Missouri Law Firm LLC - Camdenton

Missouri Law Firm LLC - Camdenton

Real Estate Documents, Uncontested Divorce, Business Set-Up, Financial Planning. Wills and Trusts, Traffic, Criminal, IRS Controversies, Tax Preparation

Operating as usual

[08/22/20]   There is a set schedule to count on again for the school year! Camdenton office will be open Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday alternating weeks by appointment.
Week of August 24th---> Monday/Tuesday.

Week of August 31st---->Wednesday/Thursday.

Thank you for bearing with us during this year of constant changes.

[07/07/20]   Currently we are open by appointment only Monday - Thursday and currently booked through the 14th. Phone appointments are easiest, but we can do in person just need a heads up to get surfaces wiped down. Please give us a call 5736937075 and we will get you scheduled within 48 hours.

[04/10/20]   The law firm will be completely closed today in observation of the Good Friday holiday. We reflect in reverence today, but happily remember that Sunday is coming.

[03/19/20]   Folks we are taking your health and safety seriously as well as our own by not being open in person. You can still call and we will schedule phone consultations as available, but they will be a bit more limited than usual to accommodate daycare being shut down and school being out of session.



This cozy little alcove is where I will be working from home. Give us a call if you need to 5736937075. No court the next three weeks so I have time for consults for REAL cases. Thank you.

[03/08/20]   I am going to start posting the tax penalty amounts that I help get waived or balances I help get reduced as they happen. These cannot be taken as normal expected results...... IRS penalty waived this week for $4400. Time between the request and waiver.... 8 months.... Good things come to those who are patient.

[01/23/20]   Happy Snow Day! Missouri Law Firm has gone back to having direct lines for Lebanon and Camdenton 417 595 7071 and 573 693 7075


Missouri Law Firm LLC - Camdenton

[11/01/19]   Garner and Howe Law Firm is now Missouri Law Firm! There are big dreams being actively pursued and I am proud to be practicing primarily in the Ozarks! Update: Camdenton hours are now Tuesday by appointment or Friday all day. We also have a drop box at 48 Camden Court so if you would like to fill out a questionairre for a case give us a call at 5736937075 and we will mail/email it and you can drop it off or email it back. We value our clients and would love to serve you and your family.

[07/11/19]   Hey everyone! We are undergoing some VERY EXCITING RENOVATIONS and will reopen our physical office July 29th. In the meantime, you can still reach Steve Meier at 573 693 7075 Extension 9! So do not hesitate to call!

[07/11/19]   Hey everyone! We are undergoing some VERY EXCITING RENOVATIONS and will reopen our physical office July 29th. In the meantime, you can still reach Steve Meier at 573 693 7075 Extension 9! So do not hesitate to call!


Have you had a run-in with the law? Garner and Howe Law Firm can represent you in your case no matter how big or small we can handle them. We have multiple lawyers on staff so give us a call today to schedule a consultation 573-693-7075


We have hired another attorney specializing in criminal law. Whether you have drug charges, speeding or DUI, felonies or misdemeanors we can take care of you! Call today to schedule a free consultation. 417-595-7071


The Law Offices of Meagan Howe handles everything from criminal law, divorces, civil suits and taxation law. We have several attorneys on staff and look forward to working with you on your needs. We offer reasonable rates and strive to deliver great service. Contact us as to how we can serve you.

[12/04/18]   Tax season is around the corner. We would love to assist you or your business with any of your tax needs!


Missouri Law Firm LLC - Camdenton


I'm gonna go head and call this decorating done for awhile.. #Camdenton Square


[10/08/18]   Law Offices of Meagan Howe will be closed Monday October 8th for Columbus Day and Monday November 12th for Veterans Day.


Missouri Law Firm LLC - Camdenton


Missouri Law Firm LLC - Camdenton


LEBANON 9-5 all business days except Wednesday, closed for lunch.

CAMDENTON 9-5 Wednesday
Closed for lunch

[03/07/18]   I hit the 2 year mark for solo practice a week ago. I continue to reach upward and have plenty of room to grow but excited about the following stats. After the first year I had 100 clients even. I now have 182 clients. Thats 82 new clients this year, and then 35 people were repeat clients meaning 35% of last year's clients reused me for another issue. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

[11/02/17]   I was saving this post for the beginning of the year since I'm on partial maternity leave, but its come to my attention it's appropriate now based on tax reform bill discussions. I set up and administer 401(k) plans through my law office. There is even a tax credit that covers half the costs of my services to do it! This can save small business owner lots and lots of money on taxes and it makes good employees want to stick with you . I utilize it, and I can explain how it will put money back in your pocket. I am now scheduling consultations for this. 4175957071 5736937075.

[08/05/17]   *Please share if you don't mind* Today I finalized a case for a client whose only means of paying for their legal work was a tax refund that was being held up. Of course it had been difficult for them to get an attorney under such circumstances since they didn't have cash up front, but I listened to the situation, took care of what needed to be done to get the refund released, and we got everything wrapped up in a way they were happy with. Moral of story: If you need legal work done and all that's holding it up is a tax issue, come see me and we will talk it over and see if we can get you taken care of. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

howelegalpractice.com 07/04/2017

Law Offices of Meagan Howe

Hello everyone! Happy 4th! Since Facebook only let's you put one location on a business page I'm posting the Lebanon address here, which is 238 S. Jefferson Suite B. (next to The Farmer's Market) The phone number is 4175957071 BUT the Camdenton number gets you through to the same place so don't be afraid to use the call now button. Luckily howelegalpractice.com is always up to date with this info. Thanks to all new clients who have been in both offices since the change!

howelegalpractice.com The Law Offices of Meagan Howe meet the true definition of General Law Practice. On top of the "usual suspect" practice areas of Criminal Defense, Traffic, Wills and Trusts, Real Estate Documents, Uncontested Divorce... we also practice in the areas of IRS and DOR tax issues and the legal needs of s...



48 Camden Court Suite A
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