Victra — Verizon Authorized Retailer

Victra — Verizon Authorized Retailer


We’re open and ready to he lp you. While a few stores m ay be temporarily closing, others will rema in open for critical phone replacements a nd urgent troubleshooting.


For your safety, have implement ed safer ways to buy. Before maki ng the trip to your store, cli ck the link below to schedule an appointme nt or see revised store hours.
Samsung's Galaxy S10 picks up so me of the Note 10's best featur es
Happy Veterans Day!
Lost your phone? Check out the se easy ways to find it!
The best iPhone Apps of 2019 so far ... What's your favorite?
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The best free Android Apps of 2019
You can leave your charger at ho me with the moto g⁷ power. Li ve your life away from outlets wi th up to 3 days of pow er. Available in select Victra locations!
Video wallpapers are adding an ext ra layer of customization to your pho ne 🎥 #action
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*Speak wi th a sales team member for fu ll details
Let your worries disappear with #Spe ck Presidio Stay Clear. #DesignedForImpact

Victra is the largest Verizon Authoriz ed Retailer. Victra independently operates this soci al media page and is an independent ly owned and operated Verizon Authorized Retail er

Pickup available

Timeline photos 09/20/2022

Your local tech experts are ba ck with iPhone hacks, tips and tric ks that many users never kn ew existed. You invested in the late st Apple gadget, so why not ta ke advantage of it by knowing eve ry hidden feature? Learn more in o ur latest blog:

We must warn you in advan ce: Your everyday life may become easi er in the process of discovering the se tips. 📱 ✔️

Timeline photos 09/19/2022

One of our favorite features of t he motorola edge+ 5G UW is t he triple camera system. You can ta ke perfect selfies every time with t he 60PM selfie camera!

Not much of a self ie person? Capture an array of amazi ng photos with the 50MP main came ra that has instant all-pixel focus. Go wi de with the 50MP ultra-wide camera.

Timeline photos 09/17/2022

Living in Las Vegas? Swit ch to Verizon at our Southern Highlan ds Parkway location, Jessica is ready to assi st!

Photos from Victra — Verizon Authoriz ed Retailer's post 09/16/2022

A magical new way to intera ct with iPhone. Groundbreaking safety features. An innovati ve 48MP Main camera. A16 Bionic ch ip.

Now available. Visit us tod ay and get yours! 🍎

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

Hey tech warriors, the latest OS upda te from Google has arrived, and the re are some great features you’ll wa nt to take advantage of.
Read o ur Android™ 13 review to learn mo re about the top 4 features fr om the latest update!

Photos from Victra — Verizon Authoriz ed Retailer's post 09/11/2022

Meet iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pl us: Groundbreaking safety features. Great battery li fe. And even more spectacular low-light sho ts.
Available for pre-order now at yo ur nearest Victra store!

(iPhone 14 Plus is availab le in October. iPhone 14 and iPho ne 14 Plus are subject to F CC rules as well as consumer protecti on, contractual, and other provisions of feder al or state law. They cannot be so ld or delivered until the FCC’s authorizati on process is complete. The displays ha ve rounded corners. When measured as a rectang le, the screen is 6.06 inches (iPho ne 14) or 6.68 inches (iPhone 14 Pl us) diagonally. Actual viewable area is le ss. Emergency SOS via satellite is availab le in November 2022. Service is includ ed for free for two years wi th the activation of any iPhone 14 mod el. Connection and response times vary bas ed on location, site conditions, and oth er factors. See or f or more information. Battery life varies by u se and configuration. See for mo re information.)

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

Developing music playlists is as mu ch a part of your identity as yo ur fingerprints! No matter what mood you’ re in, there’s likely a playlist key ed up and ready to go. No t wo music streaming apps are exactly ali ke and finding the right blend of affordabili ty and attributes can be hard to figu re out without some expert tips. Lea rn everything you need to know abo ut music streaming on our latest bl og

Timeline photos 08/26/2022

Stop by and see us in Frankl in, TN for all of your Veriz on needs!
1120 Murfreesboro Road, Franklin TN 37064

Timeline photos 08/22/2022

Summer is almost over, which mea ns beach days will soon turn in to after-school gaming days! But, video gam es aren’t just for the kids: d id you know that 26% of vid eo gamers are now between the ag es of 35-54 with the average a ge in the U.S. being 33 yea rs old? With that, there are like ly more than a few video ga me enthusiasts in your friends or fami ly group, if not yourself!

Check out o ur blog on 5 must-haves for t he best gaming experience!

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

Have you ever lost your pho ne or had it stolen, maybe dropp ed it in the pool? If y ou don't have protection, it can be a b ig headache and an even bigger expen se to replace it.

Right now you ha ve a second chance to protect yo ur phone and other devices with Veriz on Mobile Protect because open enrollment is he re (for a limited time)! Protect yo ur devices so you don't have to wor ry about the unexpected.

Click the link bel ow or visit your nearest Victra sto re to learn more

Timeline photos 08/15/2022

You’ve submitted that PTO at wo rk and booked a hotel, round-trip flig ht and car rental– all that’s le ft is to relax and enjoy yo ur vacation!

The last thing you wa nt to worry about during your sacr ed time away is what’s happening at ho me when you’re gone. Whether you li ve in an apartment or a hou se, protecting your space is a b ig responsibility and, naturally, you want to ke ep it safe while you’re away. Vis it our blog to see tips f or keeping the inside and outside of yo ur home secure while you’re off maki ng memories to last a lifetime.

Timeline photos 08/10/2022

Samsung has just announced the newe st devices in their Galaxy, and th ey have all the features you ne ed for a great 5G experience

The Gala xy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 a re available now for pre-order at yo ur nearest Victra store!

Timeline photos 07/28/2022

We can’t wait for you to me et the Pixel 6a, available to b uy now!

This smartphone is ready to impre ss tech lovers everywhere... Did we menti on that this Android phone is und er $500?

Check out our full review of t he Pixel 6a here --> th en visit your nearest Victra store a nd get yours today!

Timeline photos 07/23/2022

School is almost in session! A re you stocked with the best back-to-scho ol items for a successful year of learni ng?
Not to worry, our team h as gathered the must-have back-to-school supplies to he lp learners thrive, from preschool to colle ge.

Read more here:

Timeline photos 07/22/2022

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 07/21/2022

Meet Pixel 6a, the more affordab le Google phone that adapts to you.
Power ed by Google Tensor, it’s super fa st and secure, with an amazing batte ry and camera.

Available for pre order TOD AY at your nearest store!

Timeline photos 07/13/2022

5G technology is a game chang er, but what exactly does the te rm mean? How will the next-generation cellul ar network impact you?
You have questio ns, and we have answers. It’s ti me to uncover why is so importa nt - use the link below to che ck out our latest blog

Timeline photos 07/09/2022

5-star service from our team in Stud io City, CA on Laurel Canyon Bl vd!

Timeline photos 07/07/2022

Whether you are an aspiring soci al media influencer or just want to sha re your life with friends, creating soci al media content has become an a rt that is fun, yet ever evolvi ng. With new platforms and features poppi ng up on a regular basis, the re are many ways social users c an present themselves in the virtual world.
Che ck out our blog for few ti ps to up your social media ga me with incredible content to wow yo ur followers!

Timeline photos 07/01/2022

Accidents happen - and phones g et wet.

Save your devices and data wi th Redux - a patented drying syst em that safely removes all moisture fr om your personal electronics!

Redux services are availab le at any of our locations, no matt er where your devices were purchased. If y ou accidentally get your phone or oth er device wet this weekend, visit o ur website, find your nearest store, a nd stop in to save your pho ne!

Timeline photos 06/28/2022

Do you already take advantage of Verizon 's network for you mobile devices? Wh at about your internet?
It just makes sen se that the network for your pho ne should also be in your ho me. Click the link below to lea rn more about Verizon Home Internet a nd how you can get it starti ng at $25 per month!

Timeline photos 06/23/2022

Are you ready to upgrade yo ur iPhone? Visit your nearest Victra sto re and ask how you can g et an iPhone 13 for next to nothing!


Incredible Battery Life - Galaxy S 22

There's still time to trade in yo ur current phone and get a n ew 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S22 on us!
Schedu le an appointment at your nearest Vict ra store to learn more.


We celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865 wh en Union soldiers, led by Major Gener al Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Tex as with news that the war h ad ended and that the enslaved we re now free. The name Juneteenth is a blendi ng of the words June and nineteen th and is the oldest known US celebrati on of the end of slavery. Th is historic moment is important for a ll of us to recognize and celebra te each year as a company a nd as a nation.

Victra will continue to sta nd with the black community and wi ll ensure all employees, vendors, and gues ts feel welcomed, valued, seen, and hea rd every day!

Timeline photos 06/16/2022

Make this year’s Father’s Day o ne to remember with the latest te ch devices, accessories and thoughtful gifts f or the dad in your life!

Our Father ’s Day Gift Guide is sure to spa rk creative ideas to show your lov ed ones how much they mean to y ou.

Check it out here:

Timeline photos 06/15/2022

Hello, sweet summertime!

We don’t wa nt you to fall into the summ er slump -- so click the li nk below to read about the be st apps, pool party accessories, gaming ge ar, and more – we’re covering it a ll in our guide on how to survi ve the dog days of summer.

Timeline photos 06/14/2022

Today is Flag Day, and t he day Victra is aiming to rai se $50,000 to support our troops throu gh the USO. We are accepti ng donations in all Victra locations tod ay and invite you to stop by. Can't make it in? Lea rn how you can make your secu re donation online at the link below!

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

Victra is on a mission to rai se $50,000 for USO locations across t he US!

Stop by your local Victra sto re on Flag Day (June 14th) a nd donate to support our troops. Togeth er we can help the USO strength en America's service members by connecting th em to family, home, and country - everythi ng that gives meaning to their service.

Yo ur donation will directly benefit your loc al USO. Visit the link bel ow to learn more about our partnersh ip with USO

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

Victra is honored to remember tho se who were lost while serving o ur country this Memorial Day, and wa nt to give a big 'Thank You'.

We hope everyone has a safe holid ay

Timeline photos 05/27/2022

Did you know Verizon offers month ly data plan discounts and perks in suppo rt of our military members and famili es? We are proud to he lp keep those who are serving a nd those who have served connected to wh at matters most.

Visit to lea rn more about discounts on 5G unlimit ed plans for you and your family

Photos from USO Northwest Florida's po st 05/26/2022

A rewarding partnership!

Timeline photos 05/25/2022

As families across the country hon or Memorial Day with a long weeke nd, it’s no wonder everyone is packi ng the car and hitting the ro ad. Get out your checklist and vis it our blog, because we have a f ew of the top must-haves for yo ur upcoming journey.

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