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Yellowood Farm & Supply


It's been delivered so I can share it now 😊❤️
A recent commission for an anniversary set. I am v proud of how they turned out.
Flowers from our yard and Yellowood Farm & Supply 💐
Hey!! Will you be doing the pumpkin collection again this year? 😊
It is great that this farm is so dedicated to preserving our land and our food. It really reminds me of this great new Netflix documentary, titled Kiss the Ground. This film emphasizes the importance of nourishing our soil to protect our environment through the methods of biosequestration and regenerative agriculture. One farmer even maps out her land to plan she will use her livestock to graze and protect the ground. Preserving our soil not only saves our planet, but our produce as well. Kiss the Ground takes such a complex topic and makes it so easy for everyone to understand. I highly recommend the watch for anyone wanting to learn more about our Earth and our food. Check it out!
Michele, Hannah, Landyn, and Tanner rocked out their family session last night!!

Yellowood Farm & Supply
Stunning!! Teays Valley Senior, Taylor😍
Yellowood Farm & Supply
Yellowood Farm & Supply
Escaped the ranch life for a bit and went exploring local businesses with Jackson Lee and our amazing ranch helper @kenmarall 🥰 Started our morning at Art and Clay on Main for some amazing coffee and painting ☕️🎨 Headed over to STUMP to test my indoor plant skills, then headed over to Yellowood Farm & Supply to drop off some extra pots we had for the community sharing shed they have 🥰 #shopsmall #shop small business #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness #lancasterohio
I am working on this gorgeous session from last Thursday at Yellowood Farm & Supply. It is such a beautiful location!! I am so thankful I found it and they are allowing me to photograph there.
McKinney | Maternity Preview

Thank you so much Yellowood Farm & Supply for allowing me to photograph their amazing flower gardens! Such a fun night and they turned out so gorgeous!
Bee-utiful bouquets from Yellowood Farm & Supply at the market today!
2-5pm located behind Clark Hall (380 Granville Street)

#farmersmarket #freshcutflowers
I’m so glad I finally made it! Literally made my day! 🌼🌻🌸🌺
Thank you for your contributions to Canal! 🙌🏼

On a rural property just outside of Columbus, Ohio, we're exploring various methods of growing/preserving food, so that we can teach anyone resilience.

We are actively seeking opportunities to support families, communities and schools. How can we help? Yellowood Farm & Supply (Yellowood Design Studio LLC) believes in an open and affirming culture and will not tolerate racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other forms of discrimination. We will refuse attendance requests should we see evidence of this behavior. W

Operating as usual


What are you wishing for?


Patience is a virtue. Especially when you have Peonies. It seems every year we are saying, “They’re almost ready…and…they’re almost ready…andddd…maybe they’re almost ready…”


We love teaching groups of people! Whether is a school or scout group, a business or bridal shower — we love creating connection over GROWING TOGETHER.

If you have a group and are looking for a way to add to an upcoming event, we offer group pricing for workshops. Our Bouquet Workshop can be booked at our farm or we can come to you! Simply send us a DM to get the conversation started! 🌸🌱💕


There is a big beautiful Lilac bush in front of #thefarmsteadcw. The blooms are absolutely stunning right now. 🤩

Did you know Lilacs are edible? On our list of things to try is Lilac syrup!


The Bearded Purple Iris. This is one of the many surprises that has come along with purchasing the expansion property.

While most other surprises have been less beautiful — these are totally welcomed. 🥰

These grow along side our white barn, facing #thefarmsteadcw. We are so excited for our @airbnb guests to experience the farm in full bloom this season!


Hey, Farmer Benjamin! Pose with this giant asparagus that Farmer Cori forgot to pick on time! 😬

Half the battle of gardening/farming is the harvest! Friendly reminder to go check on your asparagus if you’ve got it!

And yes, Benjamin is also a youth soccer coach ⚽️ which is why he’s wearing a whistle.


Typically this time of year if we aren’t at soccer in the evenings — we are planting starts. We took a pause yesterday evening from farm tasks and we celebrated our tiniest farmer’s 6th birthday! We are still on the small birthday party wagon. It’s a whole lot less stress for us.

Not pictured here but definitely made the day great (all local):
Cake - @yellowcouchbakeshop
Birthday jewelry - @leanderboutique and @harrislaneco
Super snuggly stuffed animal Linx - @cornersmiths

Grateful for a cozy group of family and friends who have become family. 💕

Take a break.
Stay small if it works for you.
You don’t have to go back to “normal.”


Thank you everyone for your kind words and for chipping in to help us out the Garden Exchange back together again.

While it is currently standing — we need to find time this week to ensure it is safe.

In the coming days we will be replacing one of the main structural pieces, some of the siding, a window, the vinyl graphics, and adding some updates.

Soon the Garden Exchange will use a rain barrel/gutter system so you can water plants and starts. We are also adding a compost bin so you can drop small compostables. We will also be looking to add area for potting. Signage is being updated as well and hopefully some planting boxes so we can plant greens year round for you to responsibly pick from. We’ll also be buying paint and hopefully some volunteers can help us spruce so we can focus on planting our flower fields.

We are so proud of Canal Wi******er for showing up to preserve this little hut that means so much to so many.


Homestead Dreamers Chicken Workshop - Spring 2022 — Preston Family Farm 05/10/2022

Homestead Dreamers Chicken Workshop - Spring 2022 — Preston Family Farm

Our friends at Preston Family Farm are offering an amazing Homestead Dreamers (Chickens) workshop! The Prestons have taught us so much on our journey to becoming farmers -- we hope you'll take them up on this opportunity to be a student at their farm!

Homestead Dreamers Chicken Workshop - Spring 2022 — Preston Family Farm Next Class : begins the week of May 15th Have you ever considered raising meat chickens for your family or just want to learn more about how food gets to your plate? We have been raising grass pastured broilers meat chickens for about a decade in small batches. Our kids have shown meat chickens at


**Update: For those interested in supporting the Garden Exchange (pun totally intended) our Venmo is @yellowoodsupply.

🥺The Garden Exchange was involved in a hit and run incident today. No plants were injured in the event. We don’t know who did it — but we do know the window with the graphics in it is busted, we need to replace some structural materials and she’s gonna need repainted.

Please be patient with us as we put your beloved Garden Exchange back together again.

We will post as soon it is ready for you to come back. 💕🌱

#lumberaintcheapbro #wedidntneeda otherthingtofix #sendbeer #justtryingtodogood


We still have weekend days/evenings available to rent our Table Under the Lights in June! If you need an outdoor space to host a shindig we have June 10, 11, 17, 18 available for small gatherings at our Table Under the Lights.

For more details on having your event with us:

**We do not rent out our Table Under the Lights on nights we have folks renting out our Airbnb house (The Farmstead CW). If you are interested in renting the Table for a gathering AND the Airbnb, let us know in a DM and we can work out special pricing.


And while our family home is not at all like our @airbnb, it does have some similarities. Plenty of #midcentury moments, relics from the 1940s and 50s, and always a @westelm light fixture or six. Our family home is small. One bathroom (for now), original hardwood floors (1 1/4” wide and oh so stunning), and a cape cod roofline cursed second floor that only a mother could love. We love it here. It’s small. It’s chaotic. And frankly, it’s exactly what we never knew we needed.

We’ll do a formal #hometour sometime soon. But for now — here’s a half shot of where we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Photos from Yellowood Farm & Supply's post 05/08/2022

Dear Community,
Being Momma to these two small humans is the greatest gift and the weirdest, most confusing, and rewarding journey I’ve ever been on. I am so grateful for the village that helps us follow our dreams, serve our community and raise these sweet babies. To all the beautiful hearts that support our farm and family — thank you. Happy Mother’s Day, you’re helping us raise these critters.

Love always. Love everyone.
Farmer Cori (aka @mrs.yellowood)

📸 courtesy @derksworks


Chickens are Dinosaurs

Jurassic Farm over here…HAPPY SATURDAY!


Baaaaaaaad bishes at it again.
Chickadee’s lip color is Cancelled in Satin Matte by @qveenstudio.😉


These girls get sheared next week. Get ready for some WILD before and after shots of their makeovers.

We are sooooo ready for some warmer and dry weather - how about ewe??? 🐑🐑🐑🐑

Yellowood Farm x Supply-Bouquet Making Workshop 05/07/2022

Yellowood Farm x Supply-Bouquet Making Workshop

TODAY!!!!! Throw on your boots and come out to the farm at 2 today to make bouquets with Farmer Cori! Grab your spot on our website!

Yellowood Farm x Supply-Bouquet Making Workshop Make beautiful bouquets for any occasion. Work with Farmer Cori to learn tips and tricks to making a stunning display and keeping flowers longer.


Bouquet of the day! It’s a rainy day but the bouquets are bright! Let us know if you need one (DM) and we’ll put one together for you! $20 mason jar bouquets! Perfect for gifting or brightening your room on this gloomy day! We had some plans change so if you order this morning you can pickup this afternoon!
(We take cash or Venmo) 💐


You caught us. We are obsessed with spoiling our guests. Thanks to local farm @prestonfamilyfarm we are easy able to surprise our guest with goodies made by other farmers! When we spoil our guests we also get to give back to our local farm community — and not much makes us happier than that!

Have you been to our friends’ farm stand? Preston Family Farm is just a short beautiful country drive away from our farm, and they’ve got all sorts of gifts and treats. 💕

#growtogether #asseenincolumbus #farmstay #airbnb


Eggs up for reservation on the site today ($5/dozen at pickup)! We also have farm fresh bouquets ($20) in mason jars near the egg cooler! (Cash or Venmo)

When you buy our eggs and flowers you help us continue to grow and serve our community!

Be sure to visit the Garden Exchange while you’re here to pickup seeds and bulbs and garden tools shared by your neighbors!

The driveway is right behind @oldtowntaverncw 💕💐🥚


Eggs are up for reservation on our site! Reserve and pickup within 24 hrs - cash or Venmo $5/dozen 🥚

Photos from Yellowood Farm & Supply's post 05/03/2022

Grow baby grow! We transplanted these beauties a few weeks ago and thought they were done for. THEY’RE BACK! Moral of the story: Don’t give up on your transplants!


Did you know you can have us make bouquets for your event, even if your event isn't here? Just DM us -- we'd be happy to put a quote together for florals, even if it's just one bouquet. We create seasonal mason jar bouquets and seasonal hand-tied bouquets (for weddings, dances, etc.)

For reference: Generally -- a mason jar bouquet like this cutie is $20ish depending on what's growing.

Photos from Preston Family Farm's post 05/03/2022

Preston Family Farm is a prime example of how farmers are caretakers for their community. 💕 They are always seeking ways to serve Central Ohio. We are so proud to call these folks friends. 💕


We love our customers. Like — sincerely. This gem of a human is a prime example. There’s something about when you get to know who’s buying the farm goods you worked so hard to provide, and THEN they ask you how your kids are, how the @airbnb is going, and how your day job is treating you. We give big and love hard when it comes to our community — and when they love back, it really feels like we’re doing something right.

It’s an absolute honor to provide you with eggs for your meals and flowers to bring you joy.

Thank you for loving us back. It gives us life.

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Locally Grown Experiences.

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Chickens are Dinosaurs
Bouquet Workshops at Yellowood Farm 💐
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6780 Lithopolis-Wi******er Road
Canal Wi******er, OH

Opening Hours

Saturday 10am - 2pm
Sunday 10am - 2pm

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