our beautiful island 🏝


Video footage going over the airstrip looking at the north side of the island.

Love making memories in this special place 🏝#northcaptivaisland #northcaptiva #floridalife #sunsetlover #islandvibes 10/03/2022

Love making memories in this special place 🏝#northcaptivaisland #northcaptiva #floridalife #sunsetlover #islandvibes

We can't wait to make memories on our beautiful island again. North Captiva...we know you will rise from
this destruction of Hurricane Ian even more beautiful than before! 🏝

Love making memories in this special place 🏝#northcaptivaisland #northcaptiva #floridalife #sunsetlover #islandvibes

North Captiva Strong Hurricane Ian Relief, organized by Anne-Caroline Taylor 10/03/2022

North Captiva Strong Hurricane Ian Relief, organized by Anne-Caroline Taylor


North Captiva employs many locals who all have been devastated by the storm. Most live on Pine Island and Matlacha, which got ROCKED. Bridges, homes, schools…. Livelihoods. Not one of them wants to walk away and quit. They want to work and rebuild. North Captiva relies heavily on tourism, and for anyone who wants to help and have an awesome vacation … help us out by giving business for our staff to take care of!

☀️Please consider booking a trip to the area after we rebuild! Dreamcatcher will be better than ever 🏝

North Captiva represents opportunity to sustainably support this local economy - housekeeping, chefs, maintenance, captains, property managers, grocery delivery, etc. They all want to work. Not a single employee wants to leave.

A homeowner on the island has setup a fund to help support these wonderful workers who we wouldn't be North Captiva without. I know so many are looking for ways to help. Here's one wonderful option.

North Captiva Strong Hurricane Ian Relief, organized by Anne-Caroline Taylor My name is Anne-Caroline Taylor & I am a homeowner on North Captiva Is… Anne-Caroline Taylor needs your support for North Captiva Strong Hurricane Ian Relief

Photos from Matt Devitt WINK Weather's post 10/02/2022

Photos from Matt Devitt WINK Weather's post


vs. landfalls 👀

North Captiva Strong | Bonfire 10/01/2022

North Captiva Strong | Bonfire

The community members of North Captiva have created a T-shirt drive to raise funds for the island workers who were displaced by Hurricane Ian. Please consider purchasing a T-shirt. All proceeds will go to the workers of North Captiva and island cleanup.


North Captiva Strong | Bonfire Help support North Captiva Island workers to rebuild after hurricane devastation. . On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian devastated SW Florida and her barrier islands...

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 10/01/2022

We got some first pics of the North Captiva house this morning. There's work to do but seeing the catastrophic damage in so many areas it definitely could have been a lot worse. And no lives lost on NCap is a huge blessing 🙏


Total devastation across the island. Can’t make it far from Maine Deck as there are so many down trees. Are boat is still okay so we shall see. Seeing blown out windows, decks ripped off… unrecognizable


Doesn't get much worse. Ian is rapidly intensifying towards landfall. Now 155mph winds with 937mb. www.spaghettimodels.com


Please say a prayer 🙏 for our little island, and all of Florida, as Hurricane Ian approaches on Wednesday. Currently it looks like we're in its direct path. We are praying our island can stand up to the strong hurricane coming straight for it. We will keep you updated on this page about how the island and Dreamcatcher fair after the storm. Stay safe Florida. 🏝

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 09/04/2022

RARE CHRISTMAS DATES AVAILABLE at the spectacular DREAMCATCHER! This 4BR/4BA plus loft LUXURY HOME sleeps up to 13 with a private pool, 2 GOLF CARTS and NCIC membership. Privately managed by Tortuga Property Management, you can expect exceptional service. The home consistently receives 5 star reviews like below:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Magical Family Vacation!
"We had the most wonderful 5 days on North Captiva. It was our first time on the island, and we can’t wait to come back! Dreamcatcher was a perfect home base for our group of 6, and could have accommodated another family as well! Our favorite feature was the little pool and patio - perfect for relaxing and grilling after a day at the beach. Dreamcatcher is beautiful and well-maintained - what a lovely home. Tortuga, the property management group was so helpful and easy to work with. All around 5 stars!"

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 07/02/2022

We love our Dreamcatcher guests. 🏝Thanks to our incredible property managers, Laurie & Duncan, for always going above and beyond for our visitors.


Sea turtle nesting season in Jupiter, Florida is amazing to watch

So cool!

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 06/04/2022

A view of the 2nd level at Dreamcatcher. The house has a reverse floorplan with 3 of the 4 bedrooms on the second level that you walk up to and the 3rd level has the kitchen, living room, dining room, 4th bedroom and loft.

The 3 bedrooms on the second floor consist of -
- king master suite with private bathroom/ shower
- king master suite with private bathroom/ shower
- quad set of bunk beds with a trundle bed with a private bathroom/ tub/ shower


How cool is this Night Blooming Cereus on North Captiva?

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 05/26/2022

Beautiful day on North Captiva! Dreamcatcher just had palm trimming done and is ready for summer rental season! Special thanks to our Tortuga grocery team and Antoine for using recyclable coolers! Make sure to ask your shopper to use these instead of styrofoam!


We've got two short stays left for our summer season.

🏝July 9-13th
🏝June 28- July 2

Openings after August 6 too. Reach out if we can help you plan a North Captiva Island vacation.

Sea you at the beach 🏖


We've just added a 2021 golf cart to our rental and it drives like a dream. The perfect way to explore North Captiva island 🏝 No cars here.


Dining with a view. 🏝



What a thrill to have this once in a lifetime sighting this morning. Heading south on the State Park Beach we came across a gorgeous long crawl. But looking closer it was an incoming crawl only. Way up high in the grasses there she was. Mama loggerhead turtle was just finishing nesting. We were able to observe her last few strokes of camouflaging and then return to the Gulf. I will be sharing some short videos of her over the next few days.


Weekend ready at


The house is stocked with lots of games and now this cribbage board from some sweet friends. 🏝


Cheers to beautiful views🏝 Thanks Tortuga Properties and Duncan Rosen for the wonderful Mother's Day mimosas for our group. You're the best!


Nothing like a North Captiva Island sunset

Photos from North Captiva Sea Turtle Foundation's post 05/11/2022

Photos from North Captiva Sea Turtle Foundation's post

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 04/29/2022

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for Dreamcatcher! Book your 2022 stay on the island 🏝

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 04/25/2022

A great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review!

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 03/20/2022

We've got an opening for the last week in April 🏝

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 03/20/2022

Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️review for Dreamcatcher!


Island paradise views included with every meal 🏝 Fun updates happening at Dreamcatcher. Limited summer availability. Reach out to reserve your dates now.


Swing your worries away with the palms shaking in unison to the ocean waves 🌊🏝 We've got a spot for you here.


*Thanks for all the interest- these dates are now booked *

Looking for a relaxing spring break vacation?

We just had a cancellation for March 26- April 3. Our house on North Captiva Island has 4 bedrooms each with their own en suite bath plus a loft. Sleeps 12. Private pool with NCIC membership. Reach out to book direct or if you have any questions.

Vrbo link in the comments.

Photos from Dreamcatcher North Captiva's post 01/07/2022

Another great review for Dreamcatcher. Are you looking for a beach vacation in 2022? We'd love to host you at our island home.

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