Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc

Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc


So "Wonderful" to deal with honest people like Kenny Carroll, his office staff, and his guys in the field. They have always done great accurate work at fair prices for me and my construction customers. Last week, when 2 of my $100 bills stuck together when paying for a load of base, Kenny's people caught the error & immediately called me. Some people with lesser moral character, would have silently stuck the extra $100 in their pocket. Who would have known. "Character Is What You Do When No One Else Is Looking." Thanks again to Kenny and his great people with top drawer CHARACTER.
Christmas Magic comes from the heart! Our hearts here at the City of Linn Creek are full of appreciation for all these people who have come together to help make this Christmas special for our littles!
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Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc
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Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc moving earth on this beautiful morning.

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And we’re off! Carefully clearing just what’s needed on this lake lot for our client’s future home.

Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc does excellent, efficient work.

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Let's thank our awesome sponsors!

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We couldn't have our league without your support. Thank you!
💥WE’RE RACING!!💥 Come out and have a fantastic night at the track! The Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc Pure Stocks will compete for $500 to win! Also in action will be ULMA late models, USRA A-modifieds, Street Stocks, USRA B-Modifieds!

Hot laps at 6:30

Racing at 7!

Licensed, insured and state-approved septic installer, Kenny Carroll Exc is dedicated to providing you with all of your excavating needs for years to come.

Operating as usual


And that’s what I think about that!
P.S. anybody want a job? 😜

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There always hell for out of the gate but then they just run out of steam. Ol Dad has his own way of rocking him to sleep.

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HELP WANTED!! Looking for experienced skid steer and mini excavator operator. HEAVY ON THE EXPERIENCED! Must be able to dig footings and grade floors. Septic experience is worth more $$. CDL would help as well. All work very local to Camdenton. Don’t ask what it pays until I see what you can do. Call office 573-317-0464

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We have teamed up with The Gravel Pile for the snow storm. If you need some snow removal in the Camdenton area give us a call at the office at 573-317-0464 or TJ at 573-216-8383. Give us a call and we will see what we can do for you.


Starting to snow pretty good up here on the knob.


Randy Mortenson wins the $100 for our annual question at the Christmas party. How many tires do we have on the ground and use regular? First one to answer in the comments gets a T shirt or something.
P.S. must hit it dead on.


7oclock and allllsweeellll


We just got our new pricing from the quarry. After the first there will be a price increase on all things gravel. So give the office or TJ a call to get your gravel hauling needs taking care of this year. 573-317-0464 or TJ direct 573-216-8383.


Happy Birthday to everyone’s baby sister Mandy Carroll. She definitely is an asset to our team.


Find what ya love and call it a living. 🎶


Happy Birthday to employee Randy Mortenson. Here’s a picture of him when he was warmer and less grouchy than the day he’s having today. 😂😂😂


Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite tire buster Travis Wilson. If you see him out and about make fun of him.

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Most claim it takes a village to raise a child. Well if your as shy and as backwards as I was back in the day it takes an entire state or 3. Almost 25 yrs ago my wife and I started this crazy roller coaster ride of a business. We lived in a 24x32 house that my father in law Tommy and I/ my friends built. My business partner Dan Damitz used to have to force me to go talk to people and give them a business card. I know y’all think that’s hard to believe but it’s church. My favorite Friday afternoon activity was to go to Heckers gas station and buy the newest Equipment Trader Magazine and a 12 pack of Bud Lite Ice. Like I said I was nearly car shy so don’t judge. I had been in the business for almost a year and I was running a John Deere 210c hard. I so wanted a newer back hoe. I would sit in my 6x8 office a drink my beer and day dream. This place in St Louis called Erb Equpment had a line of like 20, 310d John Deere 4x4 extended hoe’s with cabs. I would just drool. One day I called them up. Now keep in mind I was like 20yrs old. I had a hell of a problem with what I called the “dumb kid syndrome”. No one thought I was going to amount to much so I was easily intimidated. Thank God I out grew that! The add always said ask for used equipment manager Dave Mehrtens. I bet I called this guy a hundred times. We basically had the deal done and I had never met him or seen the tracktor in real life. We set a date for a Saturday to go and get this deal done. My work truck was no way reliable enuf to drive to the Lou so we took Naia’s 1989 Ford. First “nice” rig we ever had. Hell it even had had air! I was a high roller with my new denim Dan And Kenny’s Excavating coats as we rolled into my first real equipment dealership. We hid over to the side so I could slip into the lot to look the tracktor over without anyone seeing me. I didn’t want the pressure of the dealer looking at me. I looked her over and my mind was made up. I to this day remember walking into that building. Ever drank a 5th of whiskey in one setting? Well the cotton mouth that, that will cause was nothing like the one I had walking into Erb equipment that morning was like. I asked for Dave. This big ol boy jumped up and shook my hand. Killer personality and incredibly up beat. I said Im Kenny from the Lake and I’d like to look at a hoe. 😉. We walked outside and he said which one? I said the one with the chrome stack. Only one on the place. It was the one i had inspected on my own earlier. We walked over and I asked if I could try it out? He said sure and pointed to a pile of dirt in the back lot. Well I hadn’t ever dreamed of borrowing $34,500 in my life so I went to work to see what I had. Later my wife said that Dave asked her. He has ran a backhoe before right? Lol She told him I had and not to worry. Well that started an incredible friendship. I know that over the last 20 plus years I spent over a million, yes $1,000,000 with this ol boy. 555g,755b,310d’s,NPK hammers, 200 Komatsu, Trail King Trailers, 228 Komotsu, 138 Komotsu it just goes on and on. Hell our screen plant for The Gravel Pile even came from him. I followed him whenever he moved from Erb to Road builders in Kansas City Kansas. Hell one day after a deal he says, ya hungry? I lied and said sure. After all anytime I spend more money than I ever thought I’d make food was first on my mind 🤮. He took me to Arthur Bryant’s. Ever been there? These ol boys....... Hell look it up, we ain’t got time to go into that. Then Dave moved to Kirby-Smith out of Oklahoma City. He’d always call me and tell me when he was moving. I’m telling you I wore this man out. Questions upon questions. He’d always call me a tight ass and tell me life would get easier if I’d just get past that. Now listen, I knew nothing about this man or his family. He knew nothing about me. The time he wasted on me would should really piss his bosses off. He would introduce me to the guy who’s name was on the building like I had a last name like Sapp or Twehouse. We would trade,swap and buy sh*t from each other sight unseen. Never, not once had an issue. He’d just say we would figure it out. I would try to record our conversations in my head. He had such knowledge on so many things yellow. He called and told me he was sick. We still did deals all the time. I’d call and ask how he was was? He’d say, I’m getting a blood transfusion and I feel like sh*t. Call me tomorrow, I’ll be 21 again. Damn, can you imagine that! I’d say why do you answer your phone if you in the Drs office? He’d say, hell I’m bored, I saw it was you. Thought I’d see what’s up. Well this month I guess I bought my last tractor from ol David. A 953D cab, air, ripper. He said I will ship it up to ya and we will figure it out. Hell I really don’t give a sh*t when ya pay me for it. Hope his bosses are understanding and know our deal. If they knew Dave like I knew Dave I’m sure it will be just fine. Gosh dang y’all. I know I’m just getting to that age but I guess breathing air is the trophy we get for not dying. I’m a blessed man for blindly running into so many people who helped guide me into making my little company what it has become. Kiss your kids n pat that ol gals butt and tellum how ya feel. Damn glad me n Dave got to have that last talk. I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this but it has been on my mind all day.


To make a long story short, it’s Jerry Morrison’s Birthday today. 2 time employee Jerry has made it another year without TJ killing him. He’s Pbly on his scooter today so watch out lake area peeps.


Ol Jerry…….. Always keeps things interesting.




The boys brought jokes!

Wonder if this kid can run a skid steer?



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Happy 1 year employment anniversary to Garrett Bradley aka “Colorado”. Uncle Steve has let him survive this long. I take that as a good sign.


Happy Birthday to 2 time employee Chris Heimbeaugh. We’ve had a hell of a summer. I’m damn glad he’s been around.

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Look at these 3! Caught them loafing on the job!! 🤣Just kidding boys, we know you were just stretching your legs! We know we have one of the hardest working crews at the lake! 💪


Almost my last post...

We are all pushn. Take a step back.

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Happy Birthday to longtime friend and employee. Everyone’s favorite Uncle.
Stephen L Osborn. Everyone’s confidence goes up a notch or two when he’s riding in your posse. We have many trails behind us and good lord willing many more ahead.


Happy employment anniversary to everyone’s little sister, Mandy Carroll. I never dreamed she would come to work for me. Let alone stay for 2 years so far. I think she’s a keeper. 😉

Photos from Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc's post 09/06/2021

1st KCE float trip is in the books. We all survived it, are still friends and had a great time. Couldn’t of done it with everyone’s help. We even got Uncle Steve to do some cooking. Was a great day on the water.


Help wanted. All positions available. Local work with good co-workers. Call the office 573-317-0464


Happy Birthday to truck driver Donny Bailey. He’s 65 years young today.


Ol Adam knocked this one out of the park. We are damn lucky to have him.


Happy 1year employment anniversary, second go round to old friend and business partner TJ Farris. He sure has a full plate around here and busts his tail. I’m damn glad to have him.


Former employee and friend. Taken way to soon. RIP

Tad Nolan Russell, age 36, of Brumley, passed away on Friday, August 13, 2021, at Lake Regional Health System in Osage Beach. He was born in Tuscumbia on November 28, 1984, son of Leonard and Tina (Forbis) Russell.

Tad was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting, fishing, barbecuing, and spending time with his family and friends.

Tad volunteered for the Brumley Fire Department for many years and was employed with Horsepower Ranch in Brumley.

He is survived by his mother, Tina Russell (Joey); fiancée, Tiffany Maes; three sons, Layne Nolan (Russell) Fisher, Robert David Leonard Russell, and Ivan Gene Russell; daughter, Nevaeh Lynn Russell; stepdaughter, Audrey Bradbury; paternal grandfather, Ralph Forbis; brothers, Gail Russell (Theresa), Eugene Russell (Carol), Rick Russell (Patti), Randy Russell (Toni), and J.D. Russell (Gail); sisters, Cathy Whittle and Joyce Beabout (Mark); and numerous nieces, nephews, family and friends.

He was preceded in death by his father, Leonard Russell; daughter, Charlotte Creed Russell; sister, Geraldine Russell; and grandmother, Margie Forbis.

Visitation will be held from 11 a.m. to 12 (noon), with services immediately following at 12 (noon), on Tuesday, August 17, at Fancher-Rekus Funeral Home in Iberia with Rick Russell officiating. Interment will be held in Mt. Union Cemetery near Brumley.

Memorial contributions are suggested to the Tad Russell Memorial Fund.


There is a job for everyone. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤫


Fingers crossed. It’s Friday!

Photos from Kenny Carroll Excavating, Inc's post 08/04/2021

Employee anniversary! Handy Randy Mortenson has made it 3 years putting up with us. In his spare time he enjoys sun bathing and long walks in the park.


Look Mom, a 6 way track loader…….🤷🏽‍♂️🤦‍♂️😐


Happy Friday everyone. Remember just because you are in Paridise don’t mean you don’t have to work for it. Lol. Yes that’s a 40’ extension ladder with a 10’ piece tied to the end. Poor bastard had his mask on like a good boy though.

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Headed to another one. Keep us in mind for all your rock removal and dirt digging needs.
The things we do to get paid.....
It’s Friday! Let’s get out of here!




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